Last year the NFL tried to spend an entire season pretending that the protests against the National Anthem were not hurting attendance while trying to appease players who decided they’d want to be social justice warriors of the pampered 1%.

This season attendance and rating continue to drop as athletes decide to focus on protest rather than play and the athletes doubled down asking the NFL to dedicate a month to protest.

Four NFL players submitted a 10-page memo to the league’s top officials asking for “overt league support” and a month of anti-police activism.

The 10-page memo was obtained by Yahoo Sports and was endorsed by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles’ Torrey Smith and former NFL player Anquan Boldin. The memo was sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent.

Bennett has sat during the national anthem during games and raises a fist on the field after making plays in protest of the police.

The memo asks for the league to make the month of November as “activism awareness month” such as the league does with breast cancer.

This was a bombshell aimed directly at the blue collar white fan base that Roger Goodell would like to avoid, but alas for him a more media savvy person recognized that NFL base that is getting angry at pampered athletes dissing the country and law are upsetting his base too.

Ed Morrissey saw where this was going:

After this, what will be more likely: NFL players decide to obey Trump, or NFL players make a special show of defying Trump? Given his relative popularity in the urban areas that support these teams, bet heavily on the latter. And even those who might have eschewed protesting during the anthem before this for reasons of patriotism will now have incentive to show solidarity with their teammates, knowing full well that Trump’s comments will put pressure on them to show that they’re not going to take orders from him.

This fad may have petered out naturally after a few more months; Trump’s all but guaranteed that we’ll get it through the 2020 election. And that may mean that NFL players will need to keep it going through 2024, given the unpopularity of the protests everywhere else. It’s a win-win, I guess.

Sure enough the NFL commissioner who wasn’t willing to critique his players was more than willing to hit Trump

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell fired back at President Trump on Saturday for encouraging league owners to remove players who take a knee during the national anthem, saying Trump’s “divisive comments” show “an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.”

Oddly enough I don’t recall him calling the protests “divisive”, nor complaining about the “unfortunate lack of respect” for police or the country and the flag.

Furthermore on Friday another story came out about Stephen Curry saying he’s not going to the White House over Trump and the Warriors hedging about going 

”I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Myers said. ”It’s not as clear as, well I assume some people think it is and some people think it isn’t. So, from our opinion, my opinion, it deserves a proper forum. It deserves the right amount of thought, and so when we make the decision we at least put in the right amount of time to make it.”

Stephen Curry has been outspoken about not attending, saying at media day Friday, ”I don’t want to go … my beliefs stay the same.”

So the President, understanding that this is another gimme for his base, decided to make things easier for them by taking the decision out of their hands.

Now by this time it should have been pretty obvious that the President is trolling the left here and hoping beyond hope that they choose to bite because he understand that to his base, particularly in state that the left needs if they want to win in 2020 can’t afford to upset those voters who decided to abandon them.

So if they were smart they would have let it go.

They Didn’t

And the msm has piled on with some disingenuous breast beating:

Trump knows this. He is an avid consumer of TV and culture. Which means that he is purposely playing at and with racial animus here. That is a dark thing to do as the leader of the United States. And something he deserves to be condemned for.

This is from CNN which has spent the last 5 years playing the race card and doing all they can to divide the country.

However some people get it like the folks at Powerline:

Liberals have responded with predictable hysteria in defense of Colin Kaepernick’s (and others’) First Amendment rights. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement that criticized Trump without, however, mentioning the National Anthem issue, which suggests how sensitive it is to the league’s hierarchy.

And Rich Lowry:

He takes a commonly held sentiment — most people don’t like the NFL protests — and states it in an inflammatory way guaranteed to get everyone’s attention and generate outrage among his critics. When those critics lash back at him, Trump is put in the position of getting attacked for a fairly commonsensical view.

and Allahpundit who while he sees a silver lining for the left as well

All of which … works out pretty well for both sides. Liberals are forever grumbling that pro athletes aren’t as “socially conscious” as they should be given their influence; James and Curry have the cachet to change that, and to do so at the expense of Democrats’ least favorite politician. Trump fans will hate every minute of that and some apolitical fans will grow annoyed at having politics crammed into yet another form of entertainment, and the backlash will benefit Trump. As a matter of raw populism, you can’t do better than the white-identity-politics president in a war of words with a group of black superstar athletes defending another black athlete known for complaining about how oppressive America is. I’d bet a kidney that Steve Bannon, Trump’s populist id, couldn’t be more excited about last night’s shot at anthem protests and today’s fallout.

but forgets that this helps Trump in places that he needs to win again and hurts him in places that he’s doesn’t, while helping the left in places that they are already winning in and hurts them in swing states and districts.

