The Administration’s Gilligan Crisis

With just two weeks to go to election day democrats are in panic.  Their  candidates for office  are unable to remember who they voted for by name last time.  They're  suddenly supporting travel bans they formerly opposed,  It's reached a point where they have to use the NYT to beg for the black vote turnout as they don't dare express support … Continue reading The Administration’s Gilligan Crisis

Russell Johnson vs Lena Dunham Compare & Contrast

Pharaoh:  Here is your kingdom with scorpion the cobra and the lizard for subjects The Ten Commandments 1956 This week Russell Johnson, the last surviving male member of the Gilligan's Island cast died at 89 years old and a lot of people my age shed a tear. Now the death of an actor who appeared … Continue reading Russell Johnson vs Lena Dunham Compare & Contrast