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Monika Glennon has lived in Huntsville, Alabama, for the last 12 years. Other than a strong Polish accent, she fits a certain stereotype of the All-American life. She’s blonde. Her husband is a veteran Marine. Her two children, a boy and a girl, joined the military as adults. She sells houses—she’s a real estate agent at Re/Max—helping others realize their own American dream.

But in September 2015, she was suddenly plunged into an American nightmare. She got a call at 6 a.m. one morning from a colleague at Re/Max telling her something terrible had been posted about her on the Re/Max Facebook page. Glennon thought at first she meant that a client had left her a bad review, but it turned out to be much worse than that.

It was a link to a story about Glennon on She’s A Homewrecker, a site that exists for the sole purpose of shaming the alleged “other woman.” The author of the Homewrecker post claimed that she and her husband had used Glennon as their realtor and that everything was going great until one evening when she walked in on Glennon having sex with her husband on the floor of a home the couple had been scheduled to see. The unnamed woman went into graphic detail about the sex act and claimed she’d taken photos that she used to get everything from her husband in a divorce. The only photo she posted though was Glennon’s professional headshot, taken from her bio page on Re/Max’s site.

Glennon’s clients and, most importantly, her husband were contacted about this through Facebook’s messaging system.

The allegations were totally false. The perpetrators did it because they didn’t like something that Glennon wrote in a random comment section. The comment was innocuous, but the perpetrator decided that Glennon was anti-Semitic. That line of justification is important.

I’ve been thinking about this story all morning — not with fear that something like this might happen to me, but pondering the notion that anyone with fairly decent story-telling skills could plot a similar type vengeance on anyone.

What, other than a conscience, is there to stop an individual — or an organization — from doing this?

About justification: once someone “reasons” it out in what passes for his mind that the target is “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” or any of the other categories of Untouchable, conscience is no longer a factor.

The perp decides that you deserve to have stories made up about you and to have your reputation/livelihood/marriage ruined.

That’s what was so riveting to me about this story.

95,000 persons shared the story before Gannon was able to uncover the person who tried to ruin her.

And the perp did this over a misunderstood comment and the hurt feelings engendered from that misunderstanding.

How evil.

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Tuesday I was reading an excellent piece at the NY Post by Salma Zito on Canadian’s opinions concerning President Trump when I saw this piece highlighted on the side that made my jaw drop

My first reaction is “you’re kidding me” alas they’re not.

An internet vlogger has stunned viewers with the reason she let her best friend sleep with her boyfriend.

YouTuber Lena Nersesian, who calls herself Lena The Plug, told her 900,000 subscribers she wanted her friend Emily to have sex with Adam so she can “try his penis.”

Yes, you’re reading that right, the story continues

Adam was pretty happy to take part in the online experiment,

Break out my “shockda face”

although he said he was feeling the pressure to “perform.

Yeah I can imagine a million people watching two woman critique you would put the pressure on

The girls are then seen in skimpy outfits twerking for Adam — who has his own YouTube channel — before he joins them on the bed.

After the girls had sex with him — off camera — the threesome discussed their antics in X-rated detail.

I’ve got nothing to say to Adam, I was young and stupid once and the odds of me at that age having the good sense to decline his girlfriend’s “generous” offer would have been even smaller than the odds of me ever getting said offer,  so instead let me address myself to the young ladies in question in the interest of explaining realities that their parents apparently never bothered to.  Let me lead with a cold hard practical facts of life.

If you seeking internet fame based on sexuality you might draw plenty of hits and perhaps make ad revenue off but  eventually time age and the lessening shock values starts working against you.

Consider what I wrote about former Pippi Longstocking star Tami Erin a few years back (content warning) when she went from complaining about a sex tape, to pushing the sextape to Touring with Hustler mag.  For a time the numbers looked promising for the 39 year Ms. Erin.

Thanks to the new found male interest in the former child star her web site ranking has jacked up by 700,000 spots in Alexa Rank over the last few months and will likely break the top 2,000,000 rank before the year is out. I suspect her twitter following will rise as well easily reaching 10,000 by years end.

