I talked to Ladd Ehlinger just before the release of his sequel to his initial video The Bunker and again this morning.

DaTechGuy: Ladd why the Hitler motif for the follow-up video?

Ladd Ehlinger: It’s a funny genre, and a way to get the pitch seen by people who aren’t into politics but into comedy

DTG: I noticed you altered the genre slightly, you added an additional scene from the picture.

LE: Yes that scene actually comes later in the movie but it fit very well. The way Hahn reacted to the first video reminded me of Frau Gobbels in the movie.

DTG: This must have been a lot less expensive?

LE: Yes. The “Downfall” craze made things much easier.

DTG: How do you expect the Hahn campaign to react?

LE: They’ve smartened up a bit and are ignoring it. Nancy Pelosi got involved. That’s okay. I have plans.

DTG: The Colbert report play of the first video must have been very welcome?

LE: When we made the video we actually had him in mind. We were disappointed to see him drop the ball at first.

DTG: Did it add much for hits etc.?

LE: Only about 10k views. Colbert doesn’t have that many viewers as people think. His main audience is the MSM, but its good that he did it. I’m sure he got a note from Nancy. “What’s the matter with you, Stephen? Didn’t you get the memo to ignore Ladd?”

DTG: What do you think about him forming and being granted his PAC?

LE: He is coming from a different direction, I am a libertarian and that’s where I’m coming from, for Colbert it is one big collectivist parody about how evil these PACS are, that they should be even more regulated. I think the whole structure should come down and people should be able to participate in politics however they want without the FEC hanging around. Screw McCain-Feingold! But if Colbert wants tips on how to make a viral video I’d be happy to help direct one starring him.

DTG: It certainly can’t hurt when it comes down to TRUSA’s national stature with potential donors or customers?

LE: That’s very true.

DTG: In the “Bunker” video you stress the “Socialist” motif.

LE: Yes, it’s to remind people that these people are socialists, Hahn, Obama, Pelosi and Soros. This is their belief system. They want to impose their collectivist beliefs on us.

DTG: Looking back on what happened with the first video, you had a hacker attack your site, you had a death threat with gasoline and a lighter what has been the reaction from the Hahn campaign?

LE: Nothing, apparently they don’t think it’s important that their supporters are doing this kind of thing.

DTG: I’ve called their campaign twice and gotten no answers or return, I would think the “We have no involvement” would be the easiest thing for a campaign to do.

LE: You would think.

DTG: What has the initial response been to the video on Popmodel?

LE: It’s done well but we haven’t pushed it like the other one. Not yet. Pelosi has injected herself in the campaign and DNC spokesmen have been hinting to the Hahn campaign that the best way to deal with us is to ignore us. The absentee ballot figures show it worked, though.

DTG: In what way?

LE: Well there have been 30,125 absentee ballots turned in so far. We don’t know what the votes are but there is only a 628 ballot advantage between democratic ballots turned in vs Republicans.

DTG: that’s got to be panicking these people!

LE: Yes, this is Venice Beach, and keep this in mind, my initial ad went out at the same time as the absentee ballots were mailed. It’s had an effect. I don’t know if it will be enough. But they’re scared.

DTG: Have you seen any other signs of this?

LE: Well there is the Argonaut piece that they took down.

DTG: Tell me about that.

LE: The Argonaut put up a puff piece on Hahn and I had a long e-mail exchange with the author. I questioned him on it and within two hours after I posted our exchange on the TRUSA site, they took down the puff piece! It leads me to conclude that Hahn got free advertising from the Argonaut or she paid them for it.

DTG: Why do you think they took it down?

LE: Because it is a potential FCC violation. But they actual printed the story so it’s actually too late for it to be “evaporated” like Hahn’s gangster issue.

DTG: Let’s change subjects what do you think of the GOP field.

LE: I’m still thinking about Michelle Bachmann and perhaps Rick Perry but all of them are collectivists to one degree or another.

