The Democrat Party’s brave new world: A coordinated campaign against free speech by invoking RICO statutes against global warming skeptics.

Dems Assigned Conservative Groups to Attack on Senate Floor.List of ‘web of denial’ targets circulated ahead of climate resolution

Nineteen Senate Democrats will attack specific organizations in what they are calling a “web of denial,” according to a schedule of floor speeches circulated by Emily Enderle, a top environmental policy adviser to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.), who is spearheading the effort.

Lachlan Markay lists the organizations targeted, among them Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institution, Reason Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce,  the Cato Institute, and the Acton Institute.

Acton? You mean the Catholic guys?

Yes, that Acton.

Americans for Prosperity is a big favorite for the censorship sweepstakes; as you can see in Markay’s article, it’s targeted not once, not twice, but three times, with Harry Reid himself opening the festivities, and senator Blumenthal going at it on both days.

Matt Welch reports

Yesterday, as normal Americans were wrapping up their work day, gearing up for baseball’s home-run derby, or playingcell-phone video games in the park, 19 senators from the Democratic Party began taking to the floor of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body to express their collective “disapproval” of the way 33 organizations speak about climate change, and to urge these allegedly “interconnected” groups to cooperate maximally with various ongoing government investigations into their uncorrect opinions. The purpose of this two-day name-and-shame exercise, the senators bragged in a press release, is “to call out Koch brothers- and fossil fuel industry-funded groups that have fashioned a web of denial to block action on climate change.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a co-sponsor of the concurrent resolution under discussion, embodied the spirit of the exercise yesterday by decrying oil companies’ “huge secret contributions” to “fake-science think tanks,” which are “so dangerous” because they enable politicians “to keep right on blocking meaningful action while the earth slowly chokes on its own filth”:

Warren,  who some want to see as Hillary’s running mate, ought to know about “huge secret contributions”, but I digress.

The #WebOfDenial/#TimetoCallOut exercise, designed openly to criminalize one side of a public policy debate by using such grossly inappropriate statutes as the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), continues into its second day with an attack that adds illiteracy to intimidation: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) this afternoon is scheduled to decry those scurvy climate denialists at…um, the Reason Foundation?

Welch points out that “the targets of this shaming exercise are not being afforded the courtesy to rebut the charges in the forum at which they are being smeared,” and, by the way, the senators’ allegations not only are permanently in the Congressional Record, but also single out these organizations for potential prosecution.

The Democrat party, which used the IRS to target conservative groups and passed Obamacare behind closed doors, is now literally trying to criminalize dissent:

The senators’ action this week is no hyperbolic one-off: Prosecuting ungood climatology is baked right into theDemocratic Party Platform. The two major Democratic nominees for president agree.

As the saying goes, “you don’t have to fall in love, you just have to toe the line”.

Or else.

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Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

We’ve been getting a lot of advice from our media betters about how the GOP should act, about how they should reverse Harry Reid’s rules and how they should now respect the sentiments of the new Democrat minority, that same minority that was willing to back the Reid rules when it worked to their advantage.

Now that they have been defeated there are plenty of bills still sitting on Harry Reid desk waiting to see the light of day.

I want to see how many of those bills Harry Reid allows to make to the floor. I want to see how many are sent to the floor, I want to see if the old rules are returned, I want to see if the last months of this congress will be the same as the previous 23.

Until we see this, nobody on the GOP side should even give lip service to anything our friends on the left want.because there is absolutely no reason for them to believe that if Democrat fortunes rise again they would treat the GOP any differently

Yesterday I lead with a piece on the #ObamaChinaDeal & the #ObamaEPARegulations and strongly suggested that the GOP get right up in front of this, first by attaching Obama’s name to it, second by pinning it and by extension Obama to them.

The idea being if you want to establish a meme or a message to the voting public it  needs to be started early then you can refer to it over and over during the course of months and years and create a fixed point of conventional wisdom, in this case:  “Democrats running in 2016 will be continuing Obama’s job killing policies.”

This is conservatism 101, if you want to accomplish things you have to plan and prepare well  ahead.

And that brings us to Claire McCaskill “big” news:

McCaskill was the first Democratic senator to publicly announce her opposition to Reid.

McCaskill wouldn’t say if she was considering a run for governor, which many speculated was her motivation. She said her “only” concern is Ferguson, where racial tensions erupted this summer.

The second-term Missouri Democrat said before leadership elections Thursday that Reid, who has led his caucus since 2005, would not get her support.

From Doug Mataconis at outside the beltway,Noah Rothman at Hotair,  Peter Sullivan at The Hill and others considered this worth pixels writing stories about trouble in the Democrat caucus in the Senate even though Reid was again voted head of their caucus.

