Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we talk Twinkies and with Film Director Ladd Ehlinger about how cultural issues play in the political world.

Until we fight on the cultural playground we are going to have a hard time steering the conversation, particularly among the low information voters that gave Obama their win.

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One of the things that I’ve been suggesting the “Swatter” needs to turn states evidence NOW because the higher ups in Kimberlin & Co will drop him like a wet blanket when the heat gets turned up. Well guess what, somebody is turning on the stoves:

Item: Follow the Connections:

One of the things that people have been wondering have been why Democrats have been so willing to back people like Kimberlin. It doesn’t seem to make sense, well as Stacy McCain continues to peel the onion looks what turns up:

In attempting to discover the identity of “Randy Hahn,” the #StopRush boycott leader Shoq sought the services of Democrat consultant Neal Rauhauser, the e-mails obtained by The Trenches show. Rauhauser provided the group with extensive documentation about a Houston man named Jason, whose surname was redacted in the version posted by Bayne. Rauhauser then mused about exposing the man to harassment by sending his personal information to online groups.

“I have been sorely tempted to point him out to various actors — a guy like this, he could really produce some high quality entertainment for 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.,” Rauhauser wrote in his e-mail reply to Shoq.

Note we are talking an MSNBC host, and the Stop Rush movement (which Media Matters has been highly involved with this). Stacy continues to find connections higher and higher up the food chain and as things go on, the question becomes, how high can you go?

Item: Habit forming.

In a previous article Stacy McCain quoted a 2000 word scrubbed piece by Neal Rauhauser. That piece in addition to being all about hiding themselves from the law had some rather solid insights on how one identifies a person hiding behind an online identity

You have habits that include:
The time(s) of day you are active
The language you speak
The situational knowledge you have when interacting with a certain group
The software you prefer to use

I thought of this when I saw this post at Patterico:

The Gaped Crusader published a picture of a naked man and said it was me; wrote posts about my wife; published my home address; and generally made it explicitly clear that Kimberlin and Rauhauser were out to intimidate and harass folks like SWATting victim Mike Stack, me (another SWAtting victim), and Kimberlin critics Aaron Walker, Seth Allen, and Mandy Nagy.

The Gaped Crusader is a critical link between the harassment SWATting victims and an associate of Kimberlin’s.

And the Gaped Crusader is tied to Neal Rauhauser through far more than the indentation quirk above. He is also tied through subject matter obsession; quirks of language; admissions regardings recent trips . . . and an IP address.

These habits along with some odder ones are making it easier and easier to actually identify what these people have been doing and that becomes important when you consider this:

Item: The Bloggers Counterattack!

The Kimberlin guys have (among other tactics) been using lawfare to go after bloggers well turnabout is fair play:

Our first salvo in that effort has been to file a federal lawsuit today against Brett Kimberlin, seeking, in part, an injunction to prevent the state from ever again arresting Mr. Aaron Walker, an American citizen, for exercising his right to free speech, and to release him from any prior censorship restrictions imposed by unlawful judgements.

This is only the first step in what we call the “Bloggers Defense Team.” We are firmly committed to exposing and combating the efforts of Brett Kimberlin, otherwise known as the Speedway Bomber, and his well-funded allies on the left (like George Soros and Barabara Streisand) who will use any means of harassment to silence political opposition.

and the group that is doing it DB Capitol Strategies and RightSolutions are doing it well

-We plan on spending less than twenty percent of contributions on administration costs. The remainder will be spent on legal fees, lawyers, researchers, and investigators.
-In the coming days, we will create a website dedicated specifically to the effort to provide important news and information, copies of filings, and more.
-Provide monthly statements on expenditures and contributions on that website.
-Form a publicly disclosed “advisory panel” of bloggers, and disclose the methods and reasonings for that panel and those that have been included (we will also welcome suggestions).

This effort has gotten a lot of attention on the net. Combine with the efforts of the NBC on Walkers behalf and the story becoming known to Senators and Congressmen this is going to end up bad news for the left, particularly during an election year when these guys are going to be throwing anything that might weigh the down off their deflating Obama balloon.

