Guested on Michael Graham’s show today during his 2nd hour where we disagreed on Ted Cruz fight to defund Obamacare.

Michael said it was useless because in the end Obama will not vote for a bill without Obamacare paid in full. I maintain that this fight is worthwhile and will go result in a ton of problems for the Left in general and Obama in particular.

And we already see fighting is paying off in some ways:

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday he would vote for a government funding bill that delays Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year if it came up in the Senate, later backtracking and clarifying he doesn’t believe Obamacare should be part of the government funding showdown.

“There’s no way I could not vote for it,” Manchin said of an individual mandate delay at a Bloomberg Government breakfast Thursday, according to Bloomberg. “It’s very reasonable and sensible.”

Tell me Manchin does this if there is no fight.

But that’s not what earned me the RINO badge, my willingness to vote for Gabriel Gomez over Ed Markey did that.

Now I’m not unsympathetic to Michael’s position particularly given this:

The former Navy SEAL from Cohasset discussed potential political opportunities while explaining his decision to reverse course and support a federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazine clips. He previously opposed an assault weapons ban, a position that he acknowledges likely hurt him during the campaign for the Senate seat formerly held by Secretary of State John Kerry.

and I question the wisdom of putting Mr. Gomez who proved in a special election that he doesn’t draw across party lines and alienates the base.

But if the choice for Governor is a ticket with Gomez and a Dem Ticket headed by Martha Coakley, that is no choice at all, the GOP ticket is the better choice.

And if people want to call me a RINO because of it that’s fine, it will certainly amuse the libs on Morning Joe that I tweet with.

Either way Michael, thanks for having me on.


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Lewis Morris: Mr. Secretary, New York abstains, courteously.

John Hancock: Mr. Morris, WHAT IN HELL GOES ON IN NEW YORK?

1776 (1972)

In the special election to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry this year Gabriel Gomez only drew 45% of the vote that Scott Brown managed in 2012. Although I supported him once he was nominated many conservatives including Michael Graham refused to go along.

they didn’t like his running against his party or his positions on subjects like Immigration or gun control and when yesterday I suggested he might have superior judgement than Ed Markey on a vote concerning war my friend John LaRosa disagreed tweeting


That is true, it’s very possible that Gabriel Gomez would have voted with the president if he sat on the armed services committee and I might have strongly disagreed with his position…

…but at least he would have taken one.

The Massachusetts lawmaker, sworn in to office in July after winning a special election, voted “present” on a resolution giving President Obama limited authority to use military force against Syria. Markey, a liberal who often votes with Obama, didn’t vote “yes” as 10 of his Senate Foreign Relations Committee colleagues did.

He also didn’t vote “no” with seven others, including two Democrats. The “present” vote means Markey was there, but didn’t want to state which side he’s on.

Here is the vote

If he thought there was not enough evidence and needed more time for a vote he could have objected to the unanimous consent resolutions and have requested that additional time be granted. He might have been able to get enough votes to get such a delay.

But that would require the courage of his convictions, something apparently Senator Markey doesn’t possess. He actually makes Obama look decisive.

That vote is a disgrace to state of Massachusetts and there is no question who is to blame for our disgrace before the entire nation and world.

The voters of Massachusetts.

The citizens who voted for Ed Markey should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly voting for a hack pol with a history of expedient votes.

We who voted for Gabriel Gomez should be ashamed they were unable or unwilling to do their utmost to persuade enough people to join us.

Oddly enough the majority of Massachusetts voters who didn’t bother going to the polls should be overjoyed. They couldn’t be bothered to make a decision when it was time to choose a senator and he could be bothered to make a decision when it was time to decide to authorize their children to fight or not. He couldn’t have represented them better.

I thought this state was incapable of surprising me anymore. I was wrong.

Closing thought: Today should be the best day on the job that Kirsten Hughes has had since her election. How she handles this totally unexpected gift will say as much about the GOP’s choice of her as party chair as yesterday’s vote said about the state’s choice of Ed Markey as senator.

Mandy: You sound Scottish.
Amy: I am Scottish. What’s wrong with that? Scotland’s gotta be here somewhere.
Mandy: No. They wanted their own ship.
Amy: Good for them. Nothing changes.

Doctor Who: The Beast Below 2010

Once upon a time there was a political party in Massachusetts called the GOP that regularly lost elections for National office and that party had a choice to make.

