Conor:   Think of it another way, are there still people in your society who have not discovered who they really are or what they’re meant to do with their lives… ? They may be in the wrong job… they may be writing bad poetry. Even worse, there may be great poets working as laborers, never to be discovered.

Star Trek TNG The Masterpiece Society 1992

Lorenzo: The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

A Bronx Tale 1993

A few weeks ago I was preparing to go to Maine with the wife. My plan had been to take the machine do an initial post and see if I could get co-bloggers and guest bloggers to carry the load for the week. One of the people I contacted at the time was Jimmie Bise.

I was surprised to find out that Jimmie was no longer blogging and his famous podcast “The Delivery” was no longer taking place.

I don’t know why Jimmie stopped blogging, he didn’t go into details and when I went to his famous site The Sundries Shack I didn’t see any updates.

Now when we chatted Jimmy was not upset he just wasn’t doing blogging anymore, although he is very active on twitter.

To most it is no big deal, in my mind, particularly after what we saw thee last two weeks  it is a  disaster!

All during the last election cycle I kept advising one thing to candidates: Hire Jimmie Bise!

I suggested it to Herman Cain more than once

He did not…and lost.

I suggested it to Mitt Romney

He did not and lost.

Jimmie not only has an excellent grasp of social media but has spectacular political instincts and even if individual candidates didn’t hire him there would have been an even better use for him that he suggested back in 2009.

What conservatives need aren’t more Bob Novaks but more Andrew Breitbarts, Al Regnerys, and a George Soros or two. If conservatives with money would fund places for budding journalists to get their work in front of a decent-sized audience, there would be lots of Bob Novaks, Byron Yorks, Mark Hemingways, Matthew Vadums, and Stacy McCains showing up. Running a web site isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but it does take time. There are plenty of folks who could set up and run a site that does original reporting, but they have to have something approaching a credible budget not just to pay for the reporters but also to pay for their own time. It amazes me how much work we on the right get out of part-time and freelance writers but it should not be that way.

Charlie Crist, who will be a continual thorn in conservatives’ sides if he’s elected to the Senate, raised $4.3 million in just one quarter this year. That much money could fund a good conservative news site for at least five years, if not more like eight. Do you know how much good reporting we could get with a budget of just $500,000 a year? Think about it. Play with the numbers. You think I couldn’t land Vadum and McCain for 70 grand a year, plus add in Ace and Moe Lane for blogging power at the same amount? That’s only $280,000. Set aside fifty grand for tech stuff (hosting, design, troubleshooting) and advertising, another 60K for expenses (to pay reporters to go on the road and for freelancers), 60K for an editor, and 50K to me for supervising the whole operation and there you go. There’s $500,000 a year. And that doesn’t count any potential income the site might get from outside advertising, which you know it’ll get. As the site grows, the budget can creep up, but only for people who will add direct value to the site, but we add on as advertising revenues warrant the increase.

He was ignored, but think, just for a moment if he was not.

Picture a crew of credentialed conservative blogger press during the GOP primaries asking relevant rather than loaded questions. Imagine such a staff asking tough question of Barack Obama and the Democrat Senate candidates that the MSM would not.

Say this is done in 2009 these reporters would be established by now, they would have been asking Harry Reid why the bi-partisan bills coming from the house was ignored. They would have challenged the White House narrative, the media narrative and would have had the credibility to do so.

And their success would have been the success of conservatism, Jimmie Bise would be a nationally known name and from that success many successors would have followed nationwide to challenge the left on their own turf.

Instead Obama is president, Obamacare remains the law of the land and the GOP spent this week in retreat and Jimmie Bise is regulated to twitter.

That is not only a tragedy, it’s a waste! Jimmie might not be angry about it but I damn well am!

And if you want to advance the cause of conservatism you should be too.

Update: Somewhat related

Republicans who send out signals of weakness and fear are, in effect, inviting attacks. And because so many Republicans lack either the courage to fight back or the skill to fight back successfully, their enemies are emboldened.

