Jim Hacker: Nobody knows it’s not true. Press statements aren’t delivered under oath.

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Do you remember when Wendy Davis because a hero to the left when she stood tall and strong in favor of the a woman right to knock off her 20 week old baby in the womb? I do. She gain accolades nationwide, prompting piece like this from Joan Walsh in Salon:

Let’s take a moment to remember what’s at stake here. Texas Democrats succeeded in blocking a lot of abortion restrictions until Gov. Rick Perry called a special session to push them through. SB 5 offers a revolting menu of bad policy for women: a 20-week abortion ban; new TRAP laws requiring abortion clinics to be certified as “ambulatory surgery centers,” which would close all but five of the 42 clinics open today, along with every clinic in West Texas. It would also require clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals and restrict the abortion drug RU-486. Opponents tried to block the bill’s passage in the House last Thursday with a “people’s filibuster,” but it ultimately passed.

I tuned in to Davis’ Senate filibuster after she’d been going about 10 hours Tuesday night, and I felt like I’d discovered a baseball game that was a no-hitter going into the ninth inning. On YouTube, almost 40,000 people were already watching; that ballooned to more than 150,000 after Dewhurst stopped Davis’ crusade on bogus procedural grounds. It was gripping.

Well Wendy Davis is running for Governor and with her manufactured history in tatters the Feminist Superhero has decided it’s time to play the “whatever works” card.

Davis said she could have supported a bill that contained only a 20-week ban, but the law’s restrictions on clinics and doctors have greatly curtailed access to the procedure in parts of Texas.

“It was the least objectionable,” she said. “I would have and could have voted to allow that to go through, if I felt like we had tightly defined the ability for a woman and a doctor to be making this decision together and not have the Legislature get too deep in the weeds of how we would describe when that was appropriate.”

Did I read that right, Abortion Barbie herself the woman that has all feminism aflame declared she could support a bill with a ban on abortions at 20 weeks?

I’d talk about what that declaration says about her, but more interesting is what it says about her supporters.

Last year Wendy Davis despite her filibuster that made her famous proclaimed herself “pro-life”, Last week despite her previous attempt to restrict guns Wendy Davis proclaimed herself in favor of open carry, and now Abortion Barbie herself is willing to say:  20 wk Abortion ban?   I could support that.

One would think progressives who have showered her campaign with 11.2 million last quarter would be demanding refunds.

They will not.

First of all as is the basic principle of Marxism the ends justify the means, if proclaiming herself pro-life, pro-gun and opposing abortion after 20 weeks they’ll pay for a million robocalls to the Texas electorate proclaiming it.

But more importantly as I’ve said in the past the left isn’t worried about any of these public proclamations by Wendy Davis because they know she’s lying and in the religion of liberalism as opposed to the Judeo-Christian culture Truth is an optional extra.

Update: Twitchy is having a lot of fun with this as are a few others like the Lonely Conservative and National Review but the prize goes to Allahpundit at Hotair:

At the rate we’re going, she’s going to end up filibustering a pro-choice bill before November.

Update 2: On a more serious note:

What are Texans supposed to make of Wendy Davis now?

Wendy Davis has either become thoroughly confused on what she really believes, has no core beliefs and does not really know very much, or she is just trying to confuse all of Texas with all of these absurd, near daily position changes.

I see no reason why they can’t all be true.

Update 3: Legal Insurrection says not Barbie but Gumby:

In hindsight, maybe the anaology to Barbie was inappropriate, but not for the supposed sexism reasons usually argued.

Gumby may be a more appropriate analogy, because on her personal narrative and key policy positions, Davis is infinitely flexible.

Sister Toldjah asks: Will the real Wendy Davis please stand up?


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It isn’t often that I disagree with Elizabeth Scalia on a matter of religion but this story is one of them.

For the few who don’t know. At the Texas capital as the new Abortion bill comes up for a vote a group of pro-life activists starting singing the traditional song Amazing Grace.

However the supporters of Wendy Davis and abortion were not to be outdone. Last weekend on every Sunday Show they the pro-abortion left lionized Wendy Davis and talked about her fight against Governor Rick Perry. Their supporters and Democrats around the country urged their supporters to show up and the Texas capital and fight. So when the pro-lifes sang Amazing Grace the flower of the Democrat Party, these brave warriors of the left, these people determined to prevent people from oppressing woman, fully supported by the national left replied thus:


Hail Satan? Really, as American Glob put it:

Maybe the makers of the History Channel’s Bible series were on to something after all…

Well I’m not convinced.  The CNN Reporter MUST be wrong.  Where is the video, I’m sure the Democrat National Campaign Committee, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and NOW will emulate the late Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge to produce actually video to back up this CNN reporters statement:

or not

Now the Anchoress being a kindhearted and godly person says this:

You get a gang of already pumped up, hysterical (and in some cases terribly, terribly young) idolators fully indoctrinated to the creed and the church of the Idol-of-I, and start singing “Amazing Grace” you’re striking at a jugular vein of the idol and the hysterics — having nothing to fall back on but the empty creed of self-worship, which contains no grace at all — have no depth in their recourse. All they have left in their bag of tricks is shock and chaos.

