and the story of that bill was told in cartoon form…

In those magical days congress worked in the following ways.

The House would pass a bill.

If the senate didn’t like the house bill they would pass a bill of their own.

And then the two bills would go to a conference committee and the details worked out.

And then when both sides had passed bills they would work out the differences.

Now things have changed:

The House has passed a budget, the house has passed a tax bill, they have passed bills tackling the big issues of America.

The Senate has not.

They have dodged the big issues, they have punted, the one greatest deliberative body in the world has made a deliberate decision to avoid any decision that might affect their electoral futures and the country be damned.

The response to this inaction? Nobody in the media has challenged the Senate, nobody has pressured the senate, until the last few days nobody has called on the Senate to do anything.

And because the rest of America is too busy simply trying to survive when the media has blamed the house for inaction and ignored the senate the country has ignored them too and not pressured them to do anything.

Perhaps if the media called the Senate on this the people would have pressured them and we would have a bill in conference committee already.

But that is not to be, after all if the American Public is unwilling to punish the Senate for inaction there is no reason for action to take place.

And we once again get the government and the consequences we deserve.

The End.

Update: Still $525 short on the emergency Bleg, any help would be appreciated

Today on Morning Joe the magic word is “mandate”

The people around the table are insisting that the president has a mandate for tax increases. Strangely enough the MSM didn’t have that opinion after a different president had a larger margin of victory:

Begin with the facts: A 51-48 percent victory is not a mandate

That EJ Dionne in 2004 as opposed to Dionne in 2012

Obama will have the strongest argument a politician can offer. Repeatedly, he asked the voters to settle Washington’s squabbles in his favor. On Tuesday, they did. And so a president who took office four years ago on a wave of emotion may now have behind him something more valuable and durable: a majority that thought hard about his stewardship and decided to let him finish the job he had begun.

Now what people are forgetting is that there was not one election on Nov 6th, there were 470 elections on the federal level and the result of that election was a GOP majority in the house but this apparently doesn’t count as a mandate.

And apparently some on the left seem to have forgotten just how this works:

Apparently now we elect the house based on the national popular vote, and if challenged on that fact the left has an interesting reaction. :

So we are talking “Moral” mandates? I wonder who just decides what laws are “moral” and which are not, does that now mean we can safely ignore the mandate of Obamacare? Gun laws? Tax laws?

The bottom line is our friends on the left can speak about mandates till they are blue in the face. The fact is that the GOP hold the house now, and after Jan 3rd will still hold the house, all spending bills must come from the house. What is required now is nerve.

If the house keeps it’s nerve they will be able to make the best possible deal for the both the party and the American People. And if you must have tax increases, some good suggestions are out there.

He should have known he was beaten but he didn’t

Marvin Albert  on John Paul Jones Broadsides and Boarders 1957

I never mind men running as long as they come back.

Wellington:  Sharpe’s Waterloo 1977

Keep up the Skeer

Nathan Bedford Forrest

The single most important factor in any kind of battle is morale. If you can break the morale of our opponent their physical advantages are irreverent. And as many frustrated players of the old Avalon Game Up Front can tell you, if you can’t rally your side, you are headed for defeat.

2010 should be remembered as a year when democrats were like the frustrated gamer looking for a rally card. It started with the big red wave and continued with democrats running from the administration over and over even in deep blue areas, the only victories managed by the left came by either dividing the electorate or by keeping the White House at a distance.

It should have ended the same way. The White House’s demands for the extension of the payroll tax cut, which directly funds social security was a contentious issue. The GOP over the objections of some, decided to go along with the idea of the payroll tax extension. The question being: would they finish the job or go for a temporary fix to get it out-of-the-way for Christmas?

While the House passed a full year extension the Senate version managed only two months and that after intense negotiation within the body. The media, being the media, jumped on the House’s failure to pass the Senate version, ignoring the house own bill, accusing the GOP of opposing a middle class tax cut, a lie on its face.

The house was faced with a dilemma: Do you pass the Senate bill or stand for the full year against the MSM? Although the pressure was on, I submit the situation was worse for the White House:

First of all it was amply demonstrated that the House Bill’s tax cut was considerably larger then the senate version.

Secondly; the idea that GOP prospects in the senate were in danger is again wrong on its face, many more democratic senate seats are in trouble than house seats and if the bill didn’t get passed they would have been part of the problem (and if the occasional blue state senate candidate wanted to point to his compromise with democrats as a positive that would still work too).

