Last week I said after this next election if nothing changes it’s time to leave the GOP and go 3rd party. This weekend Sarah Palin while agreeing on the budget deal

The GOP establishment in Congress is our abuser. We can’t hide the black eyes any more. The whole neighborhood knows. The Democrats are gloating. Obama thanked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)58%
effusively – and why shouldn’t he? Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)9%
couldn’t have given him more.

And where was the famed House Freedom Caucus – those stalwart conservatives who spearheaded Boehner’s ouster? They were shrugging and handing us a bag of frozen peas to put on our black eye. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll call 911 for us when the beating starts up again.

This is shameful, and it has to end. No mas!

Makes the case against leaving the GOP

that’s what the GOP establishment wants us to do!

They want us to leave the Party or just sit out elections.

Without us around, their handpicked puppets can be elected in gerrymandered districts without any pesky conservative primary challengers.

The Congressional GOP establishment doesn’t care about winning national elections. As far as they’re concerned, Hillary can have the White House – just so long as they can keep their cushy jobs on Capitol Hill.

In fact, having a Democrat in the White House is probably good for business. They don’t want to have to lead on anything

Her solution make THEM leave

So, no, it’s not time to leave the GOP. We’re going to make our abusers leave.

I like the sentiment, but I’d still like to know how it’s going to be done, because as far as I can see the only way they are going to have a change of heart is if we have them by their privates and the only way that happens if is if their jobs are in danger.

And the best way for that to happen is to put safe seats in jeopardy, I submit and suggest that the only way to do that is a conservative 3rd party that can decide to endorse a GOP candidate if they choose the conservative path or to run our own candidate and let “safe” republican seats become not so safe anymore, after all the “cushy job” depends on that safe seat still being there.

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Palin and if she has a plan to achieve this within the GOP I’d be delighted to hear it.


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As a Massachusetts conservative watching the national media go wild about the election of a Republican Governor completely ignoring the lack of coattails (hell the lack of coat) is a source of frustration.

Charlie Baker is a nice guy and he means well but his election is not likely to have more than a cosmetic effect

The best way to explain the problem is to think of Baseball and the difference between buying a championship and building a dynasty.

In Massachusetts there are two conflicting views of the party, the establishment that is interested in the top of the ticket. It produces for those at the top patronage and excellent resume fodder in the hopes of getting a national political position.

Because of that goal they can’t take the time to build a farm team, every year that passes brings up a crop of people in Red States vying for those same jobs with resumes filled with actual positions in government.

They need that governorship today, they can’t wait around for the GOP to start winning seats in the statehouse, in fact a strong GOP controlled house and or senate will simply mean a crop of rivals with strong resumes in government as well.

Then there is the grass-roots Tea Party activists. They aren’t looking for a job from the government. They are looking to be able to keep their own jobs and business intact and be able to afford to have a decent life to raise their children here without either being hit in the pocketbook or because of their religious & social values.

For them it’s the bottom of the ticket that matters since until there is a change in the state senate and house all a GOP Governor can do is delay the day of reckoning.

So the idea is to start at Single A, city councilors, school committees. Recruit candidates to fill those spots. Then in four or five years those people can run for mayor, country offices, register of probate etc. the Double AA of electoral politics at the state level while a new grew group of people are recruited for the single A offices. After a few years the AA polls will start running in the state house and senate and positions like secretary of state & AG and within a few years viola you have a full slate of viable candidates not only for the Governor’s office but for congressional and senate seats.

Until the Massachusetts GOP decides to embrace the base GOP leaning votes will continue to leave the state and sooner or later there won’t be enough left to allow even a Republican as socially liberal as Charlie Baker won’t have a prayer ever again.

On Saturday’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio we announced the results of our GOP poison poll.

1688 people voted casting 6256 votes to answer the question: “Which GOP candidate would cause you to stay home in 2016.”

Finishing first was John “Name the immigration Bill after Ted Kennedy” McCain appearing on appearing on 45% of the Ballots but there is no chance of him running so lets consider just the people who might run.

Chris Christie on 42.5% of the ballots (719 votes)
Jeb Bush 40.1% of the ballots (667 votes)
Donald Trump 38.5% of the ballots (651 votes)

It’s significant to note that the first two of those names are the ones most oft advanced by our friends in the media as presumptive GOP nominees and supposedly the only people who have a chance of beating Hillary Clinton, although Christie’s stock is falling.

I should point out that this is the same media that pushed both John McCain in 2008 & Mitt Romney in 2012.

Christie & Bush are, if you believe the MSM the choices of the big money donors looking for a “winning” candidate  in 2016.  That is the meme being advanced on the morning shows.

Now it is true that money is a vital ingredient to run a national campaign but the other half of the recipe is voter base.  They are the Milk & Eggs you would add to a pancake mix, leave out either one and you end up with a mess that tastes terrible.

The GOP money people and the media can push Jeb Bush and Chris Christie all they want but without the voters they can’t and won’t win.

So lets look at the other end of the spectrum, which people drew the fewest votes of the pile.

Tim Scott 12 <1%
Mike Pence 14 <1%
Bobby Jindal 17 1%
Scott Walker 19 1%
Nikki Haley 19 1%
Ted Cruz 29 1.7%
Rand Paul 30 1.7%

While I would argue the Tim Scott is not ready for the White House, consider the names on that list. 3 Sitting Governors with records of success and two sitting Senators who have made a name for themselves in the congress, one of whom (Paul) has extensive experience in a presidential campaign.

Now  if you are a person of the establishment you might say:  It doesn’t matter if the base is behind them if they can’t raise money.

That’s a fair statement to which there is a fair answer that the re-election of Barack Obama should have already taught them.

It’s much easier to add cash to candidates who have the base behind them and sell them to uninformed voters than it is to sell well financed candidates to an informed base who has already rejected them.

How the party & the donors react to that truth will tell you if their priority is to win elections or feathering their nests and feed their egos.


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