Organizations have images — reputations — and if a negative perception develops, that perception tends to become self-perpuating. The Republican Party is currently perceived as an organization of selfish, cowardly losers, and this makes it difficult for the GOP to attract support from people who admire generosity, strength and success. The party is increasingly defined by its whining pathetic supporters.

Perhaps there is a reason Stacy was on his list

Having been in the midst of an “Occupy” mob when they tried to storm an Americans for Prosperity event two years ago, I understand why some people may fear this kind of left-wing wrath. These intimidation tactics replicate themselves online, as when criminal hackers assaulted Bank of America, PayPal, Amazon and other targets of the digital anarchist “Anonymous” movement. We have increasingly seen Twitter used as a weapon against conservative activists, as when North Carolina Democrats tried to intimidate two Republican women by threatening to “out” their online identities.

These online intimidation tactics have been dubbed #Shutuppery, and examples include the “Stop Rush” campaign mounted last year against talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

If only there was a guy like Jimmie Bise running an organization fighting back.


Olimometer 2.52

While the big GOP donors did not see fit to give Jimmie that $500K to hire staff and make things happen you dear readers over the last 9 months have helped me make my weekly goal first of $300 then when my mortgage went up $305 and because of you and that $4.35 or so an hour the mortgage has been paid each month since I’ve been asking.

I have some plans for this site that I hope to put into place either November or December but for now the goal remains $305 to pay the mortgage and secure the family bills for October.

$20 from 15 of you will get it done and the sooner it’s done the sooner these solicitations will disappear for the week.

If you care to help please consider hitting DaTipJar below.


Oh and if a big GOP donor wants to kick in that half million, I’ll gladly approach Jimmie Bise and see if I can coax him out of retirement and get his old plan started.

Raj: Howard, wait. Why don’t you use this instead of the PVC to keep the transverse filter assembly in place?

Howard: Because this is not a spare part from the space station. This is the thing from the pizza box that keeps the lid from touching the cheese.

Raj: That what that’s for? In India, the lid just touches the cheese. Of course, we also have rampant poverty and periodic outbreaks of cholera, so a little cardboard in our cheese is no biggie.

The Big Bang Theory, The Classified Materials Turbulence 2009

Yesterday I talked about how the left had left opening for the right over the decades that have allowed people like Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Fox news drive right through, I also spoke about the irony of Charles Johnson’s attack on Robert Stacy McCain starting me on the path to the following plan

60 donors x Giving $20 x 12 Months = My Paycheck 

Granted this has only worked for two weeks so far but after looking at a twitter debate I’ve seen online yesterday and thinking about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Certain products like (shameless plug alert) the Jerkstopper that anchors your laptop cable to an unused port so it doesn’t get “jerked” out of your laptop and break the power pin work because it fills a need hitherto untouched. The same works with media.  The unwillingness of the MSM to cover important stories as Powerline noted yesterday gives bloggers the ability to be the primer pushers of stories.

Consider the Daily Caller and Senator Menendez, Matthew Boyle has been on this case as the MSM totally ignored the story in favor of Marco Rubio drinking water.  Last night it actually reached the point where CNN led it’s 8PM with a laughable report trying to discredit the story concerning underage hookers while acknowledging corruption under the “everybody does it” meme.

Yet even this coverage in the MSM doesn’t happen without conservative bloggers continuing to push this story over and over again.

And that’s just one example, Think about Robert Stacy McCain on Bret Kimberlin and Lee Stranahan on Steubenville.  You know these stories because they bothered to tell you them and it has cost them.

Now think of the internet as a whole.  How many great conservative bloggers are out there getting you stories others have left behind. Robert Stacy McCain who has traveled the country bringing you stories. Dan Riehl who’s site is a plethora of information, The Conservatory & the Minority Report, aggregate sites bringing you great conservative writing from all over the net. The Lonely Conservative reporting from NY, Jimmie Bise, Jeff Dunetz the Yid with Lid, Pam Geller, Bob Belvedere, Jerry Wilson, William Hoge, Lee Stranahan, Stacy Washington, the Chicks on the Right, Sarah Marie Brenner, Zilla, Katy’s Conservative Corner, Doug Ross, Marathon Pundit, Babalu blog and so many more that I simply can’t list without making this a 10,000 word post.

