I have a little talk with Kelly Nguyen who is running for the 5th district seat currently held by John Lewis:

If Ga-4 is an uphill race Ga-5 is a mountain but you don’t climb a mountain without trying. Putting up a fight makes a huge difference, anything can happen in a campaign and if you aren’t running then you can’t take advantage of it. This is a lesson that republicans need to learn. It’s also not a bad idea to have young energetic candidates learning the ropes in a campaign.

In a year when a series of excellent black conservatives are running in state after state Cory Ruth is a man with a future.

Cory Ruth at Arizona's
Ruth is one of four Republican candidates in the very democratic 4th district in Georgia. Last Friday my friend Vinnie and I sat down with Cory, we sat and ate and talked. His favorite topic; individual liberty.

We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be.” he declared as he talked about how the government takeovers tended to make people less free. He had managed at the age of 32 to make him self successful as a consultant through initiative. He thinks that this is the message that the black community needs. Particularly this black community which is the second wealthiest in the nation. He believes that if the African American community can be weaned from the government there are no limits to how far it can excel.

For some it might not be an easy sell but he feels younger African Americans of a new generation like himself have moved beyond the old conflicts. Not that they don’t owe a debt to those who have gone before, they should be remembered but his activities within the community as a minister illustrates not so much that old debt but the debt that he feels any man should pay to the community he lives in.

In his youth he saw an African American Supreme court justice nominated by a republican. The two black secretaries of state he saw serve were appointed by George Bush who he declared had “the most diverse group of appointments in history.” Although he applauds this diversity he thinks republicans missed a chance by not running a Powell/Rice ticket saying while scanning the overwhelmingly black clientele at the restaurant that “Not a person in the room would not have voted for Powell.”

Although an African American ticket was not in the cards for republicans in 2008 blacks candidates for congress certainly are. From Col Allen West in Florida, to Les Phillip in Alabama to Vernon Parker in Arizona a slew of credible black candidates have risen up in the republican party.

Cory and a voter
As for if the community might resent a black Republican in a district where the president is so popular: “The problems will be there long after he (President Obama) is gone.” He worked in the community before the 2008 election and will still be involved when this administration is over. He knows the communities needs and problems, as he put it; he is the candidate who listens to 1380 AM and knows the voters he needs to attract.

That certainly seemed evident after we finished our meal different customers talked to him and seemed encouraged by his candidacy and at least once person at the Tysinger breakfast the next day thought he was the best chance for the district to go Republican.

One thing is certain at the age of 32 no matter what the results of the primary or the general election he will be around for a lot of years to be a force in the party. If he continues to preach the gospel of individual liberty to his community they and the country will be the better for it.

The spread looked great.

There was a sandwich the size of 5 larges at Mighty Subs, cakes, chicken and when that started to run out Pizza. A steady stream of people came in to greet Doraville’s newly returned police chief.

John King had been had spent his time in Afghanistan training Afghan police, trying to change the a group from a society that is tribal in nature.

The Civic center was filled to hear his presentation and a great chunk of that group walked down the hill past the library to the City hall to join in the celebration.

It was the single most diverse group I had seen in my entire time in Georgia, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mixed, all paying tribute to the chief who had returned alive from the war zone. I was told that the stereotypes of the south often portrayed in the North isn’t the reality. That day I saw a group of young white children gathered around an elderly black veteran of World War 2 talking about his time on the beaches of Normandy. The only thing I saw in their eyes was awe.

It was a good moment for a town that had come on some hard times. With the closing of the GM plant a source of jobs and tax funds had been cut off. The current mayor Ray Jenkins had high praise for his predecessor who had during those good times stockpiles millions for the city in CD’s in case of a rainy day. It had kept them going but with the county government also in tight straights the city was finding itself taking care of more and more duties that the county normally would.

It meant some hard times and people disagreed on how it was best to be handled, but those disagreements would be for another day. Today was for celebration and welcomes. the official one for Col King, but the people there were so friendly, so accommodating, and just so nice to a stranger with a strange accent who had come 1000 miles away to report on a political race that I it was almost as if the party was for me.

The Party went on for two hours after I left, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay but I look forward to seeing Doraville again someday.

You know looking at this picture at Atlanta’s airport I think it totally encapsulates the new media:

Writing the latest examiner column

Don’t need a desk don’t need a chair, give me my laptop bag, little battery life and some airport floor space and a stranger willing to take the picture and presto and an Examiner column and a blog post comes into existence.

