The Story of the liberal activist who faked Rape threats about herself:

A well-known female liberal blogger and radio host at the University of Wyoming (UW) is being accused by police of fabricating a rape threat against herself to appear as if it came from a conservative.

The obscene message directed at activist Meg Lanker-Simons was posted on a college “crush” Facebook page earlier this week and immediately ignited outrage from the college community..

Has drawn many comments from Gateway pundit on the Ayers connection, This Ain’t Hell on her pages now gone, and Stacy on the silence of her allies:

Perhaps more mysterious is why some of her allies are silent about this suffering victim:

Lanker-Simons’s “Cognitive Dissonance” site was recognized for an award last year by the Center for American Progress’s Think Progress site.

And what is their reaction to the victimization of this liberal blogger whose award-winning excellence they recognized?

While the Jim Crow South and the framing of Blacks for Crimes they didn’t commit instantly came to mind for me, my second thought came as a man who just had his 25th anniversary.

This woman is Married.

At this point we don’t know if her husband KNEW if this complaint was false or not.

It’s he did it’s bad, he’s an accomplice and should be treated as such, but it’s much worse if he didn’t.

Imagine how YOU would feel if your wife was threatened this way? How outraged? What would you do? Skip a day or two of work to be sure she’s safe? Buy a gun? Make sure she’s not alone? And that’s the reaction she would see, how would he be felling? How many of your friend would you have keeping an eye on the house, on people going by? How frustrated would he be about his wife in danger and being unable to protect her?

I know how I would feel and do, it would become the focus of what I did and God help the guy . It would tear me apart.

As a married man I almost hope he WAS in on it, I would hate to think a wife would put her husband through something like this just to score a political point. That’s not love.

Think of where that puts you on the list of her priorities.

Meg Lanker-Simons may have retained counsel to protect her legally, but what is she going to do about her husband.

Then again after seeing this line from Viral Read

Katherine Timpf of Campus Reform reported that Lanker-Simons “is a member of the University of Wyoming Gender & Women’s Studies group as well as the school’s chapter of The Nonviolent Communist.”

he should not be surprised, for the Communist the ends always justifies the means.


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We’ve talked in the past about the Obama’s campaign’s fundraising and the trouble at the DNC is having concerning it.

At Instapundit Elizabeth Price Foley says the following:

Several reports over the weekend show that the Obama campaign is doing a horrible job at screening out/preventing illegal foreign donations.

Elizabeth you are totally missing the point, you are assuming that it is the goal of the Obama Campaign to screen out illegal donations.

The goal of the campaign is not to obey the law and screen out these donation, the goal is to accept as much money as possible that can not be positively proven to be illegal.

As I said in one of my very first posts, any Tech Guy knows the difference between a bug and a feature, this is a feature. As Instapundit reader Steve Nelson said in 2008:

Notice the problem with Obama’s websites?

Neither he nor his staff is censoring the comments…. but they’ve set the site up to allow others to do so.

Neither he nor his staff asked for any illegal foreign contributions, or for contributions from obviously false donors….. they just disabled the standard controls and credit card checks to allow it to happen.

They didn’t have any ties to whacky characters with extreme ideas…. but the campaign website allowed anyone to set up a “blog” and put out the propaganda.

In each case, Obama and his staff were careful to leave no directly illegal / unethical fingerprints of their own….. but they sure made it easy for “supporters unknown” to do so through their IT systems.

Deniability — it’s built right in.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion and to say it openly, but when it comes to the Obama Administration we are simply not dealing with honorable people. To this administration the ends always justifies the means.

Bottom line these guys are Marxists and as we’ve said many times if you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect sense.

Hornblower bowed, but as the Colonel remained unbending he stiffened to attention. He could recognize that type of man at once—the servant of a tyrant, and in close personal association with him, modeling his conduct not on the tyrant’s but on what he fancied should be the correct behaviour of a tyrant, far out-Heroding Herod.

C.S. Forester Flying Colors 1938

Jack Sullivan: I got news for you son, she already has all the control. And when she’s done with this world she will control the next whichever world that is. Probably hell, because she’ll want to be reunited with her family.

Sullivan and Son 2012 (Watch it it’s great)

One of the things that has gotten short shift when critiquing the Obama Administration has been the disaster the people under him have been.

