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Some interesting things going on at the US Import/Export Bank:

The Ex-Im first made a $78.6 million direct loan in December 2012 to Abengoa, the Seville, Spain-based firm that specializes in green technologies, then approved a second loan worth $73.6 million Agengoa’s Palmatir S.A., wind farm in Cuchilla de Peralta, Uruguay.Ex-Im president Fred Hochberg said the loans will support “approximately 510 American jobs.”

Loaning out $298,431.37 of taxpayer backed money per “American Job supported” is odd, loaning over 150 Million of taxpayer backed money to green companies after the fiasco of green companies dropping left and right in the US these loans is odder.

But what doesn’t seem odd to me is this:

Former Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson sits on both the Abengoa International Advisory Board and is currently listed on the Ex-Im bank’s website as a member of the advisory committee that helps guide bank policy.

The idea of insiders getting insider making insider deals with taxpayer money, that’s not odd, that’s business as usual.

What is odd is that a former Presidential candidate and prominent governor being on both sides of taxpayer backed loans to foreign governments is a story that is newsworthy to the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Examiner but produces no results when you do a search of the New York Times for “Bill Richardson”.

Then again considering that former presidential candidate and governor has a “D” next to his party affiliation maybe the disinterest of the MSM isn’t that odd after all.

Nothing to see here, move along.