For the 2nd time in four years they had a chance to face a Democrat after a tough primary race alone on a ballot without city counselors, town clerks,  governors counselors, ballots questions ,  state reps or senators that might have voters who supported them to help increase the Democrat party vote.

The last time this happened everyone, including the party expected to lose.  But the Tea Party base was energized, they volunteered in large numbers and they helped draw volunteers and funds from members of the GOP base nationwide.  Their candidate, with nothing to lose,  embraced that base and highlighted a single key issue that polled well among both the party and independents who made up the majority of the electorate in the campaign.

With the money and manpower the teaparty base drew the polling improved and the state party and national party decided to help after all.

Not only did their candidate win but that fall the Party they had the best showing in state elections for rep they had in years.

But the GOP decided they didn’t like the Tea Party people or the base because they said they wanted a louder voice in the party and the candidate decided the people voted for him because they loved him so much and not because the Tea Party and base worked so hard, so they pushed them away in the next election.

They not only lost the national seat they had won, but lost some of their new state rep seats too.

But even though the GOP didn’t like them the tea party, the base didn’t go away because they wanted their state to be better for themselves and their children so when there was another chance to win a seat in the same way they did in 2010 they found a candidate they agreed with and supported them in straw polls all over the state.and said to the party:  “Please vote for our man and our people will come back and help beat the Democrats again.”

But the establishment decided didn’t want to support the tea party or the base’s man who agreed with them and wanted someone else.  So they thought and thought and came up with an idea.

You see the very smart people in the establishment of the national party noticed a lot of people had come to America and Massachusetts from a distant southern land called “Hispanica” and while culturally they seemed a lot like the base, they voted for the Democrats.  They decided this was because the law said the people from “Hispanica” who wanted to live in the US had to follow the same rules as people from England, Congo or even India, but they didn’t want to.  So the party decided if they made a new rule that allowed anybody who broke the law coming to America to stay all the people who came from “Hispanica” and their children who already were here would decide they would not hate the GOP any more and maybe vote for them.

So they found a candidate who not only supported that new rule but whose mom & dad came from “Hispanica” so he spoke the  language of “Hispanica” so that all the people whose families came from that southern land would see him and say:

“Look this man is the very first from our home of “Hispanica” to run for senate so we will support him even though the Democrats have told us for years that the people in that party were bad and hated all people from “Hispanica” and wanted to take away the money the government gives to some people who come from there.”

So the party backed him even though the base and tea party didn’t agree with him saying they might stay home, and the national donor base didn’t give him money to hire people to help him win either because he supported laws they hated.

The party establishment didn’t worry.  They were much smarter than the base or the tea party and knew because their candidate supported the new rules that the national establishment did and was a child of “Hispanica” he would make all the people from “Hispanica” decide to vote for him.

Election day came and even through the Democrats had plenty of money and their machine was ready to roll their candidate only managed to draw 60% of they votes the very bad candidate did in 2010.

So to win the GOP only needed to draw 55% of the voters they did in 2010.  In some towns where the base was larger than others , voters said: “Even though you disagreed with us and the “Establishment” doesn’t like us we think you are better than the other guy” and voted for him.

But even though he won those towns and cities many of the base in those towns stayed home and didn’t come to vote  so he didn’t get a lot of votes extra votes.

But they still weren’t worried because their candidate supported the new rules and was a child of “Hispanica” so he would make all the people from “Hispanica” decide to vote for him.

So on election day they went to a city with many people from “Hispanica” and said: “Look our candidate is a child of Hispanica just like you! Come vote for him!”  But the people of that city said: We’ve never heard of a country called “Hispanica” Our parents come from a country called “The Dominican Republic” and they voted for the party they always did.

Then they went to another town and said “Look our candidate is from the land of Hispanica just like you” and the people of that town said: “We’ve never heard of a land called ‘Hispanica” our fathers came from a land called “Brazil” and they voted for the party they always did.

And everywhere the story was the same, the people never heard of “Hispanica”, they said their fathers had come from places like “Mexico”, “Puerto Rico”, “Peru”, “Ecuador” and all those people voted for the same party they always did.

So when all the votes were counted the GOP got less than 45% of the people who came to vote for the party just three years ago and they lost the best chance they would have to win for a very long time…

…and they blamed the Tea Party and the Base.

The Moral of our tale? There are two:

There is no land of “Hispanica”.  Instead there are 25 Latin American counties with different cultures, peoples and traditions so stop pretending people from those lands will vote for you just because you ran someone named “Gomez”.

