Funding abortion: who’s pro-choice?

Abortion's legal. So is declining to put it on the public dime. That's been the uneasy truce for many years between abortion providers (and promoters) and American taxpayers. Uneasy, and shaky: even since 1976 with the Hyde Amendment, children conceived through violence have always been at risk of abortion at public expense. This week,  the U.S. … Continue reading Funding abortion: who’s pro-choice?

Hyde Amendment turns 40, much to Clinton’s annoyance

Not long after Roe v. Wade federalized abortion policy, Members of Congress led by Henry Hyde moved to prevent federal funds from being used for abortions. The Hyde Amendment was finally added to the Medicaid program as a rider to the Health and Human Services budget on September 30, 1976. The rider has been added in … Continue reading Hyde Amendment turns 40, much to Clinton’s annoyance

Mitt Romney, Redux

As Peter blogged about on Sunday, Mitt Romney continues to be as clear as mud regarding his position on abortion. Romney refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) pro-life, anti-abortion pledge (available here).  Romney claims that he is pro-life, but that the SBA List pledge would unduly constrain his actions if he … Continue reading Mitt Romney, Redux