This is not going to end well legally for Kimberlin & Co.

Update: Stacy includes two updates that are very significant, the first being a denial from attorney Imani Gandy that tells an interesting story:

How do we know that the story was legit? The proof is in the statement issued this week to The Trenches by attorney Imani Gandy.

Gandy was eager to disavow having been closely involved with the “Stop Rush” leadership, and similarly eager to deny having anything to do with the recorded phone call. Why this eagerness? Because if Shoq was in Florida when he recorded that call, the recording would be illegal under Florida law and, as Gandy is a lawyer, it would be a clear-cut ethics violation for her to be complicit in such a crime.

Yet in the process of making those denials, Gandy ended up confirming the authenticity of both the recording and the e-mails published by The Trenches — and this is important why?

Because (a) it confirms that my reporting is accurate, (b) this has the collateral effect of confirming Rauhauser’s involvement with the “Stop Rush” boycotters

That in itself is huge as it suggests the “distancing” has already begun in his second post he linked to a piece I first saw via the Lonely Conservative at Screed of Momus titled: A Conversation with Nancy. Nancy is the ex wife of Neal Rauhauser which includes this significant tidbit:

And when Neal and Nancy divorced, Neal’s antics were sufficiently disturbing enough to result in a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. What the psychiatrist found was a man who was deeply disturbed, possessed of the worst narcissism he’d ever seen. Neal had reactive attachment disorder. He was sociopathic, and his behavior resulted in Neal facing various difficulties socially and professionally. Today, from what we’ve seen of Neal and his behavior online, the pathologies fit. The grandiosity, the unlimited ambition, the delusional sense of self-importance, and the inability to tolerate or endure any personal criticism as an individual, or any personal criticism directed at those whom Neal considers to be allies, all fit with Neal’s current and past idiopathic behavior. Only it really isn’t idiopathic, because Neal has acted like this for some time.

Hmmm this would seem to fit with what Stacy McCain has been saying right along who hypothetically asks:

Suppose there was a certain person (we’ll call him “UnSub”) who knew himself to be implicated in serious crimes. Suppose that UnSub displayed an obsessive interest in secrecy and deception. Furthermore, suppose that UnSub believed himself to be under investigation.

How would such a person behave? Is it possible — and I’m just throwing this out there, as a hypothetical possibility — that UnSub would attempt to deflect attention from himself by making accusations of wrongdoing against others? Would UnSub try to destroy or conceal potential evidence? Could we, perhaps, expect UnSub to taunt his victims or send veiled threats to potential witnesses against him?

Just kind of thinking out loud here, you understand. Purely a matter of abstract speculation, perhaps of interest to the BSU analysts at Quantico only as an exercise in psychological theory.

Maybe the BSU analysts could factor in some other variables. Say, for instance, if UnSub liked to brag about his connection to law enforcement officials, or exhibited the kind of sadistic personality that would brag about using martial arts to inflict pain on a woman.

Do you think FBI criminal profiling specialists would be interested to learn that UnSub had previously engaged in behavior “disturbing enough to result in a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation“?

The web is starting to close, to those associated I say again: States evidence NOW!

Friar Tuck: I’m sorry my Lord, the maid has sought sanctuary in a consecrated place.

Lord Germaine: Nonsense…

Friar Tuck: Violation of sanctuary is punishable by Excommunication!

Sir William: Excommunication!

Lord Germaine: How dare you threaten me! Once again Friar, stand aside.

Sir William: Wait Germaine, our very souls may be at state.

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1955 Episode 4 Friar Tuck

It is has been a truism that stories, poems and histories have a big effect on culture and actions. When the age of movies and television came those same effects came through. My own favorite show of the era was the Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene. I always try to encourage modern lefties to watch the show. It’s usually not hard since once they find out Ring Lardner one of the blacklisted communist writers was involved it becomes almost a duty for them. Of course while Lardner tries to give his anti-capitalist message he finds himself over and over instead giving the message against modern relativism, as the church (specifically the Catholic Church) becomes the classic protector of the downtrodden against an increasingly immoral state.

