Four out of four

The CNN crew was morose last night when they realized that the Dem lost the most expensive House campaign ever: Some of their talking heads claim "moral victories," but the LA Times notices that "moral victories" mean losing: Democrats are claiming “moral victories” after losing two special congressional elections in heavily Republican districts. Those results … Continue reading Four out of four

Poland Gives History the Side-Eye (UPDATED)

by baldilocks Only soft-handed Marxists natter on about the “right” or “wrong side of history.” Countries like Poland, however, have been battered by real Marxism and proceed accordingly. NATO allies will hold emergency talks on the crisis in Ukraine on Tuesday, for the second time in three days, following a request from Poland, the alliance said on … Continue reading Poland Gives History the Side-Eye (UPDATED)

Friday’s Talking Points Memo for Pro-Life Conservatives

Cross-posted at Haemet. In the latest round of Republicans are stealing your ladyparts!!, liberals have ditched the facts and gone for wild speculation, designed to gin up controversy and scare women into voting for them.  In the latest round, liberals claim that a Georgia state representative compared women to livestock and wants to force them … Continue reading Friday’s Talking Points Memo for Pro-Life Conservatives