Alas four years later at Age 43 despite her movie fame, the neutral objective fact that she is still an extremely attractive woman, and her increased ahem exposure,  her twitter feed sits at 7650 and her web site’s Alexa ranks is 16,211,767 (down 2,848,489 spots), about 15,800,000 places behind this old fat guy in a twelve foot scarf whose parts nobody is interested in viewing.  This is not a surprise as I said at the time:

There are already plenty of  younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin.  It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest and procure the monies of the MichaelDick73’s JDogg77’s and Machette42’s of the world.

That’s the point when she is going to have to go a bit farther and then a bit farther again until a search for Tami Erin will turn up results on a niche category of older woman doing X, Y and Z on porn sites around the world.

Her threesome video drew millions of hits but what happens then, when the public’s interest in  Miss Nersesian’s assets fade, after all it won’t take long for a new younger woman, just as busty and willing to display her assets on youtube for the crowd that has already seen her’s

Does she move from mentioning a threesome off camera to having one on camera, do you add a 3rd woman or perhaps a second man?  Based on her twitter feed (very NSFW and not linked here) that’s apparently not a problem, but the farther you go the more you suffer from the laws of diminishing returns.

Now as I mentioned before I was once young and stupid and it’s only because of the lack of a public internet at the time that the mistakes of my generation are not viewing fodder our/my children and grandchildren as yours are, but while someone can’t change the past you can shape the future.

So to Miss Nersesian I say this:  Ask yourself where you want to be in five years or ten years in terms of a job, a relationship/husband and a family and then ask yourself if threesomes on youtube are going to get you there?

Frankly the answer to the question of how to get where you need to be was given by a Jewish Carpenter to a woman in a similar situation whose judges walked away in shame.

Then Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”  She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, (and) from now on do not sin any more.”

John 8:10-11

If you give him a chance Christ will be happy to welcome you and you won’t have to take off a thing.

Perhaps you might laugh at that idea now but you’ve got a long life ahead of you and Christ will keep trying.  I’ll add you to my daily prayer list and we’ll let the Holy Spirit do the work.

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I admit it’s been a few years since I did tech support and even longer since I did programing but there is one thing I know for sure. Avoid any changes that can bring down seemingly every product you make:

This morning a lot of people who own Belkin routers woke up to find they had no access to the internet. While their devices were connecting to their Wi-Fi networks and their modems were connecting to their ISPs, the router and modem seem to be suffering from communication breakdown. The problem is affecting at least Belkin router models in the U.S. and other regions or the world regardless of ISP.

As the problem affected people who didn’t have auto updates it’s likely wasn’t firmware

The reason for the massive outages is currently unknown. Initial speculation was that Belkin pushed a buggy firmware update overnight, but on a reddit thread about the problem, even users who claim to have disabled automatic updates have found their Internet connectivity disrupted.

Others suggest that there is some kind of DNS problem at work. Although the routers are correctly picking up their DNS settings from DHCP, they’re apparently unable to resolve domain names correctly. Connecting to the Internet using IP addresses alone does, in fact, appear to work, but with most of us dependent on DNS, this is of little value.

The fun part about the Belkin problem was the update also messed up my comcast devices so when I bypassed the Belkin at first it was still failing, had to get to comcast 2nd degree support to reset my devices. The Comcast fellow said he had been flat out fielding calls. So I gave Belkin a call but was disconnected, according to twitter users that was not an uncommon action leading to this quip:

That must have hit Belkin pretty hard because they answered that tweet.

While they are denying firmware as this only affected Belkin routers odds are someone there did something unless they were hacked of course.

The Belkin site had the Regedit fix up by the afternoon but the fix didn’t apply to my machine so I went hardwired for a while.

According the Belkin site says they now have a permanent fix (I’m not home at the moment so I can’t test it) nevertheless if the reaction of my wife when she got home and could only play her games was any measure Belkin has a huge PR problem as of today and the memory of the failure will likely linger for the Christmas shopping season but here’s a sobering thought:

If this kind of damage can be done accidentally by a change how much damage can be done on purpose if a group decided to harness tech knowledgeable people to strike a blow.

