There was a throw away line in this piece at Instapundit concerning Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s and wikileaks that jumped out at me:

What is it with the DNC and their strange stalker-like obsession with Morning Joe anyhow? Here’s video of the Obama administration emailing the show and one of Joe’s distaff co-hosts (possibly Savannah Guthrie) reading on the air a White House “correction” to their coverage back in October of 2009. That was also around the time “a ‘senior White House official’sent an email calling Joe Scarborough an ‘asshole’ for mocking Pres. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

And you thought Trump couldn’t handle criticism!

While these days my work/prayer schedule prevents me from watching the answer is actually pretty obvious to anyone who has watched the show.

Morning Joe has two things that no other MSNBC show has

 A Republican host who while occasionally going off the reservation and not a big fan of Tea Party types provides a reliable conservative viewpoint on basic issues that as a rule MSNBC viewers are never exposed to. 

A Democrat co-host who while a partisan Democrat is honest and cares about her reputation enough not to lie to the viewers simply for the sake of the party and is willing to question things that smell to her.

Even worse when a Tea Party conservative shows up on the show, they are treated fairly and not as a rule dismissed as some kind of loony

It’s one thing to dismiss Fox or GOP activists or even bloggers it’s another to dismiss something when the MSNBC drivetime show talks about something as legit.

For the Democrats that makes them dangerous.

That’s why I think conservatives should invest time in the show an cultivate both Joe and Mika, it’s their easiest entre to introduce news that the MSM wants to suppresses into the stream outside of Fox.

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While unlike last year  time didn’t permit me to grab Joe Scarborough for an interview I managed to record his speech to the crowd

You might notice Joe’s speech was the only one of the weekend I recorded in full, but that’s because I don’t get a chance to see him every morning as I used to. And yes I bumped it ahead of others so Morning Joe viewers could see it before Monday’s show

If you don’t want to wait for the individual posts you can see all my interviews from the weekend as they’re uploaded here

MSNBC doesn’t get a lot of viewers so if you are on the right you might have missed Ted Cruz who got a full 15 minutes on Morning Joe on Tuesday

Cruz did an excellent job and like Scott Walker didn’t back down and inch and did an excellent job of pitching his ideas to an audience that likely has never heard them without the left’s filter. Many fail to get how important it is to make the case to the other side you won’t persuade but a few, but that’s a few more than you had before.

It speaks well of Cruz that he was willing to go, but let me also tip the Hat to Morning Joe who had him on and gave him a full 15 minute segment to make his case.

“I’m making fun of liberals who say ‘Republicans don’t believe in science’ if they don’t believe Florida will be underwater by June 5th.”

That’s a #Bazinga & I would have tweeted it as such but Twitter is only 140 characters.

Remember for all the times he can drive us nuts Joe is one of the few people who make the conservative case to an MSNBC viewer.



Glenn Reynolds Instapundit April 9th 2014

Turned on Morning Joe today and Joe Scarborough was hitting on one of my pet peeves people pretending they aren’t running for president. It is really annoying & he hit both Hillary & Jeb Bush on this (the real reason they don’t announce btw is because the fundraising rules change once you’re running officially.)

However at the end of that sequence Jeremy Peters of the NYT said something so…amazing, that I couldn’t believe my ears.

At Joe’s bemoaning the lack of substance in Hillary’s presentation Mr. Peters suggested that Hillary “should run on her foreign policy credentials.”

Funny he doesn’t look like he was born in 2013.

We’ve been talking about this subject here for a long time so I welcome Jeremy Peters to the table.

and if he can do what Doug Mataconis, Andrea Mitchell , attendees at a Democrat event and John Heilmann & Mika Brzezinski at that very table couldn’t do: That is:

Name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state

we’d all be delighted to have him do so.

Closing thought: Don’t forget John Kerry was the guy the left wanted in Charge instead of George W Bush.


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As I’ve already said Joe Scarborough has been a friend to this blog and to DaTechGuy on DaRadio and if anyone expects me to throw him under the bus it’s simply not going to happen, Sicilians don’t do that.

That being said when it comes to his statements on Israel the last few days I think Joe is very wrong on several levels.  Allow me to explain in some detail the fallacies:

1.  The blame game:

Kay:There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet

Men in Black 1997

Joe’s initial comments concerning Israel came before the latest Hamas violation of the cease-fire but the problem he runs into is beyond that:

The United States of America — we cannot be associated with this if this continues. This is so bad, not only for the Israeli people, but for us.

The argument here is that it hurts the United States to be associated with Israel because of these actions but  However it doesn’t matter what Israel does o how far they go they are to blame.

If they invade to take out the tunnels they are to blame for invading.

If they shell or use airstrikes to stop the rockets they are to blamed for the shelling

If they do not shell but merely cut off the cement used to make the tunnels 

And if they do nothing and simply take Rocket fire then they are to blame because they don’t’ allow Hamas to pass the checkpoints into Israel.

Simply ask yourself if anyone internationally cares that Russia has been supporting Assad what kind of condemnation did they receive for this?

The bottom line is this:  It doesn’t matter what Israel does or doesn’t do the left & the arab world will consider it a criminal state and will attack the US for supporting it. 


2.  The poor innocents:

Balton: If you love your brother, you must shelter him, hide him, protect him from the Mentiads. Remember what happened to your father.
Mula: My father didn’t fall into the hands of the Mentiads.
Balton: No
Mula: He was shot by the Captain’s guards.
Balaton: To save him from the Mentiads. At least he died a clean death. It was an act of mercy by the Captain.
Kimus: Oh well, thank you, O merciful Captain, for so kindly having Mula’s father shot down in the street like a dog.
Balaton: Listen, Kimus, let me tell you this. I would cheerfully strangle Pralix with my own hands to save him from those, those

Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet 1978

The second bit of nonsense in his argument involves  civilian casualties

“This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine. . . .

Note the point being made, the reality that if Israel was targeting civilians there wouldn’t be 1500 dead but 150,000 dead by now, but we are not supposed to react based on the reality but what “appears” to be reality.

If you want to see reality take this quote from Hillel Neuer via Yid with Lid:

If in the past year you didn’t cry out when thousands of protesters were killed and injured by Turkey, Egypt and Libya, when more victims than ever were hanged by Iran, women and children in Afghanistan were bombed, whole communities were massacred in South Sudan, 1800 Palestinians were starved and murdered by Assad in Syria, hundreds in Pakistan were killed by jihadist terror attacks, 10,000 Iraqis were killed by terrorists, villagers were slaughtered in Nigeria, but you only cry out for Gaza, then you are not pro human rights, you are only anti-Israel.

Now in fairness Joe has in fact talked about the deaths in Egypt, and in Syria and in Afghanistan but a large chunk of the people currently all over Israel have not, as far as they are concerning the hundreds killed in Syria, the Christians expelled by ISIS and the woman stoned to death and even the shooting of “collaborators” is a non-story.

In fact the #1 target of the various Islamic groups have always been their fellow Muslims and/or arabs who simply aren’t the right type of arab or muslim.

This leads to another logical conclusion:

The left and the Arab worlds concern for the dead innocents in directly proportional to their ability to blame Israel and/or the west for said deaths.

3.  Oh what comes next:

Jacob Woodling:  Quiet! Brigham Young has twenty seven wives and he hasn’t had half the trouble with them that I’ve had with the two of you!
Elizabeth: Then simplify your life, Jacob. Sell me.
Jacob Woodling: But Elizabeth: you don’t know what you’ll get.
I know what I’ve had.

Paint Your Wagon  1969

Joe’s other point is the fear of what comes next:

As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse. It is going to be a radical Islamist group instead of just power-hungry, corrupt people that despise Israel. 

AllahPundit (via Stacy) made dismisses Joe’s argument thus:

If you take the “whatever comes next will be worse” logic to its ultimate conclusion, though, you’re forever left defending whichever bunch of degenerates is in charge at the time. Israel can’t oust Hamas because then Al Qaeda might take over; if Al Qaeda takes over, Israel can’t oust them or else ISIS might move in. If ISIS moves in, Israel can’t oust them or else a portal to hell will open in the ground and Hitler and Bin Laden will emerge from the earth to rule Gaza together.

It’s not a bad as far as it goes but given what we’ve seen in Egypt, Syria & Libya over the last couple of years I find it an insufficient counter Joe Scarborough’s point.  One could credibly make the case the world would be better if there had been no revolts in any of those three states.

The actual error in Joe’s reasoning is actually illustrated by this seemingly unrelated post from Elder of Zion noting that the world (and Israel) is pretty much ignoring the rockets currently being shot from the West Bank:

The Abu Nidal Brigades of Fatah’s Al Asqa Martyrs Brigades helpfully gives us a tally: 

34 N103 missiles .
173 107 missiles .
32 Grad rockets.
53 120 mm mortar rounds
23 80 mm mortar rounds
14 60 mm mortar rounds
One RPG-7 .
Moltka anti-missile shields.

At least three other Fatah terror groups have also fired rockets at Israel.

Why is Fatah doing this,  because of a simple fact:

A senior Fatah official told me earlier this week in Ramallah that Fatah has felt obliged to fire some rockets against Israel, lest it be seen as collaborating with the Jewish state.

This is Fatah’s defense for war crimes – because they don’t want to look too peaceful to their own people!

Think about that for a second, the supposedly moderate Fatah, the people who are simply interested in living large off of their own corruption and the foreign aid that pours in feels obliged to attempt to attack Israel to prove to their people that they are interested in killing Jews.

That’s the dirty little secret, if there was an election in the west bank, in Gaza on peace or war with Israel, the vote would be overwhelmingly for war.

The same would be true if such a vote took place in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran Libya  and even Iraq.  The people are overwhelmingly in favor of destroying the Jewish state.

And let not forget what protesters across Europe are saying:

 Residents of Frankfurt and Dortmund were horrified in mid-July to see neo-Nazi groups join hands with left-wing Islamists in a grim chant: “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.” The center of London was blocked on July 19 by thousands who gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Kensington to shout their hatred for Jews.

Not to mention Amsterdam, the city of Spinoza, Europe’s capital of tolerance, where in certain neighborhoods it has become practically impossible to wear a yarmulke in public without running the risk of being insulted or assaulted.