You can’t add to your vote total if you chase away the base of voters most likely to support and finance you.

The End.

Update:  One more moral, no matter how good an idea you have for a post, if you finish it at 1:30 AM sleep on it and post it in the morning after you proofread it with a full night’s sleep under your belt.


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One upon a time there was a conservative who lost his job in the Tech Industry and started to write and report on politics. He worked very hard and after 5 years built a following and managed to start a radio show but like many new business’ couldn’t afford to draw a pay.

So he asked his many readers if 15 of them a week would be willing to kick in $20 so he could draw enough of a monthly pay to afford his $1210 mortgage

For four months he was able to do so but in the fifth month his draw was not as successful so by Wednesday morning he was still $138 short on a weekly paycheck and $499 short of the mortgage payment.

So he asked if 7 more readers could kick in $20 to make the paycheck to start and then perhaps he could find others willing to cover the $361 defect for the month.

I’m afraid you will have to decide how the story ends.

I drove around a bit today visiting campaign location. Here is what I saw.

I also called around to contacts and I seemed to be hearing the same message over and over.

Democrats not all that enthused about Markey

Not much of a Hispanic Turnout

A very low turnout expected but in some areas not as horrible as they thought, slightly better than primaries.

Additionally I’ve been talking to democrats who have said bluntly they have gone to vote for Gomez and I’ve heard this more and more today, much more than expected not because they really like Gomez, but they figure they can give him a shot for 18 months rather than for a 36 year guy.

Put bluntly I’ve been seeing an awful lot of the Coakley type reaction from Democrats willing to either stay home or vote Gomez, but I haven’t seen the same enthusiasm for Gomez that I saw for Scott Brown.

There is also one other thing going on here.

Not a single democrat has any skin in this game, no city pol, no other statewide office no nothing. The only motivation for any person to go and vote for Ed Markey is because they either:

1. Like Ed Markey or

2. Hate Gabriel Gomez.

What does that mean?

It means he has a chance, and if enough of the tea party people like myself bit the bullet and turn out for him (and I’ve done my best to make that case over the last couple of weeks) he can win this.

The irony is if he wins it will not be so much because of the Hispanic vote coming out for Gomez, or for tea party people coming out for Gomez, it will be because the democrats and independents who bothered to turn out decided he was worth a chance for 18 months because they can always replace him.

Oddly if he loses a close one, it will almost certainly be because that small base of the party stayed home.

BTW the question becomes, Why didn’t I have this post up before?

Two things:

1 All my evidence was anecdotal.

2. I know what side I’m on and unlike some in media I’ve never pretended otherwise

I’ve been calling people and trying to convince tea party people to turn out, that there were signs that things might be turning and the last thing I wanted to do is give the Markey people a heads if they had no idea this stuff was going on.

I’d rather shut up and help facilitate a possible longshot GOP win than to alert the Democrat machine that has the money and the manpower to get last-minute people out.

If some of you are upset because of this I’ll have to deal with it.

Update: Race called for Markey with about 80% of the vote, apparently pretending south of Texas and Florida is one giant country called “Hispanica or Latinia” is no substitute to actually having a candidate the inspires the base to work for them, and wouldn’t it have been nice to have a candidate that GOP workers and cash would have been willing to come from out of state to work?

Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep. And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.

Mark 4:5-6

Today is election day and Gabriel Gomez faces an uphill battle to win what should be a well deserved victory against career pol Ed Markey.

Unlike the Scott Brown race there has been no democrat panic at the very end and not even an outlier to suggest that Gomez might make the same and no rush of national bucks to save the day (although anything is possible)

Yesterday at a Tea Party event I saw the leader who is both a tea party member and active in the local GOP committee (if only the GOP had someone like this as chairman) who I’ve seen at standouts and events for Gomez talk about her conversation with him this weekend extolling his virtues and I took off my “blogger” hat to make one final pitch to the tea party faithful assembled quoting from this piece that even if we have objections on some issues that it is vital that we get out and vote Gomez and encourage others to do so.

That such a pitch has to be made at a tea party event shows the difference between 2010 & 2013.

In 2010 nobody outside of Massachusetts gave Scott Brown a chance to win, when the GOP was giving only “pro-forma” support the Tea Party was active, working hard for Brown. It was the grass roots, the bloggers who led.