If you look at my field guide of bloggers the list of conservative bloggers driving liberals nuts on a daily basis is simply boundless.

If only we could fund them.  The funding device to keep bloggers up and running is the small plastic piece that keeps the cardboard out of the cheese, very obvious once you have it, but someone needs to come up with it first.

I have often quoted Jimmie Bise statement concerning a conservative funding

 If conservatives with money would fund places for budding journalists to get their work in front of a decent-sized audience, there would be lots of Bob Novaks, Byron Yorks, Mark Hemingways, Matthew Vadums, and Stacy McCains showing up. Running a web site isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but it does take time. There are plenty of folks who could set up and run a site that does original reporting, but they have to have something approaching a credible budget not just to pay for the reporters but also to pay for their own time.

And Stacy McCain:

For the $4 million that the permatanned RINO Charlie Crist collected during that single three-month span of 2009, you could fund eight spiffy little New Media operations for a year (or four such operations for two years). And FEC contribution limits do not apply to people making “investments” in news operations, so that the rich Republicans would not be restricted in their generosity toward New Media, as they are toward political candidates.Soros has figured this out. Rich Republicans have not.

We’ve talked about this for a while and I’ve spoken to bloggers concerning several such idea but the problem has always been access to the type of donors that Karl Rove takes for granted for the seed money and of course there is the issue of being dependent on one or two big donors to keep things going.

and that brings us to my plan built upon the plan I’m using for myself only more dramatic:

6000 people x $20  x 12 months = An Army of Conservative Davids

My personal 60 x $20 x 12 months works out to an annual paycheck of $14,400  multiply that times 100 and suddenly you have a budget of 1.4 million dollars.

What can you fund with $1.4 Mil?  Consider:

Hobby & Green Bloggers/Activists:

There are plenty of people who blog after work, maybe one post a day or the brand new bloggers just getting started.  Their only costs are hosting and maybe the occasional trip.  Under the formula above you could fund 400 such people at $1000 annually to cover their hosting, and perhaps a trip to an event.

 Cost: $400,000

Part Time & Retired Bloggers:

 They might be a housewife or house husband, working part-time.  They might cover events within driving distance and state races.  Perhaps they go to a national conference or three.  You could fund say 100 people $5000 a year to do this.

Cost  $500,000

Full time bloggers:

They will be expected to cover national events in person, flying and traveling, and posting multiple times a day with original reporting and live reports.

Right now nationally we have ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN & FOX.  lets say we double those networks 12 people doing this  and pay them each $35,000 a year out of which they are expected to cover at least one trip every other month. 

That’s $420,000.

Add those numbers up  $400,000 + $500,000 + $420,000 = $1,320,000 to fund 512 bloggers.  (And that still leaves $120K for overhead)

Think of that a second:  512 bloggers posting daily amplifying the conservative message, pushing conservative candidates on the local state and federal level and best of all cross promoting each other and the causes they are pushing.

And also think of the incentive structure.  How many new bloggers might work very hard for the chance to turn that $1000 a year into $5000 or that $5000 a year into a $35,000 annual job (although guys it’s harder work than you think).

And best of all, instead of counting on one or two big donors who might demand certain stories be covered and others not, we would be talking 6000 people all giving a total of $240 a year.

6000 people works out to 120 PER STATE.  Surely we can find 120 people in each state who can spare 20 bucks a month to fund this, after all:

How much would the GOP pay for a minimum of 512 stories on the web promoting their cause?

How much would the various conservative think tanks be willing to pay for hundreds of potential promoters of their studies and their finding?

How much would YOU as a conservative be willing to pay to see this happen?  Would you pay $20 a month?