Elizabeth Scalia (whose quote titles this post) brings this up in her piece at the Anchoress saying:

In Washington DC, every administration brings in a number of new people — both male and female — who are MCTC (“more connected than capable”) and I’ve always thought of J-Nap as one of them.

We’ve talked about some of those real winners Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Kevin Jennings at this blog but all of these people and their radical views have been enabled by Obama.

Obama is a radical, he was brought up as a radical, he was taught as a radical, and is the worst type of radical, a radical with “Chicago Machine Values” under anything resembling normal circumstance he would have all the chance of being elected president as Rosanne Barr…

…BUT he is a radical who carries himself and presents himself as someone acceptable to the American people, and once he got in he brought his ideological soul mates, people who did not feel the need to hide the type of folks they are.

When you look at some of the worst things that have come from this administration you don’t have to go far to see the hand of these people and it is the work of those people on a lower level that contribute the most real world damage to Americans.

When President Obama is replaced in November it will be good for the country but just as good if not better will the symbolic cleaning of the Augean stables that the sweeping his radical cronies from DC will be.


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Dash:   But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.

Helen:   Everyone’s special, Dash.

Dash:   [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.

The Incredibles 2004

It’s a fair cop but society is to blame

Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1972

The talk of the net continues to be the Obama campaign’s adaptation of the famous Elizabeth Warren “Good for you” speech.

Here is the a bit of Obama version

While it’s fun to make sure the president gets credit for the drug kingpins as well as the factories, Michael Graham notes that I’m being slack in the sharing or credit:

My only objection is that the focus of their comments was too narrow. The president says, “if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.”

He’s right, of course. But why leave out our fellow unsuccessful Americans? Don’t they count, too?

and that’s when he hits a point of snark that means more than he knows:

“There was a great teacher somewhere in your life,” Barack Obama said about successful entrepreneurs. But the 30-something stoner working part-time at the car wash and living in dad’s basement had a teacher, too. Lots of them. Taxpayers spent around $100,000 on his public education. Where’s the love?

Where’s the speech giving teachers credit for the many barely-literate Americans who graduate high school with minimum-wage skills, or who choose to live on the dole rather than work at all?

I suspect Bill Gates didn’t go to high school alone, but none of his classmates created Microsoft. I’m sure John Schnatter’s didn’t have private tutors, why aren’t his classmates running the 3rd largest Pizza Chain in the country? Jonas Salk wasn’t the only doctor in the 20th century. Why wasn’t there a line at the patent door to register polio vaccines?

Where are Joe & Mika classmates TV shows? Why aren’t the other girls in Katy Perry’s home room touring? Didn’t the same high school coach at Fort Osage Senior High School coach hundreds of other players besides Albert Pujols where are their multi million dollar contracts?

Why isn’t the same society that the President thinks is responsible for all these people’s success coming through for the rest of us? If you aren’t making your own Microsoft, touring sold out stadiums in Europe or even making it as a blogger and radio talk show host is it really your fault?

Let’s go further; if the pan handler, the drug dealer and the second-story man had the same teachers, had the same fire and police protection and public utilities an infrastructure everyone else does is it YOUR fault the are where they are?

This is where the Obama’s & the Warren’s of the world reveal themselves for what they actually are. You don’t deserve credit for what you’ve done and you don’t deserve blame for what you haven’t. All the credit, all the blame and all the results belong to the collective and it up to the enlightened leaders at the top to make sure you all get what’s rightfully yours.

I’m sorry folks you can wrap it up, you can call it “fairness” or “progressive-ism” or any other adjective you want, but it’s what it always has been, the same old Marxism that they couldn’t sell in the 20th century re-packaged in the hopes of conning a whole new generation that doesn’t know their history.

Update: A thought, last night I saw the Big Bang Episode The Zarnecki Incursion. Is it just me or do Obama & Warren sound like Sheldon shouting “We did it” just after Penny kicks the bully in the nuts?

There are certain stories you read that just make your jaw drop:

Polish officials requested that Walesa accept the Medal of Freedom on behalf of Jan Karski, a member of the Polish Underground during World War II who was being honored posthumously this week. The request makes sense. Walesa and Karski shared a burning desire to rid Poland of tyrannical subjugation. But President Obama said no.

Administration officials told the Journal that Walesa is too “political.” A man who was arrested by Soviet officials for dissenting against the government for being “political” is being shunned by the United States of America for the same reason 30 years later.

