Not anymore:

On Thursday morning, a young girl was murdered in her bed by an Arab terrorist in the Israeli city of Kiryat Arba. The terrorist scaled a security fence around the city and broke into the girl’s home. Hillel Yaffe Ariel was 13 years old, an aspiring dancer. Before the attack, the attacker went on Facebook and praised other terrorists, including a woman who rammed a car into a crowd in Kiryat Arba. He called her a martyr and said her name was “exalted.”

Of course I’m also old enough to remember when groups that honored people who murdered 13 year old girls in their beds were not proudly supported by the American left:

Fatah’s official Facebook page immediately posted his picture, declaring him a Martyr – “Shahid,” the highest honor achievable in Islam according to the Palestinian Authority.
WAFA, the official PA news agency, likewise honored the terrorist, referring to him as a Martyr – “Shahid.”
According to Palestinian Authority law, the family of today’s murderer will immediately start receiving a monthly PA stipend that the PA pays to the families of all the “Martyrs.”
The mother of the terrorist told a local Hebron news network that her son was “a hero” who made her “proud”:

The next time you are on a college campus and students go on about the evil jews and zions, remind them of this young girl who could have been their kid sister.

Via Elder of Ziyon

You see Lieutenant, when enemies fall out, it’s time to make friends

The Adventures of Robin Hood Goodbye Little John 1960

At the Tablet they have come to the conclusion that thanks to Barack Obama America’s days of keeping the peace in the Middle East are over.

The era of Pax Americana has now been replaced by an era of renewed Cold War, even if in a modern version, a war in which Russia competes—with no competitors—for status and influence in the Middle East. Russia is acting on its own, but at the same time it is prepared to cooperate with local godfathers—like Iran and Hezbollah—all of them enemies of the United States and its friends in the region.

In 2009 President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Announcing the prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee declared: “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” However, ironically, it turned out that during the Obama Administration more people have been killed in the Middle East and around the world than during the administrations of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who became the object of international obloquy for the wars he conducted in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So what happens when you are a country , surrounded by enemies who wish your destruction and constantly singled out by Muslim nations in the UN for opprobrium and your oldest friend decides to retreat from the word?

Why you find yourself some new friends

Next month, Benjamin Netanyahu will be the first Israeli prime minister since Yitzhak Rabin to travel to African capitals for meetings with the leaders of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Netanyahu’s visit to Uganda is particularly significant because his brother was killed in Israel’s raid on Entebbe in that country 40 years ago to free hostages kidnapped by German and Palestinian Marxists. Back then, Uganda’s government gave refuge to terrorists; today it seeks Israel’s help in fighting them.  

Well big deal, it’s not like Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda & Uganda are going to make a difference in international affairs.

Israel under Netanyahu is also expanding links with China, now the country’s third-largest trading partner. Gold told me this week at his Foreign Ministry office that it’s almost impossible to get a seat these days on the El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Beijing. A similar story can be told about Israel’s relationship with India, whose Narendra Modi is expected to be the first Indian prime minister ever to visit Israel later this year.

Yeah sure China & India re big international players but you don’t see them directly taking action in the Middle East like say Russia:

Netanyahu has met with President Vladimir Putin four times in the last year. He has also worked out a deal, according to senior officials who spoke to me on background, in which Russia will allow Israeli jets to target members of the terrorist group Hezbollah operating in Syria, where Russians now control the air space.

And we haven’t even touched on nations in the middle east that, due to fear of ISIS and Iran are doing backdoor deals.

Via Elder of Ziyon


There is one thing about the Syrian refugee crisis that makes no sense.

We are hearing the left demand that the west to all it can to accept and resettle Syrians displaced by the current war.

What about the right to return?

I mean after all, these Syrians lived in Syria just four years ago. They must have had places to live, either that they rented or owned. They had attachments to the land that went back a very long way and the only reason why they no longer have those places is due to a war that has driven them out even though many if not most of them had no involvement in the war or took any sides.

Yet we don’t hear any kind to demand by our friend on the left that their land and homes remain theirs. They don’t insist that the eventual winning side in the syrian civil war give back said land. They do not insist that any attempt to deny them that right to return is an outrage.

