No Hitler Yet

by baldilocks Just got through with Part One of Future Learn’s Holocaust course. I’ve read a lot of books on the topic; speak German; was stationed in Old West Berlin for four years, and this course is more like a refresher course than a true study—at least the first part is. We’ll see about the … Continue reading No Hitler Yet

Media insanity over Trump win continues

By John Ruberry The leftist group MoveOn got its start as Bill Clinton was being impeached. Their initial message was along the lines of, Bubba has done a great job running the country, his affair with Monica Lewinsky was inappropriate, and now it's time for Americans to, well, move on. Now if only the cheerleaders … Continue reading Media insanity over Trump win continues

Chains of the Foolish

by baldilocks Even after seeing the process of how certain actions lead to certain results and seeing this simple reality present itself over and over again, there are still millions of people who are surprised at how far into the abyss Venezuela has fallen, with socialism acting as chauffeur. Washington Post: Venezuela has become a … Continue reading Chains of the Foolish

Poland Gives History the Side-Eye (UPDATED)

by baldilocks Only soft-handed Marxists natter on about the “right” or “wrong side of history.” Countries like Poland, however, have been battered by real Marxism and proceed accordingly. NATO allies will hold emergency talks on the crisis in Ukraine on Tuesday, for the second time in three days, following a request from Poland, the alliance said on … Continue reading Poland Gives History the Side-Eye (UPDATED)

Oliver Stone projects…

Stacy is spot on concerning Oliver Stone to wit: In the “context,” that is, of hating America. And Oliver Stone’s hatred of American is probably the best explanation for why a formerly successful feature director, an Academy Award winner, is reduced to directing crackpot “documentaries” for cable TV. Who wants to watch movies based on … Continue reading Oliver Stone projects…