When watching most TV series from the 60’s you can’t help but notice that the moral norms of traditional Americanism. Hard work, church and earning your own way are emphasized, as is the idea of personal honor.

With the advent of the counter-culture all of these were questioned in TV and movies with unsurprising results culturally.

I thought of this when I saw Ladd Ehlinger Jr.’s piece today on the subject of the movies.

Unfortunately, most people who read conservative blogs are people whose minds are already made up. Collectivists know this, which is why they rule the world of entertainment. They are also extraordinarily good at giving their own “kind” a shot. Take a look at most indie films out there (the world where all filmmakers start) and most suffer from severe economic restraints: no name actors, simple stories with one or two locations. “Art” films. But they get reviewed, they get distributed, they get “out there” because collectivist media knows how to fight through fiction.

Which leaves conservative filmmakers at a severe disadvantage. How do you get the word out about your micro-budget indie conservative film (because no one in H’wood will invest studio bucks into your stuff, when there’s all those anti-war movies to make), when you don’t have name actors, and the only media philosophically inclined to notice you has – for lack of a more delicate term – its head up its own ass reading and writing intricate articles on the latest conservative concept on income tax restructuring (which changes few minds, if any), or the latest liberal outrage of the day?

Just a thought: if you really want liberty to win, you need to beat the creators of today’s “Murphy Browns” and “Bourne Identities.” Not the obscure bloggers of Media Matters or the morons at MSNBC. You do this by giving more air to conservative “fictioneers” than to their opponents (like Michael Moore’s jockstrap), even if reporting on the latest jockstrap’s stupidity gets you more hits or ratings.

It will take time, but it can happen.

It can not be overestimated how important this kind of thing is, consider this speech from Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.

the Lord of the Rings series is the classic tale of Western Civilization and values, I think it is no coincidence that the movies came out before the start of the war on terror. Think of how many people were inspired by these pictures at a time when it was needed most.

The problem is that we can’t count on movie makers to be finding more classic conservative stories to adapt. We are better off supporting our own writers and movie makers as Ladd suggests.

If we want to win the culture wars, we have to fight on the field where the war takes place.

And in that same spirit, I bring you this video from the band Madison Rising:

…but life might be easier when his crystal ball isn’t working well.

WCRN (Da TechGuy on Da Radio) listeners may remember that Ladd opined that Occupy Wall Street is all about preparing for 2012: thug tactics, subtle threats to reelect Obama “or else” our cities will be destroyed, etc.

Now, Van Jones, Truther and Green Jobs Czar, has said this about OWS:

“You’re going to see an evolution now as you go from protests, keep the protests, but now expand into politics,” Jones said. “And if you thought there was an earthquake in 2010 when the Tea Party moved into politics, wait until this 99 percent movement moves over into politics. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

“[K]eep the protests, but now expand into politics.”  Sounds a lot like something that an independent film maker once said.

Lest anyone think, “Oh, that’s Roxeanne being a crazy pessimistic conspiracy theorist again,” let me remind all of you that OWS, as it presents itself, has no logical end game. There are no demands that the protestors are making, such when those demands are met they will pack up their tents and go back to their rich daddy’s houses.  Unlike the Tax Day protests, there is no time limit on this protest (especially not one outlined in a permit): ergo, there is no end time at which the protestors will pack up and go home, whether or not their demands are met.  The way that OWS presents itself, the third-world tent cities will be permanent downtown fixtures, unless the police come in and dismantle them by force.

Either OWS was the most poorly thought-out protest in decades, being particularly stupid even by liberal standards, or there is something else planned.  Now, if that “something else” were not deeply sinister, one would think that OWS would have announced that plan already, given that the cries to “pack up and go home” are getting louder by the day.   Lacking such a plan, I’m guessing that the best we can expect from this group is well-trained, planned, European-style riots that burn whole sections of cities in 2012.

These people don’t have a policy agenda, aren’t advocating for or against any specific legislation, and don’t have an end game.  Stock up on fire extinguishers and shotguns, peeps.

