One of the things that I think is going to be quite a shock for the left in a couple of days is the lack of change in their lives with the departure of the US led by George W. Bush or as they would put it “hell“:

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation. The last eight years have been such hell.

Lets take a look at IMDB to see what kind of Hell the 44 year old Gloria Reuben has gone though since 2001: Continue reading “What now?”

I was looking at the Reclusive Leftist’s site and saw her shock at the cover of MS Magazine.

She was practically speechless, but other of her readers had more to say:

I have to say that if President-Elect is Ms. Magazine’s idea of what a feminist looks like, I would hate to see their vision of what an anti-feminist looks like.

Peacock and Lilies has the best and correct line:

UPDATE: Wholly shit, Batman! They are selling the poster separately, for, get this, $19.95! They’re calling it a feminist collector’s item.

Apparently this is what prostitution looks like.

She also examines the relevance of the image in comics and the fact that the image itself is an American icon. It is interesting reading.

She is exactly right. It is prostitution, you can’t go anywhere without seeing Obama Messiah stuff for sale. Ms. Magazine is just trying to cash in by jumping on the bandwagon.

As a practicing Roman Catholic Man who maintains Abortion an intrinsic evil (particularly when used selectively to prevent the birth of girls in the 3rd world and in India and China. ) I would not likely be considered anything remotely feminist by the blogs above.

However with them I thought the treatment of Hillary Clinton at best bordered on misogyny. The treatment of Palin was even worse. I was shocked to hear a 15 year old girl scream at me because Palin’s daughter was pregnant at a NH rally. Not feminism’s greatest moment. Media of all types have prostituted themselves to near cult status when it comes to the president elect. This is likely not going to change.

These blogs have every reason to be suspicious of the incoming administration and it wouldn’t surprise me to see those suspicions confirmed. I suspect they will not be the only ones on the left in that spot. We of the right aren’t expecting much so we will be less disappointed.

Update: I’ll wager that National Review and them are not on the same page too often either.

The saying goes you can indict an ham sandwich.

Apparently in Illinois that must not be true:

A federal judge on Monday gave prosecutors an additional three months to obtain a corruption indictment against Gov. Rod Blagojevich, saying the complexity of the case against him makes it “unreasonable” to expect the indictment sooner.

Via Don Surber, but in fairness Governor Blagojevich isn’t a ham sandwich, he is one of Illinois greatest governors.

The Firedog lake link brings up a point that will make things interesting.

With a large majority in the house, the presidency in hand and nearly 60 votes in the senate it will be very hard for the democratic party to not have responsibility for all that happens.

Even more importantly the angry left blogs will have a hard time blaming the GOP for failures, mistakes and agendas either enacted or ignored.

It will be fun to have them try to twist this without the usual venom.

Hotair’s quote of the day for Jan 6th illustrates this:

“There’s a left-wing tradition of being systematically opposed to the U.S. government, knee-jerk reactionary – most of our presidents have made it fairly easy to do,” said Jo Freeman, author of “At Berkeley in the Sixties,” a memoir of her student activism. “Those who view everything the U.S. does as automatically suspect already have a problem doing that with Obama.”…

I think they won’t be able to help themselves.

If you are not a person who follows Doctor Who you might not know that the four seasons of the revived series has one overriding theme. Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper.

The doctor meeting, traveling with, slowly falling in love with, losing, tortured over her loss, being pursued by, re-united with, and shot dying in her arms, somehow surviving, and in the end both getting and losing her again at the same time.

So how ironic is it that Billie Piper’s series after Doctor Who was The Secret diary of a Call Girl and the newly chosen 11th doctor not only meet, bed each other (without payment) he uses his powers of deduction to solve a mystery.

They also appear together in a show called The Ruby in the smoke and actually flee from an explosion together.

Talk about typecasting!

Two notes:

#1 As the title might suggest any link to the Call girl series may have content that is not work safe or not proper for younger readers, follow at your own risk.

#2 As time permits I may add You Tube clips concerning the Doctor Who stuff so this post may change as the day goes on.