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UPDATE: The trip dates have been changed to 21-29 February.
ORIGINAL: In less than two weeks—February 14th–I’ll be going to Kenya for the first time, courtesy of an old blog fan-friend who prefers to remain anonymous for now. As I said here, it’s a dream come true. To give you some background on my life and some context on my upcoming trip, I’m linking to one of my very first posts at Da Tech Guy blog, Stranger Than Fiction.

  • I was born in August of 1961.
  • My biological father is Kenyan and of the Luo tribe; my mother is American.
  • My parents met when both were attending the same American college.
  • My parents divorced when I was very young; afterward, my father returned to Kenya.
  • For half of my childhood, I was raised by older relatives of my mother.
  • My mother suffered from ovarian cancer.
  • My maternal grandmother died in 2008.
  • One of my half-sisters is nine years younger than I am. She is married to a man of a different race than she.
  • I am left-handed.

Some of these things may seem familiar, if innocuous. But one thing is certain: all of these things are also part of the biography of a man named Barack Hussein Obama. And some of the dissimilarities have symmetry.

  • I am a woman.
  • I am a conservative.
  • Both of his parents and his step-father are dead. Both of my parents and my step-father are living. (My mother survived her bout with ovarian cancer and yet another battle with that evil malady; my father, Philip Ochieng, appeared in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, and was a friend of Barack Obama, Sr.)
  • I was raised by my great-aunt and great-uncle in the first half of my childhood. President Obama was raised by his grandparents in the last half of his minor years.


Here’s the important question: which one of us is the Bearded Spock?

My father and I will be meeting face-to-face for the first time in my memory; he returned to his home country when I was an infant and I did not hear from him until the Internet Age when, at age 35, I went searching for him online. As it turns out, he’s a famous journalist on the entire African continent and, while I’ve achieved only a modest amount of fame through writing, it’s for certain that this acorn has very many attributes of its tree.

Philip Ochieng2
Philip Ochieng

Philip and I have not spoken to each other during most of Barack Obama’s presidency. Yes, it’s about my opposition to that presidency, to that person. But my father is approaching the beginning of his ninth decade on earth and I am eternally grateful that I will have the chance to honor my father at least once.

More in the next post. Oh and, yes, I’ll be posting from Kenya during my two-week sojourn.

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Saturday  marked the end of the first month of my Magnificent Seven writing on DaTechGuy Blog and what a month it has been.


You have been treated to topics like Church history from Pastor George Kelly Common Core’s Kobayashi Maru from AP (Lady Liberty) Dillon , a bit of Venezuela from Fausta, Indoctrination vs education from Baldilocks The sanity of homeschooling from Linda Szugyi , What Smoking Taxes actually do to a culture from Marathon Pundit and the Left’s Lawfare in Wisconsin from Steve Eggleston and today you will get one more piece from Steve rounding out the contributions from my Magnificent Seven.

Unlike the litigious bloggers of the Huffington Post my seven have not just been promised exposure, each has been paid for their work since day one.

That’s why AOL will never come calling with $315 Million or even 2 Million because if they did they’d not only would they have to pay my writers, but I’d likely just start a new even bigger venture along these same lines with the dough.

So make sure that you check out all of the Magnificent posts by my Magnificent Seven.

Update: Who knew I was so far ahead The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media such as at the New Republic:

The New Republic is another liberal outlet with a problematic labor record. Owned by a co-founder of Facebook worth more than $600 million, the magazine is currently hiring interns whose responsibilities include “conducting research for editors,” as well as “pitching and writing blog posts and web pieces.” Previous experience in journalism is “preferred, but not imperative.”

TNR used to advertise that its internships “are full-time, unpaid, and based in the DC office,” but that language was removed soon after the magazine became aware of this story. Spokesperson Annie Augustine told me that despite the change in language, “there has not been a change in policy.”

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Usually by new we have Saturday’s show up for download.

Unfortunately I received word that due to a data error at the station last weeks show has been lost.