However Claire McCaskill move isn’t about Harry Reid and Election 2014, it’s about election 2018.

You read that right, not election 2016, election 2018

According to the US census Missouri has a black population of 11.7%.  It has a hispanic population of 3.4%  Additionally while Democrats have been winning the Governor’s mansion since  Missouri have held the governor’s mansion since 2009 both the House and Senate in the state have gone Republican since 2003.

In other words Missouri has been trending red and while the media has been giving a lot of latitude to protesters in Ferguson, riots by left leaning mobs and attacks on police are not likely to cause the state to turn any bluer anytime soon.

So seeing the lay of the land and understanding that the next senate election she is facing is in a midterms she had to quickly establish her independence from the two most unpopular Democrats in the nation, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

While she has to thread carefully on Ferguson as she can’t afford to lose any of the black vote that the Democrat party is built on The Keystone Pipeline vote will give her an excellent change to contrast herself with the president, you can expect a lot more of that soon.

However being the very first major Democrat to publicly declare herself opposed to Harry Reid is the best of both worlds.  It made absolutely no different in his election while garnering headlines across cable news and the internet so that in four years (or two if she decides to go for the Governor’s seat when someone googles Harry Reid and Claire McCaskill those headlines will make the case for her “independence” from the Washington liberal Democrats that Missouri voters are rejecting en masse.

That is exactly how to do it.

I may not think of Senator McCaskill but If pushing quietly backing Todd Akin didn’t convince you that she is among the most [politically  savvy members of the Democrat Senate her performance yesterday should do it.

I wish the GOP had more senators as canny.

Update:  Maybe Hillary with Politico’s help is planning the same thing on offense vs Sen Warren.  More on that this weekend.





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By A.P. Dillon

This week, the Republicans scored big for the U.S. Senate and maintained control of the House as well.  This morning I found myself repeating the words, “Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader”.   That phrase will never get old.

North Carolina was one of the most expensive races and Harry Reid’s PAC dumped millions into it.  I wish I could have seen his face when Hagan lost in what was record midterm voter turn out in the state  of 2,915,757.

In cast you missed a few memos, I’ve been documenting Democrat Kay Hagan’s very bad month here at Da Tech Guy.  Scandal and an investigation into a conflict of interest plagued Hagan in the weeks leading up to election night.

In North Carolina, the #waronwomen candidate became a ‘one and done’ candidate, as Thom Tillis surged passed her. Tillis made up ground fast. At one point, Tillis erased Hagan’s 100k lead in the blink of an eye. Tillis made consistent gains after that and held them as the night progressed.

Sad trombone for the Hagan camp.

Point of interest: Every race where James O’Keefe had an investigation, Democrats lost.

On the Congressional side of North Carolina, Renee Ellmers was reelected. Her challenger, Clay Aiken came in second yet again and enjoyed having his bus towed after he voted.
Jake Tapper with an epic troll on the race:


Legislature races in North Carolina also yielded majority Republican wins despite being outspent by Democrats.

The House side of the North Carolina General Assembly maintained its super majority with Democrats only able to flip three seats.  In the Senate, Republicans picked up a seat and kept the super majority there as well.


Looking at the national and the local races in North Carolina, the following things stand out to me:

  • The war on women mantras fell flat.
  • Both Clinton’s campaigned for Hagan and she still lost.
  • Fracking and climate change were apparently non-issues in local state races.
  • Democrats outspent Republicans in both national and state races, yet they lost anyway.
  • The sweep seems to indicate a rejection of Obama and those tied to him; Obamacare was a factor but the President’s policies overall were on the ballot – just as he said.


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This is really all that needs to be said about election 2014

If Dems control the Senate, Obama will pack the Supreme Court, and you can bet Harry Reid will go nuclear on it.

Yes, I understand the GOP has not earned the respect or even the support of the Tea Party voter but has Barack Obama and Harry Reid who have used the power of the federal government in an attempt to break us earned it more?

The only people less deserving of victory in November than the GOP are the Democrats.

So Pick One:

The Satisfaction of seeing Pat Roberts, Thad Cochran go down & telling  GOP establishment “I told you so.” for a week.

Two Years of a Harry Reid controlled senate whitewashing and protecting the Obama Administration with no restraint on judges.

May you be happy in your choice.


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Journo-list Greg Sargent is worried about the White House being undermined by house democrats on Iran.

Strangely enough he seems less worried about Iran undermining the deal but it’s not like the priority is to actually stop Iran, as it was to have a “deal” that LOOKS like it stops Iran.