Update: By the time I got home my youngest had installed his older brothers old Linksys and was reporting faster speeds so the vote in the house is the Linksys stays

The moving Hating Breitbart has been re-released as a PG-13 movie, thereby dropping its R rating from when it was released last year (so, it has been slightly edited as the only reason for the R rating last year was a small amount of foul language).  I saw it last year when it was released the first time.  I would definitely watch it again this year, but it isn’t playing in the Dallas area this time around.  Hopefully the powers-that-be can rectify that.

I was recently musing about what a field day Andrew Breitbart would be having with these White House scandals.  First of all, he probably would have already discovered the extent of the abuse in the IRS (before Congress) complete with names and dates, etc .  He likely would have been carrying the banner on this months ago, even before the election.  Breitbart had a way of being connected, and he fearlessly pursued truth.  He found his way to stories that at first seemed crazy (like Anthony Wiener Tweeting pictures of himself and then vehemently denying it and lying about it on CNN), and yet they always ended up being true.

Breitbart was recently vindicated in the Pigford scandal which he uncovered long before anyone else did.  He would be leading the way right now in the fight against the MSM narrative in this latest round of scandals.

Breitbart is the person that inspired me to keep fighting at a time when it seemed that just about everything was lost.  I met him at a Tea Party event in Mesquite, TX in 2010.  He had given an articulate speech about the reality of the “organized Left” in the media.  I had followed politics for years (I even majored in Political Science in college) but had never put the dots together about the intentional coercion that goes on with the what information flows to the general public and how dangerous that really is.  Breitbart explained it so well and afterwards I shook his hand and told him how inspired I was by his speech.  I felt like I had just learned something profound and things would never be the same.

Since that day when I sat riveted in my chair listening to him speak for the first time, I’ve devoured the news like never before in my life.  And, I can say with certainty that every single thing he asserted that day was true.  Every iota.  The Left is organized.  They are well-connected with the MSM.  The MSM themselves are either in cahoots with the Left or they are so entrenched in their narrative that they don’t even know what they are putting out there anymore.  The “watchdog” role of the press has been greatly diminished in recent years.  And, the important role the press is supposed to play almost disappeared when Obama was elected president as the press has fallen all over itself to support this man.  Now that there is incontrovertible evidence against this administration, we finally see some measure of criticism.  However, this is too little too late as the election already passed and the good that the press could have done with an honest assessment of the President’s first four years of office never came to fruition.  Imagine if the election had involved a true assessment of the President for all to see.  So many who voted for Obama would have had information in front of them to help make a more informed choice.  However, instead the press did everything it could to re-elect Obama.  So, as we sit here for 4 more years holding our breath that the President doesn’t entirely destroy the country, we know that if not entirely responsible, the press is certainly accountable for much of the blame.

Because of the Left’s infiltration into the MSM, Breitbart also rightly championed new media.  This blog and the thousands of others out there counter the MSM narrative every day.  Breitbart understood that the internet is the key out of this informational tyranny.  And again, he was exactly right.  The role that the internet and individual bloggers and regular people play in helping the truth get the light of day cannot be overstated.

So, was Breitbart pugnacious?  Was he confrontational?  You bet.  He was only reacting to the power structure in place.  He knew toughness was needed.  He did everything he could to get attention so that his voice could be heard.  I wish he was around now to be a part of the events of the day.  I would love to see how he would have handled all of this.  However, I know we can all take solace in knowing that he influenced many who get up every day and fight the good fight.

If you want to see Hating Breitbart (which I highly recommend), here is the official site where you can see if it is playing in your area.

Also, here is a great tribute by Rush Limbaugh about Breitbart.

Lisa @

Whatever else you might say about Tina Brown, she’s undeniably brilliant at convincing investors to lose money on her projects.

Robert Stacy McCain The Weekly Newsbeast Nov 11th 2010

Trueman-Lodge: We started this place strictly as a cover, but Professor Joe turns a tidy profit.

License to Kill 1989

Reading Glenn’s Links to Althouse on Politico on the possible pay wall pay wall suggests that the lessons of Tina Brown are finally being learned on the left.

For those who have forgotten Tina Brown took over the venerable but unprofitable Newsweek in November of 2010 in its 77th year of publication.

On November 11th 2010 Stacy McCain commented on what this would mean to Ms. Brown’s financial backers:

The investors can expect to lose a crapload of cash in the process. The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence. Whatever else you might say about Tina Brown, she’s undeniably brilliant at convincing investors to lose money on her projects.

