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Frank Cross: See? And these guys are REALLY looking.

Scrooged 1988

I was channel surfing Sunday Morning when I stopped at Meet the Press, the subject of the way was Hillary Clinton’s all but certain 2016 run.

After speaking to the authors of an upcoming book on Mrs. Clinton David Gregory brought the Meet the Press panel in to talk Hillary 2016. Andrea Mitchell was on that panel. During the discussion of the potential Hillary run she said something both incredible and familiar.

No, I don’t mean what she said about donors the that Glenn linked to yesterday. While a tad juicy, that didn’t shock or surprise me.

What Andrea Mitchell said concerning Hillary 2016 that was worth remembering was this: (Emphasis mine)

She’ll also have to show what she achieved as secretary of state. Yes, Benghazi will be raised over and over again. But she has to show some real accomplishments. And that is completely up in the air. We’ll see what John Kerry is doing, we see what negotiations are in play in Iran. We don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

Are you kidding me? Who does Mitchell think she is, Doug Mataconis?

Allow me to explain, on July 8th of last year at 6:34 AM EST I began a rather memorable Twitter tete a tete with Doug concerning Hillary’s accomplishments as secretary of state. The key tweet from our spirited exchange came 20 minutes in when I asked this question:

That tweet led to many twists, turns and dodges but they ended at 7:16 AM when Doug left the conversation without having offered an answer proclaiming:

I put the question open to those reading our exchange and noted the lack of responses in  my post of the next day

1. In the forty five minutes my first tweet to his last, an informed, intelligent and prolific writer could not name a single accomplishment in the record of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

2. While my twitter steam is alive with tweets from others agreeing with me, not a single tweet from a reader of #p2 @morning_joe or even #hillary2016 showed up to defend the record of Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of state.

3. The absolute need to change the subject from anything but Hillary’s record suggests her actual record is something that must be avoided at all costs.

Given Ms. Mitchell quote,  perhaps I was too hard on Doug in back in July. Not to minimize him as a writer and follower of national events but I’ll wager he’d concede his record can’t compare to Andrea Mitchell’s.

Consider,  Andrea Mitchell started as a reporter in the LBJ years when I was five years old. Whatever I might think of her biases her accomplishments in the news business are impressive. She is on Television on a daily basis, is known to almost everyone in Washington,  has access, connections and a resume that I can, at this point in my career,  only dream of.

Yet one year after Hillary Clinton left the office of Secretary of State,  Andrea Mitchell when discussing that record on Meet the Press while easily naming Benghazi as a problem declared Mrs. Clinton’s accomplishments were up in the air?

THIS IS Andrea Freaking Mitchell!  She probably supports Mrs. Clinton for president stronger than I support the Boston Red Sox.

If her ability to name an accomplishment Mrs. Clinton had in four years as Secretary of State is totally dependent on how well John Kerry cleans up after her that means SHE HAD NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS, PERIOD!

It also mean the basis for promoting Hillary for president in 2016 is the Hillary Principle that I articulated four days after my exchange with Doug:

If a democrat is promoted to an office beyond their level of ability, the very act of holding said office, regardless of the lack of success or degree of failure, will be considered evidence of success , particularly if said Democrat is a member of a “protected” or “oppressed” group as defined by the party and/or media.

Given that America was willing to re-elect Barack Obama based on one of the worst terms a President has had in my lifetime I regret to say it would not surprise me at all that the nation would be willing to elect Hillary based on nothing other than spin.

Update: Added the Scrooged quote at the top. The Scene is here

I suspect those stagehands staring at that solid gold dancer aren’t as motivated as Andrea Mitchell is to see a Hillary accomplishment.

I’d bet real money if this post is linked widely or mentioned on Rush that Andrea will suddenly come up with something, ANYTHING no matter how convoluted.

Update 2: An interesting note via Glenn from the NY Post:

A system of political rewards and punishments devised by the political power couple set aside “a special circle of Clinton hell . . . for people who had endorsed [President] Obama,” according to “HRC,” a new book by Politico former White House bureau chief Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes of The Hill.

The most helpful Clintonistas were rated “1” under the Clintons’ rating system, while turncoat former allies, such as John Kerry, received “7’s.”

Hmmm if Andrea Mitchell is right John Kerry is safe for now since Mrs. Clinton’s record as Sec of State is based on him.

Then again who said the “Elect Hillary” business is based on her record?