Brown campaign declared himself “Nobody’s man but your own” he ran on personality, and the closest thing he did to distancing himself from the tea party was declining to have Sarah Palin come to campaign for him. It was only when the National GOP saw that the Tea party and the grassroots were ready to drag him over the finish line did they jump in.

Brown’s victory, inspired activists nationwide and made the 2010’s Big Red Wave Possible giving the GOP the majority but also sent a wave of tea party members who voted not in deference to the GOP establishment but based on the support of the people.

While national republicans  appreciated their chairmanships they didn’t like having to bow to the people who made them possible.

In the next cycle the establishment supported non-tea party people in primaries, for congress and for president, Scott Brown distanced himself and the CPAC conservatives who once welcomed him as a hero noticed. In return while declaring they would vote for him, they would not work for him and without that grass root support both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown lost re-election (I suspect this had a lot to do with his decision not to run for this Senate seat).

Flash forward to 2013 a contested GOP primary for the seat Kerry once held. A conservative Tea Party candidate Mike Sullivan is winning straw poll after straw poll over Gomez and the dynamic Rep Dan Winslow.  The National Party supports Gomez who pitches himself as a “new kind of Republican” and gives him a huge money advantage and when election day comes Gomez has won over 50% of the vote  and the right to face Democrat Ed Markey.

And that’s where the miscalculation came in.

To the national party Gabriel Gomez was a dream candidate, Navy Seal, Vet, successful businessman and LATINO!

But to the grass roots locally and nationally didn’t care Gomez’s race, they looked at his positions. Pro Manchin/Toomey, Pro Gang of Eight, Pro Global Warming declaring himself “A New Kind of Republican” as if there is something wrong with being a member of the GOP.

I don’t blame Gomez. He has never to my knowledge attacked the tea party and has been very forthright about his positions not even bending before a conservative Fox News Sunday audience.  That’s more honorable than one who says one thing during a campaign to get money & votes and then flips. (hi Senator Rubio, how ya doin?)

Nationally the Grassroots who felt themselves burned with Scott Brown and Mitt Romney kept their pocketbooks closed. You saw no stream of activists rushing to Massachusetts to ring doorbells and sell Gabriel Gomez to the people of the state and locally one of the most prominent conservative commentators urged people to just stay home.

And that’s why on the eve of an election where every hand need to be on deck to stop a career poll like Ed Markey who votes dem 98% of the time I was obliged to make a pitch to Tea Party members to show up and vote for GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez.

That’s a really bad sign.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps Latino voters who have been rather silent during this race will turn out in huge numbers without the left shuttling them to the polls or without local activist groups bringing them to vote for the first of their own ignoring those who call Gomez a LINO (Latino in name only)  For the sake of my state and my country I hope they do

If not the Miracle Max video in Ed Morrissey’s post will be quite apt.


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Tomorrow is the special election for the US Senate. The candidates are Gabriel Gomez vs Ed Markey.

There has been a lot of back and forth that I haven’t cared for we’ve had those who have said conservatives should not be backing Gomez because of his support for the Gang of 8 & the Obama Positions on Climate Change, we have others who have suggested that the GOP can only grow if the GOP is “purged” of people holding positions (was it not just 5 months ago that we were told by the incoming party chair of how we would be united).

It’s no secret that I supported Mike Sullivan but it’s also no secret that I have in public supported Gabriel Gomez since he won the nomination and have urged people like Graham to re-consider their decision to sit out both on the air and off.

I’m familiar with the arguments, but there are two things that shoot it down.

If Gabriel Gomez is elected he will be replacing Mo Cowan the temp replacement for John Kerry and while Senator Cowan has gotten high marks on civility his voting record has been as liberal as you can get

Cowan, however, has not exactly built a bipartisan bridge during his brief tenure. A Washington Post online database shows he voted with his party 98 percent of the time in the 109 votes he has taken since entering Congress.

If that 98% figure sounds familiar that the rate according to the Washington Post that Ed Markey voted with the Democrats in the current congress.

Unlike Marco Rubio who once called an “earned path to citizenship” amnesty Gomez has been quite open on where he stands on positions like the gang of 8 bill and manchin/toomey etc.

If this was a “Dump Dede” where Gomez would be the 60th vote and the only republican supporting those bills I might be with Graham, but Gomez’s vote on those high-profile bills will be no worse than Markey or Cowan, but on other votes on fiscal responsibility and key defense issues they will be better MUCH BETTER.