Because nothing is going to win over white working class voters than a bunch of rich athletes talking about how oppressed they are by the country that made them rich.

The left doesn’t seem to get this or if they do, they are too afraid of getting any single part of their fragile coalition together to risk keeping silent, they don’t want to see a bunch of primaries where they are flanked on the left.

What’s really ironic here is Trump is using the tactics of the left against them and playing by the same rules that they normally do or as Kurt Schlichter put it

The left will miss the old rules come election day.

Update: Instalanche, thanks Ed. You’ll want to see these two follow up posts

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Also I had Robert Stacy McCain stay with me for a week, we hit Harvard, Clark, UMass Amherst, He did TV in Worcester, gave speeches in Lexington and did an event on feminism in Leominster. You can find it all here.

Update 2: Guess what NFL shirt is the #1 seller for the Pittsburgh steelers

or buy Amazon and give the NFL nothing

Plus the ultimate NFL twitter irony

Update 2: “America Good”

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You might remember last month I practically begged Democrats to file articles of impeachment against President Trump:

The fact is President Trump is much more like Tip than he is like Nixon, he has finger on the pulse of the working class of the nation and knows that an impeachment resolution would energize his base to no end, furthermore such a resolution would expose every Democrat in the place as the radical leftist they are and would have laudable effects on election 2018.

I cited the example of Tip O’Neill during watergate and further noted that such a resolution brought up for a vote at once would have a laudable effect on House RINOS.

Furthermore an impeachment vote now would put any republican in the house who might consider for one moment to vote for it on the spot.  Such a pro-impeach vote would guarantee a pro-trump primary challenge that would likely not end well for the sitting congressman, after all consider what Robert Costa discovered about GOP voters when he left his bubble.

I even dared Maxine Waters to get such a resolution submitted.

Well fortunately for this administration Democrats neither know history or read this blog so guess what a California Democrat just did:

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) on Wednesday officially introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump on the grounds of obstructing justice.

“Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump’s campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia,” he said in a statement.

“It now seems likely that the President had something to hide when he tried to curtail the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider Russia probe,” Sherman added. “I believe his conversations with, and subsequent firing of, FBI Director James Comey constitute Obstruction of Justice.”

“I am introducing Articles of Impeachment to begin a long process to protect our country from abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and impulsive, ignorant incompetence.”

Tip O’Neill noted in his book an Impeachment resolution is privileged meaning any house member can bring it up at any time for an immediate vote.

As the Hill reports even Democrats have questioned if this is a good idea:

This is the first time a lawmaker has offered an impeachment article against Trump, and it comes as Democrats have debated whether it is politically wise to press the case for impeachment at this time.

They’re right, it’s a trap and Representative Sherman has obligingly walked into it.

If I’m the Trump administration I’d demand a vote immediately!  I’d coordinate with the House leadership to have it done at once.

Let’s the Democrats be forced to take a vote when they have no evidence to support impeachment, a vote they know will hurt them on a subject that they admit is a losing issue for them.  Make those house members decide if they want to risk a primary challenger from the left if they vote while hurting them nationally if they vote yes.  Put every Senate Democrat running in a red state in 2018 in a position where they HAVE to have a position on impeachment that will either cost them their seat in a primary or cost them their seat in the general and put every house RINO on the spot where they have to choose if they want a primary challenge by a Pro-Trump candidate.

As far as I’m concerning the time for such a vote is NOW!  Sherman has led the Democrat caucus into the snare.  It only remains to be seen if the administration and the GOP have the brains and the guts to spring it on them.

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Scarlett Hazeltine:  All those lies, You’re not going to fool daddy so easy

C. R.  MacNamara:   I didn’t say it was going to be easy.

One Two Three 1961

Back in October I wrote this:

The left is going to talk about the website, they are going to critique the web site and they’re going to make sure every attack they make on Obamacare is based on the web site because they know sooner or later there will be Lemon soaked paper napkins they will be able to declare the web site fixed and Obamacare’s problems solved.