Update 3: Doug seems a tad miffed at the piece but I think he’s missing the point.

7 months ago in a midst of a twitter exchange I asked him a question he had no idea was coming & he couldn’t answer on the fly over the space of 20 minutes while doing all the things a person does in the morning to get ready for the day.

Andrea Mitchell was going on Meet the Press, knew she was going on, knew the subject was Hillary Clinton 2016, and had to know the question of her record as Sec of State would come up in discussion…and still couldn’t name a Hillary success at State.

Update 4: Glenn Reynolds takes a different view than Ms. Mitchell on the purpose of John Kerry vis a vis Hillary’s Accomplishments as Syria continues to explode

As I’ve noted before, John Kerry’s role is to make Hillary Clinton’s unimpressive tenure at State look better by comparison. So far, he’s fulfilling it perfectly.

If “Not being as wrong as John Kerry” makes on presidential material I should form my 2016 exploratory committee at once.


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Via HotAir airlines we see this out of Buzzfeed:

The Democratic Party’s biggest super PAC, recently retooled as an early pro-Hillary Clinton effort, will sit out the midterm elections this year.

A spokesman with the group, Priorities USA Action, confirmed to BuzzFeed on Wednesday night that it would not be involved in House or Senate campaigns.

What? Am I to understand ha the superpac that is behind the presumptive nominee of the Democrat party in 2016 will not be supporting democrats running for re-election in 2014?

“House Majority PAC and Majority PAC are doing everything right and making a real difference. We fully support their efforts,” said the spokesman, Peter Kauffmann, referring to the main groups supporting Democratic congressional candidates.

Cripes sound like this exchange from Yes prime minister on St. Georges Island…

Bernard: What if St. Georges appeals to us?

Sir Richard: We give them every support short of support.

We’re right behind you, but don’t expect us to actually, you know…help.

All of this sounds rather cynical but it does remind me of a piece I wrote concerning Sarah Palin & SC-1 primary candidate Curtis Bostic who was hoping for an endorsement

There is hope in the Bostic camp that the candidate might get an endorsement from Sarah Palin, who in the past has been able to transform underdogs into winners, as when her 2010 support helped Nikki Haley become South Carolina’s governor.

That never materialized & Bostic lost by over 13 pts: at the time of her decision I said

The essence of a smart political operator is to know when to spend said capital and when not to, when the expenditure will lead to success and when it is in vain. When such a move can lead to victory or when a defeat will be costly for the entire cause.

That she didn’t endorse in a state where she has endorsed before speaks volumes about this primary

Palin as a smart political operative understood that the expenditure of political capital on a quixotic cause doesn’t pay, said capital should be spent when it could instead make a difference  (see Texas Ted Cruz).

Priorities USA knows what is coming in 2014 and has decided to follow the example of one of the wisest political operators their party has even seen LBJ’s circa 1940 as Robert Caro noted in his book: Lyndon Johnson the Path to Power

Francis T. Murphy said he had a “50-50″ chance. He could win, he said, “by getting vote to polls in key wards.” but money was needed to accomplish that. “None,” Johnson wrote next to Murphy’s name. C.H. Armbruster of Ohio asked for $1000, but said he would take less: “urgent.” he said, “None,” Johnson wrote. “$1,000 would be a lifesaver.” George W. Wolf wrote. “Two counties hold fate…Hard battle.” None.

Johnson’s decision to cut off some candidates was not due to the lack of funds.

He had the money to spend but decided it would be a waste, he was right:

in 1940 Francis T. Murphy lost by 44.7%, C. H. Armbruster lost by 21.4% and George W. Wolfe lost by 9.4% and remember the note next to each of those names placed there by an earlier political master in answer to their request for help.

As per their name Priorities USA PAC knows the only thing that money would buy in 2014  is gratitude from people who will be out of power and thus not able to be of use in electing Mrs. Clinton in 2016.

That’s the way you play the game.


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A lot is going to be written about Hillary and the enemies list story some of it will undoubtedly be written by me but I want to make one point concerning the Hillary stuff that you have been absorbing for the last day or two.

There are democrats who would like to be president, there are the obvious ones such as Governor Cuomo whose father learned the lesson of striking while the iron is hot the hard way. Governor O’Malley of Maryland who by an odd coincidence I’ve noticed on TV a lot lately and even to some degree Senator Elizabeth Warren who has built up a huge following among the farthest of the left (and who while dead wrong on most issues has, in my observation, a winning way with people). These people, those who support their potential campaigns or those who would benefit from either their campaigns or some other candidate that we are not aware of at this time would have an incentive to bring things like this forward.

