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Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio our first hour guest is John Nolte of

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Did you miss Lee Stranahan on DaTechGuy on DaRadio this week concerning Pigford & his trip to Beirut.

No Worry you can hear the 1st hour (pigford) and the 2nd hour (Pigford + Beirut),

Lee Stranahan is back from Beirut & DaTechGuy has him.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio Lee Stranahan joins us not just for an hour but for 90 minutes.

We’re going to talk Beirut but we’re also going to talk Shirley Sherrod & Pigford and the pro-bono lawsuit to destroy Breitbart’s widow.

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A couple of months ago my lawn-mower broke. Since I hate to take on debt and I knew the expenses of the Maine trip was coming up I decided I’d be waiting till after the Maine bills came in before buying a new one (unless I can find a lawn company who will trade a cut for ads). The end result has been a perfect metaphor on US foreign policy under the Obama Administration.

The first week wasn’t a very big deal the grass was still short from the last mowing and there was really no difference in how the lawn looked before.

As the second week came I started to notice my lawn being higher than the neighbors.

As the 3rd week became the fourth I noticed which parts of the lawn where the grass was growing longer and which parts where it simply stopped growing and took note that if I decide to expand a garden in the future I should target the high growth spots for planting.

By week 5 i could literally drive home and hear crickets in my grass, I would park the car, hear crickets, as I came into the yard they would stop until I reached the deck then they would start-up again.

The state of the lawn has become the new normal, My neighbors who might have been upset haven’t said anything to me and my wife who love a properly mowed lawn has simply resigned herself to the situation as something she doesn’t like but is what it is, other priorities have to trump it for now.

The point being that while neglecting the lawn didn’t show right away once it was neglected long enough eventually it became a problem…

…and that brings us to Barack Obama and Al Qaeda.

On the day of president Obama’s inauguration in the very first months of this blog I linked to a National Review piece concerning George Bush’s place in History as written by several people Roger Simon was the man I quoted:

When the United States was attacked by al-Qaeda on 9/11, every expert in Alpha Centauri solemnly announced that it was only a matter of time—and not much time, either—before the United States was attacked again. Well, here we are some seven and a half years later and, guess what, it hasn’t happened. I know people—you see what low company I keep—who will tell you with a straight face that President Bush had nothing to do with this run of good luck. “Post hoc,” they sniff, “doesn’t necessarily mean propter hoc, and if America has thus far escaped another terrorist attack, there is no reason to think that W had anything to do with it.” No sane person, I submit, really believes that. Deep down, we all know that the reason the United States has not suffered another terrorist attack is the policies formulated by the president in the aftermath of 9/11. Protecting the country from external enemies is the number-one priority of the commander-in-chief. It is for his tireless pursuit of that task that I am eternally grateful to George W. Bush. Thank you.

Consider where we are now.

We are out of Iraq, we are pulling out of Afghanistan as fast as our legs could take us. We have seen the rise of Al Qaeda aligned groups in Libya, Egypt (finally foiled by the people) and Tunisia. We’ve seen the Fort Hood attack that we still officially consider “workplace violence”, the attack in Kenya and most significantly the Benghazi attack killing an American ambassador on the anniversary of 9/11.

How bad is it? Lee Stranahan now in Beirut interviewing Syrian refugees and getting a feel of what is going on has interviewed people who have been driven from their homes who have bluntly stated the forces this president has wanted to support are Al Qaeda:

She’s describing an attack on Christians that the Obama Administration and Republicans like John McCain enabled. It’s even more ominous because it’s part of pattern on the part of President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain and others of backing forces–such as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood–who are clearly targeting Christians.

Christianity in the Middle East is on the verge of being wiped out by Islamic jihadists and the United States government is helping make it happen.

The attack on Maaloula was carried out by U.S. backed rebel forces. It happened concurrently with John Kerry calling the Free Syria Army ‘moderates’ in Senate Testimony. It happened by rebels that appear to have been emboldened by Obama and McCain’s talk of launching missiles against the Assad regime.