And what is the left going to do?  Are they going to paint a bunch of middle class folks kicking in $20 a month?  Are they going to have a big expose on a guy with a parts store who gives up 2 trips to Wendy’s or Burger king every month?

If 60 people kicking in $20 a week month to give me a paycheck for a single conservative blog annoys the left, how crazy would over 500 bloggers dogging their candidates and promoting our side do.

I think it’s a worthwhile idea, the problem is can I find 6000 people nationwide who agree?

Update: Stacy McCain notes why the Army of Conservative Davids/Stacy McCains is needed:

Ah, but here comes The Enforcer: Charles Pierce at Esquire attacks Vandehei and Harris from their left flank, signaling that even the mildest media dissent against Dear Leader is unacceptable. Anyone in the D.C. press corps who actually does stray from the fawning pro-Obama herd will be targeted for destruction by MSNBC, by the left blogosphere, by Media Matters and Think Progress.

It’s these enforcer types — Commissars of the People’s Information Bureau, as it were — who make media reform impossible. That’s what Journolist was all about, and you may notice that the Washington Post hasn’t exactly kicked Ezra Klein to the curb.

and at Human Events Newt talks of the innovation the GOP needs

As Reagan biographer Craig Shirley told me, “Commercial radio was a new technology in the early 1930′s and Reagan adapted to it. Talking movies were a new technology in the late 30′s and Reagan adapted to it. Network television was a new technology in the early 1950′s and Reagan adapted to it. If Reagan were alive today, he’d be tweeting.”

This plan, that is innovation.

Update 2: Typo corrected “week” to “Month” in 2nd to last paragraph.

[thermometer raised=35 target=300 height =200 ]

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step and the journey to the $300 paycheck this week is taking baby steps as we have moved $10 closer than yesterday. Thus we are still 13 1/4 $20 hits this week away from three hundred but I’m an optimist at heart.

You can fuel that optimism with a click on the button below. After all why send the money to HBO this month when they will just use it to hit conservatives?

Captain Kirk: There must be something to do, something I’ve overlooked

Spock: In chess, when one is outmatched the game is over, Checkmate.

Captain Kirk: Is that your best recommendation?

Spock: I’m sor…,I regret that I can find no logical alternative.

Captain Kirk:   Not Chess Mr. Spock…Poker!

Star Trek: The Corbormite maneuver 1966

Patton: “Remember the words of Frederick the Great: ‘L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!'”

George C Scott: Patton 1970

Evidence or lack of it not withstanding, the MSM and the blogosphere are all buzzing over the “impending implosion” of the Herman Cain Campaign. The specter of conventional wisdom is hanging over the head of the campaign like vultures over a dying man in the wilderness.

Considering the stress the Cain Campaign must be under (things are grim in NH today) it might be worth noting that we’ve seen this play before and recently too.

May 18th Jon Ward The Huffington Post: GOP Donors Deserting Newt Gingrich

May 18th My friend Tabitha Hale at Red State: Make room for the new guys, Newt. (take a look btw at the link, the first title was “New Gingrich flames out, worst POTUS launch in history)

June 9th Jonathan Martin Politico: The Newt Gingrich campaign implosion

June 9th Seeing Red in Arizona blog: Gingrich: Campaign implosion worsens

June 9th Chris Cillizza and Karen Tumulty Washington Post: Gingrich presidential campaign implodes (note the reverse of Tabitha Hale above, Tabitha a blogger/activist with an opinion started with a pejorative headline and instead published with less of an edge, our unbiased journalists of the MSM started with a factual headline “Gingrich senior aides resign” in the link and went pejorative.