Six months later on May 17th 2011 the question of profit was brought up to Ms. Brown and she replied profit would be coming within 2 to three years. Forbes was skeptical and in an excellent impersonation of Rush Limbaugh’s 10 year Al Gore’s doomsday clock (At 2 years 261 days and counting) Stacy McCain said this:

Mark your calendars, then: Newsbeast will be in the black by May 2014 at the latest. According to Tina Brown, that is.

Well one year after that in 2012 ABC reported Newsweek/The Daily Beast lost 30 million and by the end of the year after IAC media losses increased nearly 400% Newsweek ceased publication becoming basically a blog.

Which brings us to Politico.

The Story that Politico is going to charge for content got some attention :

POLITICO today announced that it will start testing a metered subscription system in six states and internationally. For at least six months, those readers will be required to pay for content after consuming a set number of pages on the website. POLITICO will test different price points and page limits “to find the sweet spot for our readership.”

The experiment will go into effect next week in the states of Iowa, North Dakota, Vermont, Mississippi, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Interestingly enough there was another story a week before Politico started floating the Pay Wall business concerning its owner Allbritton Communications and the following announcement that it was selling some assets;

Allbritton is exploring the sale of all its television properties, including its Harrisburg-based station.

Allbritton owns eight ABC affiliates across the country, along with the popular website, Politico, which covers government and politics. Allbritton’s flagship TV station is WJLA in Washington, D.C.

Robert Allbritton, chairman and CEO of Allbritton Communications, sent a letter to its TV stations and Politico staff Wednesday.

In the letter, Allbritton, 44, wrote that he is weighing the sale of the stations as part of a strategic move to invest more resources in Politico.

Not that Politico is having a cash problem or NEEDS more assets of course as Mr. Robert Allbritton said in his letter:

POLITICO continues to carry no debt, funds all investment with operating income and will still turn a profit, again, in 2013. That is the textbook definition of a thriving, sustainable new media company.

That’s sounds pretty good, then again the only solid figures we have for Politico and profitably come from 2009 and as Harry Jaffe noted last week:

Questions abound in today’s announcement that Allbritton Communications is planning to sell its TV stations and devote its resources to growing the Politico brand.

Is Politico turning a profit?
What are the television stations worth?
How would Allbritton spend its cash in building Politico, its all-politics all-the-time digital publication?

Allbritton Communications is privately held, so it does not have to report more than it desires to make public.

Ah so according to Harry at the Washingtonian the question of “Is politico making a profit?” is an actual open question internal assertions not withstanding.

Are they actually making money? I have no idea but it’s interesting that they are selling sources of steady revenue and experimenting with a paywall at the same time. Even so they seem to be approaching this with the proper eye:

Outside of Washington, what we will look for with this experiment is whether or not we can bring in more revenue through paying subscribers than we lose as a result of any decline in traffic. This is a fairly straightforward calculation – and one that will instruct our future thinking in this area.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward cost benefit analysys but why outside Washington DC? What about inside?’s highly unlikely we would ever institute a metered system in the D.C. area. The economics wouldn’t work because every company that has put a subscription system in place has seen some decrease in traffic, as you might expect. We want and need that traffic in D.C. because the desire of advertisers to reach our elite audience here is exceptionally strong.

So no Paywall for the Capital elites just for all you rubes who don’t know how to set a up a Proxy server.

Even so this is a far cry from the old model for leftist propaganda sites:

I made this point yesterday in regard to Tina Brown, who lost $80 million during two years as editor of Talk, after losing $40 million during a three-year period as editor of The New Yorker, and who has most recently pushed back the goalposts of projected profitability at the Daily Beast to somewhere between (a) three years and (b) when hell freezes over.

Does it not occur to you, my clever readers, that these are not merely business losses, but are in fact a sort of charitable endeavor to support the propagation of fashionable liberalism?

By considering revenue streams and how money is made Politico has apparently decided the whole: “Hope some rich leftist will pay the bills” isn’t enough to cut it.

As a person whose pay is dependent on his readers 60 x 20 x 12 you know I certainly have no problem with Politico trying to max out revenue in fact it’s refreshing to see an organization of the left openly practicing capitalism.