I think I’d like to have that extra vote 60% of the time.

The second argument is stronger. If Gabriel Gomez is elected Senator and goes down to Washington next year and does not perform he can face a primary opponent from the GOP next year and because there will be a scramble on the Democrat side that primary will be populated by people who actually care if the republican nominee is you know Republican.

If Ed Markey is elected however there will be no Dem primary and the GOP will have to somehow find a way to beat a sitting Democrat Senator with the entire Democrat machine behind them.

FYI The last time a sitting Democrat Senator was beaten by a Republican in Massachusetts…1946

I like and respect Michael Graham but I think the best move for conservative republicans is to take the chance on Gomez for 18 months rather than be stuck with Ed Markey until he dies or gets sick of the seat.

Your call.

One of the regular arguments that we’re constantly told is that if the GOP would only support the amnesty Immigration Bill it will solve our problems with Latinos or at least be the first step in solving said problems.

Here in Massachusetts we have a perfect test of this hypothesis.

Gabriel Gomez is the GOP candidate for the US senate, he has from day 1 made it no secret of his support for the gang of eight and has bluntly said he would be a GOP vote for said bill if elected.

He ran on this and won in a 3 way GOP primary not only winning but drawing over 50% of the vote.

His Opponent is Ed Markey a career pol who has voted in lockstep with his party 99% over a 36 year career. He is a hack with a 36 year record behind him he has spent all his time and effort attacking his opponent who has done nothing with his life but become a Navy Flyer, a Navy seal and a successful businessman.

Now given that Gomez is not only a supporter of the Gang of Eight Bill but a latino supporter of the gang of eight bill one might assume that he would resonate with voters in general and Latino voters in particular.

Markey, the Malden Democrat, leads Gomez by 56 to 36 percent among likely voters and a 53-32 percent advantage among all registered voters in the poll.The one bright spot for the ex-Navy SEAL is that his best night of polling came this Wednesday, after his final debate performance against Markey. He trailed in that night’s sample by 13 points, indicating Gomez gained steam from the televised showdown.

Now maybe this poll is off, after all Scott Brown was down big in polls before is win in 2010 but you would think that the numbers would look a bit better. And let me remind you of this

not everyone sees him as a Hispanic trailblazer. The Boston Spanish-language newspaper El Planeta ran a column wondering if Gomez is a “LINO” (Latino In Name Only).

It’s bad enough that La Planeta raised this question — and worse that its answer was “yes.”

Litmus tests for ethnicity serve no purpose besides dividing our community. They are pointless, unnecessary and borderline offensive. Yet as more Hispanic candidates join the political arena, these questions seem to be the new norm.

Litmus test for ethnicity the new Norm??

So let me get this straight, you have Gabriel Gomez who has a life full of achievement as a Navy Flyer, Navy Seal and businessman, who won a GOP primary with over 50% proclaiming loudly and publicly his support of the efforts of the gang of 8, and the reaction is to Question if he passes a litmus test for being Latino?

If this is how an actual Latino, a son of Columbian immigrants, a person to who English was the second language he learned what makes who supports the gang of 8 bill is treated can someone explain to me why anyone would assume Latinos will even give a hearing to the GOP if they support this bill?

When you come up with an answer I’d be delighted to hear it.

P.S. Although I strenuously oppose the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill I will still vote for Gabriel Gomez in the general election for three reasons.

1. Ed Markey is a complete hack, Gomez is a far superior candidate on the issues.

2. Gabriel Gomez unlike others in the GOP has never pretended to be anything other than a supporter of the Gang of eight. He ran on what he is and took 50%+ He’s not telling me one thing and doing another. I can handle disagreement if it’s being done honestly.

3. The time for protesting against a party is not before a critical election that decides the future of your country or state, the time to do so is after such an election (see Barack Obama re-election of 2012)


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Sunday starts a new week and a new attempt to make paycheck and the mortgage.

The good news is of course a new week means I have a new chance to manage a paycheck and bail the month of June out.

The bad news is with the three previous week failures to may my paycheck even a successful week will mean I’m short of the mortgage by almost a 1/3

But first things first, let see if we can manage the full paycheck this week and then I’ll worry about the mortgage shortage.


Oh, I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do. Some of you always seem to think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault, and land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time. Go back to your command, and try to think what we are going to do ourselves, instead of what Lee is going to do

US Grant, Battle of the Wilderness 1864

One of the 1st rules of politics is to play your game not your opponents.