And as December begins there have been plenty of web problems to talk about:

We don’t know how many inaccurate 834 transmissions went out. Three reporters — one from the Los Angeles Times, one from The Wall Street Journal and I — asked Bataille for information on how many of the 834s sent out so far have had an error. This is a question that I’ve asked on three previous calls, a point made by the Los Angeles Times’s Noam Levey as he asked for his second time.

This is where Monday’s media call started to get more tense than the dozens that have happened in the past, with reporter after reporter asking about the numbers of 834 errors and not getting a response from the administration.

and people are like Forbes on the right:

Obamacare’s Website Won’t Be Working By November 30 — But What If It Isn’t Working By November 2014?

and the Washington Post from the left:

The enrollment records for a significant portion of the Americans who have chosen health plans through the online federal insurance marketplace contain errors — generated by the computer system — that mean they might not get the coverage they’re expecting next month.

The errors cumulatively have affected roughly one-third of the people who have signed up for health plans since Oct. 1, according to two government and health-care industry officials. The White House disputed the figure but declined to provide its own.

and talking about them.  Additionally their articles are prompting post like this from Ed Morrissey at Hotair:

But hey, the website has a “dramatically improved” user experience, which means you can now wait in a queue while your private information is exposed to identity thieves in a system that won’t actually enroll some of you for insurance at all. This, apparently, is “private-sector velocity and efficiency,” as seen by the administration that has almost no private-sector experience at all.

It shows.

And that’s just on the error messages.  Things are even worse than it sounds:

“When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And it doesn’t appear to have happened this time,” said David Kennedy, a so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security by breaching websites. He testified on Capitol Hill about the flaws of last week.

“It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because security wasn’t built into it,” said Kennedy, chief executive of TrustedSec. “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least address some of the critical-to-high exposures on the website itself.”

While such articles particularly from CNBC and a big liberal paper like Washington Post sting, they still serve the purpose of both the administration and Democrat election hopes in 2014:  Keeping the conversation and the critique of Obamacare about the web site instead of the law.

Fortunately some people have figured this out producing ads like They Knew from the NRSC on Vimeo:

and this from Americas for prosperity:

that last one via RS McCain who tells us this campaign is going to be expanded to Sen Landrieu and beyond

AFP recently announced it was expanding its campaign to target Democrat Sen. Mark Begich as well as three vulnerable House incumbents, Democrat Reps. Patrick Murphy (FL-18), Joe Garcia (FL-26) and Ron Barber (AZ-2).

It’s important to remember long before the Obamacare site went belly up the Tea Party and the GOP were adamantly opposed to it.  Jim Geraghty nails it:

The problem is not the branding, or a lack of administration efforts to tout the program. The problem is that the program cannot work as promised as it is currently structured

while still getting in a jab at the web site:

And what’s more, the much-touted web site still doesn’t work

While there are reasons beyond Obamacare where the web site’s failures will be of use politically as Byron York notes: the bottom line today is the same as it was in October:

Now there is nothing wrong with pointing out the issues with the site, it speaks to the competence of this administration or lack thereof but any conservative writer or pundit who does had better damn well make sure they stress the real problems with Obamacare which have nothing to do with coding.

Or in the words (or tweet) of Speaker Boehner:

The moment we forget this we are exactly where the media wants us…cue Sheldon

Update: The Right Scoop gets it:

Another Obamacare success story about a woman who finally got through the website, but was then hit with sticker shock and says can’t afford Obamacare insurance plans for her husband with a preexisting condition:

The best part is they are linking not to a NRCC or AFP video but to a local ABC affiliate

An estimated 800,000 people visited the new and improved Monday to shop for affordable health insurance. But what one Akron woman got was a bad case of sticker shock.

“I thought it was supposed to help us,” Liz Binns said in frustration. “I can’t afford it. I cannot afford

This is EXACTLY what I mean

Via Ed Morrissey who gets the last word

It’s not the website. The website has been a distraction for Americans. It’s the bill coming due that Obama will have to explain … every day until the midterms.

More please

Update 2:  Seen on Twitter:



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Look, we are not propagandists. We’re not like them. We don’t insulate ourselves into our own happy little media bubble, impervious to the reality around us.

Krystal Ball MSNBC

Ford Prefect:  What’s happening on this hell ship?

Autopilot:  There has been a delay. The passengers are kept in temporary suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are served every ten years, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Departure will take place when flight stores are complete. We apologize for the delay.

Ford Prefect:  Delay? Have you seen the world outside this ship? It’s a wasteland. A desert. Civilization’s been and gone. It’s over. There are no lemon-soaked paper napkins on the way from anywhere.