Maybe it will rub off on their reporting.

KIRK: You have to learn why things work on a starship.

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan 1982

Batman: My mistake was to try to Match is Savagery. To fight like a Young man.

Batman the Dark Night #2 1986

Hot wife in a bikini? #Winning!

Robert Stacy McCain Sept 14th 2012

The AP reports that the Journal News has decided to take down its interactive map of gun owners or rather disable it:

The maps remained online late Friday but could no longer be manipulated to find names and addresses.

The story suggests the reason for the change is the new gun law in. I say BALDERDASH!

When the Journal News published its online map of gun owners and where they live, it produced a firestorm of critique.

Pixels poured out like water. Television and Radio pushed the outrage and the defense of the paper, James O’Keefe skewered them via Project Veritas, threats poured in to the point where the anti-gun paper in a twist of Irony hired armed guards to protect folks on their staff and it became the target of the Blaze and the subject of multiple Drudge stories.

This is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Obviously the interactive map was a web feature alone. It likely took a fair amount of time and effort to put together and such effort is done on an online site for a reason. The reason is to generate hits, and as the AP article notes:

She said the maps had been viewed nearly 1.2 million times since they were published Dec. 23.

Mission Accomplished!

And not those 1.2 million hits were in under 30 days and that number doesn’t include side hits to other stories on the site generated through those views. Bloggers like myself dream of traffic at that level.

The value of an online site and the price of its advertising is directly related to the number of hits the site gets.  The Journal news may claim this map was all about journalistic discretion and advancing the story and discussion, but when it comes down to it, that map was no different than the first two paragraphs of this post from The Other McCain last year:

Traffic to the blog has gotten a slight and unexpected boost the past couple of days because the entire world, it seems, is Googling for nude photos of Kate Middleton or rather topless photos of Kate Middleton. Don’t bother clicking those links, as they are merely a round-trip ticket back to this post, part of Ye Merry Olde Google Bomb Trick.

Donald Douglas has a post cleverly titled “Kate Middleton Topless” and our friendly Evil Blogger Lady offers ”Kate Middleton topless photos? French magazine Closer publishes them. Rule 5 Britannia! Update: Reports of outraged Brits storming French embassy in protest!

As Robert Stacy constantly reminds us,  he writes for money.  The Journal News does the same. That map was a google bomb directed at 2nd Amendment advocates nationwide, a red cloth in front of a bull to make it charge. The Map fuels outrage among gun advocates,  outrage fuels interest, interest creates searches, searches mean clicks, clicks mean traffic, and traffic dictates what the Journal News can charge for the ads that generate the revenue.

That being the case, the map as a successful revenue generator, why take it down? Why are we seeing posts like this:

Glenn Reynolds 9:50 PM January 18th EVEN A FLATWORM IS SMART ENOUGH TO TURN AWAY FROM PAIN: NY newspaper removes handgun permit holder data. Punching the bully in the nose works.

It’s not punching in the nose? You already had armed guards at homes and outraged people who own deadly weapons and that didn’t get the interactive map down. (BTW Guards not withstanding, the willingness to outrage those armed people tell you all you need to know about how much they actually think those people were going to come to seek revenge)

Nearly a month of outrage and debate didn’t pull down the map, if the interactive map going away is the effect, what was the cause?

The answer is a simple cost benefit analysis thus:

Glenn Reynolds 11:31 PM January 17th  I SMELL A LAWSUIT: Burglars steal two guns from home featured on weapons permit map published by newspaper, just days after break-in at another address on the list.

Lawsuits cost money. All the outrage, anger or potential danger for law-abiding citizens in the world was going to move the Journal News. The potential of a lawsuit turning a source of profit into a loss, now That’s punching back twice as hard.

So the interactive map is gone having served it’s purpose, but the raw map will remain, still able to generate hits for years to come and the Journal News will slowly sink back into the level of obscurity it had before…

…until they find another red cloth to wave in front of an internet bull.

Gilbert Huph: Complaints I can handle. What I can’t handle is your customers’ inexplicable knowledge of Insuricare’s inner workings. They’re experts! Experts, Bob! Exploiting every loophole! Dodging every obstacle! They’re penetrating the bureaucracy!