Contrast that to the Palestinians.

You had a partition of a UN protectorate divided between arabs and jews and yet the Arabs decided to make war against the jews (with a lot of help from neighboring countries. They lost time and time again and the state of Israel grew because of it, but the same leftists who INSIST that Palestinians have a right to return to Israel because a grandfather or great grandfather once lived there and lost a war of extermination to the Jews.

Perhaps the refugees in Syria can somehow tempt Israel into the war, one Israel takes a single step into the Syrian Civil War then the Syrians now streaming into Europe and their descendants can be sure the banner of their rights to their old homes will be carried by every leftist in the world


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Montgomery Scott: The Best Diplomat I know is a fully charged Phaser Bank

Star Trek A Taste of Armageddon (1967)

There was a famous exchange between Harry Truman and Soviet Foreign Affairs Minister Vyacheslav Molotov over the Soviets refusal to carry out their agreements concerning Polish Self Determination.

He then walks into the room with Molotov and has a very, very tough conversation in which he tells Molotov that the Soviets are not carrying out their agreements on Poland. And Molotov says, “We are.” And according to Truman’s record of this, “I then explain to him in words of one syllable,” Truman said, “exactly why they were not.” Molotov apparently said, “I have never been talked to like that in my life,” and Truman said, “Carry out your agreements and you won’t be talked to like that.”

That comes to mind when I hear about the aftermath of the “Dialogue” between Facebook/Zuckerberg and Conservatives:

Dana Perino, co-host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” says that Facebook recognizes that it has a ‘trust problem’ with conservatives following her meeting Wednesday with the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Perino, former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, was among a group of leading conservatives invited to the meeting at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., following a Gizmodo report that stories about conservative topics were prevented from appearing in Facebook’s trending module. “FOX & Friends Weekend” co-host and Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson also attended the meeting.

“They acknowledged that they have a trust problem with a significant portion of their customer base and that they were trying to figure out a way, at least a first step, to open a dialogue so that they can try to fix it in the long run,” said Perino, speaking on “The Kelly File” following the meeting.

This perfectly illustrates why said “dialogue” is useless.

Facebook doesn’t acknowledge a bias problem, the only see a “Trust” problem, thus they will hold “dialogues” in the hope of showing “progress” in the hopes that these visuals will cause conservatives to believe they are doing something.

Alas for facebook, not only is the bias problem real but as reported at The Lid , the Israel Law Center (Shurat HaDin) was able to prove it by setting up a pair of “hate” sites one anti-jewish & one anti Palestinians gradually ramping up the rhetoric on both until they both called for the death of their targets. Then they reported each site to facebook.

Jeff Tells us what happened:

On the very same day as the complaints were lodged, Facebook closed the anti-Palestinian page emailing back to the “person” who complained:
“We reviewed the page you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it violates our Community Standards.”

The page inciting violence against Jews, which used the same hate terms as the anti-Palestinian one, was not closed by Facebook. This complained received a message stating that site calling for the death of Jews was not in violation of their rules.

The only thing less surprising than this is what happened next

Only after the Israel Law Center published the video below did Facebook change its mind. “As you may have noticed, we have now taken down both those pages as we made a mistake earlier,” a Facebook spokesperson explained in an email to the Law Center.

Oh it was a “mistake”, what was that mistake? Getting caught!

If facebook actually wanted to solve their “trust” problem the solution is actually pretty simple: Stop showing bias against conservatives and conservative sites.

However I submit that Facebook given the choice between abandoning their liberal bias, or continuing a “dialogue” in the hope that conservative journalists gullible enough to believe them, or greedy enough to play along will be appeased, they’ll go with “dialogue” every time while they continue to do stuff like this:

An Emmy award-winning actress on “The Middle” and formerly “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Heaton often uses her social media pages to speak out for unborn babies. Last week, Heaton shared her support of a Washington, D.C. pregnancy resource center’s work on her Twitter page:

The post was so popular that it became a trending news story on Facebook. However, the social media site didn’t use Heaton’s words; instead, it characterized her post this way, according to Hot Air: “Patricia Heaton: Actress Shares Anti-Abortion Message, Says ‘Support Life.’” “Is there anything in that message that is ‘anti-abortion’? Absolutely not,” O’Connor wrote. “She is celebrating and honoring an organization, the Northwest Center, which cares for pregnant women and their children after they are born. … That is political bias. That is what it looks like. This is what we are talking about.”