But hidden within that piece is an Important little tidbit that says a lot about the actual state of affairs in DC

If the GOP-controlled House passes something with the support of someone like Hoyer, it could make it harder for Senate Dems to resist pressure to act.

and THAT is the story of the democrat control of the Senate over the last 3 years. The story that the media has done its best not to tell.

Over and over the House has acted, over and over the Senate didn’t vote

When the house passed budgets the senate didn’t vote…until Obama was re-elected.

During the shutdown bi-partisan bill after bi-partisan bill passed the house and the senate didn’t vote.

Just last month the Upton Bill passed with 39 democrats voting yes, and the senate didn’t vote

The question isn’t if Reid wouldn’t win these votes, odds are he would have won most of them, but Reid isn’t worried about winning votes, he’s all about making sure no democrat has to make any decision that the American people might hold them accountable for

but bipartisan movement in the House could intensify the pressure on him to allow a vote on something the White House doesn’t want.

The end of the filibuster was sold as something necessary to allow thing to proceed in the Senate but the truth is for Democrats in general and Harry Reid & the White House in particular Senate inaction has always been a feature, not a bug.

At least as long as Barack Obama is in the White House that is.

Update:  This is exactly what Stacy was talking about this weekend

Scarcely had Bill Clinton finished the oath of office before he embarked on a series of left-wing initiatives that he had perhaps promised in various speeches or policy papers, but which I — relying on the news media’s depiction of the campaign — had not realized were part of his agenda.

And just remember Fox News Channel didn’t come until existence until October of 1996. and even now it only represent 11% of the total news audience.

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Update 2: I shouldn’t leave out thanks to Stacy McCain since he is in a way the founder of the feast, but that’s explained tomorrow too.


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If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Kenny Rogers The Gambler Don Schlitz / Kenny Rogers. 1978

I was, and I still am, of the opinion that the shutdown at the beginning of October (Va gov race not withstanding) was not only a worthwhile thing to do, but has paid longterm dividends by both re-establishing public GOP opposition to obamacare and painting every single democrat as a defender of Obamacare.

The strategy was solid, the piecemeal bills to reopen the national parks, the VA & the other things got the same bi-partisan votes that the Upton bill did.  The difference is they didn’t get the same attention Upton did from the MSM  and it was that lack of press attention and resulting lack of pressure on Harry Reid (who I would not want to play poker or chicken with) that allowed him to provide the stones for President Obama that made the difference and gave him a short lived political victory.

Now the budget issue is coming up again and this time the GOP doesn’t have the stomach for it:

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Tuesday that the country doesn’t need to worry about another government shutdown in January when the current stopgap spending bill runs out.

The government shutdown lasted for 16 days in October, after Republicans demanded that President Obama defund his signature healthcare law.

To avoid another shutdown, Ryan said either he and Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) would strike a budget deal or Congress would pass a stopgap keeping existing spending levels.

“Either of those two scenarios will prevail, and we will not have a government shutdown,” he said at the Wall Street Journal annual CEO Council. “We will keep the government funding at the current level if need be.”

This has already angered some commentators but I do understand. With the democrats completely on defensive, Time magazine even talking broken promises and the left desperate to change the subject to something ANYTHING (Iran) the last thing we on the right need to do is to give them that out.

While It would be fun to see another government funding plan that includes a 1 year Obamacare delay and watch Democrat senators squirm Ryan is correct, strategically, avoiding a 2nd shutdown is the right move to keep the media on Obamacare’s crash & burn as long as possible.

There is one thing the GOP COULD do to try & achieve both ends.

Rather than wait till next month some spending bills should be sent NOW.  Send one that fully funds the VA, send one that fully funds the national parks, send one that fully funds the centers for disease control etc etc etc.  Or even better send the other 8 appropriation bills that haven’t yet passed through the house.

Since Harry Reid has now decided that the filibuster is an antiquated device make sure these funding bills are bills that senate democrats who are running for re-election want and need and let Harry Reid make the case that 51 votes aren’t good enough for them.

But do it now, while there is plenty of time before the deadline and there is no question about a gun in front of anyone’s head.

But let’s leave Obamacare out of it.  Don’t give the democrats an out.  They had their chance to get off the Titanic, let it sail right on through till November.

Update:  Cleaned up a sentence in para 2

Update 2: One other thing to consider:

the Democratic lead has disappeared. A new CNN/ORC poll indicates the GOP now holds a 49%-47% edge.

The new survey was conducted last week and released Tuesday.

The 10-point swing follows a political uproar over Obamacare, which included the botched rollout of and controversy over insurance policy cancelations due primarily to the new health law.

