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During my recent Road Trip, I visited my parents in New Mexico twice — once on the way out and once on the way back to LA. ( Side note: many who follow me on social media are aghast that I returned to CA, but I specifically said that I would return, though I am pondering a permanent escape next year after we see how things go politically in this state.)

Subsequent to my visit, my dad and I have reverted to a practice we had for several years: calling each other up about once a week and comparing notes about God. The practice had fallen off because my phone number has changed about four times since 2014.

Dad called this morning and want to know what things the trip had taught me. As usual, my little twisted brain has agendas that even my parents don’t understand and we talked about those. I long ago accepted the fact that my folks think I’m crazy. They’re probably right.

But, here, I want to mention a “side” topic that came up in the conversation: fatherhood and how God often uses human beings to model His role as our Father — an adopted Father who loves His adopted children (Christians) just as much as He does the children of His “body.”

I pointed out that God has modeled this in my life: my great-uncle John, my first pastor, and Dad himself; he is technically my step-dad.

Conversely, it occurs to me that the “cultural” war against the patriarchy — against men — isn’t really cultural, but spiritual. It’s a war against God. How many times have we seen feminists demonize all things male and masculine? Heck this people wore representations of female genitalia on their heads!

Anyway, as you can tell, Dad and I are very close. I know a lot of people whose parents are no longer with us and I want to savor the blessing of still having mine in this world for as long as I can.

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Stacy McCain has been running into a lot of people arguing about the “Heteronormative” business.

“Heteronormative” is defined as:

Denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation:

When I look at this definition pulled from this site I find myself laughing at the discription of the idea that hetrosexuality is normal or perfered as a “worldview” rather than a neutral objective fact.

Now I can already hear “right wing watch” decrying me pushing Judeo Christian Norms on those who don’t want them and I love it because it illustrates one of the great weaknesses of feminism in particular and our friends on the left in general, the idea that everything a conservative believes concerning the universe comes strictly from the moral norms of the Scripture.

I addressed this ignorance and default assumption of Christians have no grasp of science in my posts on evolution and on what the Bible is and what it isn’t  but for this particular issue Stacy McCain hit things on the head with this incredible revelation from the latest in his continuing series on the idiocy of feminism

here’s a little secret: Nice Christian girls get horny, too.

And that statement brings hints as to why the whole “heteronormative” business is pseudo scientific claptrap, at least it should be to any person who has a grasp of evolution or basic biology.

Not so much human biology, but biology in general biology of species.

All species regardless of type are designed to reproduce and survive.  It’s about as basic as it gets if a species doesn’t reproduce it doesn’t survive.

Test tube babies, sperm donors and turkey basters not withstanding Human being are designed to reproduce via heterosexual sex, no other sex produces children, zip zero nada.

So if human beings are in fact simply evolved animals, just another species their normal sexual drive and condition baring a genetic or medical issue would be hetrosexuality.

For this to be false humans would have to be alone among species to have reproduction not be the norm and would imply a, dare I say it, intelligent designer.

That feminists in universities who ignorantly call Christians anti-science could miss this basic fact required a level of self delusion and denial beyond any level you can imagine and the arguments that one would make would require humanity to be made in the image of a feminist/humanist/ God. of their own invention.

That would make sense to me, as I suspect a lot of their nonsense is made up out of the whole cloth.

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by Linda Szugyi

“Heteronormative patriarchy” is a phrase that would make me chuckle under any circumstance.  That so much pomposity can be crammed into merely two words is a marvel on par with John Cleese‘s talent for parody.

One needn’t be a scholar of feminist theory to notice the attempt to make disapproval sound like academic enlightenment.  It’s a great example of the Marcusean idea that intolerance of the Right is the “real tolerance”–something feminist scholar Robert Stacy McCain recently taught me.

As amusing as heteronormative patriarchy may be on its own, however, said scholar’s use of it is pure comedic genius:

“Roses are red, violets are blue.  The heteronormative patriarchy is raping you.”