June 9th JEFF ZELENY and TRIP GABRIEL New York Times: Gingrich’s Future in Question After Aides Quit en Masse

June 10th Brian Preston PJ Tatler: Why the Gingrich implosion is different from the McCain implosion in 2007, and how it relates to Gov. Perry

July 5th Zeke Miller Business Insider: Imploding Gingrich Campaign Raises Paltry $2 Million

July 6th My friend Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain: I Bet Doug Hoffman Is Laughing Today

Looking at those headlines, from all kinds of sources, from a small blogger in Arizona to the “paper of record” you would judge that Newt Gingrich was all but finished and owed it to himself and the field to exit gracefully, and I can think of several people (Bachmann, Cain, Huntsman, Johnson, Paul, Perry, Roemer, Santorum and perhaps Romney) who wished he did just that. Instead of embracing convention wisdom he rejected it and currently finds himself at the top of the polls.

Meanwhile a rather competent Governor by the name of Tim Pawlenty took the opposite route, consider these stories:

Aug 5th Peter Ingemi The Conservatory: An Important Detail, and Pawlenty’s Last Stand

Aug 7th Fox News: Pawlenty: Iowa Straw Poll is Marker, Not a Must-Win

Aug 8th John McCormick Bloomberg News: Failure in Iowa Straw Poll Could Doom Pawlenty’s White House Bid

Aug 13 Zeke Miller Business Insider: Pawlenty Loses Top Advisor, Cancels Ad Buy Before Iowa Straw Poll

Aug 13 Peter Hamby CNN: Questions for Pawlenty after straw poll finish

Aug 13 Reg Chapman CBS Bachmann Gains Steam In Iowa, Pawlenty Loses It

Aug 14 IMTIYAZ DELAWALA and MATTHEW JAFFE ABC: Pawlenty Drops Out of Presidential Race After Disappointing Straw Poll Finish

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Note the Aug 7th comment by Pawlenty. He says explicitly that the Iowa straw poll is not a must win for him. In fact on my radio show that weekend Stacy McCain said this:

the Iowa republican part hosts this event at Ames, and the campaigns, each of the campaigns buys a place in the event and they bring their supporters too, tickets are for sale so it’s a fundraiser for the GOP of Iowa, but many Campaigns buy tickets for their supporters and hand them out, and so so as I said it’s viewed as a show of organizational strength. who has the money who has the manpower who has the volunteer enthusiasm to get the people out to the straw poll to vote for their candidate.

Yet despite this reality, Tim Pawlenty decided that he could not continue while other candidates who did much worse are still in play. Why? Because he embraced the conventional wisdom, followed the lead of the MSM and decided it was time to go. He was unwilling to fight for the votes he didn’t have.

And this brings us to Herman Cain.

Tim Pawlenty has a cerebral reputation, like Spock he’s playing chess and found himself checkmated. Herman Cain is more Kirk, he needs to play poker but Cain’s position is the reverse of Kirk’s. Herman Cain knows if his foes have the cards, or if they’re bluffing.

So what does he do? Well if Cain knows they hold the cards (meaning he’s lying) the right move is a speech saying something along the lines of: “Unfairly or not these charges have raised questions with the voters and with so many other excellent candidates in our field to choose from I simply don’t have enough time to properly reassure voters before election day.” That’s the rub, in an internet age, particularly since the MSM will not abandon their curiosity at the door (as they have for Obama) there is no way the press can be kept from playing a winning hand, and if Mr. Cain doesn’t understand that Sarah Rumph notes his lawyer sure does.

Now if he knows they’re bluffing it’s a different ballgame. In that case he is absolutely foolish to abandon the race.

It’s plainly clear that the majority of the GOP and Tea Party base simply don’t trust Mitt Romney, they see him as the candidate of the GOP establishment candidate who they don’t trust and the current front runner Speaker Gingrich is only a hop, skip and jump from the same problem and while other candidates have not surged your frugal use of campaign cash assures your ability to hang in there.

I am not a political consultant, but if you are going to fight, here is what I think you do:

1. Go on the offensive, point out that these accusations started when the subject turned to tax reform and your 9-9-9 plan. Point out it’s not you they are after, it’s the specter of real reform. Tell the voters it isn’t the media out to get you, but the status quo.

2. Do a couple of small tea party events: Interact with the average voter, answer their questions not the MSM. If you convince them what NBC/CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS says means squat, their viewers and readers are not your target audience. Winning them will win their friends and more importantly make a difference in their social networks.