Update: Via Twitter, Ladd sent his article from 06 October 2011: Ignore Occupy Wall Street at Your Peril. Ladd writes,

All one has to do is connect the dots on the #OccupyWallStreet organizers to see who’s really behind it. All roads lead to the White House. Obama’s friends and supporters are organizing the #OccupyWallStreet protests, and now trying to bring them out to other cities like Washington D.C. and even New Orleans (oh yeah – a great financial powerhouse of a city. What are they going to do, #OccupyTipitinas?). As Stephen Lerner himself states, he wants the SEIU to help create a “crisis.”

Six weeks later, Van Jones says that this is about influencing the 2012 elections.  Ladd, what are next week’s Powerball numbers?

Seriously, though, your choices here are between incredible stupidity or a very sinister plan that probably involves (at the very least) rioting, election fraud, harassment at the polls, and scare tactics.  It will be Chicago-style thuggery and European-like rioting in one hundred different cities.

…but are significant.

Item: Herman Cain not only still leads in the polls but Newt Gingrich has tied Romney

Cain is still on top, and more than sixty percent of primary voters are saying the sexual harassment stories aren’t impacting their decision.

It looks like the accusations are not having an effect on the polls, but are they having an effect elsewhere? That’s our next item:

Item: Stacy McCain interviews Mark Block and gives an interesting piece of information concerning fundraising.

RSM: Yeah. Well, now, $9.4 million [fundraising since Oct. 1] is the number I just heard?
BLOCK: It was over $9 million.

RSM: In 40 days?


RSM: Which is $225,000 a day.

BLOCK: It doesn’t take a simple regression analysis to figure that one out, does it?

With a lean staff and a cash campaign this is an equation for staying till the end.

Stacy also has the line of the day for those who don’t like Block:

Malkin’s complaint, basically, is that Mark Block is a lying scumbag. Having spent a good deal of time covering Republican campaigns, however, I’m willing to attest that “lying scumbag” and “GOP political operative” are pretty much synonymous

Item: You always infect the ones you love…

Ladd Ehlinger reports that the occupy moment is now officially hazardous to your health:

Now an unlikely enemy has arrived to lay waste to these plans, the super-tuberculosis bug. Lie down with dogs, get fleas; lie down with Occupiers, and get both fleas and a disease that can’t be cured and may well kill you.

The decision to treat the occupy movement like illegal aliens and choose not to enforce laws is now going to have serious public health consequences for our liberal cities and the liberal mayors etc who allowed it.

Item: Virginia is for conservatives

Apparently reports of the Democratic surge in 2011 is vastly overestimated:

Reeves’s victory over the 28-year Senate veteran delivers the last bastion of Democratic power in Richmond into the hands of the GOP, which already controlled the House, the governor’s mansion and the attorney general’s office.

But…but the OCCUPY movement! I thought it was popular, and I thought Obama changed the game, well as a matter of fact he did.

The Obama campaign has held some 1,600 events in the state in the last half-year alone. Only last month Mr. Obama hopped a three-day bus trip through Virginia and North Carolina. Obama officials keep flocking to the state, and Tuesday’s election was to offer the first indication of how these efforts are succeeding.

There is a reason the Unions kept Obama out of Ohio during the Question 2 business.

So while we enjoy each others company don’t forget to keep up with this stuff.

As the hit count of Ladd Ehlinger’s viral video on CA-36 manages to rise (on twitter @Webszachandrews tells me it has doubled since my post this morning) without my embedding of it; we see that Talking Points Memo DC apparently has a different definition of “thoroughly debunked” than CBS News:

A man who said he left a ruthless street gang in Central America and later won praise for his anti-gang work in Los Angeles was arrested Wednesday by authorities who allege he conspired to kill a rival even as he spoke out against gang life.

Alex Sanchez, 37, who heads the local office of the nonprofit Homies Unidos anti-gang group, was taken into custody at his Bellflower home on federal racketeering charges

I may be what some call a “wanna be” but I think this would be what people might consider a “legitimate story” as opposed to what Sam Stein calls: “fairly uncontroversial” at Huffpo. At least Talking Points Memo implies by its very name that it is spinning.