The turnaround in the CNN/ORC poll follows similar shifts in recent national surveys from Quinnipiac University and Fox News.

The longer Obamacare is on the table the more we will see these numbers move.


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Darth Vader:  I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it further

The Empire Strikes Back 1980

Former slave: (selling his captors to slave traders) Do unto others before they do unto you, that is survival and economics!

Groo:  (drawing swords) Groo will do unto you!

Groo the Wander #5 slavers Epic Comics July 1985

Davros: Never forget, Doctor, you did this! I name you forever: You are the Destroyer of Worlds!

Dr. Who Journey’s End 2008

One aspect of this Senate rule change is how it makes everything more extreme.

One of the reasons why a this republic works is the respect for the rights of the minority. The Senate is the perfect example of this.

Thanks to the (old) rules of the senate a party even if they had no power elsewhere, with 41 votes in the Senate could still have an influence on government. This restraint was critical

1. It meant that a party had to hold a large super majority 60 votes to push through people unchecked. That assures that a nation would be strongly united behind such decisions before taking them.

2. It meant there was a brake on the extreme of a party could not push through a radical, even with a majority, because if they went too far the minority could stop it

3. It decreased the incentive for fraud, as long as there was a minority able to check them there is less on an incentive to take large risks or skirt illegality to gain a majority

And there is one other point that is very important to consider in a country as well armed as ours.

One of the reasons why we have had, with one exception, a history of peaceful transfers of power is that even an armed minority no matter how upset,  could always count on their rights as a minority to be respected due to our shared culture of such respect.

Today the “United” States is a country with two different cultures growing ever apart and at the same time (or because of it)  we are dealing with polarization and distrust at levels we haven’t seen in dozens of decades.

What does such move, in violation of promises made,  say to a people who already distrust the word of those in power and no longer share the same cultural values?

The left will no doubt argue, this change is limited, it doesn’t involve the supreme court, it doesn’t involve legislation.  That argument is meaningless.

Ask yourself, if there was a supreme court opening pending, if there house was held by the left rather than the right, do you REALLY think Harry Reid, who promised not 6 months ago that he would not do what he just did, would have excluded such people from the rules?  And given that Sen Reid had promised not to make this change what is the basis to assume that this will not happen again if circumstances change?  Who is foolish enough to believe this is where this is going to stop?

This change is going to have horrible consequences, it will give strength to the party extremes, it will make the stakes even higher for those seeking to use government to obtain power or wealth and it will inflame the passions of those who feel their rights are being violated, not something you wish to do in a land as well armed as ours.

Unless the senate reverses itself and I mean fast, within a few weeks, this will lead us further down a path that will be so destructive to this country that future historians will marvel that the leaders would have been so foolish as to take such a step.

Update: Reason (via Glenn) nails it

Update 2: That didn’t take long:

Thursday, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) called for more reforms.

“This has been escalating for a long period of time and it was time to stop it and that’s what we did this morning,” Harkin said. “Now we need to take it a step farther and change the filibuster rules on legislation.”

Sir Guy: No only has she consorted with this Saxon rebel, found guilty of outlawing, theft, murder addiction, and high treason but she has betrayed her own Norman people. Are you not ashamed My Lady Marion?

Maid Marion: Yes I am, bitterly, but it’s a shame that I’m a Norman ater seeing the things my fellow countrymen had done to England. At first I wouldn’t believe, because I was a Norman I wouldn’t let myself believe that the Horrors you inflicted on the Saxon weren’t just and right. I know now why you tried so hard to kill this outlaw that you despise to a lot of beasts who were drunk on human blood.

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

Lazarus: Captain, you yourself said there were no other explanations. Why do you give credence to this man?
Mr. Spock: I fail to comprehend your indignation, sir. I’ve simply made the logical deduction that you are a liar.

Star Trek The Alternate factor 1967

That’s all I can stands, I can’t Stands no more!


Years ago when Rush Limbaugh was talking about the “Constitutional Option” I balked.

The only way a republic works is if the rights of the minority are respected by the majority. After all if 51% of the people in the world decided to strip 49% of their voting rights that is a democratic result, yet would not not be justice.

I concluded that as much as I wanted to see the Bush Nominees advance there were things I simply could not agree to. there were lines I just could not agree to cross.

And then came Obamacare, Fast and Furious, the IRS and the Tea Party, the phony war on women, the Press Freedoms, the tagging of believing Christians as “bigots”, Benghazi and now finally Harry Reid and the Nuclear Option.

The time for all people of sound mind to conclude that our friends on the left in the congress are not acting in an honorable way is upon us.

