I’m currently in the non-denominational at MIT where I just saw this tweet via Lisa Graas:

Apparently however the Middle East Night Club decided they wanted no part of this

Here is the story:

Perhaps they will find an a deserted graveyard to use.

With an hour to the procession at MIT the crowd is starting to build The globe is here conducting interviews along with myself. I suspect this is going to be one of the most significant religious events in the area in a while.

Expect updates

A large canopy has just been brought in for the procession by a group of brothers. A busload of worshipers are now arriving

Update: Over 500 people processed from MIT all the way to Harvard where the Church could fit the crowd, (Base count 1200 plus an estimated 300 who couldn’t make it in. Meanwhile the Satanic Black Mass was cancelled and the taunting of the Catholic League by the Satanists failed to rattle them.

Final score God 3 Satan 0 full recap in the morning.

Update last: I’ll have the full story in a post in the morning but here are two videos to give you an idea of he crowd, first from the procession:

It took almost 5 minutes for all the people at the MIT Adoration to pass by.

Meanwhile here is the crowd at St. Pauls

And here are the stills.

The full story tomorrow.