An interesting thing happened Thursday afternoon.

Having woken up hungry just before 3 pm and finding the house empty I headed down to Happy Jacks restaurant to, after a 30 day fast from meat, reacquaint myself with the joys of their $5 after 3 pm menu.

I got there around 3:15 and the place was pretty empty, the lunch crowd was long gone and the normal Thursday dinner rush was hours away (thus the $5 menu 3-6 PM & 9-close menu). Seeing no servers handy and being alone for a change I sat myself at the bar sharing it with three woman, the bartender, who had worked there since it was the old Border restaurant at their previous location, one to my right and one across from me.

The bartender greeted me, and after taking my wings and diet coke order, she, knowing that I had been covering the race and who I was voting for asked: “How’s Trump doing?”

I said it would be a hard slog, with the media united against him and their willingness to bury Clinton’s corruption and the revelations from both Wikileaks and Project Veritas, I added that even if he managed to win beyond the margin of fraud, when you added the possibility of Evan McMullin taking Utah and an election thrown to the house (which doesn’t mean a Trump win, but that’s another post) it’s an uphill fight.

My mention of McMullin caught the interest of the lady to my right who asked who he was. She was drinking a beer while enjoying one of the excellent meal choices. She looked a few years older than me, had a pleasant face that seemed to have a bit of sadness behind it.

I told her both of the Never Trump people and their candidate, a worthy enough man, but I also argued that the reality is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson et/al notwithstanding we have a binary choice between two candidates that most americans find unacceptable and that if you want to make a choice rather than duck it, the options are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

She sighed, she talked about her support for Bernie Sanders, how she absolutely loved the man, found him honest and was frustrated that her choice was, in her mind, to either write him in or vote for Hillary Clinton, who she neither liked nor trust, over Donald Trump who she also didn’t trust.

I took the liberty of acquainting her with the fraud in Florida broken by Fausta last week at the blog and then suggested that if she found both candidates untrustworthy then the obvious choice for her, even as a Sanders supporter was NOT Hillary Clinton but Donald Trump.

That got the attention of all three ladies in the place who had been listening to my story of democrat deceit in the spanish community and were generally curious as to my argument. She asked why she should vote Trump if she doesn’t trust either nominee.

“Consider” I said, “We have one major candidate who if elected will have his every move scrutinized by the press, scrutinized by law enforcement, scrutinized by political enemies…” As I put it if he so much as thought of putting a foot wrong the entire weight of all of them would come down on him. No presidency in history would be under a stronger microscope.

“Meanwhile we have a different candidate who we know is dishonest, who we’ve already established will be protected from the consequences of her actions by the FBI, the press, by pols etc…” and I repeated things the various Clinton scandals, the lies, the wikileaks revelations and noted that in every case the powers that be had either enabled her or shielded her from the consequences of her actions.

I could see that all of them were paying attention to what I was saying so I closed: “That being the case, if you don’t trust either major candidate the only choice is to vote for Donald Trump because if he tries to do something wrong, you KNOW he won’t be given a pass on it unlike Hillary Clinton who you know will.”

There was a pause, the bartender seemed impressed, the woman sitting opposite of me had said little as a talked but was staring intently as if processing my argument, but the Sanders fan was clearly struck by what I said. After a few moments she broke the silence that had followed my argument.

“I had never thought of that.”

You could see the faintest change in her, as if she had been bearing several weights on her shoulders and had just been relieved of one of them. She expressed admiration both for my argument and my oratory skills. I introduced myself, mentioned my blog and invited her to check out the writing here when she got a chance and we chatted briefly on non political matters before I had to excuse myself, I needed to get home.

I spoke to the woman across at the bar, hoping my political talk had not disturbed her meal, on the contrary, she said, she found it very interesting and didn’t disagree with anything I had said. The bartender said the same as she cashed me out.

As for the woman to my right she thanked me with a slight smile. She had been was frustrated by her electoral choice before, she wasn’t any more.

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with their choices this election season, I don’t know how many have been moved by the arguments on this blog or the podcast. But while in the grand scheme of things what was said in that nearly empty restaurant was a tiny insignificant thing, heading home I knew that at least one mind and one vote had been changed.

I submit and suggest that the last best card to play is not a pro-Trump or an anti Hillary argument, it’s the pro-accountability argument to people who have little trust in Washington, the government or the press.

Those of us who want a government accountable to the people and to the law over the next four years should go out, meet people in your community at your local bar, at the barber shop, and even on your facebook page. Make the case for accountability in your everyday encounters over the next few weeks.

If we each move just one disenchanted voter in our community we can make a difference.

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Sunday the family and I went to Happy Jacks a new restaurant on Route 12 in Leominster:

It is a place with a bit of a Caribbean flair

a menu that spans the entire gulf region

and of course a spot where you can grab a beer

No meal at the Happy Jacks is complete without Border Sauce:

As I was doing my live spot for Out With Joe on WROL the food came

I had the Salad and mini Quesadilla

My oldest had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich:

My youngest the basic burger

And my wife the Sheppard’s Pie

My meal was off the lunch menu that is normally not available on Sunday’s but usually they will make such items available.

It was a good meal, if it had been a sunnier day we could might have been eating outside:

Happy Jack’s is a hop skip and jump off of Route 2 near the Fitchburg Leominster Border.

View Larger Map

And if you can’t get to Leominster, they DO Cater