By John Ruberry

Occupy Chicago activists with Palestinian flag in 2012

Even in Illinois this story was barely noticed, but the dropping of a socialist running mate by an Illinois gubernatorial candidate betrays a deep rift within the Democratic Party that deserves a close look.

Late last month State Sen. Daniel Biss, a candidate for governor, announced Chicago alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as his running mate. Just as on the presidential stage, ticket balancing is a goal for Illinois gubernatorial hopefuls and lately white candidates have been picking minorities as their running mates. Incumbent governor Bruce Rauner’s lieutenant governor is an Hispanic. Biss of course chose that strategy too.

But his ticket was perhaps too balanced. Or was it too unbalanced? Six days later Biss dropped his running mate.

Not only is Ramirez-Rosa an Hispanic but he’s also openly gay. So he’s a two-fer, which covers a pair core Democratic constituencies. That is almost certainly why this 28-year-old with scant experience was selected, not because he’s qualified to serve as governor. C’mon now, 28 years old? Illinois is burdened with declining population, $14 billion in unpaid bills, and one of the worst-funded public pension systems among the 50 states. And at one time Biss thought Ramirez-Rosa was good enough to be a heartbeat away from being in charge of fixing this debacle?

But Biss clearly didn’t dig very deep into the background of Ramirez-Rosa. Biss is Jewish but his running mate for that brief time is a supporter of BDS, that is, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. Biss’ mother grew up in the Jewish state. When a Jewish Illinois Democratic congressman retracted his endorsement of Biss over the BDS controversy, the chain reaction began.

Ramirez-Rosa was elected to Chicago’s City Council–that inept legislative body that sees a member graduate to a federal penitentiary every 18 months or so–two years ago. Earlier this year he joined the Democratic Socialists of America. It’s more socialist than Democrat.

Just as in 2004, when since-disgraced John Edwards claimed there were “two Americas,” there are two Democratic parties, the old guard, which is still trying to recreate the Franklin D. Roosevelt coalition, and the new wing, which is channeling the spirit of five-time Socialist Party candidate for president, Eugene V. Debs. Or to put a contemporary label on these factions, it’s Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders.

Last month the DSA, which is not formally a political party, held its biennial convention in Chicago. Two things of note occurred. The Democratic Socialists voted nearly unanimously to support the BDS movement. Yes, Sanders is Jewish, but like most leftist Jews he’s secular. Secondly, as Salon noted, an online kerfuffle broke out during the DSA shindig when old guard Democrats complained that the socialists were “hijacking the party.” Perhaps they are. And even though the champion of the hijackers is a septuagenarian, energy and youth is with the socialists’ side, not the stalwarts.

Young against old. Gee, I wonder who is going to win?

Blogger at the border

By 2020, the Democratic Party, which was founded by Andrew Jackson, may be America’s socialist party. With it will come the anti-Israeli and yes, anti-Semitic baggage of the far-left. Except the far-left could be the center-left by then.

As for Jewish Democrats, especially those who support Israel, they will wonder what the heck happened to their party. Actually, it’s occurring now. Early this year in a poll Pew discovered Democrats’ loyalties are almost evenly split in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Perhaps Biss was too hasty in dumping Ramirez-Rosa.  A pro-Israel Democrat paired with a BDS Democrat? Now that’s a balanced ticket!

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There are lame excuses but this one from the Romney Camp concerning fundraising takes the cake

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is facing a new challenge: He’s having trouble raising money from some Jewish donors who mistakenly believe one of his opponents, Michele Bachmann, is Jewish.

Some Jewish donors are telling fund-raisers for Romney, a Mormon, that while they like him, they’d rather open their wallets for the “Jewish candidate,” who they don’t realize is actually a Lutheran, The Post has learned.

“It’s a real problem,” one Romney fund-raiser said. “We’re working very hard in the Jewish community because of Obama’s Israel problem. This was surprising.”

While it’s very possible, maybe even probable that the average potential Romney donor is not reading Robert Stacy McCain and missed Mrs. Bachmann’s Christian Testimony I’ll wager they are familiar enough with the MSM to have heard the “Lunatic Christian” meme played in print or television media.

So assuming this is spin, (and lets be frank, every statement from every campaign has some degree of spin in it) why play this card? Ann Althouse has a thought:

What might have motivated the Romney people to get the idea out there that Barbara Bachmann is really Jewish? It could be to generate unease among voters who have some anti-Semitism.Think of the rumor that Barack Obama is really Muslim. The Romney people should not want people to think they meant to ignite that kind of suspicion about Bachmann. Oddly, Romney himself has to deal with the antagonism toward his religion — the religion he actually follows. You’d think his campaign folk would be more sensitive. It’s almost as if they’re trying to generate a rumor that Bachmann’s not Christian at all to deal with his problem with some people thinking Mormons aren’t Christian enough (or at all).

Interesting theory but I’m thinking something different.

I’m thinking Gov Romney got a lot of initial funds from maxed out establishment types early and is having trouble keeping the funds flowing now that the “He is the only one who can beat Obama” myth has been shattered.

Professor Althouse’s suspicions may or may not have some merit but the problem with not having a campaign supported by the grass roots is eventually the still available big money looks for the best possible investment (i.e. The winning side). I suspect that Romney needs to explain his lack of new funds without accelerating a stampede of donors elsewhere.

Or to put it another way. If you can’t get results then next best thing is a marketable excuse.

Mazal Tov!

Update: Several readers and friends insist this is a real issue. Then again a lot of people think I’m jewish too. (In fact I was asked it today)

…but I really don’t like this:

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday after the court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the complaint filed by the woman with the Jerusalem district court, the two met in downtown Jerusalem in September 2008 where Kashur, an Arab from East Jerusalem, introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. The two then had consensual sex in a nearby building before Kashur left.

When she later found out that he was not Jewish but an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault.

You have got to be kidding me. She is an easy idiot and he is a lying bastard but Rape by deception? Give me a break. I’m with Gideon Levy on this one:

Gideon Levy, a liberal Israeli commentator, was quoted as saying: “I would like to raise only one question with the judge. What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman?

“Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not.”

Bottom line, this is wrong.

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Stacy McCain’s headline is better than mine.

if your are Jewish then apparently you can just die:

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization is holding a conference this week in Egypt. No Jews are allowed.

Apparently Jewish Doctors were uninvited at the last minute.

I would think the Susan G. Komen organization wouldn’t go for something like that.

Why don’t you ask them?

There is a page for reporting improper conduct, it is made for this.

Update: Would any organization have been willing to do this a mere 10 years ago?

These people would rather let their populations die than have them be cured by Jews. And this from a country that has allegedly been at ‘peace’ with Israel for the last thirty years.

I wish I could say I was amazed.

Update: Pam Geller is outraged

What would Susan Komen say? We are to be sympathetic to a foundation that wants to cure cancer but has no problem with Jewish genocide? Not one dime to Komen.

I would remind her that on their contact page you can report inappropriate behavior. I’d say this qualifies.