Links are all about selling a headline so when I saw “Pipi Longstocking sex tape” at Live on Five” my reaction was Huh?

Apparently the story is as old as video tape  Tami Erin who played the children’s character 25 years ago like many other women apparently thought it was a good idea to film a hardcore tape with her boyfriend during sex but now is angry that this former boyfriend is shopping it around:

39-year-old Erin called in moments ago and she was irate — blaming a bitter ex-boyfriend for attempting to sell a private hardcore sex tape to the media.

She said, “I think he’s the biggest piece of sh*t on the planet for doing this to me.”

Now of course  the wisdom of MAKING a hardware sextape is debatable and unless this tape was recorded decades ago she doesn’t have the excuse of foolish youth to fall back on.that Miley Cyrus does in terms of judgement.
However I think this story has a different driver.  Here is Ms. Erin’s IMDB page

This is a screen shot of her web site note the Alexa ranking worldwide:


and her twitter page


And here is one of her 47 tweets


Meanwhile here is my twitter page


I’m 11 years older than Tami Erin, at least 125lbs heavier (more like 150) She has beautiful hair, mine is non-existent. It’s a neutral objective fact that she is not only more attractive than me by leaps and bounds but if I tweeted out a photo in the same costume as Ms. Erin did above the only reason a sane person would want to see it would be to induce vomiting.

Yet this page rank is 19,700,000+ spots higher than hers. I have over 1000 more twitter followers than she does…but I might not for long. Here is another screen shot of her twitter page taken at the time I’m typing this sentence


Note that she has gained 45 followers in the time between the two uploads and two more since I typed this line. As I’m scheduling this post for later in the day there is every possibility that she will have more twitter followers than me by the time you read this (you can check here)

I don’t know Ms. Tami Erin, I never watched the Pipi Longstocking movie as a kid. She is certainly an attractive woman who has done a good job of taking care of her body at 40 one can safely assume that a rational man would be very happy to be seen with her on his arm.

But in the movie/TV business you don’t get work without being noticed. An attractive 40-year-old tweeting out a provocative lingerie shot, even with an iconic movie under her belt, can’t complete with a 20-year-old wearing almost nothing masturbating on national TV with her tongue out.

There may be a sex tape, there may not be but either way Ms. Erin is going to be noticed over the next 24 hours than she has in the last 6 months. Her agent will do her best to use that moment to turn that list of 5 film/TV appearances into six.

I don’t know Ms. Erin’s situation but I’ve got to wonder if it’s worth it.

Ironically I suspect Ms. Erin will consider this post a favor as it will help her get noticed, but if she wanted a real favor from me I’d introduce her to my friend Eric who is about her age. He’s a handsome fellow in good shape, not famous or rich and will not likely get her any new roles but I guarantee he would treat her with more respect that the last fellow, but would she be wise enough to recognize it?

Exit question. In 20 years will Miley Cyrus find herself sending out a nude 3d holographic projection in the hopes that she will still be noticed? Or will it even take that many years?

Update:  Between he time I wrote this post and the time it went up Ms Erin has picked up over 400 followers on twitter.

Today Stacy McCain gets to the nitty gritty (and I mean gritty) of the Kate Hunt case.

This entire Carnival of Dangerous Nonsense has been inspired by one simple fact: Kaitlyn Hunt got caught.

Let’s not kid ourselves: There are lots of 14-year-olds in Florida who have sex, and certainly a few of them are having sex with partners old enough to go prison if they were to get caught. But most of them get away with it, because they are not as stupid and arrogant as Kaitlyn Hunt, who knew what she was doing was illegal, who was warned by the younger girl’s parents to stop it, but who evidently didn’t imagine that anyone had the authority to stop her from doing what she wanted to do with anyone she wanted to do. She is the Veruca Salt of teenage perverts.

However the bulk of his essay concerning a social scientist who sees to argue that young teens are perfectly capable of making sexual decisions on their own.

