Hugh Hewitt, I’m Calling You Out

A few days ago, I ran across this story involving a recent speech by conservative radio host and author Hugh Hewitt: ORLANDO, Fla. (NRB) –  Christian radio show hosts have an obligation not only “to deliver great news talk” but to make certain the “fragrance of the Gospel is there,” Hugh Hewitt said Tuesday evening (Feb. 28) at Proclaim 17, the National Religious Broadcasters’ International Christian … Continue reading Hugh Hewitt, I’m Calling You Out

Of Magic And Loss

What a mess this world is in I wonder who began it Don't ask me I'm only visiting this planet -- Larry Norman The news cut through social media yesterday and today, the liberal Obama staffer husband of conservative new media darling Mary Katherine Ham killed while riding his bicycle. Sympathies to Ms. Ham, and … Continue reading Of Magic And Loss