At the Tablet they really nail it:

Rahman Azzam Pasha, the head of the newly formed Arab League, spoke for his “honor group” when he threatened that “if the Zionists dare establish a state, the massacres we would unleash would dwarf anything which Genghis Khan and Hitler perpetrated.” As the Armenians had discovered a generation earlier, the mere suspicion of rebellion could engender massacres.
Instead a group of Jews who survived Hitler’s ovens not only were not massacred but defeated the arabs again and again from 1948 all the way to 1973 (notwithstanding Egypt’s self-delusion celebration of their “victory” in that last war.  For a culture based on honor or saving face that is intolerable which is why 70 years later these people are still considered “refugees” )
 If the refugees from this Zionist aggression disappeared, absorbed by their brethren in the lands to which they fled, this would acknowledge the intolerable: that Israel had won. And so, driven by rage and denial, the Arab honor group redoubled the catastrophe of its own refugees: They made them suffer in camps, frozen in time at the moment of the humiliation, waiting and fighting to reverse that Zionist victory that could be acknowledged. The continued suffering of these sacrificial victims on the altar of Arab pride called out to the Arab world for vengeance against the Jews. In the meantime, wherever Muslims held power, they drove their Jews out as a preliminary act of revenge.
 It’s no accident that arab nations are pretty much Judenrein and remains the explanation for every problem in every arab state to wit:
Ahmed Sheikh, editor in chief of Al Jazeera,blames Israel for the lack of democracy in the Arab world:

The day when Israel was founded created the basis for our problems. … It’s because we always lose to Israel. It gnaws at the people in the Middle East that such a small country as Israel, with only about 7 million inhabitants, can defeat the Arab nation with its 350 million. That hurts our collective ego. The Palestinian problem is in the genes of every Arab. The West’s problem is that it does not understand this.

Sheikh’s conclusion is not that ending the fight with Israel might lead to democracy, but rather that once the West lets the Arabs win against Israel, then they’ll build democracies.
Note that phrase, “letting them win”, as if they would have destroyed Israel if it wasn’t for the west, let’s not forget that during the 1967 war Egypt & Jordan openly debated if they would claim their air forces were decimated by US & British troops because it could not be conceded that they were crushed by mere jews.
And let’s top of this point with from this quote from Commentary via  Carl from Jerusalem:
The M-75 is a technological marvel–a homemade medium-range rocket capable of striking Tel Aviv, developed despite stringent Israeli import restrictions aimed at preventing Hamas from doing just that. It’s a purely offensive weapon with no defensive purpose, and Palestinians love it. An enterprising Gaza merchant even named a perfume after it two years ago, when it was first deployed, and Reuters reported that sales promptly soared.
It all adds up to this bottom line:  No matter who is in charge in Gaza their ultimate goal will be the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jews and anyone who doesn’t understand this is deluding themselves.
Joe’s primary worry is a Hamas victory in the PR department but that really can’t be helped due to the simple fact that Israel given the choice of destroying their enemies or containing them has chosen the more difficult containment option which does occasionally involves  destroying the arabs  ability to shoot at them and that Hamas given the choice between live Palestinians and dead ones that harm Israel’s reputation will choose dead ones every single time.
Until Palestinian and islamic culture changes that’s simply how it is.

Mr Ford Well… er… you’re a rich man.
Charman Knebter: Yes, I am. Yes. Yes, very very rich. Quite phenomenally wealthy. Yes, I do own the most startling quantifies of cash. Yes, quite right… you’re rather a smart young lad aren’t you. We could do with somebody like you to feed the pantomime horse. Very smart.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Blood Devastation Death War & Horror 1972

I turned on Morning Joe this morning and while I was impressed at the entire table (except Al Hunt) insisting that the IRS scandal was a test for the press (a refreshing change) but while that is important what really caught my was Joe & Mike on Hillary insistence that she really isn’t rich.

Joe was quoting a high-ranking Democrat about tone deafness and said the problem was Hillary has spent her last 40 years having someone else wait on them and get her coffee.

As this is going on Mika suddenly turn behind her and starts ordering coffee in excruciating detail, while on a split screen Mark Halperin is trying his best not to crack up.

this caught my eye because my non-political son was in the room as he was getting ready for work, saw this and was cracking up.

I turned to him and expressed surprise, he doesn’t watch the news and only knows Morning Joe in passing from me watching it.

His answer was classic: You don’t have to follow politics to see what they were doing.

And that is the real crisis for Hillary Clinton, people who don’t follow politics one bit get the absurdity of this (it’s also why the IRS scandal is bad news in the long run for Obama but that’s another piece).

If Hillary Clinton words are causing non-political folks to laugh a her this is going to come back to haunt her.

Closing thought: Does anyone think for one second Bill Clinton would make this mistake?


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As I try to resolve some technical issues for today’s live broadcast Joe Scarborough gave me some time for a quick interview

Yeah I know we started with Baseball instead of the political scene but it’s simply impossible to stop two Red Sox fans from talking baseball particularly after a World Series Win.


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It not usual that I lead on a Monday no less with the post for the weekend’s show.

But it’s not every day you have the host of a Morning Show of the big three Cable channels on your show for 45 min.

You can listen to my interview with Joe Scarborough during my first hour (he came in at :15 Here

You can also buy Joe’s book here

If my second hour we had DaMagnificent Panel this week with Chip Jones, Fausta (of my Magnificent Seven) and in the Bob Beckel Chair Mike Hummell the blue barnstormer. You can hear that 2nd Hour here.

And each of my three promoted a particular post.

Fausta’s post is titled It’s not racism, kid, it’s just plain grammar

Ah, for the days of Dean Wormer. . . Students at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information accused a professor of racial discrimination after the professor corrected their grammar:

I hope people will correct these future engineers and Doctors when they screw up in those classes.

Chip’s Post is titled Enhanced Interrogation: Obama Covers Extraordinary Rendition in Benghazi

The picture that is emerging, and being confirmed by sources close to Conservative Reports Online, is that the two Delta operators had delivered a HVT who had been apprehended to the compound. Although there was a large contingent of Green Berets working out of the Compound as their base of operations, the only remaining Green Beret was their “Communications Officer” who reported the attack, in real time, to the appropriate authorities and joined the fray defending the Compound.

Oh boy heads of Obama fans must be blowing up on this

And Mike Hummell piece is Hey #WalmartElves, Shut Up and Get Back to Work!

Elves are not supposed to complain about working conditions. At least not @Walmart. They are supposed to stock the shelves, clean the floors, run the register, and smile like a happy face. But under no circumstances are they to have opinions in public. They definitely don’t need Tumblr or Twitter accounts with which to share their unwanted opinions.

Free speech is free speech, it’s got to be respected

Remember my panel rotates monthly so you’ll have a whole new group next week.

FYI one more thing. I’m sure there are a few people here who are saying What the hell are you doing promoting that Rino Scarborough book? to this lest me say several things:

1. In terms of the show and the blog. No matter what you think of MSNBC or Joe he is the named host of a morning drive show on one of the big three national Cable news shows. That’s a get particularly if you are a guy who five years ago was doing Tech Support and three years ago went on the air first the first time. It says something about this blog and this show.

2. And this is not the first time Joe Scarborough & done this. I’ve hit him and his show hard for YEARS yet he did an interview with me last year on video, and (as he revealed on the show gets my commentaries every week which only goes out to those who who hit DaTipJar). Sicilians never forget a favor.

3. If anyone thinks I’m going to be less conservative or more quiet about my opinions or my agenda you haven’t been paying attention.

Update: One more thought. The thing that most threatens the left are stories breaking through beyond their filter. Conservative blogs are a strong driver for this. There is nothing that legitimizes a news source to low information voters like.

1. Call letters next to a name in the media
2. Acknowledgement by media names recognized by them.

Every time either of those things happen to a conservative blog one more chip is broken off of that wall.

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Q: How do you know the fallout from Obamacare is an absolute disaster?

I still get a lot of readers asking why I watch Morning Joe almost religiously in the AM?

There are many reasons, The show is fun, Mike Barnicle is from my home town (Fitchburg MA), Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski have incredible chemistry, I’ve met & interviewed Joe, Mika, Barnicle and Willie Geist and genuinely like them all and particularly like how they treat their fans. It’s one of the few MSNBC shows that will give a conservative perspective.

But the most important thing is this: As the first morning political show of the day if you want to find out what is the message of the day from the White House/left is this is the place to be.

Today however the lede from Morning Joe was this story.

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

That’s from Lisa Myers of NBC and led the 6 AM segment that is repeated at 8.

When a story it’s so bad that you can’t dodge it and have to lead with it in the hopes of answering it fast and being done with you know you have trouble.

Update: They led the 7 AM hour with this too and did their best to spin it but the real gem was Joe Scarborough cracking up over how much people love us when they tried to throw the NSA stuff on George Bush. When I have the video I’ll put it up.

Update 2: Linked by Stacy who says:

So all those promises — that rates would go down and that people could keep their existing plans — were deliberate lies. And all the conservatives who tried to warn that ObamaCare was doomed to failure were correct. But the liars were all Democrats, and the people who told the truth were all Republicans, so there will be no apologies and no repentance. Instead, they’ll just come up with new lies.

He has been doing some first rate culture war blogging lately.

Here is that video I promised key quote

You’ve got a drone dropping phone tapping president

Watch it to the end.


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Today when I was reading about Joe Scarborough’s divorce my instinct is to shut up. It’s not a fun situation for any person and frankly I didn’t want to dignify some of the unfair implications unfair in the base story (that’s why it’s not linked) but when I saw the TMZ follow up…

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough earns $99,038 PER WEEK from his show — this according to divorce docs obtained by TMZ — but the crazier part … his soon-to-be ex-wife will only see a tiny fraction of it.

…I decided to say something.

First of all, Whose business is it what he’s paid? If MSNBC thinks he worth that dough and/or his agent can get that kind of deal more power to him.

Second of all the TV business is a fickle one, Don Imus was an MSNBC fixture right up until the moment he wasn’t. Any person with any brains scores while they can in the TV/Entertainment business because who knows what tomorrow brings.

But what really jars me about the TMZ piece is this:

according to the divorce docs, Joe’s pretty much making off like a bandit. For starters, the divorce docs state Joe will NOT be paying child support, and what his alimony amounts to is a morsel of his enormous salary.

According to the docs, Joe will fork over $30,000 per month for 5 years, then $25,000 per month for 2 years. Joe also gave her a lump sum of $150k, and he’s paying the mortgage on their Connecticut home, and for the kids’ schooling.

I don’t know the whys or wherefores of the personal lives, they’re not my business, nor am I a lawyer but I suspect both parties had lawyers who were working hard to protect their clients.

The bottom line is this: The former Mrs. Scarborough will be pulling down $360K a year for 5 years then a further $300,000 for the following 2. Additionally she will not have to worry about a mortgage payment or school costs.

And that doesn’t even count the $150G base payout.

Maybe it’s just me but I would think even in the Nutmeg State A person with two kids, no mortgage or school expenses can live fairly comfortably on 100K a year and of course this doesn’t count any money she might earn from her own job or any future job. Even if she never earns another penny there is absolutely no reason why this money shouldn’t last 20 years or more.

I know in the middle of the debate on establishment vs tea party one might want to react but forget for a second the shutdown debate and who he is he and as yourself this question:

If a friend in a divorce ended up with that kind of money what would your reaction be?

I suspect it would not be pity over that kind of money.

I’m Catholic, I don’t like divorce. I feel bad for all involved particularly the children.

I suspect this has been a painful experience for everyone emotionally but don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting it will be a painful experience financially.