Run that through your head for a second, Lech Walesa, the head of Solidarity, the man who removed the first brick from the wall of the Iron curtain, former Polish President and Fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner is “too political” for the Obama Administration to stand in an accept a Medal of Freedom for a Polish freedom fighter! Really?

Meanwhile lets remind our readers who the Obama administration thinks is worthy

Oh and you know how everyone gets their knickers in an uproar if anyone calls Obama a socialist? Well while the press has focused on Bob Dylan getting the medal of freedom another recipient of the award for some reason didn’t draw much attention:

President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to Dolores Huerta, an 82-year-old labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers union.

Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA describes itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”

Yup, keep moving, nothing to see here.

Honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America? They get the Medal of Freedom, Actual freedom fighter who risked life and limb to free his country and by extension many others from the embrace of Communism and Socialism. Not welcome.

The question is rapidly becoming not “Why do you think these people are Marxists” but “What makes you think they are not?”

An amazing moment took place on Morning Joe during the 6 a.m. hour, (repeated in the 8 a.m. hour) as they went after Alan West for his remarks at a town hall concerning Communists/Socialists in the congress.

The folks at Morning Joe were outraged, Jazz Shaw was upset and strangely enough the American Communist Party called it “guilt by association“. Why an actual Communist would consider being associated with Communists “casting a shadow” on anyone is a tad odd (How dare you slander someone by saying they associate with me)!

Ignoring for a moment the Morning Joe Table being unaware of the Democratic Socialists of Americans published list of members of congress who are members (via the lonely conservative) and the apparent apology the Morning Joe team owes Congressman West, Joe Scarborough said something aloud that has been rarely expressed on a venue of the left.

Joe called Communism “..the most repressive, the most evil political movement in the history of man responsible for more deaths than any other movement.” on the air and nobody at the table disputed him.

Stating that communism had murdered nearly a hundred million is not something that our friends on the left usually talk about and this is a subject that you don’t see on MSNBC.

I’m old enough to remember all the outrage of the left when Reagan called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire”. There are plenty of members of congress who are still in office, including our VP who went after him for it.

Apologies owed to Allen West not withstanding, it’s nice to see that we’ve reached a point where being associated with Communism is considered so beyond the pale that even MSNBC is against it.

Here is the video:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Oh and as far as who is a socialist and who is not, the person I believe is Clara Csiong

Update: I should have linked the base post from the Lonely Conservative, also there was a fragment that somehow got left in the post, fixed.

Update 2: Nice deb posts this video of Congressman Danny Davis being honored at the Communist Party USA headquarters Chicago for a lifetime of achievement:

Shhhh don’t tell Joe Scarborough.

At Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim reported on this pronouncement by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia:

The Grand Mufti made his assertion in response to a question posed by a delegation from Kuwait, regarding the position of a Kuwaiti parliament member who recently called for the “removal” of churches (he later “clarified” by saying he merely meant that no churches should be built in Kuwait). The Kuwaiti delegation wanted to confirm Sharia’s position on churches.

Accordingly, the Grand Mufti “stressed that Kuwait was a part of the Arabian Peninsula, and therefore it is necessary to destroy all churches in it.”

Note the matter of fact tone, this is not a grand proclamation, as far as he is concerned it’s no big deal, of course you should destroy any churches in the Arabian peninsula. I wonder if he is going to be called Islamophobic for suggesting Islam endorses such a position?

Now consider, when the despicable Westboro Baptist church protests, a fringe church run by fringe family makes a move it is national news, When a single pastor of an unknown church in Florida decides to burn a Koran, it became international news worthy of coverage by CNN resulting in 12 deaths. And when the murderous Joseph Kony hides from his depredations in Uganda it becomes a cause celeb to track him down.

All of these people have three things in common:

  1. They claim Christianity
  2. They have no support from the Catholic Church or mainline protestant denominations of any note.
  3. The MSM considers them newsworthy

That third one is the key, can someone explain why they are newsworthy?

Without the oxygen of media coverage Westboro is just another cult. If the MSM ignores the pastor in Florida nobody is outraged at his publicity stunt and Kony as a person with a small fighting force is worth some copy, there are dozens of Kony like people all over the world with their small armies committing degradations that the MSM has no interest in at all.

Now lets consider the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia:

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah is not just some random Muslim hating on churches. He is the Grand Mufti of the nation that brought Islam to the world. Moreover, he is the President of the Supreme Council of Ulema [Islamic scholars] and Chairman of the Standing Committee for Scientific Research and Issuing of Fatwas. Accordingly, when it comes to what Islam teaches, his words are immensely authoritative.