DTG: Despite this is there any person in the GOP field that would prompt you to stay home or vote for Obama?

LE: No because slow collectivism is better than hyper collectivism. I voted for McCain because he’s a collectivist in need of viagra, as opposed to Obama, who’s much more aggressive.

DTG: As an admaker Have you seen anything so far that has gone out on the air that is what you would consider a good or effective ad?

LE: No because they’re all wussies. The difference between me and all the other ad guys is I don’t care if I’m hired for the 2nd ad, I’m out to make the most effective ad I can.

DTG: Rush Limbaugh says that we (the right) make a mistake in trying to make the left and the media like us. Is he correct?

EH: He is absolutely right, we should laugh at them, ridicule them and expose them as the tyrannical slave mongers that they are.

DTG: Slave mongers?

EH: The left believes that the man exists to serve the state. When you exist to serve the state you become a slave and those who seek to run the collective are slave mongers.

DTG: Are you personally or does the PAC have something in particular you want to hit when this election is over?

LE: Yes, I’d like to do something on healthcare.

DTG: Considering what we’ve seen so far, should we expect any surprises from you as the campaign in CA36 nears its end?

LE: You should always expect surprises from me.

DTG: Since your initial video the GOP has gotten involved in this race that was considered impossible. What are the lessons from this for the GOP and for candidates?

LE: The idea is to fight, you don’t need to fight with a gold Rolex, you can fight asymmetrically and make them react.

DTG: Ladd Thanks again.

LE: Anytime!

Stephen Colbert decided in his running gag about forming his own PAC to highlight both Turn Right USA and their initial Janice Hahn video. (Note I am breaking my own rule concerning this ad because it is only a brief clip within the Colbert Report.)

His own priorities not withstanding thanks to Colbert, the play count for the ad and the hit count for Turn Right USA should soar. I’m sure the Hahn campaign will love the attention. In fact let’s take a look at what happens when you search for “Janice Hahn” on Youtube as of 7 a.m. this morning EST:

Count da hits

Count the hits, that adds up to 700,000+ including the MSNBC report which played the entire ad. That’s sure to keep people unacquainted with the charges in the ad.

And it gets worse for Hahn. If you look at the top 10 results only two of them are not directly speaking to the ad and one of those is the initial news report that the ad is based on.

Now I object to the ad because I consider it (and still do) sexist and I don’t care for the language, but idea that Stephen “I’m whiter than wonder bread” Colbert is accusing two black rappers of racism against blacks is rather interesting.

At least one of the rappers in question Uncle Head, objected on twitter.



Splack Pack btw is the name of the Rap group in the video.

So the end result of all of this is:

A whole new set of people not acquainted with the ad or the charges have been introduced to it.

The primary association for Janice Hahn on YouTube is this video.

Turn Right USA has been granted instant national credibility by one of the left’s attack organs and will likely result in an influx of contributions

And of course I’m sure the both the Hahn campaign and Turn Right USA are absolutely thrilled that Colbert has done this the day after Turn Right USA released this follow-up video:

With a 75%-25% advantage D vs R in the primary, the odds of Hahn losing her special election in CA-36 are long, but she is damaged and democrats have been forced to use resources, including money and national airtime to counter that damage. What do you think will happen if Ladd Ehlinger and/or Turn right USA is turned loose on a closer campaign?

If the left is not worried, they ought to be, and if Ehlinger wasn’t stopped by death threats like this, what will they end up doing next?

Update: Colbert was granted his PAC by the government today on two votes 6-0 & 5-1. Turn Right USA couldn’t buy this kind of publicity.

Turn Right USA has a new entry in the HahnsHomeboyz video collection from a genre that you might be familiar with

Personally I think the “Downfall” collection has been done to death but I love the reminder of that it was National Socialism not National Capitalism

We can expect to see the condemnations from the Hahn campaign any minute I’m sure

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We’ve seen condemnations left and right against Ladd Ehlinger and Turn Right USA concerning their viral video about Janice Hahn in the CA-36 race.