Thirdly; no matter how it is spun the man in charge is the man in charge. The president can attempt to run against congress all he wants but he is a single person vs 535 members, success or failure as the executive rests on him and if the extension didn’t get done it would have been his impotence that would have been the problem.

Finally the number of people in the country actually paying attention at this time is the smallest it would ever be. The MSM’s and the president’s ability to whip up support would never be lowest than between now and New Years day.

Instead of exploiting these advantages the GOP leadership panicked.

Let’s immediately give the caveat that beyond the ephemeral advantages that NRO sees there are a few concrete improvements here.

1. The change in reporting rules removes one of the most egregious issues with the two month extension that would have hurt small business.

2. The Keystone Pipeline decision forced on the president during an election year will be a GOP win no matter how he decides. If he allows it (he will) the GOP can note they pushed him into it. If he blocks it, then it’s a jobs issue.

Even so by caving the GOP has made two critical errors:

The first is to upset the grass-roots that gave them the majority that they possess:

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said. “We were sent here with a clear set of instructions from the American people to put an end to business as usual in Washington, yet here we are being asked to sign off on yet another gimmick.”

The GOP does not retain the house without those tea party votes. These groups have already noted they don’t trust the GOP. If the GOP gives them further reason to abandon them, they will.

The more critical error is giving the democrats a desperately needed, a change in momentum.

All year the democrats have been in retreat, and all year my argument has been “Charge right through them they’re demoralized as hell.” Until today the confident pronouncements of the left and their sites have been an empty shell concealing panic.

Now the House has given the democrats the one thing they that needed more than anything else, a morale boost. By caving directly as the president was calling for them to cave they create a different environment.

Two days ago the only words coming out of the mouth of the media was “bi-partisan” when pointing to the senate bill quoting GOP senators who supported it, now that the house has folded those GOP senators are afterthoughts like the useful idiots they were. The only words out of the media’s mouth is “Victory for democrats“, “Victory for Obama! andRepublicans cave!”

Amazing once it was time to give credit how the word “bipartisan” disappeared from the media lexicon.

Bottom line the GOP allowed the left and the Democrats a victory they desperately needed at a time when their morale was as low as it could be.

The GOP should have understood this, the idiots in the senate who were hitting their fellow republicans should have understood this, and frankly Scott Brown should have understood that the tea party people who worked their asses off for him last time might still vote for him but aren’t going to work for him if he attacks them.

But I shouldn’t be surprised, after all they didn’t even have the good sense to wait a day so it would be reported on the Saturday before Christmas instead of on the Friday morning shows. That is even more foolish than trusting the promises of Harry Reid who will do his best to repeat this nonsense at a time when more people are paying attention

It was a critical mistake. What remains to be seen is if the GOP will allow the democrats to exploit this mistake to recover or if they will learn from it and avoid repeating it.

For those who still don’t get it, and for the benefit of those the president is trying to fool here is a video that explains it all in terms everyone can understand:

Any questions?

Update: I understand the argument that it’s all coming out of social security etc, but as the decision is just how long a cut.

Word is a deal has been made, big mistake but lets see what happens. is all a twitter about the hashtag #40dollars figuring that they a winner with the $40 a week that the payroll tax cut would make. They are encouraging people to tweet out what they would do with that $40.

Perhaps if democrats weren’t so wedded to the teachers unions they could have done the math.

An 8 week extension of the payroll tax (forgetting the expense the short-term change would cost) would generate 8 x 40 or $320.

A 52 week extension that the GOP has already passed would generate 52 x $40 or $2080 dollars.

Therefore the House bill gives a net profit of 2080-320 or $1760 dollars more to the avg taxpayer.

Instead of asking people what they would do with $40 that the house is keeping from them, perhaps they should ask what they would do with the #1760dollars that the tea party house has approved and the senate has not?

Update: Pity poor CNN they can’t add either

What does $40 a paycheck mean in your house? Put yourself on video and help us put a face on the impact of the payroll tax cut.

Strangely when the house passed the year extension they didn’t ask that same question.

Update 2: They may be basing this on a bi-weekly paycheck if so the numbers do the same thing

Senate: $40 x 4 weeks = $160

House $40 x 26 weeks = $1040

House bill $880 dollars more in tax cuts.

