Henry Gondorff: If they put you on the spot, we have to fold the con

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We have seen plenty of posts concerning Hillary Clinton book tour like this:

On September 18, Hillary Clinton will kick off the book tour for What Happened, her memoir about the 2016 presidential election, in Washington, D.C. The crowd at the Warner Theatre will, no doubt, be filled with many representatives of Pantsuit Nation and other pro-Clinton factions of the Democratic Party. But, as Politico found out by talking to Democratic lawmakers and other Clinton allies, there will be plenty members of the minority party staying home on the 18th, preferring to stick toothpicks in their eyes than relive the nightmare of the 2016 elections.

“There is a collective groan whenever there’s another news cycle about this,” said California Democratic representative Jared Huffman, who added that Clinton’s tour comes at “maybe at the worst possible time.” It’s not just the distraction the book will provide from a party fighting for issues such as DACA, Huffman said, but the party fissures that could be reopened by Clinton’s critiques.

But there is one aspect of the tour that everyone is missing.

Historically a book has been a great way for people or organization to give big money to a connected person. After all if an author gets say $2 for the sale of a book then a business can buy 10,000, 20,000 or even 100,000 copies of their book and viola you have just given twice that figure to said connected person without showing up as a donor.

Furthermore not only are said books a tax write-off for said company but if you give those books away to a charity, any charity, suddenly you have a charitable deduction as well.

After all why do you think book publishers give large advances to pols books that generally end up in the dollar bin at stores across the nation?

However this time there is something different.

Hillary Clinton is no longer considered a good investment for foreign governments, large corporations or donors anxious to buy favor. With no influence to sell and even less potential to regain any , dollars given to her are simply thrown away.

However there is one group that thanks to media hysteria is still invested in Hillary, Democrat voters still in denial over the last election.

There are millions of people still on meds in blue states, on college campuses and in trendy neighborhoods who are not only still in mourning but are “still in therapy over Hillary’s loss”. To them Hillary Clinton is a symbol of the paradise that was, in their minds “stolen” in a Russian conspiracy and her very presence will be cathartic.

Now under normal circumstance this would not be the case, but thanks to the media’s own obsessive behavior, people who would normally have gotten on with their lives are still in a state of shock and dismay in need of a release.

When it came to running a campaign or the state department Hillary Clinton might have been 2nd rate but let it never be said that any member of the Clinton clan didn’t recognize a bunch of suckers (perhaps millions of them)  with cash ready to be parted from them when they saw one.

Thus we see stories like this:

Hillary Clinton Coming to Connecticut for 2 Book Signings

Hillary Clinton shows up late as fans turn out in hundreds for NYC book signing

Hillary Clinton to hold book signing in Buffalo

With more to come Portland, Boston, Seattle, Milwaukee, Atlanta

Time is of the essence, there is no way of when reality will compel these folks from abandoning their self-pity and delusion and get back to living their lives so Hillary has to strike while the potential to make from two to five bucks a head is still there. Sure it’s not the easy money she is used to but it’s the only influence she has left to sell.

So now we will be treated to something extraordinary. Hillary Clinton dealing with these suckers plebes all over the country, cracking a smile, signing her name and even risking the odd conservative in line asking a question about Benghazi or email servers or Bill’s Bimbos as she travels the country hawking books to make a buck and perhaps dreaming that it will turn into a groundswell to have one more go at the White House.

But if you are a voter of the left excited to get close to Hillary to give yourself closure remember this:

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