It’s been called racist (nah I don’t think so) sexist (no more than any other rap video) and more. The self-righteous have been up in arms about it, but not so up in arms to prevent them from embedding it.

Now for my money here is something that is a lot more offensive:

Last night someone planted these items under a TRUSA vehicle. No fire was set, but it certainly seemed ominous. Law Enforcement was called to the scene to investigate.

Let’s see, an open gas tank, a gas pump and a lighter strategically placed (note that the lighter’s head is away from the gas to prevent “accidents”

This is what might be called “sending a message”

I talked to Ladd Ehlinger this morning. He informs me that this was found about 9:30 yesterday Monday, police have been informed.

I found the this a lot more startling than he did, Ladd pooh poohed it as the LA way of sending a message.

The question would be why? Remember in the primary the democrats drew 75% of the vote. No matter how much internal friction there is in the party why would anyone bother to make such a threat?

Publicity stunt perhaps? I asked Ladd that question directly and he answered he was not aware of any involvement by anyone in TRUSA in this matter. Since a police have been informed such an action would have placed TRUSA in legal jeopardy (remember Rep Weiner didn’t involve the authorities)

Still it doesn’t make sense given the state of the race that any supporter of either Hahn or of the program bother to threaten Ehlinger and the TRUSA folk in such a public way. There doesn’t seem to be much return for the risk. So why do it?

The answer comes from this quote from the movie the Sting. Doyle Lonnegan is on the golf course when his hood Floyd informs him they’ve killed one of the two who robbed his runner but the other got away. When Lonnegan decides to put more muscle into finding him, Floyd asks why bother. Lonnegan answers:

You see that fella in the red sweather over there? His name’s Donnie McCoy. Works a few of the protection rackets for Cunnaro when he’s waiting for something better to happen. Donnie and I have known each other since we were six. Take a good look at that face, Floyd. Because if he ever finds out I can be beat by one lousy grifter, I’ll have to kill him and every other hood who wants to muscle in on my Chicago operation.

In my opinion this isn’t about winning a race or saving a program that gives profit, it’s about sending a message to the next fellow who might think about questioning the status quo.

And it looks like such a message might be necessary because not only is the Hahn campaign seemingly ducking a debate lo and behold here comes the NRCC with this newly minted page highlighting the gang program and with some devastating videos on the subject.

Not quite “debunked” is it TPM?

I called up the NRCC and talked first to a young man named Ted who directed me to a fellow named John Randall who was gracious enough to call me back in a timely manner.

He said the new site went up yesterday. It’s purpose was to inform the voters of Ca-36 more fully about the gang program and Hahn’s involvement. He brought up Pelosi’s endorsement of Hahn and questioned if this was the type of Government Nancy Pelosi wanted to bring to congress. He stressed that Craig Huey ran second against the predictions of many.

As to Ehlinger’s rap video He unequivocally stated that it had no connection to the new NRCC site and condemned the video and the images contained therein but did acknowledge that it raised some serious issues that have hitherto been ignored in this race. When I asked why the media has ignored these issues he said that was a question better asked of them.

An even better question in my opinion is why coverage of what appears to be a death threat against a political filmmaker in the US is only considered newsworthy by this blog and Penguin Pundit. Is everyone too busy covering Jon Huntsman?

With a limited amount of time and money to devote to campaigns it seems unlikely that the NRCC would be giving effort if they considered this race a lost cause.

I called the Hahn campaign for comment this morning. Nobody was there but in fairness to them it is still early in the morning California time. I left a message on their answering machine and will let you know if they contact me back via phone or e-mail.

Meanwhile Ehlinger has not slowed down. I asked if the threat was going to stop TRUSA, he said it would not and had backed that up answering a cease and desist letter from the LA Democratic party with snark and he will be on AM 1450 WOL in DC this afternoon 4 p.m. EST to talk further on the subject and I’ll be having him on during my 2nd hour this Saturday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

I wonder if the same people who roundly condemned Ehlinger will bother to condemn this apparent threat?