For Ed Markey things are not going as good as they should be, His coronation for a seat in the US senate in a +20 dem state has hit some speed bumps.  The cook county report has the race a toss up  your opponent is a Hispanic son of Colombian immigrants ex Navy Pilot, Ex Navy Seal and successful businessman and your reduced to selling to a community that is tight that are reduced to questioning if your opponent is Hispanic enough.

So if you’re the Markey campaign you have to get the subject changed and your opponent talking about things other than his strengths.

Lucky for Ed Markey, for all his strengths Gabriel Gomez is a political novice. So when Markey throws out a little bait:

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, used the fundraising email to tie Gomez to the national Republican Party. Markey released a web ad this weekend featuring McConnell’s email. “Mitch McConnell led Republicans creating gridlock in the U.S. Senate,” the ad states, calling attention to McConnell’s opposition to an assault weapons ban and several other positions. It urges voters not to “let national Republicans get their way,” and implies that a vote for Gomez would hurt Democratic President Barack Obama’s agenda.

a more experienced candidate would ignore it.   In fact A more experienced candidate and team would talk about how Ed Markey is attacking because his 36 year record is not worth defending.  A more experienced candidate would if pressed by the media would say nothing stronger than:  “That’s what the Democrats said about Scott Brown and we all know that story.”

But what does the less Gabriel Gomez do when running in a +20 dem state against an opponent with more money and a state full of paid hacks to call on in an election that will be decided on turnout?  An election where he needs every single dedicated GOP vote to turn up and pull that lever?

He says this:

“I’m a new Republican, and I’m going to make this a new Republican Party,” he said. “Now, I’m sure in the next few months, when I get down to D.C., a lot of my comrades in the Republican Party are going to think I’m a major pain in the butt, but I’m OK with that.”

And lists issue after issue where he intends to support the democrats in the senate vs the GOP.

There is a word for a person whose agenda is to defeat the Republican, it’s “Democrat” and Michael Graham is not happy:

Last week, a GOP flak in DC working for the Gomez campaign tweeted an angry message demanding GOP donors pay up. “Put your money where your mouth is,” he insisted–without noting that his own paycheck depends on donor cash.

Sorry, pal–it’s not our job to give our money to candidates who urinate down our leg, just so you can make your mortgage payment in Falls Church, VA.

Why would any Republican give to a candidate who, less than a month out of the election, is using precious campaign time to attack his own party?

If Gomez wants to be a “pain in the GOP’s butt,” he can do it on his own dime. Me? I’m looking for a Republican who will be a pain in the DEMOCRAT’S derriere.

Let’s be clear.  Gabriel Gomez is far superior to Ed Markey,   I’ll be voting for him on the 25th and I would encourage every single resident of Massachusetts to do the same.  I’d also like to explain something to the Gomez & the Mass GOP.

Paid consultants are nice but to win an election A candidate needs a base of support, a group of people who are willing to work hard for you to give time and effort for you.  You need people who will do these things with the promise of a financial reward or a hack job at the end of it.  They are called “the base”.

They need to be secured before you reach other to others.

In  a special election the base is even more critical, turn out is lower, motivation is tough, you want to be absolutely possible there is no chance of them staying home.

This isn’t it.

My suggestion: Get back on message, and if people try to bait you take a look at this piece from Holly Robichaud for advice on things to say.

It’s a pretty good list but notice what’s not on it?  Attack the Gop.

Every day Gabriel Gomez attacks his party he is doing Ed Markey’s job for him, it’s up to the Gomez campaign to make sure this is a one day story. If it is then the campaign can get this behind them and push forward.

If not, if we have more days when the GOP activist base that listens to Michael Graham is hearing stories of the candidate saying how much their party sucks it’s going to end badly for the GOP.

And if you don’t believe me then ask Mitt Romney about those millions of GOP voters who decided to stay home in 2012. As Scott Brown why he won in 2010 when he didn’t hit the tea party and lost in 2012 when he did.

Your call.

Update:  Cleaned up the more experienced candidate sentence

A Hispanic student with a 4.0 GPA is the least popular of all Hispanic students

Roland Fryer “Acting White” The social price paid by the best and brightest minority students

Under normal circumstances Ed Markey’s election to the Senate should be a cakewalk.  He has a ton of money 36 years of experience in congress and favors to call in and is running in a D +20 state that was carried by the president overwhelming in 2012.