Normally one would not consider the video in question an example of “raising the level of debate” but it’s hard not to raise the level when it started at zero. But in the interest of raising the level of debate lets instead embed this video by Kerry Pickett on a protest in the NY 9th District to ask Anthony Weiner to resign:

Talk about a classic Brooklyn accent. I’ll bet his parents or grandparents were Dodger fans.

Amazingly this is actually raising the level of debate. I suspect if the DCCC’s call for Weiner to resign has not been effective I can’t imagine their shouts on this video will be.

I was really taken aback by the speed that the Democrats reacted to Ladd Ehlinger’s latest little video.

Sign our petition calling on Republican candidate Craig Huey to condemn this offensive and sexist ad, and demand that the ad makers immediately take it down immediately.

I’m not sure how effective petition campaigns run by democrats are going to be in persuading republicans but as for the DCCC’s demand that the video be removed Ladd being Ladd has reacted as anyone who knows him would expect:

My answer: No! I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t even enable anyone to kill anyone. And… oh yeah: s*** **! The ad’s funny. It makes me laugh. So if, for some reason, it’s pulled by youTube, a thousand will be launched in its place all over Algorez’ Internetz.

Sam Stein has an interesting description of the program Ehlinger is objecting to:

The spot, targeting Janice Hahn — the Democratic candidate in a special election to take over Rep. Jane Harman’s L.A.-based House seat — spun a fairly uncontroversial attempt to have reformed gang-members draw current ones away from that lifestyle into tales of demonic violence, taxpayer subsidized rape and drug abuse.

Apparently it was so uncontroversial that it was discontinued by the democratic mayor. Ladd again:

Because you’re only drawing more attention to your past of supporting criminals, Janice, and forcing policemen out of their jobs for doing their duty. So there you go. Claim victimhood all you like, but how many people were killed by your coddling? There’s a reason Mayor Villaraigosa took the program away from you. He’s a Democrat. So are you. Think about it.

On youtube as of 7:34 a.m. the dislikes on this video outnumber the likes by a factor of 5 and the “YouTube” community seeing the content of this video has decided to take decisive action:

I've blocked out the actual image of the video here

When I checked the video’s hits yesterday it was at about 302. That was about 100 hits less than the number of hits on my interview with Ron Paul Supporters at the St. Anselm debate. Thanks to the diligence of YouTube and the efforts of the DCCC, youtube the viewership of this video has been restrained,,,

only 30k+ views in 17 hours, That'll show him!

…or not

Now I think the issue is a valid one but I didn’t thing the video was appropriate for this blog so although I linked it I have not embedded it, meanwhile the people making the loudest objections have embedded the video (bypassing the Youtube blocks btw) driving the views by a factor of more than 100? Stacy McCain puts it in context:

Questions: Is Janice Hahn’s record as a city council member a legitimate issue in her congressional campaign? And shouldn’t she have to face tough questions about her record of support for this very bad policy? Are journalists in California just underpaid P.R. shills for the Democratic Party, or are they just too lazy to be bothered doing any actual reporting?

I suspect that if these questions were being asked by news organizations, we would not be arguing about a viral video this morning.

…I expect however that the MSM will instead of covering the point made in the ad will spend their time asking the GOP candidate to denounce it, as the daily caller pointed out:

Hahn’s actual Republican opponent, Craig Huey had absolutely nothing to do with the video because even George Wallace wouldn’t have had anything to do with the video.

For all it’s over the line splendor (Weigel calls it the most offensive ad ever), there is a solid point to the video as Stacy McCain explains:

As a member of the Los Angeles City Council, Hahn promoted a program to use taxpayer money to hire convicted criminals as “gang intervention specialists.” Predictably, Hahn’s government employment program for gangsters amounted to a taxpayer subsidy for violent crime.

and as director Ladd Elhinger points out:

Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: “It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.” By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people. It takes gang members to talk to gang members. They have their own language, we should coddle them. They’re not responsible for their actions if they murder someone, rape someone. They’re a minority.