I like Joe Scarborough and he’s always treated me well, however that doesn’t prevent me from calling him out when he says a whopper and today said something so amazing that I can’t believe actually said it on the air.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now this is the first chance I’ve had to see Morning Joe since Tuesday since I was in Boston Wednesday & Thursday at the RNC meetings. I interviewed people from 30 states and in order to expand Joe’s social circle let me introduce him to some of the people I interviewed:

Meet T. W. Shannon speaker of the house in Oklahoma

Meet Marilinda Garcia (R-NH) from the State legislature.

Meet John Burnett (R-NY) the GOP alternative to Client #9 for Comptroller in NY

Meet Anitere Flores (R-FL) who serves in the Florida State legislature

Meet the Changs (R-HI) Husband and wife

Mrs. Chang is a state rep in NI & Mr Chang is the State Party Chair in HI

Meet Glenn McCall (R-SC) State committeeman

Meet Ann Clanton (R-RI) Executive Director of the RI GOP

and finally meet Dr Ada Fisher Author and State Committeewoman from NC

Her book is Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions: Solutions For What Ails Us (Volume 1)

And as I’m typing this I’m sitting in a room ready to hold 170 NH Republicans

Waiting to see this gentleman who just arrived as I began pasting that last video…

col west nh 001

In fact they are paying MONEY to do so.

col west nh 002

Now the with the exception of Col west I tweeted out every single one of those interviews this morning after Joe said what he said and do you know what the reaction of the viewers were.

Yup every single interview is “cherry picked” as if I ignored any non-white person at the RNC Boston event. One look at my YouTube Channel gives the lie to that business.

I have a much better question for Joe Scarborough et/all and all those folks on the left who breathlessly linked to Mediaite’s piece on his words.

With the exception of Col West who I’ve covered before the first time I met or was aware of these people was at this RNC event. Why hasn’t MSNBC in general or Morning Joe in particular found these people worthy of a spot on the show? Why haven’t I seen them on CNN, or PBS, or This Week or Meet the Press or Face the Nation etc etc etc

I think that’s a very good question and I would love to hear a very good answer from the MSM, but I think I already know it.

Update: Next time Joe is in NH I should introduce him to Karen Testerman gathering signatures for a US Senate run


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But If I’m actually here in NH I’d really appreciate it if 8 of you can kick in $20 each to get me over the top.

(of course if you want to kick in the full amount I won’t complain either.


Lt Tom Keefer:  Three ships were lost in the Typhoon, you know.

Barry Greenwald:  And 187 stayed afloat without the executive officer taking command.

The Caine Mutiny 1954

For three months Morning Joe has been has been pushing Gun Control arguing to anyone who will listen how much this will cost the GOP in November.

This week he took to Politico to make his case to the vast majority of people who don’t want Morning Joe :

A new PPP Poll of voters in South Carolina’s first Congressional District shows that 86 percent of those Southerners support the type of background check that Congress killed last week. This district is so conservative that Mitt Romney carried it by 18 percentage points last year. But this week, voters by a 2-to-1 margin say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate that opposed background checks on gun purchases.

Note the phrase, they supported “the type of background check that congress killed this week” That’s important. He continues talking Florida & Texas and more…

In Virginia, the home of the NRA, 91 percent of Virginia voters from gun households support background checks. In New Jersey, that number rises to 95 percent. In Pennsylvania the number is 96 percent. So much for winning the Philadelphia suburbs next year.

Note that none of these numbers refer to the actual bill being debated but simply of vague description of a part of a bill rather than what the bill actually says.

Now as I’ve already said, if these numbers were true the senate would have been falling over themselves to vote for it so lets look at a different batch of polling:

Even at the height of the media coverage of the Newtown shooting, the number of people who considered guns a top public-issue priority never climbed out of the single digits, according to Gallup. By the time the bills failed, only 4% thought of guns as the most important public issue facing the country, down from 6% in early February. The only angry people were on CNN and MSNBC. And bear in mind that the Gallup question would have included people who thought protecting gun rights were the most important issue, too.

And now lets look at a more realistic political assessment from someone who doesn’t have to play to an MSNBC audience to make a living Megan McArdle.

If you want to actually understand why gun control failed, let’s try a simple exercise. Raise your hand if you had a strong opinion about the background check bill that was in front of Congress.

Keep your hand raised if you know how your own Senator voted on it. Otherwise put your hand down.

Keep your hand raised if you actually live in a state that might plausibly elect a Republican to congress.

Okay, now keep your hand raised if that bill was in the top one or two issues that you’ll be voting on in 2014 or 2016. By which I mean, if your Senator votes the wrong way on that bill, you will vote for anyone who opposes them. Anyone–even someone with the wrong opinions on gay marriage, social security reform, transportation subsidies, the Keystone XL pipeline, carbon taxes, marginal tax rates on people who make more than $250k per annum, the deficit, and student loan repayment programs.

Now look around. Aside from those three guys in the back from Handgun Control Inc., do you know who still has their hand raised? NRA members.

What do I think is going to happen? I think that the anti-gun forces are going to find the republican or democrat who voted against them who was most likely to lose anyways, run a few ads against them and if they lose claim it was due to the overwhelming outrage of the people over the gun vote.

But they won’t point to all of the GOP members who win re-election on that very same vote.

Update: Allahpundit explains further

If you like the idea of expanded background checks but don’t trust Obama or liberals or gun-grabbers generally, you can live very easily with Toomey/Manchin going down. Related to that is the fact that gun control is a quintessential (maybe the ultimate) “slippery slope” issue, if only because some of the left’s favorite proposals all but guarantee further action down the line.

I’m sure an MSNBC audience never thought of it.

Just got the following e-mail from CPAC

The American Conservative Union (ACU) today announced that Dr. Ben Carson will be a featured speaker at CPAC 2013 — the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference. America’s largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists will be held Thursday, March 14 – Saturday, March 16, 2013.

For the few of you who Don’t know who Ben Carson is:

“Dr. Ben Carson represents the optimism and hope of the future of the conservative movement, while at the same time he articulates the deep fiscal and social challenges that our Nation faces,” said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas. “We look forward to welcoming Dr. Carson to the CPAC stage in March.”

Dr. Benjamin Carson is the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. An internationally renowned physician, Dr. Carson has authored over 100 neurosurgical publications, along with five best-selling books, including the New York Times bestseller, America the Beautiful, and has been awarded 60 honorary doctorate degrees and dozens of national merit citations. He is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and delivered the keynote address at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month.

Yeah this sounds just like a tactic. Just like a bunch of people who are trying to distract from the fact they as Joe Scarborough says: “care about hate, resentment

Because nothing says “hate and resentment” like a having a Presidential Medial of Freedom winner of color speak to CPAC.

Anyone want to make book on how long it takes for Dr. Carson to be vilified as an “Uncle Tom” online? I doubt it will take more than an hour or two.

Update: I’ll trade Ben Carson for S.E. Cupp any day

Update 2: I gave a call to CPAC after receiving the email. The person I spoke to could not nail down the speaking day and time of Dr. Carson nor nail down when the invite was sent. I’ll follow up on this during the day.

Update 3: Heard back from Laura Rigas from CPAC (the woman whose name was on the press release) She emailed that while she could not get into details on when the invitation was sent or received she did say it was “in the works for some time”. He will be speaking Saturday in the AM (meaning I might be able to catch him before going on the air). As for the reaction she wrote: “we expect it to be positive” but of course the announcement just hit an hour or so before my call & e-mail. However the Twitter reactions have been positive.

Interestingly enough while MSNBC has time to hit CPAC about Chris Christie live during their 11 AM hour they didn’t have time to mention Dr. Carson’s inclusion. I wonder why?

Update 4:
Welcome visitors from Helen’s page,

Morning Joe is asking questions concerning the Drone program, yesterday Joe Scarborough expressed his upset with the program.

Now I have very little sympathy for US citizens sitting with an enemy in enemy territory collaborating with them in time of war. US citizens working with the Germans in Berlin or Tokyo were not immune to bombing. As however the war is not specifically declared (congress SHOULD do so) and given the more precise nature of the strikes proper oversight is not too much to ask.

Today Morning Joe led with the same story and Joe Scarborough continued on the subject hitting the republicans for not objecting, but it was his next pronouncement that caught my eye.

“The next step is the killings start taking place on American soil”

and that’s when I started to chuckle.

Didn’t Morning Joe in general and Joe Scarborough in particular just spend WEEKS calling people members of the “extremist wing of the NRA” for suggesting that the 2nd Amendment exists for the citizens to protect themselves from tyrannical government? Didn’t he say that people have no “need” of arms etc?

Yet now he is railing about the possibility of the American Government killing Americans on American soil without due process. Isn’t that the definition of Tyranny?

If I was the administration I’d be saying that Joe Scarborough is “obviously from the extremist wing of the MSM”, but I wouldn’t do it for long, good kept republicans are hard to come by.


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We start Wednesday $40 shy of the weekly goal

If live interviews with Michael Graham, Coverage of Robert Spencer and of local news such as the explosion yesterday in Fitchburg are worth your while, then your support to pay for that coverage will be highly appreciated.

Update: Reason weighs in:

There is a darkly comic aspect to this, I suppose: Here’s a president who once taught classes in constitutional law and swore up and down that America doesn’t torture, that he was against “dumb wars” waged by his predecessors, that he was more transparent than a glass of triple-filtered water, and who won a goddamned Nobel Peace Prize! And he turns out to be not just a little iffy when it comes to being constrained in his willingness to break all sorts of rules but downright godawful.

Because of my road trip I didn’t have time to watch much TV but on Friday Morning I sat at the Lonely Conservative’s Kitchen table watching Morning Joe while I planned a day that would take me to the Ann Marie Buerkle HQ, The Clay Town Hall Event, The Shrine of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha in Fonda and to Chris Gibson’s campaign office in Kingston, with a Saratoga stop in NY-21 cancelled 30 minutes away from the spot.

In between Phone calls and watching tweets Karen steeped out the door to take her son when to my shock and delight my friend Ed Morrissey came on the screen to talk about his piece on Election 2012.

As you can see I was a tad excited.

Here is the video if you missed it

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

When Karen walked back in I called to her excitedly to see.

There is a lot to say about the appearance, that it drove Mika a tad nuts to the point of fillibuster was fun, that it actually promoted at least once Sock Puppet on Twitter to attack him was amusing but what really got me laughing the more I thought about it was what it represents.

There is no question Ed Morrissey deserves the attention, he is a great writer, his wife is a national treasure, and on a personal level as a guy who went from a call center to writing, reporting and punditry Ed’s path is the path I hope to complete.

But in the end Northern Alliance Radio not withstanding, Ed Morrissey is a blogger, he cut his teeth at the Captain Quarters where I started reading him and has continues as a blogger for

Hot air is a blog, it has always been a blog, even though it is now part of Town Hall it remains a blog.

Yet over and over on Morning Joe we have heard people from Mike Barnicle to Joe Scarborough go after “Cheetoes Eating Bloggers” as people to be scorned, ignored and berated.

