Gerrymandering, identity politics, and amnesty

By John Ruberry President Obama's point man on "comprehensive immigration reform," which is nothing more than a pseudonym for amnesty for illegal aliens, is fellow Chicagoan Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat who represents Illinois' gerrymandered fourth congressional district. Last week Gutierrez, while speaking at a convention of the far-left La Raza (The Race) last week, said Hispanic … Continue reading Gerrymandering, identity politics, and amnesty

Belgium: America’s future?

By John Ruberry In World Cup soccer on Tuesday, Team USA will face-off against Belgium, which offers a timely opportunity to look at Belgium's present--and America's possible future. As with the United States, Belgium's birth was the result of a revolution--the Belgians rebelled against rule by the Netherlands, the nation, born in 1830, was largely … Continue reading Belgium: America’s future?