And unlike any GOP candidate these people have relationships with members of the MSM who will be happy to do a favor for a friend and get something like this before the general public and then use it as proof of their lack of bias vs the GOP.

If the description in the article is true then there are plenty of other people who have a clear incentive to make sure that the Clintons and their loyalists with long memories do not get a chance to use those memories to “bridgegate” them.

The truth if Hillary Clinton fails to gain traction and either decides not to run in 2016 or fails to win the Democrat nomination for President it won’t be due to the actions of Republicans out to stop her, it will be because of Democrats who were willing to stop her at any cost and it’s not going to be pretty or clean when they do.

And if you don’t believe Democrats would do this to Hillary you’re just not asking the right people like these folks:

or these

or these

or these

I’m just curious if any of these people punished Barack Obama at the ballot box because the liberal feminist who ran the now defunct blog the Reclusive Leftist that these videos came from. voted Obama in 2012.

They don’t care if you’re silent or not as long as they have your vote when they need it. Boy did Roxeanne have em pegged or what?


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What do you say?

Bill Clinton is an unusually good liar

Sen Bob Kerry 1996


About nine months ago readers of this blog were introduced to a fellow by the name of Gen El-Haddid whose primary job seemed to be to give the English language version of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda:

Here is what I think. I think this fellow Gehad El-Haddad’s twitter feed is for lazy westerners who don’t want to sort though Arabic, I think it exists to build a real time narrative for the western world. As Nervana Mahmoud puts it in the Daily News of Egypt:

The Muslim Brotherhood is waging a war of perception, not just for domestic consumption but for a western audience, too. Perception is crucial for two reasons: To defeat non-Islamist opponents, who may lose faith quickly when watching the endless number of pro-Morsy protestors in comparison to their relatively lower number in Tahrir and, secondly, to convince western nations that Islamists are the only reliable, powerful force in Egypt and that they are backed by the “majority” of Egyptians.

That’s why Mr. El Haddad’s tweets are not in Arabic. If you consider how easily the west bought the Hamas narrative I can see why he would be sure to tweet “facts” in a language that the lazy western press could understand but the majority of Egyptians would not.

And in July when he was back to his old tricks during the 2nd revolution he was back to his old tricks:

Four of the five replies came from Arabic named accounts and rebuked him, only one supported what he said. So who IS that Mr. Kirpatrick, the Arabic person who is alone in retweeting a Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece.

and the NYT was falling for them as was ABC’s This week who:

…made a video of him on the streets of Cairo pretending he is a man of the Egyptian people and not someone who’s primary purpose is to look good for the west while giving the Muslim brotherhood line while their followers repress them.

Well I came back from a relaxing few days in Maine word came of his arrest by the government of Egypt and along with that news came some other info about his day job:

Before emerging as a top Brotherhood official and adviser to Morsi, el-Haddad served for five years as an official at the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit group founded by former President Bill Clinton.

El-Haddad gained a reputation for pushing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda in the foreign press, where he was often quoted defending the Brotherhood’s crackdown on civil liberties in Egypt.

He was raised in a family of prominent Brotherhood supporters and became the public face of the Islamist organization soon after leaving his post at the Clinton Foundation.

You mean to say that an Egyptian raised in a prominent Muslim Brotherhood Family has been connected to the Clintons since she has been secretary of state coincidentally during the years where we had the most pro-muslim brotherhood foreign policy EVAH?

Powerline asks a question:

What was El-Haddad’s role with the Clinton Foundation? According to his LinkedIn profile, he set up its office in Egypt, supervised policy-making workshops, and presented Foundations views. He was also in charge of the its Clinton Climate Initiative in Egypt.

and Andy McCarthy has more to say but readers of this blog shouldn’t be surprised isn’t surprised because we made the point a long time ago that the Clinton had deliberately hitched their wagon to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1996 Bill Clinton was president and people were already talking about a political future for Hillary. Working with her must have been on of the most coveted positions for a young woman in the democrat party. Certainly there must have been plenty of sons and daughters of pols, campaign workers and democrat fundraisers who would have died for the chance to be in that position.

Yet Huma Abadin a young lady still in college who has spent a lifetime in Saudi Arabia not only gets the job, but has stayed with Hillary Clinton her entire life since.