Autopilot:  The statistical likelihood is that other civilizations will arise. There will one day be lemon-soaked paper napkins. ‘Till then, there will be a short delay. Please return to your seats.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

It’s fun time for the GOP right now.

Democrat pols running for re-election are suddenly making arguments that Ted Cruz was being called a “terrorist for”.  The Obamacare website is as trusted as a Porn Site loaded with Trojans (the hack code not the condoms) and leftists are arguing about the if they should or should not admit how bad it is,  and if that wasn’t enough it looks like the no-bid contract for the construction of this debacle went to a classmate of the first lady company.

Was it only a week ago that the right was in panic?

As fun as this is, let me for a moment put my “Programmer/Tech”  (Yes I was an old Fortran, Pascal, CCL, C programmer back in the days of a full head of hair.) hat on and tell you this.

There are a lot of things wrong with Obamacare:

It’s s state system which makes it inefficient. 

The state and not the patient will be the Doctor’s & hospital’s customer and they’ll act accordingly

 It is a tax that will be an undue burden on people. 

It assumes people will be willing to buy insurance & pay for care they are currently paying nothing for.

It is costing millions of people coverage while increasing costs

The web site has been poorly designed and executed.

Of all of those problems there is only one of them that is absolutely 100% fixable.

The site

The left is going to talk about the web site, they are going to critique the web site and they’re going to make sure every attack they make on Obamacare is based on the web site because they know sooner or later there will be Lemon soaked paper napkins they will be able to declare the web site fixed and Obamacare’s problems solved.

Now there is nothing wrong with pointing out the issues with the site, it speaks to the competence of this administration or lack thereof but any conservative writer or pundit who does had better damn well make sure they stress the real problems with Obamacare which have nothing to do with coding.

Because if they don’t, when the coding interface is repaired the media will declare Obamacare “fixed” and it won’t matter how many people lose their insurance. How many people’s deductibles double or how much more individuals pay for worse coverage. The conversation will be over and they will move to the next topic that serves the administration’s purpose.

You have been warned. Cue Sheldon:


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Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward: So he says under oath.  Do you understand, sir,that you are testifying under oath?

Michael Grazier:   Yes, I do. 

Jedediah Tucker Ward:  And that perjury is grounds for disbarment?

Class Action 1991

A couple of days ago I talked about the Gerorge Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin meme as a “news dump“. Today provides the perfect example.

The “Big Trayvon Story” that is ruling Memeorandum is the idea that Trayvon Martin threw the first punch, advanced by the most famous teenager in the nation right now Rachel Jeantel.  He did so obviously because he was worried about being raped by a gay “creepy ass cracker” (which has not stopped gay groups from going all in for “justice for Trayvon” faster than NOW broke out their presidential kneepads for Bill Clinton).

However the single most newsworthy story of the day will be taking place far from the Martin/Zimmerman media circus, before the House Oversight Committee:

Retiring IRS lawyer Carter C. Hull implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office, headed by Obama appointee William J. Wilkins, and Lois Lerner, the embattled head of the IRS’ exempt organizations office, in the IRS targeting scandal and made clear that the targeting started in Washington, according to leaked interviews that Hull granted to the Oversight Committee in advance of Thursday’s hearing.

The significance of this can’t be overstated.  Of all the Obama scandals the IRS scandal is the only one that is not only easily understood by a public that fears the IRS but has an actual legal component that could send someone to jail.  Now a witness is going to link this to the White House: Under Oath

By saying these things under oath he is maintaining, under pain of perjury,  that this scandal is a White House scandal.

If true this means that a criminal enterprise meant to affect the results of a presidential election by disabling the political opponents of a sitting President can me linked to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in a tight election.  (As opposed to a 2nd rate burglary before an election that was the biggest landslide in history which is considered the standard for Presidential corruption by the media and has been for two generations).

I don’t expect the MSM is going to bother going there, In fact I expect them to ignore it but the trap here is for them, it’s for US, the New media.

We are fueled by hits, we are going to get a lot more hits talking Jeantel vs Hull, that’s basic math.  But as I was reminded by Andrew yesterday as I watched Hating Breitbart for the first time, it’s up to the new media to get stories like the Hull testimony out there, so it’s up to us to make sure this story is promoted.