I hope and trust Ed will be back on the show, if so perhaps it suggest they have turned a corner on the new media. And maybe Mika will be able to bring herself to ask a question.

But more importantly this will be the moment when the Morning Joe team acknowledges that the people of the blogosphere who work very hard for very little reward and have does the job that many in the media have not deigned worthy to cover

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds said this:

When taking office, the President does not swear to create jobs. He does not swear to “grow the economy.” He does not swear to institute “fairness.” The only oath the President takes is this one:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man for the non-crime of embarrassing the President of the United States and his administration, President Obama violated that oath. You can try to pretty this up (It’s just about possible probation violations! Sure.), or make excuses or draw distinctions, but that’s what’s happened. It is a betrayal of his duties as President, and a disgrace.

a few hours earlier the Worcester Gay Pride March complete with drag queens and strippers in tighty whities. These images would be considered bad under Islam. Should President Obama be arresting these guys?

The reaction of concern trolls was not surprising but this tweet from Joe Scarborough who I watch regularly caught me by surprise:

If you read the series of tweets at that article on Twitchy you will see the conversation began with the whole “Romney Gaffe” theme I’ve already stated even stipulating the nonsense idea that the Romney statement was the ‘gaffe heard round the world” in retrospect with this image all over the net:

But if Joe disagrees I have a suggestion. Invite Glenn Reynolds on the show Monday to discuss the issue.

It’s a great move, Glenn is a former MSNBC contributor, he has one of the most powerful one man web sites in the world with numbers so strong he can crash smaller servers by linking to them. He has a libertarian bent in favor of both abortion and gay marriage so he would fit in socially with the crew and most important it would bring eyes that would normally not be there.

Most important of all if you have Heilman, Mika, Capeheart, and Yourself taking Glenn on, the fight might almost be even and if you feel it’s not you can always throw in Andra Mitchel to help you out.

You spend a lot of time dismissing bloggers, lets see if you can hold your own against one. If Monday is bad go for Tuesday or Wednesday and promote the hell out of it.

I like you Joe, but I think you guys wouldn’t have a prayer against Glenn Reynolds and if you think otherwise your going to have to prove it to me.

Consider it the first debate of the 2016 presidential season.

Update: If Joe doesn’t want to face Glenn there is Always Mark Steyn

Look at Jonah’s post immediately below; look at the picture. What a pity Ambassador Stevens didn’t enjoy the same level of “protection” as Mr Nakoula. Why, if only the United States could bring the same amount of firepower to bear in its Benghazi compound as it brings to a probation-violation arrest in Cerritos. But it’s all about priorities, isn’t it?

Any curiosity about that? Apparently not, judging from Scarborough’s nothing-to-see-here tweets.

or Jonah Goldberg

Good thing this is no longer John Ashcroft’s America!

Hell I could even do it if you are worried about those guys, fly me down & I’ll bring Cannoli (that will drive Mika nuts)

Today on Morning Joe Nicole Wallace was sitting in with Joe Scarborough & company (sans Mika) and the subject of President Obama’s statement concerning the “private sector is doing fine”.

Plenty of people have hit the president on this but there was an interesting twist on the subject today beginning with the opening.

The Show started with John McCain’s “The fundamentals of the economy are sound” statement with the Obama commercial that followed. Then then showed the president’s gaffe and Romney’s ad that followed. Joe, Nichole Wallace Steve Rattner and Mark Halperin started discussing it and comparing it to the McCain situation

As then talked about the mistake Joe Scarborough said something that someone like myself would not find incredible, but to people on MSNBC would have been a shock.

Scarborough noted that John McCain and Sarah Palin were riding high until that gaffe. He made the point that the public after that point got the idea McCain had no idea what to do about the economy and he never recovered. Everyone at the table agreed.

While I would suggest the “suspension” of the campaign was more important, this was a watershed moment for MSNBC.

Even with Nichole Wallace at the table (who I will refrain from tweaking further as she is expecting) nobody a the table interrupted to say anything like: Well that gaffe was bad but the real problem with the campaign was Sarah Palin

Nope, not a peep, not a sound, suddenly the actual reality of the situation was put before MSNBC viewers.

Now if Palin had been the nominee I’m sure it would have played differently but for at least one morning MSNBC and its viewer heard something that they hadn’t heard before: that John McCain’s defeat was not due to Sarah Palin, but was due to his own mistakes.

It’s a start.

Exit question: If Mika was on set would they have hit Palin?

Update: Delayed reaction instalanche as I was away from my pc for a bit, thanks Glenn, don’t forget to check out my advice to the Romney Campaign invoking Braxton Bragg and my advice to the Kimberlin & Co crowd invoking Robert Stacy McCain.

Yesterday was not a good day for the MSNBC narrative at Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough, outnumbered around the table as usual, was the only one smiling as the Narrative of “Romney/GOP war on women” crumbled before the new polls results from CBS/NYT. That must have been enjoyable for Joe but there are three new changes to conventional wisdom that will not be so much fun for him:

1. ITEM: Sarah PALIN that’s who.

One week ago the Deb Fischer campaign was in tatters, one opponent was endorsed by the GOP establishment and the other by Jim DeMint a tea party favorite. On May 9th Sarah Palin endorsed her and her prospects suddenly changed. And last night she won the GOP primary with 41% of the vote and a 10,000 vote margin:

A state senator who had been stuck for weeks in third place in polls has won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Nebraska, continuing a pattern of challengers successfully taking on prominent Republicans in party primaries.

State Sen. Deb Fischer capped a remarkable surge by capturing the Senate nomination on Tuesday. She will face Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska senator and governor, in the November election.

I guess the “Sarah Palin is irrelevant” narrative is going to be a tough play on MSNBC today.

2. Item: Broken nose, broken narrative

That’s the title of this post at Legal Insurrection linking to the ABC report revealing that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes etc etc etc according to the medical report:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jacobson being a lawyer, he of course notes that this doesn’t PROVE that he didn’t act unlawfully but I seem to recall that the standard of a trial works under something called “innocent till proven guilty”

And if William Jacobson scored the touchdown then Tom McGuire kicks the extra point via this WFTV9 report that Trayvon Martin had “injuries on his knuckles according to his autopsy despite what the mortician had said:

Richard Kurtz, a black (IIRC) mortician who serves the black community, had the good sense to see nothing unusual about Martin when he prepared him for the funeral. Anyone who took that seriously is surprised by the current report. Since you ask, I expressed reservations about the mortician at the end of this old post.

Now considering the New Black Panthers involvement and the pressure from Sharpton etc I can see this guy Kurtz buckling under fear for his life or business but what is the excuse of Joe Scarborough who pushed the “We all know what’s going on” business or MSNBC’s Trayvon Martin outrage and Al Sharpton race baiting all over the place?

Worse of all there is NO WAY smiling Angela Corey the special prosecutor didn’t know this info from the autopsy, yet she charged 2nd degree murder anyway! This explains why she didn’t dare go to a grand jury. With this evidence they would have been more likely to indict a ham sandwich than George Zimmerman. All this person did was empower a lot of people who make their living on racial hate. In my opinion this woman should be disbarred and she and the state sued.

3. Item: Who loves Rush? Women love Rush!

Remember the boycott that the #stoprush crowd pushed by Media Matters, NOW and the MSM that was pushed over the “Slut” comment concerning activist Sandra Fluke? Well maybe the boycott has fizzled but the idea that Rush is “anti-woman” card kept being played by the left.

While Morning Joe & MSNBC kept suggesting GOP members should denounce Rush, Limbaugh fresh off of amassing 100k+ Twitter followers in 24 hours is back for another round forming a group called Rush Babes for America on facebook.

Te numbers it has produced has not been friendly to the MSM asLimbaugh reports:

Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page

Do you mean to say that in less than ten days a Rush Limbaugh woman’s group is twice as popular as NOW, no newcomer to facebook? I wonder how Media Matters, NOW and MSNBC will spin that?


Exit question: Exactly how many memes that simply aren’t true can be pushed by the MSNBC crowd before they change direction?

Morning Joe didn’t find these topics newsworthy but others are trying to spin for them:

This is stupid. If the Republican establishment loses to a candidate backed by both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, of course the Tea Party wins. What else could explain it?

He is referring to a story at The Hill, he has much more respect for Sarah Palin’s statement and Hot Air notes the polling in the general is looking good:

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post reports that Fischer already has a ten-point lead in polling over Kerrey

But…But Palin is supposed to be toxic in a general election.

I’m having too much fun with this.

An amazing moment took place on Morning Joe during the 6 a.m. hour, (repeated in the 8 a.m. hour) as they went after Alan West for his remarks at a town hall concerning Communists/Socialists in the congress.

The folks at Morning Joe were outraged, Jazz Shaw was upset and strangely enough the American Communist Party called it “guilt by association“. Why an actual Communist would consider being associated with Communists “casting a shadow” on anyone is a tad odd (How dare you slander someone by saying they associate with me)!

Ignoring for a moment the Morning Joe Table being unaware of the Democratic Socialists of Americans published list of members of congress who are members (via the lonely conservative) and the apparent apology the Morning Joe team owes Congressman West, Joe Scarborough said something aloud that has been rarely expressed on a venue of the left.

Joe called Communism “..the most repressive, the most evil political movement in the history of man responsible for more deaths than any other movement.” on the air and nobody at the table disputed him.

Stating that communism had murdered nearly a hundred million is not something that our friends on the left usually talk about and this is a subject that you don’t see on MSNBC.

I’m old enough to remember all the outrage of the left when Reagan called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire”. There are plenty of members of congress who are still in office, including our VP who went after him for it.

Apologies owed to Allen West not withstanding, it’s nice to see that we’ve reached a point where being associated with Communism is considered so beyond the pale that even MSNBC is against it.

Here is the video:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Oh and as far as who is a socialist and who is not, the person I believe is Clara Csiong

Update: I should have linked the base post from the Lonely Conservative, also there was a fragment that somehow got left in the post, fixed.

Update 2: Nice deb posts this video of Congressman Danny Davis being honored at the Communist Party USA headquarters Chicago for a lifetime of achievement:

Shhhh don’t tell Joe Scarborough.

…at least that what it sounded like to me.

On Morning Joe he and Joe Scarborough were talking the political landscape and Morial started talking about “voter suppression”.

Never mind that my Bank that I visit several times a week in person requred ID for withdrawals. Never mind that my local Comcast office where I pay my bill requires me to show a picture ID when I pay with my credit card. Never mind that this Friday past, I had to show a photo ID to make an $8 purchase at Market Basket in Fitchburg

Joe Scarbrough who often drives me up the wall wasn’t going to let him get away with this and began questioning him on voter id laws. Scarborough questioned him as Mika Brzezinski (wisely) remained silent as the Morial’s argument went from place to place until he retreated finally to “motivation”.