If I didn’t know the people at the station I’d find it an odd coincidence considering the subject matter but that’s the only lucky break Kimberlin & Co have had in a since the Worthing hearing..

If somehow the show is recovered I’ll be sure to let you know.

So blogging will be light this morning.

You can listen to the game live 7-9 on wcrn AM 830 or online at or using tune-in.

See you at Commerce Bank Stadium chandler St. Worcester. I’ll be the guy in the fedora and the Vibram five finger toe shoes.

Update: Pictures. We’ve got PICTURES!

Update 2: Mr. Mercadante speaks

Saturday on the air I reached a milestone as a blogger.

Just after the start of the show I received my millionth hit since I began blogging.

The original blog at which I still use as a backup/emergency platform has drawn over a half a million hits since I started it on November 29th 2008. This blog was started proper on April 4th (although I’ve migrated my old posts here with mixed success).

In the year that we’ve been at this location it’s drawn 466,000+ hits and those hits make my business possible.

It’s much appreciated

First of all I want to thank my readers for coming through. Finished my fundraiser this morning two days early and will be buy my tickets to fly to CPAC in the next day or so.

But beyond that I’d really like to thank Glenn Reynolds, Andrea Shea King and all my friends who via either cash or promotion or both helped out my friend Zilla of the Resistance. I was absolutely delighted to go to her site today and see this:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and relief and am struggling to find words to express how amazing I think you all are. THANK YOU from the very depths of my soul, it looks like we are going to be OK! The electric bill isn’t just paid, but paid off, meaning that I was able to pay the whole thing so that next month we will just have a normal bill like everybody else without that snowballing “past due amount” adding so much extra burden to the thing and it is all because of you beautiful kind people.

Zilla is a really good blogger, she has and will continue to pay it forward with solid blogging on the side of the angels.

I look forward to reading her has a report from CPAC next month.

2011 was a real transformation for me, moving to a new domain, the first full year of the radio show. The year has seen me on radio in Arizona with Barbara Espinosa, both in person and otherwise, in Delaware with Angel Clark nationally on the Lars Larson show and breakthroughs in Major media such as Fox 25 in Boston and an op-ed in the New York Post. blogged our

We also our first presidential election season covering/interviewing potential candidates like Sarah Palin and Haley Barbour, Interviewing candidates like Rick Santorum, Buddy Roemer and Herman Cain and covering not only multiple debates on site and in the spin rooms and events from Romney to Cain, to Jon Huntsman.

As we covered larger events so did our traffic. In 2011 we managed to more than double that previous year’s traffic with a final total of 557,635 and should surpass 1 million total hits sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

My thanks to all of our readers who have made this possible in such a short time. We look forward to growing with you as we proceed toward the election of 2012.

…in Maine. I won’t be back till Thursday and I promised my wife that I wouldn’t take the laptop with me.

I’ve got some scheduled posts to hold everyone over meanwhile I have a new article up at here

While agreeing that some of Scott Brown’s votes have disappointed the Tea Party it is worth noting that his election was a game changer nationally and statewide. Ample proof of this was delivered to my email box yesterday morning in the form of a press release:.

BOSTON – On Monday, September 26th at noon in Room 222 of the State House, a bipartisan and bicameral coalition of legislations will announce the filing of a comprehensive illegal immigration bill directed at enhancing the safety of the Commonwealth’s communities and the protection of taxpayer dollars.

After reading that paragraph the first thing I did was confirm that:

I was awake
I was in Massachusetts.

click on it and read it, it’s like hitting DaTipJar for .0075 when you do.

Read you all Thursday evening.

…for being the person who put me over the 1000 twitter follower mark.

I know in the Twittersphere that is not a large number but I only got into twitter a year ago and I’ve made a deliberate point not to avoid “recruiting” followers. I decided to see how long it would take me to get to 1000 on the strength of the tweets, (and the recommendations of others)

It took 14 months.

So to An American Housewife in London who was the follower who got me to 4 digits I say thanks and I hope I keep tweeting something worthwhile for you to notice.