Thinking of Huma I presumed the deal for the support from the Clinton’s was her placement, near power but these people are openly using Muslim Brotherhood guys then the relationship goes farther than getting one of their own in high places.

I wonder how much of that connection to the vast cash reserves of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters secured democrat support during impeachment, funded democrat think thanks and steered Mrs. Clinton and her “aide” to the point they has reached today not to mention paying for speaking fees around the world and I wonder how many times the Clinton’s name has been used to put Brotherhood allies all over America and the world?

I could be wrong but it’s my opinion that the Brotherhood considers themselves the owners of Bill & Hillary Clinton and if they demand the Clinton’s put an open leader of the Brotherhood in a position of authority they will answer any objection that the Bey of Algiers once gave when another American objected to their orders. He told them they were in fact his slaves and when it comes to slaves…

I have a right to order my slaves as I please.

I believed the Democrats sold themselves when they protected Bill Clinton, I hadn’t imagined they might have done so quite so literally.


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Lorenzo: Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.

A Bronx Tale 1993.

The difference between the great and the good or above average is usually a matter of scale. For example any professional golfer is likely better than the general public yet the subset of those players who win a PGA event are very small and of that subset, the number who will win multiple event or reach the top 5 on the tour is an even smaller subset.

Or think of the major leagues, very few people will make the majors, fewer still will make a career of it, even fewer will be a star and for every 30 stars you might find one Manny Ramirez or Justin Verander and out of that subset you’re even less likely to find a true immortal a Bob Gibson or Ted Williams.

Writing is the same way, I’m very pleased to have broken the top 100 on the list of the top 150 conservative sites on the net but every now and then Glenn Reynolds or Robert Stacy McCain remind me of the difference between “good”, “above average” and great.

Glenn did that today with his post on Hillary Clinton:.


Well, she’ll do better with that one than with Women Who Do Well As Secretary Of State.

In 26 words Glenn perfectly expressed the fact that Hillary’s accomplishments as Secretary of State are non-existent and turned the Washington Post article into a parody of itself and did it with less words than my own Hillary Principle piece.

Stacy McCain being a mischievous sort had a different target, “the Slutwalks” in DC and discussed them at length both at the American Spectator and on his site.

In the midst of those well written articles was a piece of pure poetry perfectly expressing a basic truth of male & female relationships.

Young guys may want to control their boners, but the boner is inherently totalitarian. It’s like Hitler — he says he only wants the Sudetenland, but if you give him Sudetenland, next thing you know, he’ll take the rest of Czechoslovakia, too, and Poland after that.

Young ladies should be less like Neville Chamberlain and more like Winston Churchill: “Never give in . . . in nothing, great or small, large or petty . . . Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

And trust me: Boys have cooties.

That’s 95 words which perfectly explain male sexuality and convey the best advice to young ladies not ready for a permanent relationship that a father of daughters can give and is laugh out loud funny.

The difference between a Glenn Reynolds, a Stacy McCain and Me is the difference between a Ted Williams and a Reggie Smith, and a Pokey Reese.

I wish I wrote that line and maybe someday I’ll be skilled enough to write such lines like Glenn’s or Stacy’s on a regular basis.

Until then, I’ll tip my cap to them and keep working on my swing.

An interesting story is being told in NY Mag today:

the Clinton loyalists’ official involvement in the Weiner campaign is unclear — but it seems they’ve had a hand in all of the major milestones leading to Weinergate 2.0.

Ah so the Clinton folks were working to push Weiner, perhaps having an ally in NY City for 2016 was the plan after all.

Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton’s longtime spokesman, has been particularly involved in Weiner’s mayoral bid. He traveled from Washington to the Weiner’s New York apartment last summer to sit in on their interview with People magazine. Abedin called Reines just before she spoke to reporters at a press conference last week, then he reportedly called Hillary “to make sure she knew was about to unfold.”

But the story is these people aren’t there to push the Anthony Weiner campaign, they are there to push the Huma Abedin campaign.

In addition to Mr. Reines, other longtime Clinton loyalists, including Maggie Williams, who managed Mrs. Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid, Cheryl Mills, who was Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, and Mr. Clinton’s longtime aide Doug Band, have all reached out to Ms. Abedin to offer support and guidance, according to several people close to the Clintons. Ms. Abedin, now 37, is something of a little sister to the group, having started working in the Clinton White House at the age of 19.

Little sister? These high profile Clinton people are all getting involved because they consider her a little sister?