Yes you heard that right he made the argument that showing ID to vote laws should be opposed because of the “motivation” of those who support those laws.

Ok Mr. Morial, let me refer you to a book I quote often. Robert Caro’s Master of the Senate, the third volume in his series The Years of Lyndon Johnson.

The book tells the story of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the very first Civil Rights act to pass in decades. It tells how Lyndon Johnson skillfully navigated the waters to get a bill that would not be filibustered by the Southern Caucus through the house while thwarting GOP efforts to make it stronger.

But the most important aspect of the Civil Rights bill of 1957 for Lyndon Johnson was that HE would get credit for its passing.

The failed presidential bid of Richard Russell in 1952 convinced both Johnson and Russell his patron that no Southerner could be elected president until they were “made clean” on Civil Rights. Russell was clearly the most qualified and most respected Democratic Candidate in 1952 but in state after state he was told privately by party members that they could not support a southerner (Russell for all his virtues and he had many, was an arch segregationist who opposed military integration and whose opinion of the races were frankly startling). Russell dreamed of seeing a southerner in the White house and was determined to give Lyndon the chance he did not have.

Lyndon Johnson ambitions had always been toward the white house. Once he was convinced that support for civil rights was a sine-qua-non for him to become a credible candidate for the White House Lyndon Johnson was determined to be not only the supporter of a Civil Rights bill in the Senate but he would be the pilot steering such a bill through every shoal so that the final bill came to port it would be flying the flag of Lyndon Baines Johnson. The story of his success in this seemingly impossible goal is a tale of watching a political master at his finest.

His entire motivation being the goal of electing Lyndon Johnson president of the United States. Nobody reading this history can doubt this for a moment.

So under Mark Morial’s argument that he made on Morning Joe today, the voting rights act of 1957 should not have been supported because the motivation of the person responsible for its passage was his own political power.

I can imagine Mark Morial of the Urban league now in 1957: “I’d like to know why Lyndon Johnson is supporting this NOW?”, “What is the motivation for Lyndon Johnson supporting a civil rights law in 1957 when he has not supported such laws before?”

When you have no credible arguments this is what you are reduced to.

I know I’ve been promising this for a while but here it finally is. All my videos from the Morning Joe town hall:

here is Charles before the event:

Continue reading “The videos from the Morning Joe town hall Manchester NH”

Regular readers of this blog know that I have an odd relationship with the Morning Joe show. They drive me absolutely nuts on a regular basis yet I can’t help but watch since they are simply so likable.

Apparently the relationship works the other way around too. I call them out an awful lot, yet tonight after not only a very long town hall and staying to take pictures with a big chunk of the crowd they still made time to give me a few minutes for an interview:

Now be honest if you had a show, how inclined would you be to give an interview to a regular critic, especially at the end of a long day with an early morning ahead of you?

That was a class act that I’m unlikely to forget.

(BTW if you attended this event I’ll have the rest of the video up sometime near 10 or 11 this morning

Manchester 6:02 p.m.

I’ve been here at The Executive Court Banquet Facility talking to and interviewing people while neglecting my column that I need to get done today as we await Joe and Mika’s entrance.

The place is packed and there are very few empty seats, for some reason there are two next to me, I don’t know if it’s my breath or by politics.

I’ll continue to update on both twitter and in this post as time permits, I don’t think the bandwidth will allow the photo or video updates yet but I’ll add them as the day goes by.

Update: Joe and Mike got here around 6:21 p.m.

Mika gave a great story about her mother that explains why I like her so much and Joe is making friends with stacy by cries of Roll Tide. They took lots of questions with Mika as the floor manager.

A guest is coming, I don’t know who but I’ll bet it will be Huntsman

Update 2: the surprise guest was Christie who took questions. He has my waistline but no fedora, advantage me.

Update 3: disadvantage me, I’ve discovered you can’t effectively live blog, live tweet and film when alone, I have a ton of video that I have to re-name setup. Because of the sheer volume I’ll likely do it in a new post.

…At least not this morning on MSNBC as the entire lineup acknowledges the tea party victory, the defeat of the progressives and the weakness of the president.

CNN reporting futures are up on the news of a deal but on MSNBC Mika and John Heilmann kept up the “terrorism” and “hostage taking” stuff.

Much funnier, the same people on the set who were calling the tea party names for forcing this deal called Harry Reid a “grown-up” for enforcing the deal first.

I still haven’t found the text of the deal yet but the misery of the MSM is a powerful incentive to support it. The PDF is here but that’s not the same as the bill itself, I want to see the language.

And Allahpundit, who usually gives me fits says this:

If he and McConnell join Reid in signing off on the deal tonight, the full weight of approving the deal will fall on Pelosi and the House Democrats tomorrow. That would leave liberals doubly screwed, not only stuck with a deal they hate but in danger of destroying the left’s relentless messaging that Republicans are the obstructionists here. For six months we’ve been told that those crazy wingnuts are willing to hit the debt ceiling and throw America into economic chaos to make their point; if Pelosi walks away 24 hours before the ceiling deadline after all three other congressional leaders have blessed the deal, that’ll blow up right in her face. I’m amazed, frankly, that Reid publicly approved the deal before she had a chance to talk to House Democrats. All that does is weaken her leverage in holding out and hand the GOP a talking point about how radical House liberals are even by the standards of Harry Reid. But maybe that was Reid’s point: By offering his approval early, he’s maximizing the odds that House Democrats will cave and that this thing really will pass.

Strangely enough on Morning Joe he says if he was a house democrat he would vote no. Somehow if the bill fails it’s the GOP’s fault for defeating it but it’s not up to Democrats to support their president and Harry Reid.

I’d have to say the tea party looked at my advice…

Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell

…and took it to heart.

Well done folks, well done indeed!

Update: I can’t believe I forgot to Mention Michael Steele, he was magnificent on MSNBC this morning and actually brought up that the spending anger among Republicans started under the Bush Administration (didn’t mention porkbusters by name) and more importantly he mentioned it before Mika and Heilmann so when it came up Joe Scarborough said Steele already addressed it.

If his performance was this good as GOP chairman he might still be the top man.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection advances the idea of “the survival of the fittest”. Over the last several days the Anthony Weiner case has given several media figures an abject lesson of this theory in practice.

During the long weekend when the tweet heard round the world first hit the internet only the blogs, mostly right leaning, were willing to cover it. The MSM did not want to touch (Anthony’s?) Weiner with a ten foot pole. Howard Kurtz’s reaction was typical. When users of Twitter (known on occasion as twerps) intrigued by the “interesting” follow patters of Congressman Weiner, suggested he cover the story his reply on Twitter reeked of elitism:

To twerps demanding I cover Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal: Whole thing appears to be faked. Sometimes it pays to wait for the facts.

Robert Stacy McCain a blogger with years of experience as a shoe leather reporter for the Washington Times, and American Spectator disagreed. He along with, Ace of Spades and Lee Stranahan pursued the story, other smaller bloggers followed suit, large bloggers such as Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit linked and aggregated the coverage while the public with years of experience In the use of social networking ate up the combination of the powerful up and coming congressman and his “interesting” collection of lovely ladies he choose to follow.

Still the established media came slowly, pro-forma messages of a “hack” were reported in some locations but on Tuesday, the morning shows as a whole took a pass. Most notable of them was MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Of all the shows deciding not to follow the story, Morning Joe was the most perplexing. The show originates out of NY, Anthony Wiener has been a frequent guest on the program and both the show in general and Joe Scarborough in particular is known for their use of both twitter and social media. The host has even been known to exchange public tweets with both fans and detractors during the show and on weekends.

Yet other than mentioning in passing that “a lot of hacking is going on this weekend” (PBS was hacked by supporters of wikileaks this) Morning Joe avoided the story completely. Even Willie Geist’s “News you can’t use” segment, normally highlighting the odd and absurd, decided to give it a miss.

Alas for both Congressman Weiner and MSNBC others picked up the slack. The NY post covered the story and ran an op-ed concerning it Tuesday morning and by afternoon viewers of CNN were amazed to see the congressman ducking questions to the point of insult. When evening came Jon Stewart, despite his long friendship with the congressman, not only covered the story but lambasted the media for leaving the job of reporting it to bloggers.

And report they did, bloggers continued to dig and were rewarded with increased traffic driven by the congressman’s inability, over a series of increasingly disastrous interviews, to confirm or deny that the photo in question was of him.

By the time Howard Kurtz finally deigned to cover the story and his belated piece ran in the Daily Beast, Congressman Weiner had done almost as much damage to his pubic credibility as the series of Tornadoes on Wednesday did to Springfield Massachusetts and the surrounding towns.

Only slightly less damaged was the reputation of media members like Mr. Kurtz and the Morning Joe team who, in the Darwinian world of reporting, were the slowest members of the pack.

Because it will be the first regular show since the Anthony Weiner stuff came out.

Why will it be significant? Well as I said a couple of days ago, Joe Scarborough knows and understands Twitter, there is no possibility that he will not understand the significance of Congressman Weiner interesting choices when it comes to people to follow.

Why do I know this, well as an experiment I decided to go through Joe’s follow list. He follows 392 people and of the entire list there is only a single person that seemed out-of-place, and on further observation it appears that person was also followed by several significant people and groups so I’m just assuming I don’t know her.

In other words from his own pattern of following it is clear that Joe follows the normal pattern of famous people. It is inconceivable to me that he would not find the combination of:

1. odd following pattern,

2. Backing off from the “hacking” claim,

3. the “victim” Lawyering up while the alleged “hacker” offers full co-operation and asked for an investigation

…questionable at the very least, and it would be even odder for Mika to pooh pooh this either.

I’m scheduling this post for 5:45 a.m. so it will be up just before Morning Joe begins. Last week we discovered that the Ed Schultz business was not significant on a show concerning women’s empowerment. Today we will see what is stronger on the Morning Joe set; friendship or Journalistic skepticism. Believe it or not, I’m thinking the latter.

It’s looking like I’m a sucker, so far. As of 6:38 “hacking” was joked about it passing when talking about other stories (“lots of hacking this weekend”). Apparently when it comes to the MSM this is a pattern:

The Huffington Post has finally posted something about this weekend’s evolving #Weinergate Story – but not on the national page, but buried in the much less read New York section.

Well they are late and put it on the NY page but it’s not like they spiked the story over the weekend or something…oh wait:

HuffPost Could Have Run The Story Two Days Ago & Chose Not To

This is the part that HuffPost won’t be thrilled with but I mention it because I think it proves some real bias going on…

After months of not blogging at Huffington Post because of their treatment of Andrew Breitbart, I decided this story was juicy / big enough that I wanted to get it out to the HuffPost audience. After all, Huffington Post had been great about publishing my John Edwards pieces.

So I submitted an article that I thought was good – my Would Your Spouse Buy It? article with an added introduction paragraph to explain the story…and note the date…

After all why would an online blog that wants to get eyeballs want to cover a story involving a national rising political figure in the democratic party and a possible connection rather young women, doesn’t sound like something that would drive traffic to me, does it?