The Incredibles 2004

You can’t miss the ads for Progressive insurance they are all over TV all the time, some are pretty good and some are eh. But throughout you have Flo (Stephanie Courtney) pitching insurance and saving money. Everyone knows the name of the company. Their Alexa Rank is 4162 nationally and in the US it is ranked #814.

Matt Fischer according to his web site is a comic in NY. He is not well known, I’ve certainly never heard of him until today. His site on Tumbler has no web rank and everything I know about him comes from a single blog post. The one thing I know for sure is his sister was killed in a car accident (my condolences to his family).

He however has access to the internet and that makes all the difference because when his sister (insured by Progressive) was killed in a car accident with an underinsured driver, Progressive didn’t pay on the claim and he used the internet to tell his story:

Now, because the other driver was underinsured, that payment didn’t amount to much, but my sister carried a policy with Progressive against the possibility of an accident with an underinsured driver. So Progressive was now on the hook for the difference between the other guy’s insurance and the value of Katie’s policy.

According to his account Instead of Flo & a clean white store, his family got Gilbert Hugh from the Incredibles

At which point we learned the first surprising thing about Progressive: Carrying Progressive insurance and getting into an accident does not entitle you to the value of your insurance policy. It just pisses off Progressive’s lawyers. Here I address you, Prospective Progressive Insurance Customer: someday when you have your accident, I promise that there will be enough wiggle room for Progressive’s bottomless stack of in-house attorneys to make a court case out of it and to hammer at that court case until you or your surviving loved ones run out of money.

Which is what Progressive decided to do to my family. In hopes that a jury would hang or decide that the accident was her fault, they refused to pay the policy to my sister’s estate.

Due to Maryland Law they could not sue progressive so they had to sue the fellow who ran the light in the accident. According to Mark Progressive offed to pay 1/3 of the claim, (I presume his sister paid 3/3 of the preimums regularly) when that was turned down it went to court and what did Mark see at the table of the fellow who drove the car that killed his sister….

At the trial, the guy who killed my sister was defended by Progressive’s legal team.

If you are insured by Progressive, and they owe you money, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy.

Strangely enough Peter Lewis the Chairman of the Board, biggest stock holder and former CEO has no problem making big payouts to other causes such as $2.5 million to Move and 3 Million to Americans Coming Together (both matched by George Soros) according to

You would think a guy that and a company running ads everywhere like Progressive could ignore some guy with a blog…

…you’d be wrong.

Blogs all over picked up the story, it was all over Twitter, progressive put out a statement denying defending the driver and Matt counted with a 2nd post.

Progressive released a statement saying that ”Progressive did not serve as the attorney for the defendant” in my sister’s case. I am not a lawyer, but this is what I observed in the courtroom during my sister’s trial:

At the beginning of the trial on Monday, August 6th, an attorney identified himself as Jeffrey R. Moffat and stated that he worked for Progressive Advanced Insurance Company. He then sat next to the defendant. During the trial, both in and out of the courtroom, he conferred with the defendant. He gave an opening statement to the jury, in which he proposed the idea that the defendant should not be found negligent in the case. He cross-examined the plaintiff’s witnesses. On direct examination, he questioned all of the defense’s witnesses. He made objections on behalf of the defendant, and he was a party to the argument of all of the objections heard in the case. After all of the witnesses had been called, he stood before the jury and gave a closing argument, in which he argued that my sister was responsible for the accident that killed her, and that the jury should not decide that the defendant was negligent.

I am comfortable characterizing this as a legal defense.

and today CNBC wrote this:

A blog post from comedian Matt Fisher entitled “My Sister Paid Progressive insurance to defend her killer in court” — has gone viral. There were nearly 16,000 negative tweets about Progressive just yesterday — that’s up nearly 50,000 percent from a week earlier, according to General Sentiment, a firm which tracks social media chatter.

And the sentiment, the company said, is decidedly negative, with people throwing around terms like “horrific, despicable, and evil” when talking about the insurance firm.

CNBC btw has an Alexa rank of #620 globally and 229 nationally.

Ya think paying off this policy might have been a better investment that 2 mil plus to Move On huh Mr. Lewis?