It’s worth noting that this was done three days AFTER the Gizmodo story with the blowback already taking place.

And I suggest that the Israel Law Center’s solution to the facebook bias problem is the best one:

They allege that social media, particularly postings by Palestinians on Facebook, “is spurring on the terrorist attacks against Israelis in the past month.”

The complaint says the plaintiffs “have been living in the crosshairs of a murderous terrorist rampage carried out by killers who attack people with knives, axes, screwdrivers, cars and Molotov cocktails for no reason other than that the attacker perceives the victims to be Jewish.”

In a wave of violence this past month, 10 Israelis have been killed in shooting and knifing attacks, and more than 50 Palestinians, more than half of them assailants, have been killed as well.

“Many of these murderers were motivated to commit their heinous crimes by incitement to murder they read on Facebook – demagogues and leaders exhorting their followers to ‘slaughter the Jews,’ and offering instruction as to the best manner to do so, including even “anatomical charts showing the best places to stab a human being.”


20,000 Jews have already joined the suit and Shurat HaDin is encouraging others to sign on:

Israeli attorney, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Director of Shurat HaDin, said that “for every Israeli that is sitting now at home – there is something that can be done against terror. Join us now. This action is important in the same way as actions to increase security on the ground and its goal is to stop the terror. Today, Facebook has become a haven for terrorists: they publish their actions on their Facebook pages, garner support, receive instructions and direction to murder Jews – and all this under the sponsorship of a commercial company that has the power to stop it easily. At the time that Facebook suffices with words and tells us that it intends “to remove inciting pages” – the website is filling up more and more each moment with severe incitement and it is our task to do everything to stop this.”

This suit is going to do more to change things at Facebook than any amount of meetings and photo ops.

Update: Milo gets it as well as the give em hell Harry reference:

The problem for Facebook is: nobody’s buying it. Here’s the thing, Zuck — you’ve spent a year trying to out-do Jack Dorsey with your barking-mad progressive proclamations (America should “follow Germany’s lead on immigration,” messages in support of All Lives Matter are “deeply hurtful”).

Conservatives — by which I mean the people at home — are not dumb. They know what the political priorities of your company are, and they want to see truth and transparency or they will simply leave the platform.

Zuckerberg’s staff aren’t prone to hiding their biases, which doesn’t help public relations efforts. In April, we learned that a number of Facebook’s staff voted to ask the CEO what the company was doing to stop Donald Trump becoming President. In other words, there are people at Facebook who want the social network to influence elections, and aren’t afraid of wearing that opinion on their sleeves. And they’re most likely in the majority.

Remember their goal isn’t  to solve a bias problem their goal is to solve a trust problem without touching their bias.  If you aren’t there to lay down the law then Glenn Beck’s not withstanding you’re wasting your time.

Update 2:  This is the headline at Time

Glenn Beck: Facebook Made Us Feel More Welcome Than the Republican Party Has 

Who knew conservatism was all about “feelings” and here I was thinking it was about facts


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Just a reminder just because the national & international media doesn’t consider Palestinian terrorism newsworthy doesn’t mean they’ve taken a breather from it:

Two elderly women were stabbed and moderately injured in what police said was a terror attack at the Armon Hanatziv promenade in southern Jerusalem, police said Tuesday morning.

Both women were rushed to a local hospital in moderate condition, the Magen David Adom rescue service said.

And in a twist that fits in so well with Holocaust remembrance day

The two victims were in a group of five elderly Israelis who were on a walk together. One of the two is a Holocaust survivor.

Police said two stabbers, both of whom were masked, fled the scene toward the nearby East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber.