I am not even a casual reader of feminist theory.  Was feminism a diverse movement that included conservatives until it was hijacked by Gloria Steinem in the 1970s?  Who led the “Women’s Liberation a/k/a ‘Second Wave’ feminism” movement?”  I haven’t the foggiest.

Even so, growing up in the seventies and eighties meant that I unknowingly absorbed of a great deal of feminism.  So, while the idea of getting married was okay, the vows had to be for “husband and wife,” not the unequal “man and wife.”  The vow to obey my husband was acceptable only because my husband vowed to obey me, too.  I didn’t even have to request that wording.  It must have been standard.

I grew up in a world that said of course men and women are perfectly equal.  Of course you and your husband are equal partners in the marriage, with equal power over household decisions.  Of course you can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan.  (And never let him forget he’s a man!)

1980 Enjoli commercial

That equal life eventually led me to the military, with all its rigid hierarchical glory.  Authority must rest on the shoulders of a single commanding officer.  Otherwise a stalemate can occur, and the mission doesn’t get accomplished.

What an irony: my feminist-minded career ambitions ended up convincing me to assume the role of second-in-command in my own house.  After all, chain-of-command issues apply to marriage, too.  If both spouses have the same level of authority, what happens if they reach an impasse?  The marriage must end.  It can’t be helped; they “just grow apart.”  The marital strife in Die Hard is a good example.

So, that’s my experience with feminism.  I wore the mantle reflexively, then cast it off and forgot all about it.  Feminists haven’t forgotten about me, though, have they?  They keep thinking up new ways to explain what’s wrong with me.  Wikipedia says that “heteronormativity” originates from a 1991 queer theory work, but “became incorporated into both the gender and the transgender debate.”

Just add the term “patriarchy,” and viola: “patriarchal heteronormativity” and “heteronormative patriarchy.”  Either way, it seems pretty well established in the academic realm.  As one might guess, it merges two different perceived injustices.  First, if you hold the opinion that homosexuality is anything less than perfectly normal, then you are part of an oppressive culture that forces people to conform.  Second, if you hold the opinion that a male head of the household is an ideal situation, then you are part of an unjust system that oppresses women.

Additional themes are tied to “heteronormative patriarchy/partriachal heteronormativity:”

The Binary Concept

Heteropatriarchy (a third way to say it) “creates a hierarchy that ‘rests on a gender binary system in which only two genders exist, one (male) dominating the other (female).’ ”

Heteronormativity is the pervasive, hegemonic state that exists because we choose to draw binary conceptions of gender in our society.”

One heteronormative power structure is “[t]he gender binary, that humans are man and woman, that man is one thing and woman is another. . . .”

“Gender is inherently hierarchical and oppressive. . . .  The goal of feminism, then, must not be just the elimination of gender inequality or gender oppression, but that abolition of gender itself.”  Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men, explaining and critiquing Godlessness in Theory.

Very interesting.  The fact that different people engage in different types of sexual activity apparently means that basic biological differences should be thrown straight out the window.  There is no male and female anatomy; there is only a complex tapestry of desires and Thou Shalt Not Judge Any Of Them.

Heterosexuality = Colonialism and Imperialism

Today’s lingering oppression of women stems from colonial history, and the ‘Western-centric/Christian-centric, capitalist world system, and it is also connected to racist regimes.  Can anyone rationally explain these connections?  Other than the fact that Marx Said So, why is the fact that men and women tend to get together, have babies, and raise them together inherently a bad thing?

My Existence = Their Oppression

I oppress the LGBT community.  My lifestyle “goes deeper . . . and it takes many different forms.  Patriarchy affects everyone. . . .  it’s not only about gender – ‘race’, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age, class, religion, and more all come into it.  Even those in power who have to conform to a specific set of rules are affected by patriarchy.”

Wow, even those in power are oppressed by patriarchy.  They oppress . . . themselves.

I’m told that my personal beliefs and thoughts are a problem that must be cured.  What a crock.  I choose to live my life according to my Christian beliefs, to the best of my ability.  Those choices don’t oppress anyone.  I have no control over what perfect strangers do with their own lives.  Please, go ahead with your own lives, feminists.  Leave me alone.