So don’t fall into the trap, the Carter Hull testimony linking the White House to the IRS scandal not only IS the biggest news of the day, but it’s going to be the cornerstone for any future action against the White House.  That is the story that needs to be pushed, linked and talked about.

Don’t be caught in the Jeantel trap, unless you can cleverly work her into the Carter Hull post and maybe draw some eyeballs to it. Like so.

Update:  Ed Driscol avoids the trap.

Update 2: Via Glenn, HOLY *&R@!!!!

IRS Admits It Leaked Christine O’Donnell’s Tax Records To Opposition Day She Announced

Nixon was a piker compared to these guys

Update 3: The Trap Illustrated in two images from Memeorandum

Jeantel story:

datrap 2

IRS Story

datrap 1

Guys let’s get onthe ball


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Yesterday I led with the Indexing of the Gas Tax that is included in this years budget bill.

It’s the worst of all possible taxes because it will automatically go up every single year without the necessity of a single vote by a member of our 82% Democrat legislature.

We get one chance to stop the indexing of gas tax increases forever, just one because if this budget is passed with the indexed tax it will not only never be repealed but it will be used as a political tool for years to come…by Democrats!

Here’s how it works: Lets say this bill passes and next year by some miracle voter anger in Massachusetts over the tax boils over to the point where people actually consider to voting members out of office who supported it.

Thanks to the outcry a vote to repeal comes to the floor and naturally all 32 GOP House members vote to get rid of this law.

That still leaves them 49 votes shy of a majority.

So what do Democrat party leaders do? They identify the members out of the remaining 128 who are actually in danger of losing seats knowing they can free a full 36% to vote for repeal. Suddenly 20, 30 even 40 democrats announce they’ve had a change of heart, they talk about how it was a bad idea and go on TV and radio promising to vote for repeal. They manage to get their totals all the way up to 47 democrats and the roll call vote takes place on the house with 47 democrats joining the 32 house republicans to junk this odious tax…

…and repeal fails 81-79.

But lets say somehow, by some miracle the voters are actually aroused the speaker, worried not only about his pending indictment (No democrat is allowed to be speaker of the Massachusetts House without a pending indictment) actually fears the GOP might have a 50-1 shot of getting to that magic 81 seats and wrest the gavel from the party for practically the first time in generations and decides to left enough of his members vote for repeal to actually clear the House…

…then it goes to the Senate where the numbers are even worse.

Of the 40 Senate Seats the GOP holds exactly 4. 4. That means the President of the Senate can allow 36 of the 76 members of the democrat caucus, nearly half, to vote in favor of repeal without fear of its passage.

And all of this presumes both sides are worried about a Governor who would actually sign a repeal. Even if both houses somehow decided it was politically necessary to vote to repeal Governor Patrick or the next Democrat to follow him will veto it, to “protect our roads and bridges”.

The worst part about it. This entire exercise can be repeated on an annual basis, with a few votes shifting here and there as different members find themselves in trouble in different years. They’ll be a whole crop of Democrats on TV, in Speeches, on the Radio and in the papers pointing to their repeal vote as proof they the care…a vote that will mean nothing.

And why will they do this? Because they will assume voters in Massachusetts foolish enough to re-elect them after they voted for the initial indexing of taxes will be foolish enough to believe such nonsense…

…And they’ll be right.

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“…if there is one thing I’ve learned in politics, it’s never turn your back on a crumb.”

Hubert Humphrey 1957

No matter what you think of Ted Kennedy his effectiveness as a senator can’t be seriously questioned.

The secret to his success was twofold.

1. Personality, Ted Kennedy could be very personable to his fellow senators. Kennedy was willing and able to build personal relationships across the aisle. He made a point to make friends because that personal friendship was something he could call upon if needed a vote.

2. Patience: He understood that the Constitution in general and the Senate in particular was designed to move slowly. Kennedy knew that public reaction to the changes he wanted to make in society were not possible if rushed. So he made it a point over a long career to move things slowly, taking small pieces tucked into laws, making incremental change through deals.

These two factors made Ted Kennedy the most effective advocate of the religion he faithfully followed all his life,  liberalism

And that brings us to the Toomey/Manchin deal.

A lot of people on the next yesterday considered Senator Toomey’s actions a betrayal for political reasons. For the sake of this argument let’s, as a caveat make the assumption that the senator is working under the best of possible intentions and let’s even make the assumption (as I haven’t read the bill yet) that said bill is not unreasonable.  This may or may not be true but play the game.