It’s things like that that is the reason for things like this

after all, had it not been for the bravery of our Allies holding out against the Third Reich and the geographical inconvenience of our island geography, British Jewry would have also been swept up by the systematic slaughter of the Holocaust. As would other detractors of the genocidal Nazi regime.

Fortunately, despite Hitler’s best intentions, this never came to pass.

But such fears remain deeply ingrained in the Jewish DNA. What if joined-up political lunacy ever spread across Europe again? Would Britain be so well-equipped to stand alone were we to be yoked together in an already legitimate alliance with Europe?

It’s for these reasons that nothing will convince me of the rightness of staying in the EU – even after David Cameron predicted on Monday that a Brexit will increase the risk of Europe descending into war.

People forget the mass slaughter of jews took place in living memory although  in fairness these attackers were doing their bit to change that

I wonder if this is one of those stories that Facebook won’t promote?


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…is this paragraph from Kevin Williamson via Israel Matzav

For the Jew-hater, this is maddening: Throw the Jews out of Spain, and they thrive abroad. Send them to the poorest slums in New York, and those slums stop being slums. Keep them out of the Ivy League and watch NYU become a world-class institution inspired by men such as Jonas Salk, son of largely uneducated Polish immigrants. Put the Jewish state in a desert wasteland and watch it bloom, first with produce and then with technology. Israel today has more companies listed on NASDAQ than any other country except the United States and China. The economy under Palestinian management? Olives and handicrafts, and a GDP per capita that barely exceeds that of Sudan.

The reality is the Arab world will never forgive the state of Israel for being what they could be. Every day they exist and thrive is a reminder that left to their own devices they have failed to do so.

Last year I noted a plan being advanced for 24/7 cameras at the Temple Mount in order to substantiate Palestinian claims of Israel violating agreements concerning it which the Jordanians, John Kerry and the Israelis agreed.

However for some reason our peaceful Palestinian who have been accusing Israel of misdeeds objected even though such cameras would allow any Jews violating said agreements to be caught in the act.

Of course the question was exactly who would be caught in what acts?

Another reason the Palestinians are opposed to King Abdullah’s idea is their fear that the cameras would expose that Palestinians have been smuggling stones, firebombs and pipe bombs into Al-Aqsa Mosque for the past two years. These are scenes at the PA, Hamas and the Islamic Movement do not want the world to see: they show who is really “contaminating” the Haram al-Sharif. Needless to say, no Jewish visitors have thus far been caught trying to smuggle such weapons into the holy site.

Well five months later the final verdict is in:

Following fierce palestinian protests and threats, Jordan said on Monday that it has abandoned its plan to install security cameras on the Temple Mount.

The decision was announced by Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour.

The security cameras were supposed to be installed on the Temple Mount in accordance with an agreement reached late last year between Israel and Jordan under the auspices of US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Apparently the Palestinians were so opposed to cameras recording all the evil actions of Israelis and the peaceful non threatening nature of Palestinian actions at the temple mount that they distributed leaflets urging Palestinians to break the cameras if installed.

One might be shocked at the lack of transparency on the part of the Palestinians, of course that’s because I find their actions transparent in the extreme.

At Israeli Cool (Via Elder of ziyon) Ryan Bellerose tells the truth about the consequences of supporting the arabs over Israel for leftists there:

He starts by acknowledging the short term reasons for doing so:

Now if one is short-sighted, it is rather obvious that one would choose the Arabs. They have Arab oil money behind them, they have the “cool” leftists behind them

However if you are actually living in Israel here is the bottom line for such a person if the arabs actually won. If you are a woman

First, I hope you didn’t like those human rights you got so used to, because you won’t get to keep those. That whole equal rights for everyone thing? Not so much. If you are a woman, your rights are roughly equal to half that of a man. You won’t be able to leave the house without supervision and if you are lucky enough to get raped, you better hope there is a witness besides yourself or you will likely have insult to injury and be stoned – and not stoned in a good way.

If you are Gay:

Don’t worry, as long as nobody finds out you should be fine. If they do, I hope you are OK with being thrown off a roof. That’s if they don’t hang you by a crane.

If you are a Christian, even a nominal one

as long as you pay your dhimmi taxes (roughly double) they will only ask that you NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR RELIGION IN PUBLIC AGAIN or carry a bible in public. Upon pain of death by the way.