But they weren’t worried, they were Progressive Insurance and he was just some guy with access to the internet, what harm could he do? CNBC again.

But as people attacked Progressive on Twitter through Monday and Tuesday morning, Progressive simply tweeted out the same message to every inquiry, accompanied by a photo of its smiling spokeswoman: “This is a tragic case and our sympathies go out to Mr. Fisher and his family for the pain they’ve had to endure. We fully investigated this claim and relevant background, and feel we properly handled the claim within our contractual obligations.”

The problem: no matter what Progressive says now, those negative tweets are still out there, weighing on the company’s image. The fact that the company repeatedly tweeted out the same response seemed to draw even more frustration for what called a “robotic” approach.

Gawker. This was picked up by Gawker? Now THAT site has an Alexa Rank of 1409 globally and a US Rank of #412 and with almost 40,000 sites linking to it

All the Millions spent on new Flo ads and clean white sets are not going to undo the damage done to this company’s reputation by this story and their decision to contest this claim, particularly in a market where there are plenty of other choices for people to make.

All men may be equal before the eyes of God, but the power of the internet and social media gives any man with a keyboard or a smartphone a fighting chance against a company with assets over 22.7 Billion unwilling to keep the promise it made to his late sister and her family.

Sam Colt would be proud, I’m sure the Army of Davids is.

Update: DaTechGuy’s alexa rating is 231,702 as of today and 34,602, not too shabby for a one man blog, but this post has been Instalanched (thanks Glenn) and PJmedia has an Alexa rank of #5113 and #1198 in the US.

Still think Move on was a better investment than paying Ms. Fischer’s policy Mr. Lewis?

“Freedom to starve is no freedom sir.”

Sgt. Harper: Sharpe Rifles 1993

When you live your life online people what to know what exactly is hiding behind that password:

Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn’t see his private profile. She turned back and asked him to hand over his login information.

and if they don’t ask for passwords they want to be your friend:

In Spotsylvania County, Va., the sheriff’s department asks applicants to friend background investigators for jobs at the 911 dispatch center and for law enforcement positions.

“In the past, we’ve talked to friends and neighbors, but a lot of times we found that applicants interact more through social media sites than they do with real friends,” said Capt. Mike Harvey. “Their virtual friends will know more about them than a person living 30 yards away from them.”

Now if you were talking a job in a prison or something that requires a government security clearance, this wouldn’t be so odd, but times being what they are employers are in the catbird seat and it’s going to be hard for a guy who needs a job to say “no” to something like this.

Lori Andrews, law professor at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law specializing in Internet privacy, is concerned about the pressure placed on applicants, even if they voluntarily provide access to social sites.

“Volunteering is coercion if you need a job,” Andrews said.

Before I went full-time with the blog/show as a job I wondered if the blog might have hindered a job search in Massachusetts but I’ve always worn my politics in plain view.

Just remember as I’ve said many times before, the internet is forever, and what you put online on Facebook or elsewhere is only as private as the person who likes you least among your circles chooses to keep it.

Update: Forgot to hat tip Via Arclight and Matt Cornell on Twitter.

Update 2: Commentator Foible offers some insight worth promoting to the main post:

Think that photo from Burning Man is safe because your name isn’t on it? Maybe that was true when you posted it but facial recognition software or facebook tagging will connect it to you soon enough. Do you use an alias on some blogs? Patterns of word use can be used to match up different online personas.

When I want privacy over the internet I use encryption, OpenPGP is the package I’ve installed for my email. No matter what end of the political spectrum you reside on, I strongly recommend using some form of encryption to protect your first amendment rights.

One of the things I’ve said for years is “the internet is forever”. If you’re going to say or do something on the internet, it is wise to remember your mother, your children or even more importantly a future potential employer may see it long after you regret your actions.

This is a lesson that is being learned the hard way by students at the St. Mary’s Academy and their teacher Ceiia Bard.

Saint Mary’s Academy is an Independent Catholic School” (That’s how the school was described to me, the assistant to the president a new hire was unable to tell me if they were in full communion with Rome) in greater Denver. Last Friday Ms. Bard thought it would be a good idea to take her class to the Occupy Denver encampment and furthermore join a group of the occupods as they attempted to storm Blogcon 11.

