Caecilius: Modern art. Out of the way, that’s it. Oh, Rombus, I’m a little bit peckish. Get me some ants in honey, there’s a good lad. Ooo, maybe a dormouse? What do you think?
Metella: You call it modern art, I call it a blooming great waste of space.

Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii 2008

Let’s say it bluntly, most modern art is junk and the people who choose to buy it are suckers. A great example of it is the sculpture The Queen’s Vagina:


That’s this monstrosity is considered art is bad, that it has been placed on the incredible grounds of Versailles (which are a work of art in themselves) is an offense against aesthetics and caused some fuss at the time of its installation. That people have decided to physically attack it however is an offence against property rights.

The “sclupture” was defaced (I use the word “defaced” loosely, since it’s hard to “deface” a piece of junk) by graffiti once but was cleaned, now it is has been hit for a 2nd time:

Phrases such as “Queen sacrificed, twice insulted” and “the second rape of the nation by deviant Jewish activism” covered the sculpture by the British-Indian artist.

However in the ultimate irony Mr. Kapoor has managed to use this event to transform his piece from the joke that it is to something more.

the 61-year-old British-Indian artist told the daily Le Figaro he would not restore the work as he did the first time, and instead would keep the “abominable words” as part of the sculpture.

“I had already questioned the wisdom of cleaning it after the first vandalism. This time, I am convinced that nothing should be removed from these slurs, from these words which belong to anti-Semitism that we’d rather forget,” Kapoor said.

“From now on, in the name of our universal principles, these abominable words will become part of my work, they will overlay it and stigmatize it.”

Congratulations Mr. Kapoor, you’ve managed by this gesture to transform a piece of junk into a statement about both freedom of expression and against anti-Semitism.

I still have no respect for you as an artist, but I have tremendous respect for you as a man.

Well done!

I’ve been pretty hard on both Radical Islam and those who in the Islamic Community that have given only lip service to “Peaceful Islam”.

So I”m always delighted when I see stories like this

In the wake of a deadly shooting attack at a synagogue in Denmark las week, a group of Norwegian Muslims intends to hold an anti-violence demonstration at an Oslo synagogue this coming weekend by forming a “peace ring” around the building

I’m even more encouraged when I see who is organizing this:

One of the event organizers, 17-year-old Hajrad Arshad, explained that the intention was to make a clear statement that Muslims don’t support anti-Semitism.

“We think that after the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, it is the perfect time for us Muslims to distance ourselves from the harassment of Jews that is happening,” Arshad told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK in an interview cited by The Local News website on Tuesday.

She noted that the group aimed to “extinguish the prejudices people have against Jews and against Muslims.”

This isn’t without risk, there will be some radicals who will not approve of this.  This young woman deserves our praise, our encouragement, …..and our protection.

I’ve taken a lot of time to deliver some well deserved hits on the various Michael Brown Protesters.

However I’d like to draw your attention to a man I disagree who deserves to be mentioned.

Meet the Reverend Jarrett Maupin

rev MaupinI have never met the reverend but by that description odds are we have little in common and likely disagree on most major issues.  But after reading this article

Rev. Jarrett Maupin agreed to take the use of force test administered to police officers, in an attempt to prove that police are using too much force when responding to calls.  TheMaricopa County Sheriffs Department gave Maupin the three scenarios and here is howMaupin did:

In the first scenario, Maupin did not shoot.  The perp hid behind a car, pulling out a gun and shot Maupin.  In the second one, Maupin had to break up an argument that was getting physical.  When an unarmed man rushed at him, Maupin fired.  He said afterwards that the man had forced him to shoot by entering his zone:

And this reaction:

Maupin, who in the past has led several marches against police, including one case where police shot an unarmed man, also led the crowd in a chant of, “We want his badge, we want his gun, we want his job.”

To his credit, Rev. Maupin admitted that he had no real understanding about the compliance issue and that the tests allowed him to see things in a new light:

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; yes my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply for their own sake.”

I can tell you that he is without a question an honorable man and deserves a seat at the table when these things are discussed.

Maupin didn’t have to take this test.   He could have maintained standing within his community without even giving lip service to this test.

That fact that he took the time and objectively evaluated it says he’s looking for what’s right not what’s expedient.