You don’t get higher to the top of Islam’s food chain than this fellow so what is the response of the MSM?

There isn’t one.

Can it be the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is not newsworthy, the Washington Times makes the comparison.

If the pope called for the destruction of all the mosques in Europe, the uproar would be cataclysmic. Pundits would lambaste the church, the White House would rush out a statement of deep concern, and rioters in the Middle East would kill each other in their grief. But when the most influential leader in the Muslim world issues a fatwa to destroy Christian churches, the silence is deafening.

No it’s not, it’s perfectly understandable.

You see to the totalitarian, to the marxist, the cause is all, and if there is one cause that is near and dear to our friends on the left it’s that Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular is the enemy.

Christians in General and Catholic in particular opposing Gay Marriage, that’s intolerance! Islam executes gays, that’s not an issue.

The Catholic church objects to government mandates, it is a war against women. Afghan leaders offers “guidelines” for women’s behavior? no comment.

And don’t even get me started on Molly Norris a member of the MSM still in hiding over a fatwa against her that the MSM doesn’t find newsworthy.

As long as they see Islam as a counter to Christianity they will keep silent about its abuses in the same way that they will keep Bill Mahar’s million dollars.

Some might be confused by this, so remember this rule:

If you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect sense

and if you don’t believe me, ask Clara Csiong

according to this report:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview in Ecuador this month that the Obama Justice Department “will be bringing a lawsuit” against the controversial Arizona immigration measure signed into law earlier this year.

The Lonely Conservative has this to say:

You’ve gotta love Jan Brewer. She’s sticking to her guns, and she has public opinion on her side.

Doug Powers hanging at Michelle’s place notes something:

You can’t help but wonder what the cost to taxpayers of this lawsuit will be, and how much fencing and additional border security the money could have paid for. Then again, if the Obama administration gave a damn about border security, drug smuggling and illegal aliens in general (known to the DNC as “potential voters”), they wouldn’t be filing the lawsuit in the first place.

The weekly standard can count:

While this might help Democrats with Latino voters, the law is supported 60/40 overall. This can’t be a fight Democrats want to have before Election Day, right?

While Captain Ed is amazed by the method of letting this out:

Wow … just wow. What a tremendously incompetent manner in which to announce the decision. The Obama administration informed the Ecuadorian people of this decision before the White House informed Americans. I’m not sure if that’s Hope and Change, the New Transparency, or Smart Power.

Gov Brewer is not amused either:

“This is no way to treat the people of Arizona,” said Brewer, who recently set up a legal defense fund to combat challenges to the law. “To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous.”

“If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation,” Brewer added.

And that not the only promise not kept reminds Nice Deb

He was supposed to let her know what he decided on sending National Guard troops to AZ to protect the border. The two weeks were up, yesterday, revealing yet another empty promise from Obama

Nice Deb, being nice wouldn’t do that.

The Big question is why on earth would a US president be suing a US state of a law that mimics US law that a majority of American support? Repeat after me. If you start from the idea

…the USS Clueless used to be a daily stop in the days when it was in flight:

A number of people see Obama and the left acting in curious ways and don’t seem to understand them.

Let’s get the groundwork out of the way. To the left, it’s an article of faith that America is too powerful. America is too influential. America is too rich. America consumes too much. Americans as a group are too independent, too rowdy, not controlled enough. Americans are too nationalistic, too unwilling to give up part or all of their sovereignty to “emerging world governance”.

America needs to be humbled. Americans need to have their confidence shattered, to become introspective, to consider (finally, at long last) “why they hate us”. America needs to bow to world opinion.

Read the whole thing, when I did it sure sounded like another chapter of my “If you start from the idea they are all Marxists it makes perfect senseseries of posts

These days SDB can be found writing about Anime here. Life is too short not to enjoy what you actually love.

…that fits the “If you start from the idea…” meme to a T:

Students are directed to chant “I am an Obama scholar.”

do the people who run the school system over there have any memory of history? A commentator there nails it perfectly:

Quick quiz: name five countries, past or present, where the youths were required to chant praises to their omnipotent ruler? Any five. Then add together the number of innocent people those regimes slaughtered for political expediency.

Repeat after me: “If you start with the idea…