Yesterday in Gardner at Williams Restaurant I attended the GOP party forum with two of the candidates for party chair Kristen Hughes and Rick Green in attendance

gop 1 007

A pretty good crowd turned up, snow not withstanding:

gop 1 008

I talked to some of Kirsten Hughes supporters just outside of the restaurant:

Then did a pan of the crowd:

The format was an opening statement by each candidate Rick Green

then Kirsten Hugues

Then came the Q & A with questions submitted in advance, the moderator was Former Ma3 candidate Jon Golnik. Continue reading “Gop Party Chair Forum Kirsten Hughes vs Rick Green”

This week’s Diner is Gabby’s Place in Gardner.

Gabby’s is one of the smallest diners you will see, only the 5th street Diner matches its size

The menu is also not large but it is tasty

I discovered the place by accident a few weeks ago, after dropping off my son at his college event I swung by, it was full for breakfast. I had the bacon and eggs, the eggs for fine and the bacon was VERY good. As was the service:

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so I can’t give you a shot of the breakfast itself. These photos were taken when I came back to pick up my son:

You can find the place right across from Williams restaurant in Gardner. If coming from the East take the 1st Gardner rotary to the final exit, if coming from the west that the 2nd rotary and the first exit

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