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Update 2: The American Spectator reports on the Cease and Desist order and quotes Ehlinger on the new NRCC site:

Welcome to [the] bandwagon, boys,

Update 3: Linked by Stacy, Thanks. Meanwhile and Fleming and Hayes provide a timeline. Also corrected the date on incident.

Update 4: Ace discovers the subject and links and Dan Riehl links to ace.

If there is one things you can definitely say about Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger, he enjoys his work.

Our interview concerning his new viral video (that I’ve written about this week) had almost a continual laugh track as he reacted to question after question with laughter before and after each answer he gave. Considering that his video has gone from Zero to 402k hits in less than 50 hours he has a lot of cause to be laughing.

I talked to Ladd Thursday afternoon approximately 48 hours after the launch of his viral video. As you might gather from the video in question his language can occasionally be a spicier that I would normally use but it is what it is

DaTechGuy: What impact has the video has on the race in CA-36?

Ladd Ehlinger: It put Janice Hahn on the defensive. She’s alleging collusion between the Turn Right USA PAC and the Huey campaign. There is none, and has she has filed an FCC complaint. Since the video has only aired on the internet I’m not sure what the basis of that complaint is.

DTG As the Huey campaign hasn’t hired you or the PAC why the video in this particular district?

LE: Rick (from the PAC Turn Right USA) lives in the district as do I occasionally, and I did do an ad on the Matte Fein campaign.

DTG: Have you had much media from this campaign?

LE: NPR, local stations in LA, done a lot of local media, practically the only people who have not called have been Fox and MSNBC.

DTG: MSNBC did hit you for the video?

LE: Yes but they are too “wimpy” to have me on. I’d be happy to face sit across from Rachel Maddow in NY. I’ll bring the beer.

DTG: Now I didn’t run the video on my site because I didn’t think it was appropriate but many of the sites most strongly condemning it have embedded it. Isn’t that a contradiction?

LE: Yes. They think it’s a fundraising opportunity. That it’s good for them. They’re wrong. When you wrestle with a pig you get muddy.

DTG: And has this caused the issue of the program to be raised?

LE: Hahn answers all question on the gang issue as “debunked” but that’s a load. A complete load! Too bad the consultants of the Huey campaign are wussies but hey, that’s nothing unusual, just like the condemnations of the ad from the state party. Unfortunately the GOP in California is squishy and flaccid. They’re all Bob Dole. Of course Arnold & Whitman didn’t help matters here any. Whitman was a disaster.

DTG: Are you worried it will cause people to hesitate before hiring you in the future?

LE: I couldn’t care less. If a candidate doesn’t have the balls to hire me, I don’t want to work for him.

DTG: Let’s talk the video itself, how long did it take to shoot?

LE: About a week.

DTG: And the rappers you used?

LE: They’re a group called Splack Pack. They perform nationwide.

DTG: Did they have any objection to the material?

LE: Dude, we had a blast shooting the video. It was a parody of a song they perform called “Shake Your Ass Bitch”. They didn’t consider it sexist or racist. Hell, they helped write it and come up with some of the gags. Oh my god! CueDog doing the cowboy butt-spank! That dude does physical comedy better than Chaplin, and UncleHead is a master at facial expressions.

DTG: Have they gotten any flack over it?

LE: They don’t care, they love it, their reaction to me was “whatever man!”

DTG: I notice that your TRUSA and http://hahnshomeboyz.org site that the video directs viewers to has been down for quite a long time

LE: Yes we’ve been subject to almost continual DOS attacks within a few hours of the video’s release. I figure they will continue right up till the election.

DTG: They must take it very seriously. Do you plan anything more in the future?

LE: We have a few things in the works. Nationwide stuff and local stuff. Want to do a great viral on Obamacare. Should be very funny.

DTG: Ladd thanks for your time.

LE: Thank you!

Update: A hacker uncovered