One would think this would be enough, but when you are a career pol at a time when the congress is less popular and trusted than use car salesman, when you’ve just disposed of the favorite of organized Labor in a primary, facing an outsider with a great story, who has an ethnic connection to a base you would normally put efforts into delivering to the polls you get worried.  You start running negative ads even if they risk bringing up the visibility of your lesser known opponent (am I the only one who noticed Gomez face is washed out in those ads to make him look less Hispanic?)

But what happens when even after running those ads things like this happen.

the highly respected Cook Political Report has just changed its rating on the Massachusetts US Senate race from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.”

And suddenly for Ed Markey things are a lot worse.

A Senate Race in Massachusetts that would normally be ignored by the smart money in the GOP nationally suddenly decides it’s worth sending money and foot soldiers to take your opponent over the finish line and maybe, just maybe, a few ambitious democrats who think they belong in that senate seat instead of him might decide they don’t mind a Gomez victory figuring they can pull an Elizabeth Warren in a year so they give public support, but drag their feet on the heavy lifting.

Now you have to do something. What what do you do. Normally you would try to maximize your base, say turn out the Hispanic neighborhoods that are vital to Democrats in a close race, but can you and your allies risk bringing Hispanic voters to the polls where they’ll see a ballot with the name “Gomez” on it?

Well you and your allies might be reduced to this:

¿Qué es un LINO? (what is a Latino in Name Only)

Seriously, folks SERIOUSLY?

Gomez is the quintessential American story, a son of Colombian immigrants, Spanish as his first language, worked hard, joined the service, became a Navy Pilot,  Navy seal and afterwards a successful businessman and he’s Latino in name only.

Tell me what isn’t Latino enough about him? the Navy Pilot bit?  The Navy Seal bit?  The Successful businessman bit?  Or maybe it’s the hard work?  Is El Planeta and Jerry Villacres seriously trying to tell their Spanish language readers that a guy who manages all these things doesn’t represent the Latino community?  Talk about advancing a racist EBT card stereotype.

This is the type of thing that a candidate does when he’s scared.  It means although Gomez has a tough road to climb he has a real shot of winning this race…

as long as he doesn’t do anything foolish….

Sheldon: 60 only takes me to here. I need to get to here.

Leonard: What’s there?

Sheldon: The earliest estimate of the singularity, when man will be able to transfer his consciousness into machines and achieve immortality.

Leonard: So, you’re upset about missing out on becoming some sort of freakish self-aware robot?

Sheldon: By this much.

The Big Bang Theory The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification 2010

I have a bone to pick with GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez.

No it’s not with the fact that he is a Hispanic Republican with a great personal story a history of service to this country, a record of success in business, not a career politician promising to vote based on getting things done rather than on party lines.

Those are all great reasons to vote for him next month.

It’s about this latest ad on Ed Markey and raising Taxes:

Now the average conservative might see this ad and say:  “What’s wrong with it?”

Do I have a problem with saying Ed Markey have voted to raise taxes 271 times?   No.

Do I have an issue with the suggestion that if elected to the US Senate Ed Markey is likely to embrace every tax hike that comes down the pike as long as he can?  No.

Do I have an issue with saying Ed Markey have Voted for higher business taxes, personal taxes, special taxes, gas taxes?  No

I wouldn’t even have an issue if the ad suggested Markey would support taxes ON taxes.

My problem is with the phrase: “For an unlimited time”

Yes: Ed Markey has on average voted to raise taxes once every 49.05 days for the last 36+ years.

Yes: Ed Markey if he is elected to the Senate and serves as long as Strom Thurmond did will, based on his current average up vote for higher taxes at least another 250 times.

But unless the likelihood of a breakthrough concerning the singularity changes dramatically the 66-year-old Markey will NOT survive long enough to get there.

As true as the ad is otherwise, we can’t assume a voting democrat will mean we’ll eventually get a Robotized Ed Markey in the Senate casting votes for higher taxes forever and ever…

…but why take the chance?


Vote Gabriel Gomez for US Senate

Because when it comes to raising taxes there IS no functional difference between a liberal democrat & a freakish self aware robot!

Update: If Ed Markey WAS a freakishly self aware Robot he would be able to remember if he ever opposed a tax increase in 30+ years:

Via Michael Graham who nails it:

The perfect US Senator for Massachusetts:

That my friends is up to you.