Review: Dark Tourist

By John Ruberry Twenty minutes into the first episode of a new Netflix series, Dark Tourist, not only did I ascertain what dark tourism is, I realized that I am a dark tourist. After all, I'm someone who has vacationed in Detroit. Twice. I've visited the most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago. I've been to Gary, … Continue reading Review: Dark Tourist

The history of Democratic Party failures on Russia

By John Ruberry Since Donald J. Trump's upset win in 2016 over Hillary Clinton--who after the election the left-wing media belatedly informed us was a flawed candidate--we've been bombarded with story after story that the president is either colluding with Russia or is weak in dealing with it. But the Democrats have a decades-long history … Continue reading The history of Democratic Party failures on Russia

Why Trump will win Monday’s debate

By John Ruberry "I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star!" Peter O'Toole's Alan Swann character in My Favorite Year. A couple of writers I usually agree with, the Chicago Tribune's John Kass and Breitbart's Joel Pollak, the latter unsuccessfully ┬áran for Congress six years ago in the Illinois district where I live, are predicting … Continue reading Why Trump will win Monday’s debate