I’ve been warning that eventually the right is going to be pushed to a point of no return.  We aren’t there yet but we are at the point politically.

The GOP should assume from this point on that democrats in congress are acting in bad faith and not forget it. Jonathan H. Adler put it best

Senate Goes Nuclear, Expect Fallout

That means  that despite Jake Tapper’s suggestion to the contrary we must not politically turn the other cheek, we must prepare and be prepared to act.

And while I think this fallout should and MUST  happen, it should not be done in the way the left and their friends in the media expect.

I suggest it  be done the Sicilian way.

What does the Sicilian way mean?  Well that’s a post for next week.

Update: Jake Tapper tweets some confusion concerning that sentence above , I’m referring to his interview on the lead with Sen Dan Coats where he asks this question:

“…will you commit right now that if you guys, if the republicans take back the senate that you will return things to the way they were a day ago.”

It’s not an unfair question since the argument is on principle but it’s analogous to giving Baseball teams the right to use the DH when they are up in NL parks, The Red Sox Choosing to use it against St Louis and the Cardinals being asked to hit their pitchers out of principle.

the follow up question I found almost as amusing:

Now there’s some talk by republicans that well if we get majority next year in 2014 in the midterms we won’t keep it 51 votes for judicial nominees & for executive nominations maybe we’ll do it for legislation too. that would be a step backward as well right? that would be bad?

Again not an unfair question but it again implies it’s up to the GOP to take a punch and not throw it and both questions (while fair) in my opinion establish what will be the left’s talking points once they are in the minority.

You can see the interview here

FYI: If you don’t watch the Lead (you really should, it’s the best thing the CNN has on the air and it isn’t close)

As I was watching Morning Joe today I kept hearing that John Boehner was lying when he said he couldn’t pass a clean CR.

We had graphics showing numbers of “potential” GOP votes In the house for a clean CR and more anonymous quotes from unnamed GOP congressmen.

pseudo count

and they mentioned vote counts

Joe Scarborough: let’s talk fact. from everybody you have talked to, everybody i talked to, it seems to me that John Boehner could pass a clean c.r. today and a clean debt ceiling increase this morning with the republicans and all the democrats.

Jemery Peters NYT: I talked to democrats and republicans who were bewildered by what john boehner said. peter king said there are 50 to 75 republican votes for this. peter king is one of the republicans who’s been counting. he told me he thinks there would be 150 vote ifs the it were a secret ballot.

However the congress doesn’t vote anonymously and nobody seems to be able to name actual house member who will vote with dems. Even Rep Peter King the most vocal & quoted public critic of the GOP in general & Ted Cruz in particular when publicly asked said he would NOT vote for a discharge petition.

However for people who can count real numbers there have been actual bills where actual congressmen have cast actual votes against the official party line in the House.

There was a vote to fund NIH, a vote to open monuments, a vote to fund veterans programs.

On each of those voter dozens of members bucked their own party to pass them, yet those votes are not getting any attention from the press and you might wonder why?

I don’t.

You see on each of those voters it was democrats who voted with Republicans on these votes to pass them in the house and such votes don’t promote the meme of GOP disunity and political failure simply are not newsworthy. The only mention of it came from Ted Cruz directly (via Newsbusters):

Sen Ted Cruz: The House has passed eight other bills funding things like our veterans, funding things like the national parks, and Harry Reid has killed them. Now, let me be clear, because it’s important to understand. These bills, none of them even mention Obamacare. They’re programs completely unrelated to Obamacare.

Candy Crowley: But obviously, they feel that if you can use this kind of leverage, they feel it’s blackmail. But let me ask you something about your fellow Republicans.

Sen Ted Cruz: But Candy, let me press back. It’s twice you’ve said Harry Reid would say it’s blackmail. And I want to press back, because I actually — I think that’s a false claim with no basis. The bill that the House passed on the VA simply funds the VA. It doesn’t mention anything about Obamacare. It doesn’t mention anything about anything else. Now, for hundreds of years, the way Congress is appropriated has been one topic at a time. How is it blackmail to say we think we should fund the veterans? Do you agree? That’s a yes or no vote. Now Harry Reid refuses to let the Democrats vote on that. But how is it blackmail to say, we may not agree on everything but is there anything we can agree on? We ought to agree on emphasis mine

John Boehner has directly said he does not have the voters for a clean CR. Has Harry Reid been asked if there are the votes in the senate to pass those bill? Has anyone asked Harry Reid why these bills are not brought to the senate floor?


That’s a good question but with this media we will not get an answer.

Update: added a portion of the Morning Joe transcript


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