Meanwhile Joe Scarborough proves me wrong as #weinergate doesn’t even make the “news you can’t use” segment.

Update 2: Morning Joe might have taken a pass but the NY Post has an opinion piece by a fellow who I hear is a big fan of the show.

I came to twitter very late in the game, so unlike many bloggers both bigger and smaller than me, my total number of followers is very small (787 as of this morning). To give you an idea of how that stands with someone of some celebrity; Joe Scarborough of MSNBC who I write about a bit has over 100,000 followers (100,935 to be exact as of this morning).

As a person relatively new to media I remember the first time a major paper started following me (NY Post) it was a big deal.

On May 27th I picked up Katheryn Jean Lopez of National Review as a follower and yesterday I picked up blogger and radio host Dana Loesch. I met Dana and her husband at CPAC I’ve never met Kathryn but I was extremely pleased to have them both follow me since it will allow me to contact them privately about appearing on my radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio (AM 830 WCRN Worcester).

I also only follow 323 people as a rule I try to follow about half the number of people who follow me. That generates a plenty big twitter stream. I simply can’t see how people keep up with following thousands of people. To continue the above example; Joe Scarborough only follows 394 people. Keep that number in mind as it is important.

Now compared to Joe Scarborough I’m a person of very little celebrity. I’ve been blogging for maybe 2 1/2 years with a total of a bit over 550k hits overall between the old and the current blog. I’ve have had a radio show on a 50,000 Watt Station heard in 6 states for about 6 months. In Fitchburg Mass. that a big deal, in Worcester county it matters. In DC or NY that means very little.

By comparison Joe Scarborough served in congress, has a Morning Show on MSNBC that is watched by an awful lot of people. Writes a weekly commentary and is known by movers and shakers all over the country.

Why is this important? Well I just “followed” Beulah Garrett @beulahgg who mentioned me in a tweet a few hours ago. She will likely notice that I did so, she may or may not look at my profile and may or may not be impressed; as a great-grandmother she has likely seen enough that it takes more than me to impress her.

Now Let’s say Joe Scarborough choose to follow Ms. Garrett. Joe has over 100k followers, if he choose to follow Ms.Garrett I suspect she would take a lot more notice and might even be impressed.

What does Joe Scarborough and who follows or doesn’t follow me or Ms. Garrett have to do with Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY 9th district and his claim that someone hacked his twitter and photo accounts to send a photo of an erect penis in underwear to a young lady? Everything!

Congressman Weiner’s district is in NY. He is a man of some national prominence, a liberal who is not afraid of taking on conservatives directly. The phone message at his national office is personable and friendly. He is a regular guest on Morning Joe and is not shy about appearing anywhere. His national prominence dwarfs mine of course.

As of this moment 10:03 a.m. EST he has over 45K followers (45737 to be exact) I’m not one of them. He also follows only 194 people.

Until 48 hours ago one of those people was Genette Nicole Cordova tweetname @Gennette Noble the young lady who is at the center of this interesting event.

Just to remind you. Gennette Noble Gennette Nicole Cordova is a 21-year-old college student in Seattle Washington. She writes for the college newspaper. She seems a fairly attractive young girl and until 24 hours ago I knew absolutely nothing about her. I doubt many people on the net did. It would be fair to say that her prominence compared to me is of the same proportion of my prominence compared to Joe Scarborough.

Yet until 48 hours ago she was one of the under 200 people Congressman Wiener followed on Twitter.

Run that through your head for a second.

In the last 24 hours her facebook account has disappeared. Her twitter account have disappeared. Her byline has disappeared from college papers. This shows someone is taking great pains to remove her from the net.

If one wants to believe the congressman’s story one can say she is just trying to avoid further unwanted publicity. One might be able to rationalize that.

One can’t rationalize the fact that until all of this came out, a New York Congressman of some national prominence was following her on twitter. I’m 48 years old and was impressed by being followed by Dana Loesch and Kathryn Lopez tell me how impressed a 20 something year old college girl would be by being followed by a congressman 3000 miles away?

Any person who uses twitter understands with this means. They also know two other things:

1. If two people follow each other on twitter they can send private messages unseen by others

2..The difference between a private message and a public one is two characters

@rsmccain This message is public

d rsmccain this message is private

The difference is a “@” sign and the letter “d”

This is why the MSM is desperate to kill this quickly, that is why the left side of the sphere will be crying Andrew Breitbart till their voices grow horse hoarse, it’s also why this scandal will not be able to be contained by the left.

Joe Scarborough knows twitter, he also knows Andrew Weiner, if he chooses to look at the follower numbers he will know what it means. That bad for Anthony Weiner, the left and the MSM.

What’s worse for them? There are millions of people who use twitter who have absolutely no interest in politics, who when they see the numbers concerning followers also will understand exactly what it means.

The left and Rep Weiner have one long weekend to decide how they are going to handle this. I don’t envy them. They might be able to persuade the media to leave it alone but the meaning and details of this scandal can be understood by millions of people in 140 characters or less.

Update: Two quick things, Ace of Spades notes that at the time this broke Rep Weiner only followed 91 people, not the just under 200 people he follows now and asks.

What could possibly cause a big macher Congressman decide to follow a kid in college?

The photo at the link contains both reasons.

Secondly I am reminded of Robert Stacy McCain’s a reporter of National prominence who has covered the powerful for years reaction when Alyssa Milano re-tweeted him:

That’s how unusual it is for a nationally known reporter to re-tweeted by Alyssa Milano (and he worked hard for that re-tweet ,) how much less likely is it for a college student on a school paper to be followed by a congressman in NY?

Update 2: Instalanche! The perfect thing way to end a blog’s month, thanks Glenn. Hey Pundit readers you will want to check out yesterday’s radio show with news about a possible gop primary opponent to Scott Brown & my thoughts on Palin. With comedian Steven Crowder scheduled for next week I wonder if there is something funny in the news we can talk about?

Update 3: Somehow missed a piece of her name, thanks to Janetoo for catching it.

“We almost give a free pass to the radical extremists to do this.”

“It’s as if there is something profoundly wrong with parts of Islam.”

“Are they so insecure about their faith.”

And Willie Geist follows with this

“Why is the US always responsible for the irrational response to this?”

Yeah they panel are using it as part of the “let’s pull out” meme but at least SOMEONE in the media outside of Fox had the guts to actually say it.

Good on you guys!

Watching Morning Joe today. They started with Libya and talk was all about arming the rebels and why Libya and not elsewhere. Listening to the discussion I noticed that there was something missing.

I had my doubts whenever Joe Scarborough’s op-ed, would get the play it normally does. Considering that the opening segment is repeated at 8 a.m. you would think that they would make it a point to bring up the hosts op-ed on the subject of the day first. Instead during Mika’s must read op-eds it was mentioned late as they instead talks of the anniversary of the Reagan Assassination attempt, leaving just enough time to give Joe’s piece two minutes

However Joe’s op-ed points to the phoniness of the president’s supporters on Libya, and I don’t think MSNBC wants to overplay that argument.

Speaking of op-eds here is different one from Anne Applebaum via Legal Insurrection that won’t get any play on MSNBC:

Sarkozy clearly hopes the Libyan adventure will make him popular, too. Nobody finds this surprising. At a conference in Brussels over the weekend, I watched a French participant boast of France’s leading role in the Libyan air campaign. A minute later, he heartily agreed that the war was a ploy to help Sarkozy get re-elected. The two emotions—pride in French leadership and cynicism about Sarkozy’s real motives—were not, it seems, mutually exclusive.

And of course the goal is to have this underwritten by the US while he gets the supposed electoral benefits.

Do not expect the MSM to give Anne’s take any play at all.

…in three sentences.

My wife is starting a new job, we will be getting new insurance because of it. We are REQUIRED to provide not only our marriage certificate but the long form copies of the birth certificates of both of our children.

Having to produce a birth certificate is not an irregular occurrence for the average person so when Trump says this to the general public, they understand it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, It’s my opinion that the president is born in Hawaii, I believe that the reason for withholding permission for the certificate was to keep this alive as a club to beat people with, but I’m starting to think it is backfiring. The whole idea that something is being hidden is so embedded in the public’s mind that it establishes an idea of “otherness” that is going to hurt come re-election time. This is the law of unintended consequences.

I’m also thinking that the willingness of Trump to say aloud what a lot of other people are thinking but not saying is going to help a lot with people who aren’t involved every day. This is the 2nd time Trump has done this and both times its paid off.

Do I think he will win the nomination? No, will he make things interesting in terms of the MSM? Yup.

Update: On Morning Joe just now Joe Scarborough nailed it pointing out that the liberal audience of the View applauded when Trump said this. If the White House doesn’t see that this is trouble then they ought to. And the attempt to describe Trump as “going birther”, Mika’s disgust and the exiling of the segment to the “News you can’t use” segment doesn’t change the fact that an awful lot of people saw him say it and heard that applause.

Update 2: In comments Haiku Guy nails it big time.

What Trump is doing
Is giving us permission
To ask the question.

Exactly right.

Update 3: Here is the clip:

That audience response tells the story.

Update 4: CNN is on it.

Update 5: Great minds think alike: Bill Jacobson:

Listen to the crowd reaction beginning at the 2:08 mark, as Donald Trump vigorously and repeatedly states “I want him to show the birth certificate.” The crowd claps loudly to Trump’s words. (It seems an unlikely time for the producers to have flashed an applause light, so it is fair to assume the crowd reaction was spontaneous.)

Update 6: Now a memorandum thread. Since Robert Stacy McCain is sick today I’ll steal his line to Hit DaTipJar and encourage you all to check out my Radio Show this Saturday at 10 a.m. on WCRN AM 830 you can listen online here.

Update 7: Treacher at the Daily caller hits both of my points:

That’s why I don’t put any stock in the Birther stuff. If it were true, wouldn’t Hillary’s people have dug it up and used it?


But what’s really revealing here is that not only is he not laughed off the stage, but he gets a couple of applause breaks for it. Hey, Barry, when you start to lose the hens who’ll actually sit through a taping of The View…

…and this thread is still generating comments.

Update 8: Salon declares Trump irrelevant, and then spends 10 paragraphs going after him.

For many weeks we have seen democrats, the media, and the Morning Joe crew go after republicans saying “What will they actually cut?”

Then republicans started naming cuts and suddenly came the line today on Morning Joe. “They are cutting the things that will hurt us in the long run.”

Even Funnier when talking about Colin Powell, who no matter how much the media wants to pretend the president is on a roll, recognizes that The One™ is not riding high and wants to again be invited to big paying republican speaking gigs, Charles Blow in casual conversation mentioned how Joe Scarborough is not really considered a republican and naming David Frum as another example. Joe insisted that he is still a member of the club and that “regular” republicans are still who they are. He pointed to John McCain’s primary win (neglecting the fact that the conservative vote was split among several candidates) and Blow answered that he had gone right Crazy and had picked “Crazy”.

