I’ve been staying up later post-election and this has caused me to miss Morning Joe more often that not.

But today in the midst of the conservation on the Bi-partisan Joy terrible threat of Sequestration and the conversation turned to what to cut.

Joe Scarborough mentioned that Howard Dean would not want to raise the retirement age although in VT he was supposedly a deficit hawk.

Dean disagreed to some degree, he claimed he didn’t mind an increase in the age of social security but objected to any change in the qualifying age for Medicare because the Obamacare law covers seniors so poorly in terms of costs.

I was shocked SHOCKED!

For those who have forgotten Obamacare passed without a single GOP vote in the house and senate. Its 2000+ pages is 100% pure democrat.

Even in the preparation lets remember that Democrats had voting majorities on EVERY COMMITTEE IN BOTH HOUSES that any section of this bill came before

Therefore if we are to believe the left’s image of Republicans as propagated in the late election, this bill is free of all of the evils of the GOP. The bill by definition: No Racism, no Sexism, no favors to the Rich, no homophobia and of course no problems for the poor ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY POOR since the party that wants to throw them off of medicare and onto the street had nothing.

How then is it possible that the elderly might not be fairly treated by this now permanent national monument to the caring and compassion of the Democrat party?

Might it be because Barack Obama no longer has to face the voters in the future and the democrats remaining in congress who voted for the bill are in districts so blue you would think they were in the ocean?

Nancy Pelosi told us two years ago we had to “pass the bill in order to see what’s in it”. Now that America has chosen to keep Obama and by extension Obamacare it I wonder what other surprises they will feel safe to share with us.

I’m sure it’s nothing, I trust that Obamacare will take care of the American People just as effectively as Obama has dealt with Hurricane Sandy.

It’ll be fun to find out!