I wish I wrote this as it perfectly illustrates the idiocy of the left on Trump:

I JUST WANT TO REASSURE ALL OUR FRIENDS ON THE LEFT: Trump is not going to put you all in camps and install a Nazi state. He can’t, because George W. Bush already put you all in camps and installed a Nazi state. Oh, wait, he never got to do it, because we were already all dead in the nuclear war our cowboy president, Ronald Reagan, started by talking tough to the Russians.

I am going to commit this to memory and recite it to every leftist who goes nuts near me over Trump

Haven’t we all been told, for many years now, that the rural parts of America where people vote Republican are hives of racial hatred? The last time I checked Census Bureau reports, more than half of black Americans lived in the South, a place of conservative tradition where nearly every governor and U.S. Senator is a Republican. And yet we see that in 2014, a black man was choked to death by a cop in New York City, one of the most liberal places in the entire country.

Furthermore isn’t it odd that so many young black men keep getting shot in cities that Democrats have controlled for generations?

A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes just a few words speak volumes.

which was

Ed Morrissey’s piece is good too but if you want to understand the absurdity of Hillary as president this image followed by those two words is really all you need.

Lorenzo: Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.

A Bronx Tale 1993.

The difference between the great and the good or above average is usually a matter of scale. For example any professional golfer is likely better than the general public yet the subset of those players who win a PGA event are very small and of that subset, the number who will win multiple event or reach the top 5 on the tour is an even smaller subset.

Or think of the major leagues, very few people will make the majors, fewer still will make a career of it, even fewer will be a star and for every 30 stars you might find one Manny Ramirez or Justin Verander and out of that subset you’re even less likely to find a true immortal a Bob Gibson or Ted Williams.

Writing is the same way, I’m very pleased to have broken the top 100 on the list of the top 150 conservative sites on the net but every now and then Glenn Reynolds or Robert Stacy McCain remind me of the difference between “good”, “above average” and great.

Glenn did that today with his post on Hillary Clinton:.


Well, she’ll do better with that one than with Women Who Do Well As Secretary Of State.

In 26 words Glenn perfectly expressed the fact that Hillary’s accomplishments as Secretary of State are non-existent and turned the Washington Post article into a parody of itself and did it with less words than my own Hillary Principle piece.

Stacy McCain being a mischievous sort had a different target, “the Slutwalks” in DC and discussed them at length both at the American Spectator and on his site.

In the midst of those well written articles was a piece of pure poetry perfectly expressing a basic truth of male & female relationships.

Young guys may want to control their boners, but the boner is inherently totalitarian. It’s like Hitler — he says he only wants the Sudetenland, but if you give him Sudetenland, next thing you know, he’ll take the rest of Czechoslovakia, too, and Poland after that.

Young ladies should be less like Neville Chamberlain and more like Winston Churchill: “Never give in . . . in nothing, great or small, large or petty . . . Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

And trust me: Boys have cooties.

That’s 95 words which perfectly explain male sexuality and convey the best advice to young ladies not ready for a permanent relationship that a father of daughters can give and is laugh out loud funny.

The difference between a Glenn Reynolds, a Stacy McCain and Me is the difference between a Ted Williams and a Reggie Smith, and a Pokey Reese.

I wish I wrote that line and maybe someday I’ll be skilled enough to write such lines like Glenn’s or Stacy’s on a regular basis.

Until then, I’ll tip my cap to them and keep working on my swing.

…because he says things lie this:

The Obama-Biden line this year might be rendered as follows: “We inherited a mess. We thought we could fix it in one term. But we need more time. Give us another term, please.” (I’m not sure they say “please.”)

Contrast this with the Reagan example. He too inherited a mess. The first years were brutal. In January 1983, the New York Times published an editorial called “The Failing Presidency.” It began, “The stench of failure hangs over Ronald Reagan’s White House. The people know it, judging by the opinion polls.”

Certainly by the time 1984 rolled around, however, we were rolling. Reagan curbed government and unleashed the power of people in a free economy. He was opposed by the likes of Joe Biden — not to mention the New York Times — every step of the way. emphasis mine

This is an important history lesson, in his previous column he delivered another one.

Ken Livingstone is going back to his erstwhile employer, Press TV. This is an English-language arm of the Iranian dictatorship. Livingstone is an old Communist, known throughout his career as “Red Ken.” He was taught to hate all things conservative, religious, right-wing, fundamentalist. That was his commitment.

And now he’s working for the mullahs? How can this be? You know how: The radical Left goes wherever the anti-Western action is, always. The form matters little.

There is a reason the left needs history re-written, if it is not and people remember it, nobody would turn to them. Jay Nordlinger calls them on it constantly.

Read Him

Little Miss Attila or if you prefer Joy McCann has some great advice:

Strive for perfection, my dears. Please do. But at the end of the day, remember to rinse the East Bay dust off in a cool shower. Sit on the balcony, look at the moon—and remember what is important in life: People, always people.

Not things.

Transcend the details; look forward.

There will be a Harvest Moonrise at 2:27 a.m. Pacific this Monday morning. That is, it will effectively occur on the evening of September 11th. I’ll be up to watch it; I’ll even smile from time to time, bitterly and warmly, as my rather useless tears stream down my face in the 85-degree heat.

And then I’ll be up again, and posting, by 10:00 on the 12th, because that is what I do.

So you do what you do, as well. And as best you can.

Because we all have choice—and still, no real options.

I wish I wrote that.

As a rule one should always read Jay Nordlinger but this paragraph of his latest hit me:

So I see this headline: “Fetal surgery better for kids with spine defect.” It is over this article. And I’m thinking, What the hay? Surgery on . . . what? A “meaningless blob of protoplasm”? (That was a big phrase at one time.) Some irrelevant thing within the body, perfectly abortable?

I grew up with a slogan: “A fetus in a woman’s womb has no more standing than a hamburger in her stomach.” (That was a pro-abortion slogan, in case you’re wondering.) Now they’re operating on that hamburger?

As I said, science and reality eventually prevail against the mental and lingusitic hoops people use to justify slaughtering their children.