Not a word, not a peep, wasn’t called on it.

Bill Bennett pegged it weeks ago. Joe you’re a nice guy and all but it is what it is. You are the most conservative host on MSNBC hand down, but that is like being the most chaste lady at the Chicken ranch.

Are you are republican? Sure, but republicans are a conservative party and you are becoming less and less conservative. The idea of crying “cut waste” just makes you sound silly.

For a list of what republicans believe click Barbara’s post here.

As I said a while back sooner or later you have to join the side you’re on.

When Joe Scarborough quoted this Victor Davis Hanson piece today a panelist (Jeffrey Sachs) pooh poohed him as an “extremist” and nobody on that panel challenged him. He maintained Victor Davis Hanson is an extremist who has gotten us into a bunch of wars.

Yes this writer and grape grower who pens books on military history is the cause of all evil.

When you don’t have the intellectual power to match a Hanson then all you can do is attack.

Update: Ron Radosh notes that the idea of “No Labels” and civility doesn’t seem to apply to conservative thinkers:

And what did Joe “Mr. No Labels” movement Scarborough, who talks every day about the need for civility, camaraderie and dialogue between folks of different opinions, have to say to Jeffrey Sachs after this most vile outburst?

The answer: absolutely nothing, but move on to the next point as if Sachs had never spoken these words. Sachs has accused the estimable historian of causing us to get into more wars than anybody else in America, and of being an extremist, and all Scarborough could come up with is a lame joke about Hanson not being on his Christmas card list.

All labels are bad, but some labels are more equal than others apparently.

I watched with some amusement the “No Labels” republicans on Meet the Press paired with the other side. Joe as usual made some good points, but his assertion that Rush Limbaugh is enraged with the group is nonsense. There is no nice way to say it so I’ll just say it: He’s laughing at you because he correctly thinks this no label thing is a farce.

George Will nails it:

adopting a political label should be an act of civic candor. When people label themselves conservatives or liberals we can reasonably surmise where they stand concerning important matters, such as Hudson’s ruling. The label “conservative” conveys much useful information about people who adopt it. So does the label “liberal,” which is why most liberals have abandoned it, preferring “progressive,” until they discredit it, too.

And Glenn Reynolds (guest Jan 15th btw) dots the I and Crosses the T (in the navel sense):

Why are they against labels? Because if they were labeled accurately, no one would listen to them . . . .

That ones gotta leave a mark, particularly from the blogfather but hey if no labels can prove me wrong more power to them!

Am I the only person watching Morning Joe today who notices the massive hypocrisy today?

They spend the whole first segment hitting Jim DeMint for calling Harry Reid’s Christmas move “Sacrilegious” and insist that he should apologize to Reid for “insulting his religion”.

Yet they tease an acrobat act before the pope as “Chippendale” and jokes are made about how “the Pope likes them more than the nuns” and about “ripped men”.

I guess Morning Joe has a flexible definition on what is “insulting” a religion. Calling Harry Reid out for extending the session though Christmas offensive to religion Homoerotic jokes about the leader of one billion Catholics all in good fun. The panel practically couldn’t contain their delight in the 2nd hour.

Why the difference? Because the MSNBC audience likes one but not the other and yes Joe if you want to call for an apology from DeMint how about an on air apology from yourself first, because I guarantee I’m going to call you out on my Christmas Day Radio show if you make one more call for DeMint to apologize without apologizing yourself.

The second piece is even more ridiculous. They are hitting DeMint because of the idea of working through Christmas, they are talking about the troops and bringing up e-mails from nurses etc about how “they work on holidays suck it up” forgetting that the democrats could have brought all of this stuff up BEFORE the lame duck session.

That’s isn’t the double standard, the double standard is the news media. This year Christmas and New Years is on a Saturday so it doesn’t apply so much but how many of these media guys take holidays off? the 4th of July is Monday this year. Let’s see if they have guest hosts. In fact this year I will check CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX and MSNBC and see how many of the crew who are so self-righteous this morning are hard at work.

Update: They went there again at the top of the hour right after homoerotic pope jokes again. Fine! I formally request an apology over the Pope stuff. I guarantee this will be a top on my Christmas Radio show on the War on The Church and the War on Christmas.

Update 2: Instalanche! Welcome all, come and take a peek. Check out Massachusetts Republicans rearming here. Lets play some word games and find out why Sarah Palin and the tea party are driving the lame duck session. Check out the latest episode of DaTechGuy on DaRadio which featured Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Bob Belvedere of Camp of the Saints for the full hour. Make sure you check out this week’s show at 9 p.m. EST on 830 AM WCRN when our guests will be Dan Riehl for the full hour with special guest the Right Wing Gamer! And please patronize our advertisers of Christmas who make the show and me paying my mortgage possible.

I’m very hard on Joe Scarborough mostly because I like him (I’m always harder on people I like because I expect more from them) but today he said something that is incredibly important.

He was going on about the hypocrisy of both right and left on deficits and said this:

“There are a couple of tea partiers who care about this (the deficit) Rand Paul and Jim DeMint,that’s it!”

Although Joe likely doesn’t know Porkbusters he has a point. The Tea Party crowd doesn’t actually trust the republicans. I could not find a single person in the crowd at the Washington Freedom Works rally who would say they trusted republicans.

A lot of the newly elected republicans in congress got little or no help from the national GOP. This was due to several factors, they were not professional pols, the party didn’t expect them to win, but also because they are committed controlling spending.

Trent Lott gave the game away in July:

the last thing Lott needs is a bunch of unwashed, Tea-Partying right-wingers coming to Washington on a wave of anti-establishment, free-market populism, and messing up the good thing he has going.

“We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott told the Washington Post, referring to the conservative South Carolina senator who has been a gadfly for party leadership and a champion for upstart conservative candidates. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

But Lott is no longer in the Republican leadership — he resigned from the Senate in December 2007, mid-term, just before a law kicked in that would have required him to wait two years before lobbying the Senate. So who is he talking about when he says “we need to co-opt them”?

“We” means the K Street wing of the Republican Party.

There are an awful lot of republicans who are more interested in chairmanships and favors than controlling spending and lowering taxes (and yes they are connected). That group needs to keep the good will of the Tea Party voters who brought them over the top for now so they will play ball, but if they get the chance they will try to turn the newly elected reps.

This is going to be the fight that will dominate Washington over the next 2 years and will determine the party and the country’s future longterm and will actually have a lot to do with both the presidential elections in 2012 and if we have a tea party 3rd party in 2014.

If Morning Joe follows this story, they will have a jump on the rest of the MSM.

I was born during the Administration of JFK and raised in a Very Catholic Democratic house. My Father was a WW 2 navy vet. We were democrats and that was it.

As I got older I was fascinated by the past and started collecting history books figuring the best way to understand the past is to hear what the people who actually lived there thought. I’d pick the brains of anyone older than me about how life actually was. By 23 I owned small Hobby shop and got a crash course in the realities of business.

By 1992 my business had failed and a presidential election was coming up. I found Paul Tsongas an honest fellow who was unwilling to pander and I found Bill Clinton someone fun, but considered him a BS artist. (It was not until I saw him speak in person this year that I saw just how convincing he can be when simply shoveling nonsense).

When the party went with Clinton I became “unenrolled” (we don’t have independents in Mass because there was an “independent” party). I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 as I was very worried about Ross Perot.

By 1996 I had more than enough of Clinton and happily voted for Dole, but with the help once again of Ross Perot Clinton became the only president to win two elections without ever winning the majority of the popular vote. UPDATE: Actually Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson also share this distinction, good catch in comments.

In 2000 I desperately wanted George W. Bush and thought the attempts by democrats to steal the election AND disenfranchise Military votes were horrifying. Combined with Democrats deciding that believing Catholics were sexist, bigots, homophobes for opposing abortion and Gay Marriage I had enough.

By 2002 I was a registered republican, when asked why I answered: “I decided it was time to join the side I’m on.”

Which brings me to Joe Scarborough.

Over the last two years we have seen him move farther and farther to the left, suggesting that conservatives give up the fight on social issues, advising us to change in order to win in New England and NY, attacking the war in Afghanistan, Sarah Palin and dismissing the tea party while boosting stuff like the Jon Stewart Rally.

Now this week it has been just every day “Why is Obama caving” “Tax Cuts for the rich” blah blah blah. Not a word about the fact the democrats have not fixed the Alternate Minimum tax that will hit Americans who make $60,000 a year in January (in fairness to Joe the only show that mentioned this subject that I’ve heard was mine).

Now he is writing for Politico. Last week it was hitting Palin, this week it was hitting Obama for keeping the tax rates.

After all, the White House is convinced that the toxic combination of the Republican landslide and another grim jobs report has left Obama in an impossible position to negotiate. emphasis mine

Yup there is nothing more toxic than a republican landslide (oddly on the show it was all about republican failure) and yet four paragraphs later:

Americans don’t favor the Republican position on tax cuts.

Yup who needs an election to judge what people think when we have a CBS poll to tell us people don’t support republicans.

So we have Republican Joe Scarborough in two columns attacking Sarah Palin for fighting the democratic agenda and attacking Obama for not fighting republicans.

Bill Bennett today on Morning Joe mentioned how liberal he has gotten, on twitter on wag quipped:

It’s like working in a bakery, ya come home smelling of donuts even if ya didn’t eat any.

Bottom line is the Tea Party limited government wing of the party is taking over and Joe is apparently firmly in the Washington Beltway get along go along wing.

My advice: Joe, take a step back and think about what you actually believe. Sooner or later you have to join the side you are on.

Instalanche: Nothing like an Instalanche in your sleep. Welcome all. If you’ve missed my NEW radio show the Da Archive is to the left. Our guest this week will be Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and special guest Bob Belvedere of Camp of the Saints. Join us at our special time 5 p.m (due to UMass Basketball) on AM 830 WCRN 50,000 watts of true talk. (live stream at link) Oh and if you are a fan of Glenn you might want to keep the evening of Saturday January 15th open. And if you are interested in advertising and/or reserving space for February when we add a 2nd hour click here for rates

Update: Boy Kcom had a point in comments. Re-read the post and made minor corrections, I need to read these aloud before I hit post otherwise I tend to see what I’m thinking other than what I’ve actually written.

…and I think your morning show with the handsome and bright Mika, and the pleasant team of Willie Geist and my brother from the kingdom Mike Barnicle is the best morning show on TV.

But I think you are misrepresenting Sarah Palin, if you don’t know better you should.

Now that my modem has been replaced I’ve had the chance to look at your column in politico and frankly it’s worse than what I thought it would be.

Your claim that Sarah Palin mocked Ronald Reagan’s credentials is blatantly false (she actually noted that liberals were constantly mocking Reagan, you know liberals, those are the guys lionizing your column today).