All of that’s bunk. I’m from New Orleans. We have creole food, we have cajun food, we have french food, and we mix it all up. Anyone can talk to anyone.

And the main message to gang members in any city should be: want to kill someone? Want to rape someone? Meet Mr. Policeman. He will escort you to jail.

I’ll be frank, I don’t like the video, I don’t object to the rap stuff so much since you will see much worse on a regular rap video that the MSM will not say boo over, but it is beyond crude in my opinion and although Ladd was kind enough to send me a preview link, I’ve decided it is not appropriate for my blog.

But that being said the follow-up question is now: “is it an inappropriate ad anywhere?” The clue to the answer comes from Stacy again:

…the mainstream media is too busy celebrating Janice Hahn’s endorsement by Bill Clinton (who praises her “common sense solutions”) to bother examining Hahn’s involvement in the “gang intervention specialist” scandal.

Therein lies the problem, the issue is a solid and legit one yet the same MSM who refused to cover GOP candidate Mattie Fein chooses to ignore the issue.

As I’ve said before Media bias is more about what is not reported that how something is spun. So how does one force the MSM to talk about a story that would otherwise be ignored?

Ladd Ehlinger Jr. believes he has the answer and the conundrum for the MSM. Any video that prominently features a scantily clad lady’s posterior in gyrations is likely to get a fair amount of attention and views online. So what do they do? If they condemn it, it highlights the issue that they want to ignore, if they ignore it what happens if it turns into the next Barney Shuffle video with 200k+ hits?

This is not a tactic I would have used or a card I would have played but in the sharp elbows world of politics, I can’t say it is not legit, but I also can’t honestly say I like it either.

Update: Although I’ve scheduled this post a day after the story broke there is a large twitter debate going on concerning the video. Ali Akbar the former head of Scott Brown’s new media wing (and a strong Christian) objects strongly to the video. When I asked the question concerning the issue raised his answer was pretty good:

Could this be a “right thing/smart thing” argument?

Update 2: Had a phone call with Ladd Ehlinger concerning the video, he stated it was parody to illustrate the position of the candidate for congress. He also stated that the two men in the video are in fact rappers who liked the song.

The left seems to be going on a full court “race card” offense, but it rings hollow since that same left (including a person on twitter I talked to last night) defended rap videos due to “context” and “poetry” (I kid you not). Now if they played the demeaning to women card that might have had more oomph, but again they don’t make the objection in other contexts.

Update 3: Looking at the fast reaction and response and I would have to say, game set and match to Ladd Ehlinger who seems to have accomplished exactly what he was looking to do, forcing a debate

FYI I had scheduled this post for 3 p.m. on Wednesday but because of the attention it has drawn I pushed the post up to 10 p.m.

I left the PC to grill some burgers, dogs and pinwheels from Romano’s Mkt and here comes a Memeorandum thread on my first post and several new developments:

Before we get to them lets say this: there is no evidence that this young lady has done anything wrong. She is a 21-year-old girl and the only thing we definitely know is somebody sent her a lewd photo on twitter. That reflects on the person who sent it.

Item: The young lady in question now has a new twitter account. @GennetteC.

It would appear that there are very few tweets on the account, very few followers (only 63) at the moment but I suspect that will grow. She has announced that she will be releasing a statement soon and has thanked her friends from keeping the press away from her.

However as Ladd Ehlinger tweets an item of interest. He notes one of the four people she is currently following happens to be Tommy Christopher of Mediate who has coincidentally put up an article that suggests in addition to questions concerning Rep Weiner’s story we need to take a closer look at conservative Dan Wolfe who as he puts it:

So, a guy who has been building exactly this narrative for months turns out to be the one and only unique retweet of the picture in question? Just as Rep. Weiner’s cryptic hashtag about the Seattle time zone is reason to raise reasonable flag of suspicion, so too is this.