The real question is what the beautiful people were so anxious to embrace Kate, now some might say it’s ignorance, but I think the answer is elsewhere and you don’t have to go as far back as a 12 year old Brooke shields to figure it out:

“I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry. … It’s the big secret,” Feldman said.

The “casting couch,” which is the old Hollywood reference to actors being expected to offer sex for roles, applied to children, Feldman said. “Oh, yeah. Not in the same way. It’s all done under the radar,” he said.

“I was surrounded by [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old. … Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted … till I went, Oh, my God. They were everywhere,” Feldman, 40, said.

I posted on that a year and a half ago but it never made it in the MSM, at the time the absence of media was noticed:

Nearly a week after the episode aired, the response to Feldman’s alarming claims has been almost non-existent in the major media. While the Boston Globe and the New York Times have hyperventilated over decades-old allegations of abuse by Catholic priests (many of which were all-too-true), neither paper dedicated even a drop of ink to Feldman’s shocker.

Could it be that major media folks do not wish to dig too deep into this story and upset one of their largest sources of income?

I don’t think the major media has to dig on the Feldman story, I suspect like Jimmy Salve it’s been an open secret for a very long time.

The problem with such an open secret is sooner or later the secret gets in the hands of someone who is not inclined, invested, sympathetic or afraid of those who wish that secret kept.

The best for an industry build on such a secret is for that secret to no longer be one that causes, scandal, disgrace or a long jail sentence.

The Hunt case was the best shot to get the ball rolling but alas it turns out the all American family turned out to be anything but.

Be assured when the proper poster girl is found this will return and when that time comes you’ll see the elite media and press go to whole nine yards to get a more favorable result.


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“The Empire grew quickly, nobody likes to have their planet blow up beneath them.”

DC Comics Presents 36 1981

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse

The Godfather 1972

Yesterday Victor Davis Hanson wrote a bit about liberalism do as I say liberals, mentioning Hollywood

The public wonders why Hollywood is so liberal — is it the Bohemian culture surrounding the arts? The natural creative temperament of actors? The Lotus-land surf and sun of the southern-California beach milieu? Perhaps. But penance plays a role as well. For the overpaid and pampered Hollywood movie star, calling for raising taxes, banning guns, ending global warming, and legalizing gay marriage means never having to feel too bad about living on the beach and making, under our capitalist system, more money in a month than do many Americans in a lifetime.

His point is well taken but this is the carrot that he’s talking about, he is ignoring the stick.

It is the stick that makes all the difference.

It is the stick that says, if you don’t give lip service to the liberal cause you won’t get that first job.

It is the stick that says if you are publicly conservative you won’t be considered for that guest role.

It is the stick that says if you are out campaigning for conservatives you won’t get that series.

It is the stick that says if you aren’t pushing our causes will will not get the face time on the talk shows, you will not be sitting on the late night shows and you will not find yourself passed over in a million different ways.

The pattern is not unique to Hollywood. I’m sure many Democrat pols who were brought up good Catholics were asked kindly to be silent on their city councils and selectman positions on certain issues out of party loyalty, but when they decided they wanted to advance beyond that counsel seat or that selectman position they are shown the stick and if they don’t give in, they don’t advance.

Never forget while the carrot is a motivator it is the stick that really makes the difference.

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how many people fall for the “Tax the Rich” business in the form of higher taxes.

However the women at PolitiChicks aren’t among them:

But wouldn’t these same celebrities be worried about the impending tax hikes? Aren’t they worried that they could be impacted? Not a chance. Because when it comes to actually paying taxes, these celebrities don’t want to pay their “fair share.” And, guess what? They don’t have to.

Hollywood’s elites are using a whole array of methods to escape paying their “fair share.” They use of offshore trusts, tax havens and the transferring funds to wives or civil partners as tax dodges.

Hey that can’t be right! Celebs like Kimberlin funder Barbra Streisand supported all these big tax hikes what could they possibly get out of it?