NY Mag & Margaret Hartman again:

Even if Team Clinton officially wants nothing to do with Weiner, and finds the “stand by your man” Hillary comparisons awkward, they are willing to let it be know that they won’t abandon Abedin.

Abandon Huma? Let me remind you of what I wrote two days ago:

In 1996 Bill Clinton was president and people were already talking about a political future for Hillary. Working with her must have been on of the most coveted positions for a young woman in the democrat party. Certainly there must have been plenty of sons and daughters of pols, campaign workers and democrat fundraisers who would have died for the chance to be in that position.

Yet Huma Abadin a young lady still in college who has spent a lifetime in Saudi Arabia not only gets the job, but has stayed with Hillary Clinton her entire life since.

Remind me, who is the one with the power, with the juice? Who is the one with the backers that people want to associate with?

I think people are completely missing the story here. I am rapidly becoming of the opinion that Anthony Weiner is totally incidental to this campaign, the real story is Huma and the goal to protect her in any why possible while advancing her future in any way the Clintons can.

The question from the 31st remains: Why?


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The Barbara Morgan story is fun on a whole lot of levels, particularly for the right. The cat-fight motif, the profanity all with the background of the Weiner case drives people toward it like a bear to honey. But hidden inside of it this something that is not only key, but explains an awful lot about the Weiner run:

many of the interns were hoping to get close to Huma Abedin, who could push Hillary Clinton to run for president

The importance of this line simply can’t be overstated.

Now it’s true that the base story from the NY Daily News it was the paper’s cover story:

And there are seemingly a bunch of links to that base story:

Weiner 2

But none of the links emphasized the actual big story. The idea that people even young women who know he is kinda creepy are willing to associate themselves with Weiner if it means pleasing Huma.

Don’t be so surprised, while it’s been suggested that people want to please Hillary or get close to Hillary by pleasing Huma tell me what was Hillary Clinton’s excuse?

Consider. Huma Abadin is 37 years old (born in 1976) From age 2 till age 18 she lived in Saudi Arabia that takes us to 1994 when she entered George Washington University, within two years while still in college she was hired as an intern by Hillary Clinton.

Run that through your head

In 1996 Bill Clinton was president and people were already talking about a political future for Hillary. Working with her must have been on of the most coveted positions for a young woman in the democrat party. Certainly there must have been plenty of sons and daughters of pols, campaign workers and democrat fundraisers who would have died for the chance to be in that position.

Yet Huma Abadin a young lady still in college who has spent a lifetime in Saudi Arabia not only gets the job, but has stayed with Hillary Clinton her entire life since.

Remind me, who is the one with the power, with the juice? Who is the one with the backers that people want to associate with?

I can see why for a Clinton 2016 campaign Huma Abadin in the Mayor’s office with her husband would be a plus to counter any possible Andrew Cuomo and why Clinton supports might back Weiner on those grounds but the more I look at the relationship between the 65-year-old Hillary Clinton and the 37-year-old Huma Abadin and the questions that simply don’t make sense, I must conclude there is clearly one of them that if you are 18 you might want to hitch your longterm wagon to.

I submit and suggest it’s the same person that Hillary Clinton decided to hitch her wagon to nearly twenty years ago.

The question remains why?

Remember those sweet, warm New England summers? Remember sipping lemonade underneath a shady tree? Remember when you hit that pedestrian with your car at the crosswalk and then just drove away? Pepperidge Farm remembers, but Pepperidge Farm ain’t just gonna keep it to Pepperidge Farm’s self free of charge. Maybe you go out and buy yourself some of these distinctive Milano cookies, maybe this whole thing disappears.

Family Guy Hell Comes to Quahog 2006

Pepperidge farm isn’t the only one who remembers, Byron York does too.

Mrs. Clinton was a key player in her husband’s defense on both occasions, and today she is close with Abedin, her long-time aide. So why shouldn’t Abedin try to emulate her mentor’s success?

Because it won’t work. Abedin can’t follow Volume I of the Clinton playbook because Weiner can’t deny everything, as Clinton did — falsely but successfully — in ’92. And she can’t follow Volume II because Weiner is not president of the United States.

For one thing Clinton had plenty of help

Stephanopoulos was dumbfounded. “[Clinton] lied,” the campaign aide later recounted thinking. “How come he let me hang out there? Never a word … while I swore to reporters her story was false.” But Clinton kept denying everything. And so did the loyal Stephanopoulos, claiming the tape was fake, or doctored or something. A mostly sympathetic press accepted the story, and Clinton survived.