3. Do lots of local media: For smaller papers it would be a big get and they are more likely to give you show your campaign some deference to get the interview. (DaTechGuy on DaRadio on WCRN would be an excellent choice btw). All politics is local, make that work for you.

4. Play up conservative stories: Operation fast and furious, and the calls for Eric Holder to resign are ignored by the MSM, every time you answer a question from them should include a reference to this. Force those ignored stories into the mainstream. It will make you many friends among the voters you need.

5. Hit local dems at every stop In any location you are in bring up the name of any democratic Representative and or Senator currently in congress that represent that location. Link them to president Obama and call them out on the lack of a democratic budget. Every time you do that you help the entire ticket and win friends.

6. MEND FENCES WITH FRIENDS: You need to talk directly to people like Dan Riehl, Ladd Ehlinger, Robert Stacy McCain and anyone else who the hardcore conservative voter reads and believes. Be straight with them, acknowledge the mistakes the campaign has made. All of these people want to beat Obama and want a true conservative alternative. Give them a reason to believe that person is you.

7. Take the advice I’ve been giving you for weeks HIRE JIMMIE BISE or ROBERT STACY McCAIN or whoever they recommend (Sarah Rumph?). Put them in charge of new media and DO WHAT THEY ADVISE. Facebook, twitter and the social networks are the battlefield where you can turn this around. Bypass the MSM.

In this business perception becomes reality, but if you are strong enough and bold enough and have right on your side you can change that perception. People are looking for leadership and someone willing to fight. My own vote is still available. If you want it then fight for it and don’t give up until the math says otherwise.

The choice is yours. Make the right one.

Update: two sixes should have been one.

…so if you missed Jimmie Bise, Steve Eggleston, Bob Belvedere or Gabe Malor have no fear you can hear them here.

Next week’s lineup is up in the air, we will have Libertarian Leanings in the studio and Lisa Graas on the phone. More to come.

If you want to know what this blog is all about, Stacy McCain explains it to a T:

I’ve been there on that 0 when I’ve done something I’ve been proud of. Like a closer you just dust yourself off and carry on.

This was at the Maryland Conservative Action Network Turning the Tides conference that one of our guests from yesterday, Jimmie Bise was on his way to before he came on the air. That’s him sitting to Stacy’s right.

Have we got a lineup for you tomorrow on AM 830 WCRN’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio 10 a.m.

We will start with Jimmie Bise of the Sundries Shack with his advice for the Herman Cain campaign.

Then we follow up with Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs on Wisconsin recall fatigue

and we round it up with Bob Belvedere of Camp of the Saints on Everything from Elizabeth Warren to the Occupy Protests to the Obama economy.

and if that’s not enough we have YOUR calls at 508-438-0965 or toll-free nationwide 888-9-FEDORA (888-933-3672)

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Update: Had a little debate with Gaberal Malor on DADT in twitter and figured why have the debate there when we can have it on the show?

Is there anyone not surprised this came before the end of the day:

Yesterday in an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, I was asked questions about abortion policy and the role of the President.

I understood the thrust of the question to ask whether that I, as president, would simply “order” people to not seek an abortion. My answer was focused on the role of the President. The President has no constitutional authority to order any such action by anyone. That was the point I was trying to convey.

As to my political policy view on abortion, I am 100% pro-life. End of story.

I will appoint judges who understand the original intent of the Constitution. Judges who are committed to the rule of law know that the Constitution contains no right to take the life of unborn children.

I will oppose government funding of abortion. I will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood. I will do everything that a President can do, consistent with his constitutional role, to advance the culture of life.

It’s a good statement but it should not have been necessary.

I like Herman Cain, both personally and as a candidate so let me say this:

Please read Jimmie Bise’s advice and take it.

In fact although I could use the job more, I’d suggest hiring him.

Good news for those of you who missed Jimmie Bise on DaTechGuy on DaRadio You can now listen to the whole show here.

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