He may be wrong but I’ll always sit at the table of a man whose honest, when you have honest men at the table you will get honest & honorable solutions.

There have been plenty of words already written about yesterday’s World Cup match between Germany & Brazil and there have already been plenty of jokes at Brazil’s expense (Fence put up a better fight in ’41 etc etc etc…)

But watching the replay of the match which I didn’t see. I noticed something that has not been mentioned a lot.

If you listen to the play by play commentators on ESPN you will notice that long before the onslaught began they noted that it was coming.

Just before the corner kick that produced the first goal commentator Steve McManaman said this at 9:57:

There’s a lot of space already on the field. Brazil will have to come a little tighter here they can’t be so expansive back to front otherwise the Germans will cut them to shreds

Less that 30 seconds later Germany scored their first goal.

after they goal he commented

That’s certainly sunday morning goal it’s certainly sunday morning defending

In the 13th minute Drake & McManaman had this exchange

Ian Drake: Brazil’s defence Maca must be a bit of a worry to them, they’ve now conceded in five of six games in the tournament.

Steve McManaman: Yeah and they’ll concede more today Ian…

A few seconds later Drake said this

The Germans finding an ominous amount of space when they do brake forward and Brazil might look to counter and tighten up a little…

Less than ten minutes later Germany scored again.

After that second goal McManaman said this at 23:05:

Brazil have to watch out they’ve already been warned they’re going to be down by a lot more if they continue like this

and at 23:53 as Germany drove down again McManaman was marveling:

Look at the space Ian, look at the space!/em>

Five seconds later Germany had their third goal, and less that two minutes later their fourth.

finally in the 26th minute they said again

Steve McManaman: Brazil all over the place so open

Ian Drake: …and this could get a lot worse…

Steve McManaman:yes yes

Ian Drake: …unless this team tightens up somehow.

Two minutes later git got a lot worse as Germany made it 5-0 and it did get a lot worse as their total reached seven before Brazil managed a final goal in the final minute of the game.

These guys saw what was coming and saw it can called it perfectly.

I’m not a Soccer guy but I’ve got to say as good as the Germans were (and they were spectacular) lets give a hat tip to Mr. Drake & Mr. McManaman who proved without a shadow of a doubt that they know what they’re talking about.

Well done.

But remember: big tent! We must all stick together! Unless it’s Richard Lugar refusing to back Richard Mourdock after being beaten in the primary; or Charlie Crist switching parties; or Karl Rove attacking Christine O’Donnell on the night of her primary upset; or the attacks on Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and a host of other conservatives who continue to vex the “pragmatic,” “pro-business” (read: crony capitalist) GOP establishment, who has watched as outsiders — citizen legislators — have invaded their turf and upset status quo that “comity” and “collegiality” covered for.

Jeff Goldstein

GOPOne of the things that really has been a sore spot for Tea Party supporters like me has been the record of the Establishment GOP trying to sabotage any tea party candidate who manages to win a primary.

It is a tempting thing, the willingness to attack Tea Party GOP nominees guarantees you a positive stories in the MSM and a spot as the “goto republican” on CNN & MSNBC.

And if it isn’t the party dissing the Tea Party after primaries it’s ignoring the base before them:

Speaker John Boehner and other senior House Republicans are telling donors and industry groups that they aim to pass immigration legislation this year, despite the reluctance of many Republicans to tackle the divisive issue before the November elections.Many lawmakers and activists have assumed the issue was off the table in an election year. But Mr. Boehner said at a Las Vegas fundraiser last month he was “hellbent on getting this done this year,” according to two people in the room.

It’s one of the few things that threaten a 2nd Big Red Wave in 2014 and I’ve been sounding the warning about this for a long time.

The Tea Party hasn’t trusted you from day one. Tea party members volunteered for you, donated to you and worked to put the house in your hands because you were the best possible alternative but the deal from the start always was, if you mess with them, they will not stand with you.

If you wish tea party to support you in general elections when your candidates win primaries, you have to return the favor.

Almost all of the Tea Party people were not involved in politics prior to their involvement. If the GOP establishment chooses to push tea party members hard they will happily leave the political field for real life and allow you sit in the minority.

I’ve been wondering for a long time if there is anyone, ANYONE in the party willing to take the first step to take down this sign?