Even if Anthony Weiner could lie as well as Bill Clinton, which he can’t, and even if he had an aide who could lie as well as George Stephanpoulos, which he doesn’t — even if all that were the case, Volume I of the Clinton playbook would still not be an option for Weiner. The proof of his sexting escapades is just too overwhelming.

Byron does forget the “Deny” card was in fact used by Weiner for a full week back in 2011 and many in the media went along with it. I’ll bet Pepperidge Farm would remember “Help us Help you

And that doesn’t even include Media Matters or Morning Joe

Weiner even spent $45k to give that card verisimilitude. but the tech trail was too solid particularly in an age of crowd sourcing.

As for card two, when years later with a new scandal and Ken Starr unwilling to roll over the playbook changed:

There were Republicans and Democrats who, early in the scandal, assumed Clinton would have to resign. But he survived through the sheer power of the presidency. He used (and in some cases invented) White House privileges to thwart Starr. After an initial panic, Democrats on Capitol Hill came to see the scandal as a life-or-death matter and rallied around the president.

For Democrats highly invested in the GOP “war on women” meme there is no gain in Anthony Weiner’s success.

This is why many of those same democrats who stood behind Al Gore as he praised Clinton after impeachment are now going after Weiner.

Of course the Clinton scandals didn’t take place during the age of cell phones, Youtube and Twitter, nor was the idea of being known as the sexting paramour of a pol considered an attractive proposition as it apparently is now. If that was true this might have ended differently.

However Weiner & Huma are following one card of the Clinton Playbook that Byron doesn’t bring up. A Narcissistic concern only for themselves.

Bill Clinton rightly figured there was no percentage in resigning and forever being the first democrat to resign the presidency. He understood what a post resignation presidency would be and it wouldn’t be anything like it is today and that doesn’t even count Hilary. His wife would forever be tagged as not the woman who stood by him but his accomplice in deceiving the public at the start. the first lady who did so and it would have made her own ambitions much harder to achieve.

So they went all in vs Starr and with the media’s help managed to win.

Weiner & Huma are using the same calculus.

Weiner and Huma are staying in the race because they understand there is no advantage to leaving. If he pulls out he is the guy whose comeback failed and is done and Huma’s future is compromised by her defense of him. If he stays there is a chance, a tiny one, but a chance that he makes the cut to the next round.

If he does he can credit Huma’s public defense of him and if he fails it can be dismissed as just not enough to save the day. As for the critiques of her while right now women are hitting Huma for backing him some were hitting Hillary too. That will pass but Huma’s connections and the funding they can provide will not.

That’s why although many in the media world are hitting her, nobody in the political world is.

Bottom line while Weiner can’t play Clinton’s hand his best card is to stay put because it plays to the same motivation that Bill Clinton did.


Update: Nolte

Monday, a local political reporter admitted that everyone in San Diego knew what Democrat Mayor Bob Filner had been up to, but that they didn’t bother to do anything about it.

And now, after dozens of reporters from major news outlets swarmed Weiner for weeks, not a single outlet — not Politico, not BuzzFeed, not the New York Times — has audio or even a quote they can shove in Anthony Weiner’s face of him responding to a question about when the sexting stopped.

Because. No. One. Bothered. To. Ask.

Update 2: Talk about the tweet heard round the world:

It takes an awful lot for our liberal friends to surprise me but this morning Morning Joe managed to do it.

I was writing a piece with Morning Joe on in the background as usual Katy Kay and Mike Barnicle were at the head of the table while Joe and Mika were off. They showed several shots of the incredible unrest in Egypt….

…and the immediately pivoted to the 2016 campaign complaining about this article on Mrs. Clinton’s age suggesting Hillary Clinton will be too old for 2016 and complaining (rightly) if she was a man nobody would be making such an argument.

They spent nearly 5 minutes on this subject making fun of the GOP for the supposed attack on Clinton age in full “Is that all they’ve got” mode…

totally oblivious to the fact that she was the Sec of State during the ouster of Mubarek and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood that the people of Egypt are protesting against, the subject they were discussing just a moment before.

The blind spot was incredible, just before talking Clinton, they talked Egypt, right after they were done with Hillary they mentioned Egypt but the fact that Hillary was the Secretary State.  The person who helped cement the Muslim Brotherhood takeover, not a word.

