In looking for the video for Kryten’s head exploding (Ketchup on Lobster! BOOM) for the last post I found this bit of news at the BBC:

Cult comedy Red Dwarf is returning to TV, 21 years after its initial launch.

The show has been resurrected by digital channel Dave for a two-part Easter weekend special, which sees the cast finally return to Earth.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites the line-up, including Coronation Street’s Craig Charles.

The hit show, which ran for eight series on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999, won an International Emmy award.

This show was always very funny and very offbeat. It will be a very fun time. More details here.

An Important announcement for all people like me who have embedded and or posted Monty Python clips over the years direct from the Pythons itself:

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I’m in favor of anything that leads to new original python stuff such as the clip above..

The page is here.

And the Pythons are right it is a much higher quality video. So if you are going to buy ringtones or videos etc you might as well buy it direct from them.

In case I haven’t made my opinion clear I think that Monty Python will (and has) stand the test of time as good or better than any other comedy team in history.

I said that Ted Kennedy didn’t look good I was righter than I knew.

Ailing Senator Edward Kennedy collapsed at an inaugural lunch for Democratic President Barack Obama on Tuesday and was evacuated by medical staff, apparently suffering from convulsions, a congressional aide said.

Kennedy was wheeled out of the Capitol building on a stretcher surrounded by police and taken away in an ambulance, according to a Reuters witness.

Lets hope that things work out.

My oldest has arranged for a tour of Anna Maria College in Paxton Mass. tomorrow.

With employment still not in place, no takers on the eBay support, Fafsa saying I need to put in 25k in cash a year and a college fund that has lost 33% of its value in the last 12 months. The options are very limited grades not withstanding.

Anna Maria has the best aid offer of the 6 or so colleges that have already accepted him so far. Short of Fitchburg State that gives them the inside track. I’m partial to any college that offers daily mass.

That will likely mean not a lot of blogging tomorrow.

The Curt Jester links to Fr. Powell’s excellent post on the differences between a parish priest and a priest of a religious order. I actually didn’t know there was a difference in vows:

In the Catholic Church there are two kinds of priests: religious and diocesan. The primary canonical difference between the two is based on who serves as an immediate ecclesial superior. For RP’s the immediate ecclesial superior is the local prior, abbot, or major superior; that is, a member of that priest’s order/monastery who exercises canonical authority in virtue of holding an office within the order/monastery. My immediate ecclesial superior is the prior of this convent. For DP’s, the immediate ecclesial superior is always the bishop of the priest’s diocese.

Very informative and worth reading.

How tough is the Job market?

I stopped by Mighty Subs after my job interview yesterday. He had a help wanted sign up.

It is a job at a sub shop, he pays ok but it a job at a sub shop.

He normally gets about 5 people from any kind of ad.

He has already had 31 people from former car dealers to prep chefs.

The real clue actually came a few months ago, my oldest son was laid off after two years at leominster News back in July. He has failed to get another . He finally had an interview at a local supermarket (Hannafords).

He was called in for a 2nd interview. A second interview for a Supermarket!

That’s how bad it is.