Juan of the Tea Party joins the Axis of Fedora
My latest Examiner Article Looking for a cup of Peach Tea is about my unsuccessful attempts to get a handle on the tea party movement in Georgia while I was there.

On the Plus side however Juan Did join the Axis of Fedora!

If you are not familiar with my examiner articles (and if you are one of my new Georgia readers you likely aren’t) the old articles are available here.

Remember the only money I make off of any of this other than direct reader support (thanks) is the nearly penny a hit I get on the Examiner articles, so if you are in a position to check them out please do so. To give you some perspective the 27,000+ hits already generated this year (thank you to all who have read btw) is not enough to cover the plane ticket to Georgia and back

Sorting out the stuff

Actually crashed on the couch while sorting though everything. I seem to have mislaid an e-mail address from the Prince Pizza I have to double check my brother’s car later.

There are quite a few posts from Georgia that are still to be written and videos to be uploaded about:

The Doraville reception, Tysinger reception, several interviews, Stone Mountain, Prince pizza coming home, A write up about Liz Carter, a write up on Cory Ruth, The monastery and the World of Coca Cola, a general interviews with people post, the round up, maybe a day by day post rundown. I’ll be getting all of this stuff done during the course of the week.

As far as what I’ve already done to review:

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Other than that I didn’t get much down down there.

…because it only just hit me after a good nights sleep why I got that reaction a few days ago when the tea party came up: They believe the vile calumny that they have been told from the day of the passage of the health care bill.

When I offered a reward of $100,000 to be donated to the United Negro College Fund if anyone produced video and audio evidence that this occurred, I was accused of a publicity stunt (because everyone knows that the best way to get publicity in America is to accuse a civil rights icon of lying about racism). Rep. Carson himself suggested that my challenge was “a veiled attempt to justify actions that are simply unjustifiable.” Get it? He calls protesters racist and if you ask him to prove it, you’re a racist, too.

Needless to say, no one has claimed the $100,000.

As you can see Andrew Breitbart has provided 100,000 reasons why it is false, but to those reading from Georgia I want to put it this way. Today cameras are everywhere, if a person spills coffee on himself in Germany it can be on youtube within seconds.

Ask yourself honestly, if a crowd of congressmen and women made a public walk with cameras and recording devices everywhere don’t you think at least ONE of them would have picked up the sound of people shouting racial epithets? And don’t you think that the media would have LOVED to provide that tape? Mr. Breitbart again:

But, I have taken my search one step further. I’ve asked some of the contributors to Big Government to also actively search for video. We have spent the last three weeks searching for any evidence that might support the allegations, without any help from the accusers. The primary accuser, Congressman Carson, who audaciously claimed the crowd screamed the “N-word fifteen times,” would not return our call. So we have gone part way to try and piece together the events of March 20.

Not only is the audio devoid of any racial slur, but the scene at Cannon clearly shows the congressmen coming down the steps completely unobstructed, and with a clear path to the Capitol. And, when we juxtapose the audio accusation Rep.Carson made moments after the alleged event occurred with actual video footage of the moment Rep. Carson claims he first heard the racial slur, it is as plain as day that Congressman Carson was not isolated by a mob and facing a racist throng that could conceivably hurl rocks at him.

I understand the need to protect and defend people you respect and to take them at their word but consider this:

I was held in contempt and found “guilty” of racism because a group of ladies choose to believe that comfortable lie, perhaps they had heard the other side, perhaps not. It is not to the same degree but isn’t that the same thing that a segregated jury might have done say 60 years ago disbelieving a whole group of people for the sake the reputation of people they liked?

If you wonder why the media is held it contempt by many bloggers that is why. Larry O’Connor put it best:

Just yesterday, the AP referred to Ft. Hood terrorist Malik Nadal Hasan as a “suspect.” Apparently, Hasan is afforded the right to be innocent until proven guilty, but tea party protestors are not.

All of this is old news to anyone who reads a blog, but it wasn’t old news for me this week.

Just got back from the Weekly Tysinger Breakfast and one thing in particular caught my eye.

There was a set of handouts of articles etc present Here is the photo, can you tell what’s wrong with this picture?

Tysinger Breakfast handouts

Continue reading “What’s wrong with this picture?”