How about if you’re not a monotheist or a believer of any type:

If you are like me and are a “pagan” Indian who doesn’t follow the bible as your central holy text, don’t worry, you will be given the chance to convert to Islam before they kill you.

As for Human Rights

one need only look at EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Find me one that isn’t rife with human rights abuses, where religious freedom or even basic human rights are respected.

These are all truths that our friends on the left often forget when they attack Western Civilization without asking the obvious question: What will we replace it with?


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Yesterday at AIPAC Ted Cruz gave a stirring speech in defense of Israel which I agree with wholeheartedly

In a sense while excellent this speech was not much different than others he has given in the past and frankly is not different that things you will see at this blog or many other conservative blogs.

The difference is that yesterday that speech was broadcast live in its entirety on FOX News, CNN & MSNBC.

Why? I hate to admit it the reason is Donald Trump.

All three networks carried the Donald Trump speech at AIPAC. Trump raised many of the points that Ted Cruz did, Trump brought up the points about Palestinians indoctrinating their kids into Jew hatred and rewarding terrorists.

His line concerning kids heros was spectacular.

Meanwhile, every single day, you have rampant incitement and children being taught to hate Israel and hate the Jews. When you live in a society where the firefighters are the hero’s little kids want to be firefighters. When you live in a society where athletes and movie stars are heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars. In Palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder Jews – we can’t let this continue. You cannot achieve peace if terrorists are treated as martyrs. Glorifying terrorists is a tremendous barrier to peace.

But for the most part Trump like Ted Cruz didn’t say anything that folks like me haven’t said before.

The difference is, when Trump says it, the message no longer has the effect of a tree falling in an empty forest.

I wrote about this a while back noting the number of Twitter followers he has:

2.9 MILLION. He has more people following him on twitter than all the candidates above combined except Rubio & Paul and easily has more than double of the two of them combined. In fact there is only one person in the race that has more followers than him

That was Hillary Clinton with 3.6 million twitter followers.

I wrote that on June 16th of last year since then Hillary’s Twitter followers have soared to 5.7 million an increase of 63%. Not bad at all.

Ted Cruz my guy has done well too, he’s gone from 416K followers to 955K more than doubling his followers. Not up to Clinton’s numbers but quite an increase.

However Donald Trump went from 2.9 Million twitter followers to SEVEN MILLION an increase of 194%. He has gone from having 700,000 less twitter followers than Hillary Clinton to having 1.3 million more in under a year.

You might not be impressed by those numbers, but the networks are. Les Moonves explained this well:

“I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going,” said Moonves.

“Donald’s place in this election is a good thing,” he said Monday at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco.

“There’s a lot of money in the marketplace,” the exec said of political advertising so far this presidential season.

Beyond politics, Moonves said ad sales in general are strong because there’s not a lot of places beyond The Big Bang Theory where advertisers can reach 20 million people all at once.

There are a lot of reasons to oppose Donald Trump for the GOP nomination, but his ability to get the conservative message out on Illegal Immigration, on Radical Islam and yesterday on Israel to the public who have been shielded from facts by the Democrats and the media that serves them is game changing.

Instead of a tree falling in a forest he is a meteor smashing in the city, when he talks about subject they can’t be ignored.

And as conservatives we should be damn happy about it.


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Jake Blues: I Hate Illinois Nazis

The Blues Brothers 1980

I absolutely love this story:

Yisrael Kristal survived two world wars and the Holocaust but doesn’t consider himself particularly remarkable, despite being named the world’s oldest living man Friday at age 112.

The Israeli was born in what is now Poland on September 15, 1903, three months before the Wright brothers’ first powered and controlled aeroplane flight.

He lived there after the First World War until the Nazi occupation in World War II, when he was eventually sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Kristal survived and moved to Israel, where he has lived for over six decades.

Guinness World Records confirmed on Friday he was now considered the world’s oldest living man, but Kristal remained modest.

Every day he lives is a stake in the heart to every Nazi who ever lived and all those who want to see Jews dead.