The story of the attempts of the occupods to disrupt the conference has been told more than once, however I have yet to touch upon Ms. Bard and her charges.

Personally I gave very little attention to Ms. Bard and her students when I saw them at the hotel, believing they were merely bystanders who happened to be present when the Occupods made their move. However other people at the event thought differently and confronted Ms. Bard directly

Ms. Bard’s attempt to keep herself and her student anonymous at a conference populated by 100’s of people who either as a hobby or for a living produce and disseminate information on the internet was laughable but as you can see by the video although her judgement might be suspect, there is no evidence that she cross any lines of decorum.

That unfortunately can’t be said for the young ladies she teaches (Language Warning)

Now this certainly doesn’t come up to the level of lets say Misfit politics in terms of vulgarity, but one would think that if you are attending a $14k a year “Independent Catholic School” you would know enough to act in a way that doesn’t reflect on said school or yourselves. Their “Independent Catholic School” must not have the nuns mine normal parish school did.

Since getting home I’ve called the school twice for comment, the first time I was given to the voice mail of the president, the 2nd time I spoke to the president’s assistant who informed me she was not authorized to speak on such matters. As I plan on talking about this on the show tomorrow I gave her an e-mail address to reach me with any kind of statement that the school might want to give concerning it. (Still no sign of one so far).

I have a sneaking suspicion that the young ladies although apparently not well-educated on decorum, economics or political reality are getting a crash course on physics, specifically cause and effect:

Apparently with a week to think about it and calls coming into the school inquiring about the event someone has decided that this might not be the image the school or the students want to project, so they apparently have launched a complaint to youtube thus

And now, YouTube has given me 48 hours to address vague privacy concerns — in a video taken when Occupy Denver protesters crashed a private event and were filmed (by me and others) doing so.

That I happened to catch several students whose school and teacher have argued were there merely to “observe” actually joining in with the protesters is not a “privacy issue.” It’s a “yes, you should be embarrassed, because your official statements to the local Denver media don’t jibe with the actual real-time evidence” issue — one that, as good little leftists, the school, or the students, or the students’ representatives, etc., are hoping to airbrush out of existence.

Or at least, to make it harder for people to find.

And here we’ve been told that this class was but an idealistic group of young truthseekers, led by a principled and courageous teacher whose goal it was to introduce this eager young minds to the workings of a democratic republic.

Funny how the search for Truth is so conveniently dismissed as banal tripe when the Truth just so happens to paint the self-described truth seekers as the little wannabe-tyrants that they so willingly and publicly presented themselves to be.

As this was a news story covered by the Denver Press the whole privacy issues should be totally moot, what won’t be moot is that people who recognize these students will likely be mentioning it on facebook and linking to said videos thus associating their names with them, furthermore said names once linked will start turning up on google searches etc in the future when these young deluded ladies decide to seek employment.

Perhaps at their expensive school they can be taught this poem that dates from a 1936 book The Best Loved Poems of the American People called: Judged by the company one keeps:

One night in late October,
when I was far from sober,
Returning with my load, with manly pride;
My feet began to stutter,
So I lay down in the gutter,
And a pig came up an’ lay down by my side;
A lady passing by was heard to say:
‘You can tell a man who “boozes”
by the company he chooses’
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

I hope the young ladies learn the right lesson from this experience, ignorance might be bliss, but in the internet age stupidity is forever.

Cross posted at the Minority Report:

The internet has had a liberating impact for humanity. It allows the average person access to more information faster than kings and presidents of old. It is a platform for everyone from Charlie Sheen to protesters in Egypt to express themselves.

The internet is also unforgiving. The teenage girl who decides to make a few hundred bucks posing unclad in front of a camera may find that image googled during a job interview. The intemperate e-mail sent in anger will find itself forwarded to thousands. And if you choose to make threats, don’t think you will be able to hide behind an assumed name. A great example of this took place on St. Patrick’s day last.

During the late unpleasantness in Wisconsin, blogger Ann Althouse (who lives in the area) and her husband Lawrence Meade provided invaluable coverage, interviewing protesters and providing video that showed what was actually happening. It allowed millions to bypass the MSM who choose to whitewash the protests and their aftermath.
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