In the following hour they did a long segment on the revolt in Egypt.  Oddly enough while they mentioned protesters dislike of the current US ambassador somehow the subject of who the Secretary of State during Mubarek’s fall and the rise of the Muslim brotherhood somehow never came up.

Nobody needs to bring up Mrs. Clinton age, we simply need to bring up her record as Sec of State. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya the list goes on and on.

Personally I think every single mention of the current revolt in Egypt on twitter should have the hashtag #hillary2016 to remind every single person who wants to pretend she is a success.

I’ll do my best to make sure they don’t forget but it’s hard to break through the chorus of the song.

A few hours after the Margaret Thatcher died in England of a stroke at the age of 87 I participated in a conference call put together by the group Special Ops Speaks;

They had submitted a letter to the congress supporting HR 36 looking to create a House Select Committee on the Terrorist attack in Benghazi  saying in part:

A longstanding American ethos was breached during the terrorist attack in Benghazi. America  failed to provide adequate security to personnel deployed into harm’s way and then failed to respond when they were viciously attacked. Clearly, this is unacceptable and requires accountability. America has always held to the notion that no American will be left behind and

that every effort will be made to respond when  US personnel are threatened. Given our backgrounds, we are concerned that this sends a very negative message to future military and diplomatic personnel who may be deployed into dangerous environments. That message is that they will be left to their own devices when attacked. That is an unacceptable message.

This letter was signed by hundreds of special ops vets including 20 Generals, over 60 colonels, over 60 Lt Colonels and two who have been awarded the Medal of Honor winners.

During my conference call Captain Larry Bailey, a Navy SEAL with 27 years of service noted that Watergate involved a break-in and the theft of papers but lead to years of dedicated investigation from the congress culminating in the resignation of a president in the United States

That being the case you would think an event that lead to the death of an American Ambassador, an attack that took place on the anniversary of 9/11 just two months before an election might have gotten a little bit of traction in the press.

Alas the press that was so anxious to bring down a Republican president had no interest in dead Americans if it could hamper the re-election of a Democrat one.

With the president re-elected the thought was some attention might take place, Senators Kelly Ayotte, John McCain & Lindsey Graham  managed to use it to achieve hearings but the meat and the potatoes of what happened and why we didn’t act to stop it remains unclear.

What is clear is that with a Democrat majority in the senate and the media solidly behind them such hearing are of little danger to Obama.  Even if the midterm elections flip the senate, the Obama administration with two years to go is unlikely to face an awful lot of trouble from such a hearing.

So why such opposition to such a committee, why the knee jerk attempt to protect Barack Obama when he doesn’t need protecting?

Ah but it is NOT Barack Obama the mainstream media is protecting, nor is it the Obama administration that is being shielded, it is not even any type of covert operation that is being protected from public disclosure.

They are protecting Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has been for a lot of year the poster child feminism.  This is an odd thing Mrs. Clinton owes her fame and notoriety entirely to the actions of her husband.  It was the embarrassment of his impropriety that advanced her in NY and the liberal lock that assured her of the Senate Seat she held.

But when forced to run in a contested primary that was considered hers by almost divine right she ran smack into the Obama Campaign’s take no prisoners campaign that brought down John McCain 2008’s  general election and Mitt Romney  four years later.

And while Mrs. Clinton was wise enough to eschew the Vice Presidency giving her plausible deniability for the economic wasteland that has marked the Obama years as Secretary of State she can’t dodge the repeated failures from Egypt,  Syria, Iran, North Korea  Afghanistan and the biggest of them all Libya.

Think about it what actual achievements does she have?  Meeting with foreign leaders, Betty Ford did that, Michael Jackson did that.  Margaret Thatcher’s death put the question in stark contrast:

Think for one second if Bill Clinton didn’t exist nobody would know who Hillary Clinton is, but how many people actually know Margaret Thatcher’s husband’s name? ((Dennis) I’d have to look it up.

Hillary Clinton is a shadow, a wraith, the person behind the curtain in Oz.  The last thing the media wants is that curtain to be drawn back and revealed for all to see.

And as long as we have a culture where only a few families serve,  whose heroes are movie starts and singers and moan the death of movie critics louder than those who died fighting, the media just might just manage to keep this hidden.

And that is almost as big of a disgrace as the act itself.

Update: A commentator notes it should be Navy SEAL all caps and the Medal of Honor is awarded not won, both corrected.


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