Information and Reformation

by baldilocks Originally posted September 17, 2010. Some re-editing. After I posted Discover the Networks’ “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Goal for North America” on my Facebook page, one of my friends--a friend in real life--pointed out that Christianity has history of conquest and forced conversion as well. I don’t mean to pick on my friend, … Continue reading Information and Reformation

Oil and Water

by baldilocks I learned a new word today: syncretism. Syncretism[…] is the mixing of Christianity with something else such that they become a different gospel. Syncretism can take place with a positive-thinking gospel, a nationalist emphasis, or emerging culture. Syncretism happens more than we might know. [...] When anything is added to the message of … Continue reading Oil and Water

Gospel commentary 3rd week of Advent Matthew 11:2-11

About once a month Fr. Bob decides to have a seat and Deacon Sal gives the homely at St. Anthony of Padua. Today was that day and he reflected on the Gospel and an interesting question from it. The full Gospel is here but the relevant part are verses 2 and 3 When John heard … Continue reading Gospel commentary 3rd week of Advent Matthew 11:2-11