Even if we take all that as a given this bill has three traps for the GOP.

1.  More More More:

In the midnight hour she cried more more more

Billy Idol “Rebel Yell” 1983

 This is the Kennedy plan, the left will take this bill and use it as the basis for going just a little bit farther the next time, maybe with a slight amendment.  Once the bill and the law is on the books it will be a little thing:  “We aren’t making a new gun law, just a tiny amendment to the “loophole” in the Toomey/Manchin bill that we all KNOW was reasonable.

That is the line that is going to be taken and it will be though that opening will come all that the left wants and is unable to get through now will someday pass through.

2.  Blaidd Drwg squared

9th Doctor:  This station is designed to explode the minute it reaches capacity

Doctor Who:  Boom Town 2005

If anyone watched Chris Matthews yesterday with the daughter of one of the teachers who were killed at Newtown and talking about her calls to people like Ted Cruz concerning Manchin/Toomey you would think that if only Manchin/Toomey her mother might be alive.  They played a lovely violin not a dry eye in the house. The urgency of doing something for the sake of doing something is so important that nobody is bothering to ask the young lady the question that really means something.

“How would this law have saved your mother’s life if it was in effect?”

The didn’t ask this question because the left knows the answer is “It Wouldn’t!” and I’m sorry to say the young lady knows that answer is the right one too.  (As opposed to my plan which WOULD have saved her mother life )   This plan like the Blaidd Drwg reactor is designed to fail and not only will it fail it will fail spectacularly and everybody involved in this debate knows it.  That’s one of the reasons why smart people on the right will oppose it.  Oddly that’s also the reason why the left will embrace it so closely?  Why, because of #3…


Spock: Mister Oxmyx, I understood we had an arrangement, a truce.

Oxmyx: I was hoping you’d think that, dummy.

Star Trek:  A Piece of the action 1968

One of the things we are constantly hearing from Joe “I’m a conservative, really I am” Scarborough is if we don’t get something passed we are going to pay a political price.  This implies that giving the left this victory will give us a reward, that the mainstream media will give the GOP credit for taking action.

Not only will the GOP not get any credit (all credit will go to Barack Obama) but when this bill fails to prevent the next shooting, which it won’t,  the GOP will be blamed again and this entire cycle will be repeated.

The idea that we just go along this issue will be off the table is the old argument about paying the DaneGeld as Kipling put it:

once you have paid him the Dane-geld

You never get rid of the Dane

That Senator Toomey is a part of this nonsense is a shame, that Senator Manchin is a part of it is no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention since he was first elected.

Bottom line, this entire process is a trap, a trap being laid for the right and for those who are easily spooked by the media.  The question becomes: will the Establishment GOP fall for it?


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On Friday my first post of the day talked about how the LOW figure of the Obama years that the left considers so draconian was an incredible increase in spending.

At noontime I pointed out that even if you adjust for inflation the low year of the Obama spending years (2010) compared to the low year of the Bush years (2001) represented a 34% increase in real spending.

However a REAL clever person of the left might look at this and say:

“You can’t fool me DaTechGuy, your figures are all before 9/11 and the war on terror, of COURSE the Obama years cost more because you are comparing them to a year where spending didn’t include all those horrible Bush wars.”

It’s a fair cop (and a point I often make myself) and yes I did it deliberately for two reasons.

1. I wanted to compare the low years of each president, and 2001 was the low Bush year

2. It’s a trap for you oh leftists


So let’s look at this using a different year, 2005, two wars going on, Bush re-elected and all that jazz. That 2005 spending adjusted for inflation comes up to


If we compare that adjusted for inflation figure with the smallest Obama spending year EVAH! $3,456 Billion dollars we find it is 83.17% of What Barack Obama spent.

That means Barack Obama in 2010 spent over 20% MORE than George Bush did at the height of two wars in 2005.

Ok all you 18-30 year olds that’s only 8 years ago. You were all alive then. If you were born in 1995 or later you can relate to this.

Are we 20% better off than 2005?
Is your government doing 20% more?
Do we have 20% more roads and bridges?
If the government doing 20% more to help you find work?
Have we managed to do 20% more in all those things?

And yet if we went back to that figure, as far as the president, the Democrat Senate and the MSM is concerned, we would be having cuts so draconian that humanity might not survive.

How stupid do they think we are?  Pretty damn stupid, but the truth is we’re not stupid, just uninformed.

Not anymore.


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