Now of course the fact that a left leaning blogger making this statement is apparently one of the only 4 people the young lady is following and she is about to make a statement might be totally coincidental.

Item: Lee Stranahan notes an article the young lady wrote in March:

If you’re like me, then you’re someone who is guilty of caring about what goes on in the life and minds of celebrities. When people are really famous, chances are they do not have a personal Facebook page that fans have access to; most celebrities use a fan page that is usually managed by someone else. In contrast, Twitter has thousands and thousands of verified, personal, celebrity accounts. The reason being, Facebook is a private social network, while Twitter is essentially an online environment for public news dissemination. Celebs can give their fans access to their tweets without the burden of being every fan’s “friend.”

Let’s stipulate again that this could just be a coincidental observation that any person could have made about twitter. It just happened to be her.

Item: via Stacy the Prudence Paine Papers notes something…interesting:

Ginger Lee’s tweet said: You know it’s a good day when you wake up to a DM from @RepWeiner. (I’m a fangirl, y’all, he’s my trifecta of win.)

Ginger Lee is a porn star, she is a fan of Anthony Weiner. Now let’s stipulate two things right off.

1. Being a porn star means that’s what she does for a living, it doesn’t mean it’s what she does for a hobby.

2. There is no reason a liberal democratic porn star would not be a fan of Anthony Weiner.

Prudence Paine also notes an interesting fact concerning a teenage girl who by an odd coincidence:

1. Had a crush on Anthony Weiner

2. Has suddenly deleted her twitter account

Let’s stipulate again that a teenage girl having a crush on Anthony Weiner is not his fault except for being so darn irresistible.

Left Bank of the Charles who has been on my show and who I respect noted in comments in the first post that the “hacker” could have added the young lady in question as a follower. The problem that is developing here is explained at Pajamas media by Bryan Preston:

Occam’s Razor suggests that the coincidences aren’t just that. But we’ll see.

There’s the rub. Any single one of these things can be explained away innocently enough, the problem is that for the hacker story to hold EVERY single one of these “coincidences” have to be explained away.

Meanwhile Stacy McCain reminds us of the Mark Foley case:

There are certain headline formulas that are automatically newsworthy. “Congressman + coed” is one. “Congressman + porn star” is another. The fact that the story appears to be only a case of inappropriate private communication — no one is suggesting that Weiner was boinking his Twitter friends — does not lessen its news value.

Remember that no one ever claimed that Rep. Mark Foley had sexual relationships with House pages. It was the “inappropriate communication” that got him.

It’s certainly not going to be a boring evening.

Update: Lee Stranahan writes a post that both Ace of Spades and I wish we had written:

If ‘benefit of the doubt’ isn’t good enough for the person you’re married to, then it’s not good enough for the practice of journalism. And by not acting as curious as a spouse – usually because of ideological agreement with the subject of inquiry – reporters aren’t doing their jobs.

Let’s apply this to Anthony Weiner…

Go read the rest, Lee deserves the hits for that one.

Ladd Ehlinger Jr. explains the rules to candidates everywhere. There are two points of his ten that should be in the front of the mind of any political campaign.:

1. It’s a Marketing Campaign, Stupid

Just because the common nomenclature is “political campaign,” it doesn’t change the fact that you are embarking on a short-term marketing campaign.

Your stand on the issues matter little if no one knows who you are. Obviously, you can use your stand on the issues to help increase name recognition. But this is only one small component of the big picture. You are running a marketing campaign so people will investigate your stand on the issues. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

And yes I’m biased on this next one:

Special Tip: Never distinguish between Bloggers and “Real Media.” There is no demarcation anymore, unless you are running for head caveman in the Neanderthal era. Social media is the new battleground, and you have to take that hill, too.

Keep that last one close to the heart.

It was my pleasure to run into Ladd Ehlinger again at CPAC:

Ladd without a question made the most memorable and simply fun ads of the last political cycle. Such as:

and this:

and this:

As the next election cycle draws near, if you want to get your name out there, Ladd is the man to call

Ladd Ehlinger looks at California 36 and sees the chance to rectify a mistake that was made in the last cycle:

As I noted previously, Mattie Fein had a good showing against Jane Harman when the elections finally came. Of all the Republican candidates that were destined to lose in California (through Republican malfeasance), Mattie had one of the best showings.

