Starbucks Handles its Business … Poorly

by baldilocks One might say that Starbucks is defecating on its own market share, but I hate going for the easy poop joke. Yes, I'm lying. Seriously, it’s sad to watch as a thriving business dies, even when it Deserves to Die.TM Even when it is committing suicide. Monica Showalter: The ever well meaning Starbucks … Continue reading Starbucks Handles its Business … Poorly

Trains Not on Time in California

by baldilocks When depredation after depredation mandated promote and allowed by California's government, this should barely register in the Sweepstakes of Surprise. Trains along the popular Capitol Corridor are running later than before, and homeless camps are partly to blame. Rail officials say more people have trespassed on train tracks in the last year, forcing … Continue reading Trains Not on Time in California

One Person Can Make Things Better

by baldilocks Sitting in for Fausta. A friend sent me this LA Times link from 2016. Escalating their battle to stamp out an unprecedented spread of street encampments, city officials have begun seizing tiny houses from homeless people in South Los Angeles. Elvis Summers, who built and donated the structures, removed seven of the gaily … Continue reading One Person Can Make Things Better

Thief in the Night

by baldilocks I've been mostly unplugged this week. Most know about my housing situation. I’m staying in temporary housing in Southern California and it has been, mostly, a blessing. First there is the fact that I have housing at all. First, let’s just say that I’m a middle-class girl and a bit of a BAP. … Continue reading Thief in the Night

Homeless there are Homeless in Obama’s America?

There was a story a few days ago that caught me eye: The Occupy protesters who call themselves the 99% because they’ve been victimized by those evil 1% corporatist banker types, are now sitting comfortably in their warm homes as they recruit the homeless, people without warm homes, to keep the protests going in Indianapolis. … Continue reading Homeless there are Homeless in Obama’s America?