I’m glad to see that somebody has, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see it’s Eric Cantor.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Sunday he will vote for Dave Brat, the man who ended his career in Congress, but stopped short of congratulating him or mentioning his name.

Cantor, who lost to Brat despite outspending by a margin of 26 to 1, stressed the importance of keeping the Republican Party unified, a message he stressed to Tea Party conservatives in the House after the 2013 government shutdown.

Via Glenn, that story is good but what was better was Eric Cantor’s interview on ABS’s This Week.

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

I watched that interview and was simply delighted. Jonathan Karl spent 10 minutes plus interviewing Eric Cantor. He baited him on the Tea Party, he baited him on his opponent, and through it call he simply refused to bite. He didn’t attack the Tea Party, the Didn’t attack the conservative base, the only thing he could manage is a single line critiquing a joke by Laura Ingraham. That was it.

It had to be one of the biggest surprises and disappointments for the MSM. After the track record of incumbent establishment GOP figures the MSM must have been dying to get Cantor on to let him vent. After all he didn’t just lose his congressional seat, he was likely to be the next speaker of the House of Representatives. They must have been positive that Cantor would jump at the chance to get back at the tea party votes that caused his defeat.

He did not.

I won’t pretend I was not pleased at his defeat, I think it will be the death to amnesty this session, but I’ve got to tip my Fedora to Eric Cantor who in the midst of defeat demonstrated the class that so many in the party simply have not and has taken the first step to taking down that sign at the top of the post. Even if he doesn’t believe it, even if he’s absolutely outraged and furious, that he took this public step and did it quickly is a watershed moment.

I think his reaction to his defeat is one of the most newsworthy stories of the year and if his example that if followed will guarantee a GOP victory that will set the left on it’s heels.

That’s likely why nobody in the MSM is talking about it.



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As everyone knows I think highly of both Pam Geller & Robert Spencer and have been uncompromising in both my defense of them and in the importance of paying attention to their warning.  Pretending that Radical Islam is not a danger is not only a lie, but it’s dangerous

That being said when we get good news out of Islam it’s important to acknowledge it

From the Muslim Times:

Muslim physician learns from Holocaust patients

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dr. Khalid Minhas, director of public affairs for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, based at the Bait ul Naseer Mosque in Hallandale, was invited on April 23 to address members of Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor in Lantana on his feelings about the Holocaust, and what he’d learned from treating his Jewish survivor patients.

“[The] Holocaust [was] a grave crime against humanity. I wanted to share my sympathies with Jewish people that, as a Muslim, I condemn this horrible atrocity that led to the killing of innocent people,” Dr. Minhas said, explaining why he wanted to address the Jewish congregation.

The Physician noted treating survivors made a huge difference:

“When my patients shared their stories with me, it put a human face to the tragedy. It allowed me a glimpse into their innermost feelings and let me grasp the tragedy on a personal level.”

Given the reaction to the Palestinian trip to Auschwitz 

The Al-Quds University professor who led the first group of Palestinian students to visit Auschwitz has been expelled from the university’s workers union – even though he was never a member to begin with.

Professor Mohammed Dajani said he would take legal action against the union, accusing its leaders of “incitement” against him.

The latest assault on Dajani’s reputation occurred just three days after Palestinian President Mohammad Abbas described the Holocaust as “the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era.”

the Doctor’s very public statements are very welcome and should be commended.

Meanwhile there is ever more encouraging news out of Saudi Arabia:

Blurring the line between reality and fiction, a former member of a terrorist group has made a movie slamming those in the Kingdom who recruit young Saudis to fight abroad.

The fictional account of a Saudi deceived by one of these men to fight in Syria has lit up the Internet, and resulted in Abdulrahman Ayel, the filmmaker, getting death threats.

The 15-minute film tells the shocking story of a terrorist organization whose pursuit of twisted ideological goals results in nothing but brutality, misery and heartbreak.

Again any time you have an anti-jihad message going  out from Muslims particularly in the Middle East that’s not only a good thing but more effective than anything we do here in the long run.

A Muslim acknowledging the Holocaust and/or speaking out publicly against Jihaid is worth 100 people like me doing the same.

a Hat tip for Iman Bashier Mehmud on both stories, but a bigger tip of the Fedora to both of the men involved in these stories.


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One of the first principles of free speech is two sides express what they what they think and they compete in the arena of ideas.