This, despite having a campaign budget under $50k.

This, despite local Republican traitors like Richard Montgomery (Mayor of Manhattan Beach), Frank Scotto (Mayor of Torrance), and John Parsons (former Redondo Beach Councilman) endorsing Jane Harman. Endorsements not made for philosophical reasons, but for cronyism – legal but unethical.

This, despite the national establishment sitting on its hands, or even actively undermining their own candidate.

This, despite the majority of the national media ignoring the race almost entirely. And why did they do so? As one conservative blogger told me after the election, “Harman bought Newsweek. Harman bought The Daily Beast. She’s a vindictive woman. I might find myself applying for employment at a Harman-owned company one day. I’m not putting my neck out.”

Ah but now Harmon is gone, Mattee Fein is now the more recognized candidate, there is a republican majority that looks like it isn’t going anywhere and no other GOP races to take up national funds.

The district now has every incentive to elect Mattee and the GOP has every reason to support her. Ladd continues:

If there were two years to generate name recognition for a newcomer in the 36th district, then sure, be my guest. But this election will be held quickly in the next few months. There is no time for starry-eyed dreams of electing a dark horse tea party candidate. I hope saying so doesn’t make Katz withold one of his cigars from me this evening.

And if the conservative media – large or small – had any guts, they’d rally the troops for a win in a blue state. There is no excuse now to not do so. There are no other elections at the moment to distract from this one. There are no big news stories except for Egypt, which is in Mattie Fein’s backyard area of study and expertise.

This is a test for the national GOP and a test for the party insiders. Will they do what needs to be done? Will some of the new GOP congresswomen stand up for a find lady trying to make a difference?

Reince Priebus you are now in charge. Let’s see what you’re made of.

UPDATE: Here is the ad it’s up a bye bye

…that I’ve discussed in the past. It is VERY funny and first rate. Well done Ladd Ehlinger!

Since the ad is now technically “up” Here are the last of my behind the scenes videos from the shoot. I left them out because they contained the sound track:

And the 2nd

And the last:

Full disclosure, my oldest worked as a secondary assistant in the making of this ad.

Update: The ad will not technically be “up” till 5 so I will be linking to it then but I had the OK for this upload at 4 so we are covered.

Update 3: Ace and I hit the UPDATE button at the same time

Update 4: Stacy McCain has a classic line:

Help Him Beat Barney Frank, and Then
Maybe Bristol Palin Will Teach Him to Dance

The NYT has put up its story on Ladd Ehlinger and the Barney Frank ad. One piece of it that I noticed:

Mr. Bielat’s line, to appear at the end of the ad, was supposed to go something like: “I don’t need to dance around the issues. I’m a Marine.” But Mr. Bielat said he did not feel comfortable linking his military service to a political ad in a way that felt “like a non sequitur,” so he improvised.

How honorable is Sean Bielat? He was unwilling to use his Marine service as a prop. How many pols think that way?

Here are a pair of behind the scenes clips first the green screen area

That’s the NYT crew and RS McCain as they cover Ladd

When the ad comes up I’ll put it up with the last three behind the scene clips.

Update: One change since the film was made, it is no longer a “longshot” ah how the news cycle changes

My reviews of the Ladd Ehlinger Jr. film Hive Mind staring Greg Trent are available at here and at here.

I am absolutely convinced this movie would be a cult classic if more people saw it. CPAC 2011 should consider showing it in a side room on a loop or something.

If Ladd Ehlinger Jr. sounds familiar but you can’t place him, you likely know him from this.

And if you still can’t place him I interviewed him Wednesday.

Go to his site and buy this movie.

I’m in a recording/green screen studio as the filming of the new ad for Sean Bielat is being shot. Here are a few pictures to wet your appetite for the ad that will be out Next week.

Just a taste for now more when the ad comes out