Jesus & Comedy Three Times it was Done Right

Only a clever Human can make a joke about virtue The Screwtape letters We interrupt our coverage of Al Franken to talk about...comedy. If there has been one staple of modern humor from our cultural "betters" it's been the willingness to belittle and berate Christianity. Over the decades we have seen stand up comics, TV … Continue reading Jesus & Comedy Three Times it was Done Right

Best Of You

There's a tremendous, oft sadly neglected richness in the English language all of us should use more often. I'm not referring to throwing maximum verbiage around in an effort to appear smart; rather, appreciating how even simple phrases can hold surprising depth. Case in point: someone is getting, or have gotten, the best of you. … Continue reading Best Of You

More About the Unknown

by baldilocks At American Thinker, First Amendment activists Matt Patterson and Lindsey DePasse point to known history, show how to analyze it and how to draw conclusions from it. The Greek city-state of Athens had no constitutional protections for people who advocated notions radically at odds with prevailing wisdom. The result: Socrates was put to … Continue reading More About the Unknown

What Matters

by baldilocks In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on Orlando's Pulse club--an establishment with a primarily gay clientele--online activists of the Organized Left and those who have been duped by them have taken the opportunity to blame Christians for it. Sounds crazy, does it not? But this has been the pattern them for … Continue reading What Matters