As for noting the Bush family were blue bloods, that’s actually true, they come from a long line of Blue bloods although W has more of Texas in him. She did not comment on the Bushes until Mrs. Bush choose to comment first. Again the great love of the left for George Bush and the celebration of his flying days in WW II you might remember were not high on the liberal list of things to talk about in his days. Liberals mocked him as a wimp mercilessly once; yet now that he is not a political liability to them, they safely complement him.

Furthermore frankly Palin has succeeded and I want to put this as politely as I can, beyond your wildest dreams. Your critique of her ability to make money sounds a lot like sour grapes (how’s that ranking for Last Best Hope on Amazon doing?). You know and I know and anyone who follows this stuff knows that you hit Palin because it produces ratings for you. It produces attention for you, she however continues to ignore MSNBC in general because frankly she is smart enough to know what is going on and knows enough not to punch downwards.

Be honest; how many people would have cared about your piece if it was a critique of Mitt Romney?

As for political advice that you gave to republicans in general and Palin in particular this year, it was great advice…if your goal was to cement the democratic hold on congress. You preached compromise and a move to the left. Palin however along with Rush Limbaugh choose to stand and fight, and through 2009 fought nearly alone. Without that willingness throughout 2009 there is no huge republican majority in the House this year. She held the line while you counseled retreat, that’s what a leader does.

As for 2010 does it no occur to you that many of those gutless republicans unwilling to say on the air what you state they say privately are working as surrogates for other Republican candidates seeking the nomination but afraid of offending Palin’s supporters? Their job is to play stalking horse and you are happily obliging. Never once have I heard you bring up that fact. Granted I am off taking my son to school for at least 30 min each morning so I may have missed something but I think not.

BTW remember all last year when you kept calling Palin a liar over the “death panel” remark. Now that Paul Krugman is now talking about “Death Panels” openly any comment?

Hate to say it Joe but when it comes to Sarah Palin you are very near a case of Sullivan’s Syndrome without the OBGYN fascination. The Blog Eye of Polyphemus may have it right:

So what can we conclude from Scarborough’s rant? Palin’s playing the political game under modern rules and playing it well, but she is not playing it the Inside the Beltway. Method Does comparing herself to Reagan, or criticizing the Bushes damage her credibility among the rank and file voters? Is she really an embarrassment because of her media exploits? Considering the zeitgeist , I cannot imagine so. Maybe to the political dinosaurs. That, I think, is the root of Scarborough’s problem. Reality is changing for the old guard. If Palin is successful, they become extinct. That is scarborough’s real problem. He is not afraid a nominated Palin will lose in 2012. He is really scared she will win.

I’m sure we’ll touch on your quaint little piece this week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio (Sunday 5 p.m. due to UMass Basketball). I am not a professional writer like Robert Stacy McCain so I won’t comment on Ghost Writing or no (UPDATE: Stacy Backed away from that), but I agree with this line:

“To all you people who want to send me e-mails: Don’t waste your time. I’m not going to read it.”

In other words: “My mind’s made up. Don’t try to confuse me with your so-called ‘facts.’” An attitude we might call . . . uh, anti-intellectual.

I would be more worried about this: You have Charles Johnson on your side, Sarah Palin has Robert Stacy McCain, I’m sorry but you lose BIG.

…those are the words of Rush Limbaugh and they describe Sarah Palin to a T:

ITEM: Andrew Sullivan continues to exhibit the signs of Advanced Sullivan’s Syndrome whenever Sarah Palin comes up

What you see here is the chart of the Real Clear Politics poll average for the 2008 presidential campaign, showing that by Sept. 8, the McCain-Palin ticket was leading by 2.9 points — with the RCP average for the Republican ticket (48.3) on that date being the highest poll showing of McCain vs. Obama at any point during the entire campaign, even before either candidate had won his party’s nomination.

When Sarah Palin’s name was announced as the GOP vice-presidential candidate on Sept. 29, Andrew Sullivan saw what everyone saw: Here was a potential game-changer.

I remember that numbers game, the democrats were in dead panic, and in my opinion still are.

Item: People are getting violent

The general consensus is that Cowan was a leftist suffering from a particularly bad case of Palin Derangement Syndrome (via memeorandum). The story really doesn’t bear that out, though. I mean, he could have gotten just as enraged had be seen any spoiled politician’s daughter who had wrangled her way into a position that she would never have earned save for her last name.

That’s not to say that Bristol Palin is one of those bratty daughters (let the record reflect that I don’t believe she is), but given the general disposition of politicians’ daughters, you can forgive him just a little for thinking she is. It’s not as if the media has made any real effort to show her otherwise.

Item: Adults are obsessing with a teen girls facebook

“Willow Palin is a 16 year old girl who, like all 16 year olds is going to make mistakes and say things she shouldn’t have. This, however, has nothing to do with Willow Palin or the substance of what she said on Facebook. The ‘slur’ used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it’s only a ‘homophobic slur’ when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader. Make no mistake; this is all about destroying Sarah Palin by any means necessary.

“The angry misogynistic left and their accomplices in the main stream media have been unable to take down Governor Palin – no matter how hard they have tried. Unable to take her down directly they now have decided to try to hurt her by attacking the most important thing in her life – her family.

“Any person, gay or straight, who participates in this cheap political smear should be ashamed of themselves.”

Meanwhile Bristol Palin shows more class than those who wish to judge her:

Willow and I shouldn’t have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize. On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!

And those having no daughters of her own the Lonely Conservative (our guest next week!) asks the relevant question

Lefties are in a tizzy because of some things the Palin girls wrote on their facebook pages. Who, but the deranged, spends time reading teenagers’ facebook postings?

It’s a pretty good question, what would advocates on the left say if it was the facebook of one of the Obama girls?

Item: Panic over a dancing show

“This will be a disaster for the show if Bristol wins,” one TV insider tells me. “Any creditability the show had will be over. It will go from being a dancing competition to a popularity competition where whoever has the most rabid fan base will always win no matter how little talent they have.”

And while it’s true Bristol’s dancing has dramatically improved since the season began, no one with working eyes would put her in the same league as the other remaining stars, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey.

Excuse me “Dancing with the Stars” has credibility? It’s a dancing show that has the public voting on who stays or goes, just like American Idol. What kind of credibility do you think it had? Allah Pundit puts it well:

Is there any better proof of how stupid the hyperventilating over Bristol and “Dancing With the Stars” has been than “The Daily Show” feeling obliged to open the program with a defense of the Palins? Even if it is basically just a lead-in to a segment goofing on her new show? This is like flipping over to Maddow’s program and being greeted with the segment, “Maybe we’re being too hard on Jim DeMint.”

Full disclosure. I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, I have no interesting in Dancing with the Stars, I never will have any interest in Dancing with the stars and I don’t care who wins or doesn’t win, but it is fun to watch the the left go Kryten over this.

Item: Sour grapes

JOE SCARBOROUGH: She’s not going to run. It’s The Art of War. The reason she’s saying this is cause she knows she can’t win. She knows she’s got to keep her name out in the press. She knows her poll numbers are dropping. She knows that she was humiliated in her home state of Alaska. She knows that Christine O’Donnell did not work out well. And so–I hate to say it–it’s about money.

And so, this keeps things ginned up. Because if she wasn’t saying this right now, people would be writing her Dany Quayle political obituary. So, she’s going to stir it up, and get people talking about to get in the mix. Now listen: you can hate me at home if you want to, and Mom, go ahead and write me the email, call me a Marxist. It’s the reality; it’s what’s happening. And it is so patently obvious I’m surprised more people haven’t picked up on it.

Joe I like you a lot, and if my show gets that 2nd hour sometime next year I’d love to have you with or without Mika on but if you think that Sarah Palin has been “humiliated” in the last election and call that reality then you need to have somebody cut the mind altering drugs you are being fed a bit more. Or is it just in the contract of all MSNBC conservatives not named Buchanan that they must dis Sarah Palin to preserve the Niche Market of the MSNBC Brand?

Oh and lets face it it’s you lot that hit depend on Sarah Palin for money, every time you hit her, or put her on the air, or whatever your ratings soar. That’s why you are upset she is not on your show, not because she is a coward, but because she isn’t bothering to punch downwards.

Item: People are getting upset over typos

From a strictly lexical interpretation of the different contexts in which Palin has used “refudiate,” we have concluded that neither “refute” nor “repudiate” seems consistently precise, and that “refudiate” more or less stands on its own, suggesting a general sense of “reject.”

Lawrence O’Donnell got wee-wee’d up with the decision, and lashed out against the dictionary for allowing Sarah Palin to ruin the English language, or something. He is also annoyed that for a woman, who he claims will not run for president, gets this much attention. Then why talk about her if she is so irrelevant?

Whatever you might think about Lawrence O’Donnell he is a smart political operator. He doesn’t waste his time on targets that don’t threaten his admitted socialist agenda.

Item: And here comes the old Bush Gravitas question:

The article by Robert Draper was much more fascinating as a snapshot of where the New York Times is at this moment regarding the former Alaska governor.

Now we can take it as a given that the powers that be on 44th Street would prefer China’s Hu Jintao — possibly even Hugo Chavez or Ahmadinejad — for U.S. president to Sarah Palin. Nevertheless, they have a problem. Is it better to tear down Palin unmercifully now, as was done by most of the MSM earlier, or to give her a pass for the time being, so that she might actually get nominated to be branded later, when it counts, as a dangerous extremist, not to mention an illiterate moron?

As Simon continues the whole book question comes up as the Times

I explained to Palin that in my view, at least, this line of inquiry wasn’t gratuitous — that questions did in fact linger about her “gravitas gap.”

Questions linger… Ah, poor Sarah. So insecure about her intellect. Ah, the “gravitas gap.” What we are we to do?

Let’s leave aside the snide quality of the writing (his and mine), the absurdity that Katie Couric could be the arbitrator of anything intellectual, and even that Draper is simply rehearsing the tired nostrum that Democrats are more educated than Babbit-like Republicans (when the Times itself finally admitted than Bush had better grades than Kerry at Yale) and ask something simple and important that rarely gets asked: What the Hell difference does this make anyway?

Katie Couric would be the laughing-stock of the media for managing to Sink a ship already at the bottom at CBS, but she helped stop the Palin when the one needed it so she will remain in the pantheon of heroes of the MSM and the 44th street crowd.

Item Spencer Baucus the voice of the GOP:

Alabama Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) told members of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce that former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was probably the reason for the GOP’s failure to take control in the U.S. Senate in last week’s election.

“The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.”

Tell me how much favorable coverage Spencer Bachus has gotten in the MSM before that comment? anyone Bueller? Bueller?

Every republican challenger will be using back benchers like Spencer like this over the next year to hit Palin because they don’t dare attack her openly and risk losing support of those of us who support her. And the media will lap it up.

Let’s bottom line this: Sarah Palin is the person liberals most fear, because of what she means culturally, she makes a lie out of truths they have convinced themselves of for years.

Sarah Palin is also the person the republican establishment fear the most because she means it when she says about change and that threatens their personal prerogatives.

It will not be a boring year.