Well here comes the bleg…

I owe debts of gratitude to Stacy McCain, Barbara Espinosa for their assistance in Washington. I owe a particular debut to Andrea Shea King who helped out a total stranger on the word of someone else. Finally a tip of the Fedora to The Charming Roxeanne of Haemet who provided moral support.

Thanks also to all who have linked and all who have read or commented on the posts I’ve put up and will put up on the subject.

As regular readers know I’m about 6 weeks from the end of my unemployment. Although I had a free ride down I racked up an extra $250 of expenses consisting of The train Ticket home ($135), Memory Cards and batteries ($40) and cell phone stuff ($70).

If anyone is able and willing to help offset these expenses I would really appreciate it. Just click on the “I’ll do it myself Tucker fund“. Please specify in comments that it is to offset Washington so I don’t put it toward Ga.

I’m still offering my Have Fedora will travel services for a full week of blogging & filming etc to anyone with a story they want told. Price $1000, plus flight, hotel and rental car.

To any who can kick in from $5 to $500 I will not forget it.

And of course if anyone wants to hire a full time telecommuting staff blogger let me know.

Update: Wow! It’s one thing to get an instalanche, it’s another to get one on a tip jar request. What an amazing thing to wake up to after a day of illness. Thanks to all who stopped by. when it no longer hurts to look at the screen I’ll thank you properly.

Update 2: You guys are really something. Washington is paid for, anything extra will go to the Ga Trip. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Because I am now on the Tea Party Express bus heading for Washington with nothing but my laptop, camera, IPOD, the clothes on my back, and of course the Fedora.

The internet connection is so so thus posting will be as I am able to do so.

I’d like to thank the Tea Party Express for letting me on. It’s an open question if thanks is the word my wife is thinking of right now.

as Stacy McCain demonstrates.

He was kind enough to extend the loan of his casual fedora — my favorite from the Scott Brown campaign we covered together — which has made several guest appearances here at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

He treats me very generous in that sentence, he treats me even more generous in the paragraph that he closes with:

Please, help Da Tech Guy find the story that will allow him to travel as widely as his fedora has been traveling lately. Other assignments beckon me soon, but I sure wish y’all would send Da Tech Guy down to Savannah to cover the Ray McKinney campaign. It just so happens that the campaign has been making news lately, and Ray has two Republican primary opponents who might like to be interviewed by the founder of the Fedora Brotherhood.

You know if you’ve got friends like Stacy & Smitty you try to give you a hand when you need it you’ve got just about everything.

…but I dropped a line last night to Dan Benishek suggesting that now that he is getting some notoriety he may want to keep up the momentum by perhaps hiring a gentlemen in a Fedora to come out there and blog and cover his attempt to defeat Stupak. It would be quite interesting to see what people in his district say.

I’ll let you know what he says. My taxes should be done later today and my wife’s birthday has passed so the only bump is my Anniversary on the 9th of next month. So lets see what happens.

Of course he is a member of the Axis of Fedora (in fact a charter member and he wore the Same Fedora at the Scott Brown victory party that got Smitty into GQ. So he knows the power of the Fedora:

You know that lazy SOB in your newsroom? No, not him . . . the other one. Okay, the other other one. Why not replace him and save your paper some dough in the process.

I knew there was a reason why I bought his book on Friday.

You haven’t bought his book yet? You should, he is nice guy. A scholar who can both quote Dante in Italian and write as blunt as a sailor in a tavern after his ship pays off. The man who can produce this reaction from my wife, and this reaction from his Co-blogger that I met at CPAC:

thinking of Dan, and really hope he’s going to be okay. Cannot really have fun until he is better.

When a young woman enjoying her first CPAC final thought is for the health of her friend and co-blogger that co-blogger must be special.

If a guy like that isn’t worth the price of a book I’d like to know what is?