Last night they fell back on “shock.” Chaos will come later, and believe me, a mindless, stupidly spiteful chanting of “hail Satan” won’t be the half of it.

They know not what they do, though — very likely those who are not being paid to be useful idiots for The Party are members of The Church of What’s Happening Now, who can’t resist an urge to participate in this week’s “be-in”.

and advises the following:

Which is why I rather concur with this guy on Twitter:

Wow, the “hail Satan” thing is such a troll. Make fun of it or ignore it. No good can come of making a big deal out of it.

— Political Math (@politicalmath) July 3, 2013

I respect Elizabeth very much, but I have to disagree.

One of the things that our friends on the left have done for a long time is dodge just what abortion is, what it means and who it serves ask yourself why you can see all kind of medical procedures on TV but never abortion, why nothing engages the left more than the graphic pictures of the same.

It’s because it illustrates the truth of what abortion is and what it has always been.

In my opinion it is important to not allow our pols or these groups off the hook.

Every single reporter and every single pol who pushed Wendy Davis, who celebrated Wendy Davis and who urged people to go out and support Wendy Davis be made to distance themselves from the statements of these protesters. They should be made to stand or run as the GOP was made to do with Todd Akin.

They should be made to own this, the Lonely Conservative’s bumper stickers should be made it as one person said on twitter

This is life and death, literally let’s act this way.

I’ll give the last word to Captain Ed Morrissey:

The overall effect of chanting “Hail Satan”? That’s another story, but one of those effects is surely clarity.


Dr. Graves: My dear Doctors it is indeed a pleasure to welcome you here at the beginning of your practice.  This letter states that in this group that there are three of you who are not overly bright but were graduated because had been in the senior class, too many years. Your identity I will keep secret and will disclose to no one on one condition, that you try hard and forever devote your lives to the glorious cause of duty and Humanity!

Moe, Larry & Curley:
We Will!

The Three Stooges Men in Black 1934

One of the oldest jokes in the book goes like this:

What do you call the person who finishes last in his class in medical school?


That’s still true but if you are a dunce of a doctor today is a tough time for you.  With malpractice laws and insurance these days and the plethora of media not to mention a litigious society a doctor who is prone to making mistakes would seem to have dim prospects..

But if you are not inclined toward duty and humanity Robert Stacy McCain and Jeff Quinton report there IS an option for you:  Late Term Abortionist in Maryland!

Why, because if you accidentally kill somebody nobody will notice:

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of America’s most notorious abortionists. He specializes in late-term abortion and, unless you actually know what’s involved in it, you cannot possibly imagine what a gruesome atrocity the bland phrase “late-term abortion” describes. Now, according to a report by Operation Rescue, a 29-year-old woman has died after Carhart performed such an atrocity at a Maryland clinic:

Now you would think that a woman dead by one of the most notorious doctors in the country might be newsworthy.  Stacy McCain certainly thought so:

Carhart is a celebrity of the pro-abortion movement. Described as “one of the few doctors in the U.S. to openly perform late-term abortions,” Carhart was an associate of Dr. George Tiller, who was assassinated in 2009. Michael Martelli of the Maryland Coalition for Life notes that Carhart “was hailed as a ‘hero’ in the film ‘After Tiller’ at the recent Sundance Film Festival.” Now that a 29-year-old woman has reportedly died as a result of Carhart’s butchery, however, it seems that no major news organization considers him newsworthy.

Neither the Washington Post nor the Baltimore Sun has yet reported on this woman’s death in Maryland, despite the fact that there was an 11 a.m. press conference today in front of the Germantown clinic. The story is also being ignored by the Associated Press, USA Today, the New York Times, and television news networks. As of 1:30 p.m. Friday, the largest organizations reporting the story were WorldNetDaily and LifeNews.com.

However the rest of the media would seem to disagree.  That’s should be reassuring to every quack and slacker in the country.  Even better if anyone in the media does bother to catch up and do the story, it will be Saturday in the metro section on the day of the biggest blizzard in 30 years. McCain again:

OK, it’s only a 350-word item in the Metro section, but it’s something. Still nothing from the Baltimore Sun, the New York Times, USA Today or the Associated Press, but at least now one major news organization has grudgingly acknowledged that a 29-year-old woman has died after being treated at the clinic where “Doctor Death” was willing to perform an abortion in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

Yes, I said the 33rd week – eight months pregnant — which is actually legal in Maryland.

So if YOU are at the bottom of your medical class and worried that you can’t find any kind of practice, Maryland wants YOU to perform late-term abortions. And if you screw up, don’t worry, just think. if the MSM will bend over backwards to avoid reporting on the death of a 29-year-old woman from a botched abortion by a notorious physician, you should have no trouble covering up almost any mistake or injury you inflict on any woman.

One caveat, Doctors who have decided to devote their lives to the glorious cause of Duty & Humanity need not apply.