Well shortly after Proposition 30 was passed, Governor Brown signed legislation extending the state’s $100 million tax-credit fund for two more years. This measure allows California film producers a 20 percent or 25 percent credit against income and sales and use taxes.

There’s even more good news for Hollywood’s elite. California Assembly member Felipe Fuentes (D) has introduced Bill AB 2026. This measure would extend the State’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program by an additional five years, for an estimated tax break of $500 million dollars ($100 million per year). The program has already saved the Hollywood industry over $400 million in tax credits to date.

I wonder how much of that $400 mill went to democrat pols urging the rich to pay their “fair share”?

And that’s just the credits passed in daylight. For example while it’s axiomatic that you could consider using Henry C Frye for your accounting and financial planning needs, it’s also axiomatic the very rich have an army of Henry Frye’s on payroll ready to find the necessary credits and deductions to offset any increase in rates but the avg small businessman like say Walter from Aaron Pallet doesn’t.

Any person who doesn’t understand this just doesn’t get it.

Will it make a difference? Who knows, but if the Hollywood types want to protest something is a nice change for them to protest an actual tyranny:

Academy Award winners Paul Haggis and Sean Penn, along with film producer and movie studio chairman Harvey Weinstein, have joined forces with British-Iranian actress and Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) spokesperson Nazanin Boniadi to condemn the harsh sentence imposed on distinguished Iranian film director Jafar Panahi.

Both Panahi and his artistic collaborator, Mohammad Rasoulof, have been given six-year prison sentences after being convicted of “propaganda against the state.” Panahi was also sentenced with a twenty-year total ban on artistic activities. The Hollywood greats have signed a petition that Boniadi initiated with AIUSA to urge Iranian authorities to overturn Panahi’s sentence and encouraged others to go to to do the same.

“As someone who has often gotten in trouble for opening his mouth, it is hard to fathom the idea of being incarcerated for six years simply for speaking my mind, or to be banned from making films for 20 years,” said Haggis, who is best known for becoming the first screenwriter to write two Best Film Oscar winners back-to-back: “Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash.”

There is not a lot of support in comments for these guys over this move but lets face it, even if it is just talk, it is talk in a good cause for a change. When these guys actually fall on the side of the angels I say good!

Jimmy Stewart often remarked that he owed all he had to the fans who paid the price of a ticket. He never forgot that. It sounds like Johnny Deep has learned that lesson:

Smooth sailing for Johnny Depp, straight into the hearts of dozens of school children.

The movie star, in London shooting the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean flick, took time out Wednesday to surprise the kids at Meridian Primary School in Greenwich after an intrepid 9-year-old asked for his help in waging mutiny against their teachers.

Photos are here. That’s was a cool thing to do, thumbs up Johnny Depp.

More details here

Today on Morning Joe they were talking about movies and the statement was made concerning war movies that Americans Just didn’t want to see them.

They are missing the point. Americans don’t want to see war movies painting our troops as either evil villains or victims and that is what Hollywood has offered us.

Joe & company did make the point that heroes were not being promoted but that’s not because the Bush administration and the army didn’t decorate people. It’s because the media didn’t support the war and decided that people like Paul Smith who was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor were not worthy of a story since telling it might promote military service or been seen as support for the evil George W. Bush.

This is the reality and it needs to be expressed more often.

Yesterday at the Oscars that I didn’t watch, a movie that I didn’t see, painting yet another grim picture of a war that hollywood still doesn’t support managed to win an Oscar.

War is a grim thing and those who fight it understand that its ending is a wonderful thing but wars are fought for a reason and for a result.

Meanwhile in the real world Iraq had an election yesterday and despite violence by those who want to kill this very young republic. They don’t seem to be succeeding.

Hollywood’s biggest failure has been their repeated attempts to convince the American People that Iraq is Vietnam and their attempts to paint the soldiers of Iraq the same way they painted Vietnam vets.