Ali Akbar has a regular show on Blog talk Radio, he invited Bill Schmalfeldt to come on and go head to head.

There is absolutely no question what side I’m on here but I think this is incredibly healthy and it says something positive about Ali that he is unafraid to share the platform with an enemy.

And in fairness to Mr. Schmalfeldt by going on faces public critique in a format he does not control

Good form Mr. Akbar, Good Form!

It’s a rare day when I take CBS’s side over Powerline and Glenn but I have to say that CBS in general and Katy Conrad in particular did the right thing concerning the Koch/Zimmerman non-story.

You have a story that is starting to go around the net to the point where snoops is talking about it, it is a meme that a rival network with the same audience as you has already been suggesting and it is concerning a topic that has been front page national news, of course they are going to inquire.

I assume CBS looked for evidence outside of just asking Koch industries and if they had found some actual meat to this story they would have run with it contrasting it with the Koch denial after all people deny things they have been doing every day. (I actually e-mailed Katy Conrad with some questions along that line but I didn’t get a response).

This tells me that the editorial people at CBS (who I’m sure would have loved to run with this one) did what editors and producers are supposed to do, check the facts and decide if there is a story or not. Indeed Katy Conrad not only did not publish but explicitly stated so to the interested party.

Now if they HAD run it after the email exchange with Koch industries and had no further evidence that would have been worthy of outrage, but that’s not what happened here, perhaps CBS learned something from Rathergate after all.

Two final thoughts:

If Katy Conrad had been an editor at the Washington Post instead of a producer at CBS this morning Elizabeth Flock might still have a job today.

It’s a sad commentary on the MSM when a reporter/producer doing their job properly at a major news network is a story worth writing about.

Update: As a reporter long before he was a blogger Stacy McCain gets it:

Katy Conrad did her job. If Ed Schultz is going to permit Karen Finney and Van Jones to lie about the Koch brothers on MSNBC, other news organizations are obligated to check out the facts, which Conrad did, to her credit.

And being a good reporter he also suggests a story CBS could have run:

While Koch Industries lawyer Mark Holden asked that CBS “not mention Koch in any way in your broadcast,” perhaps it would have been even better if CBS had re-focused its story on how MSNBC abets left-wing liars engaging in politically motivated slander against Koch.

He’s right but since both CBS and MSNBC work from the same customer base it might be too much to expect them to throw a punch in that direction.

…if Stacy McCain is your friend, he is your friend all the way.

Santorum didn’t have big money. He didn’t have praise from big-name pundits. He didn’t have the GOP Establishment on his side, and the major media gave him quite nearly zero coverage. But he kept plugging away — “Steady Eddie,” as he said — until he finally broke through.

So he did all that, campaigning for nearly a year, and now that he’s the leading rival to Mr. Inevitable, what kind of coverage does he get? “Gotcha”!

And too many conservatives, who should be defending Santorum against these attacks, are instead playing along with the media “gotcha” game, ready to throw Santorum under the Romney bus.

and if you don’t betray him it doesn’t matter who is against you or how much money or pull they have:

Let me tell you something: I remember when Charles Johnson tried to throw Pamela Geller under the wheels of his Little Green Bus, and I stood up and said not just no, but hell, no.

Maybe Rick Santorum’s not your favorite candidate. Maybe Pamela Geller’s not your favorite blogger. Maybe Rush Limbaugh’s not your favorite talk-radio host, but conservatives can’t let liberals tell us who our friends are.

Don’t let liberals tell you what to think. Don’t play along with the “gotcha” game. Don’t help them defame people’s reputations.


I’m reminded of this story from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography when he was supporting his friend Mike Neville for congress when a young man named John F. Kennedy entered the race for congress and started to run away with things:

Jack must have been everywhere during that campaign, and he must have approached me seven or eight different times to ask me to be with him. Again and again I explained that Mike Neville was my pal, that Mike had served in the legislature with me, and that he deserved my support.

“But I’m going to win,” Jack said.

“Maybe you will” I told him, “but I’m with Mike Neville if I’m with him alone. And I’m going to make damn sure we carry North Cambridge.”

In times of crisis you find out who your friends are and who your acquaintances are. I have absolutely no doubt that if and when the day of crisis comes for me, Stacy McCain will still be on the friends side of the ledger.