Alas poor democrats they get their math from Union teachers

Update 3: A straight post based on a bi-weekly paycheck is up at the Conservatory.

And because it is a “deal” that means there is good news and bad news.

Good news:

Cuts of 39 bil

Military will be paid

No Abortion Money in DC

Bad news:

Cuts of only 39 Bil

Planned Parenthood keeps money

NPR Keeps money

In terms of right and wrong, of course the planned parenthood money is evil, but it has been evil for years, the fact that it is now on the table and more importantly will be on the table again is very important. Democrats control the senate, they control the White House and the media and the Dems had to go all out to preserve it.

As Col Allen West put it this morning: “It takes 5 miles to turn an Aircraft Carrier around but it’s heading in the right direction.”

In terms of the Tea Party Agenda this is an important change; culturally the “idea” of these cuts is huge and it’s just the beginning, particularly when we see so many democrats forced to give lip service to them, Stacy’s opinion not withstanding.

I would liken today’s results to the beginning of Chickamauga campaign. It began with General Rosecrans almost bloodless advance into Georgia flanking Braxton Bragg out of one position after another. Like that situation in Democrats have talked big but been forced to retreat again and again.

When the debt ceiling bill comes up and the budget fight comes I suspect we will also see democrats flanked out of their positions again and forced to retreat.

Bottom line? Everything we got we got with 1/3 of the power, what do you think will happen next year when we have the senate and perhaps the White House? Do you think a democratic minority in the senate will want to shut down the government in, say 2013 with a filibuster over PP and NPR? Lets remember that one of the reasons arch liberal Ted Kennedy was so successful is he repeatedly took a part of the loaf until he not only had all the bread but people were using his recipe to bake it. There is no reason why we can’t do the same.

As long as we don’t make the critical mistake Rosecrans made in the final battle we’ll be fine, but we have to keep them on the defensive or to put it another way:

Ride Right through them, they’re demoralized as hell!

Here is one point concerning the GOP and the Democrats and taxpayer money going to planned parenthood that nobody seems to have mentioned.

If taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood a portion of that money will end up as democratic contributions or on “issue” ads supporting democrats, all funded by the treasury.

If taxpayer money goes to NPR a portion of that money will end up as democratic contributions or on stories spinning issue favoring liberals, all funded by the treasury.

If no taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood or NPR that money remains in the treasury to reduce the deficit.

That’s why the democrats are fighting so hard, they are fighting to preserve a source of taxpayer-funded contributions and media.

How is the Democrats fighting to preserve their access to government money not political when the GOP trying to deny it is?

Update: Instalanche and don’t forget to read about Fatwas and Chris Muir and when it comes to Wisconsin remember according to Media Matters and Richard Hasen there is no Macra fraud!

Update 2: How much money how about $250,000+ to democrats according to open secrets. They’re not fighting for planned parenthood, they are fighting for their cut.

With yet another tape now on smuggling illegals across the border the paradigm has shifted.

Acorn was undoubtedly hoping that suspending business and starting an internal investigation would buy time and give cover to House Democrats to justify either delaying or voting against defunding them under the “all the facts aren’t in yet” theory.

But with governors and states and pols happy to take a swing at them some like AHNULD (with apologies to Frank J) get free brownie points that they desperately need and John Stewart hitting them and the media the MSM can no longer ignore the story (hell even Charles reported on it, well linked to Acorn’s CEO’s press release and put “sting” in quotes) . Even Gibbs is backing away.

Yesterday Hoyer said this:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters Tuesday that the behavior shown on the videotapes was “despicable,” but that it isn’t clear whether problems at Acorn are isolated. If such behavior is widespread, Hoyer said, “I think we need to look very carefully at the assistance that we give.”

Now that we have three states and DC and 5 tapes with likely more to come that position is not tenable. Once the actual smuggling of illegals was part of the story the game was over. If the democrats in Congress are in any way smart they will ram through a 400-35 or some lopsided bill to de-fund acorn NOW and be seen doing it. If they do not then the blue dogs will end up joining republicans to attempt to force a vote and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need that added to her plate.

One last thing: Conservatives in General and the GOP in particular need to remember that the midterms are still 14 months away and a lot can happen in that time. If the GOP members of congress overreach in the same way as the Democrats have then all the advantages they currently enjoy can go poof.