In another interview he people about US support for the rebels:

When the Maaloula witnesses was told that U.S Sec. of State John Kerry had referred to the FSA forces as ‘moderate’ in Senate testimony, she closed her eyes, shook her head both and forth and said “No no no no no.”

She said that she didn’t trust the press after seeing their reporting on the situation in Maaloula, which deemphasized the Islamist elements of the attack.

Like my lawn that has grown over several week the President’s neglect of the war on terror for political reasons has reached critical mass, how critical, Stranahan hits it during one of his videos from Beirut called “Syria 101: Why Should I care?:

“We’re seeing the rise again of Al Qaeda in the middle east. And Al Qaeda wants to plant a foothold in Syria and they’ve already done so.”

This is the real wages five years of Barack Obama in the White House and the neglect on the war on terror.  And unlike the neglect of my  lawn there is not a solid date when this neglect will change.

Closing thought: On January 20th 2009 just after noon I wrote the following concerning the brand new Obama presidency:

Starting tomorrow the rubber hits the road we will now see if he can cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a Herring govern.

If he can win the war on terror and turn the economy around he’ll be a winner in my book.

There are still 40 months left to the Obama years, but based on that day one standard and where we are today this president is an abject failure and while that failure on the economy has and will make life harder for Americans costing them money and prosperity, his failure in the war on terror is going to cost lives.

He may not be ashamed & embarrassed by this result but I am

Update: That Stranahan video is one of a bunch he put up yesterday, you can see them all here.


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Lee Stranahan in Beirut talks about speaking to a twenty something Christian Refugee in Beirut talking about giving up freedom for stuff

She was the most pro-Assad person however he notes these folks aren’t so much less pro-Assad per-se as they are Anti jihad.

His coverage has been absolutely incredible and if anyone deserves a Breitbart award it’s him.

Update: Hey maybe I should link to his blog where his coverage (but not this video as of right now) is.

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I’ve been all Ted Cruz all the time lately but some first rate blogging/reporting is taking place thousands of miles away as Lee Stranahan works from Beirut. He’s making stories on the plane:

On the plane into Beirut, I sat next to a man named Fadi, a Lebanese native and Maronite Christian who was now living in France. His father had passed away in Lebanon a few months ago and now the family was getting together for a memorial.

We talked about the strikes by the Syrian rebels agains the town of Maaloula that I’ve written about for Breitbart News. I explained how most Americans weren’t really paying much attention to what was going on in Syria until President Barack Obama began to talk about attacking it recently. Fadi asked me:

“The Christians in the United States, do they care about what’s happening to the Christians here?”

Well, that’s the question for Americans, isn’t it? That’s the question for you, really.

In the city

At one point, I was walking on Hamra Street, which is one of the main streets in Beirut for shopping and restaurants when I was approached by some kids with shoeshine buckets. They didn’t speak English at all but I understood them saying ‘Syria’ and pointing to themselves. I don’t know for sure that they are from Syria but I know that’s what they said.

In the cabs:

In this part of our conversation, the cab driver makes a great point about not the hypocrisy of complaining about America and capitalism while reaping the benefits of it. His analogy is about a well of water as an analogy for what America brings to the world. He says if you don’t want to use those things, fine; don’t drink from the well. But he doesn’t understand using those things and at the same time throwing a stone in the well.

And in the Churches:

I planned my Middle East trip with to Sundays in the schedule because I wanted to get some sense of Middle Eastern Christiandom was like. So Sunday morning I dressed up and went to the local church, right by St. George’s Hospital.

And he’s breaking news:

In an exclusive interview with independent American journalist Lee Stranahan, Syrian refugees say the attack on the predominantly Christian village of Maaloula was aided by Muslims living in the town.

The plight of Christians in the Syrian Civil War is a huge story and Lee Stranahan is covering it in person. it’s a story worth following & supporting.

Closing thought: The next time you hear the Kimberlin Crowd hitting Stranahan reread those posts and ask who you trust to report facts.

Last Saturday before the George Zimmerman verdict came out Kerry Picket & Lee Stranahan came on DaTechGuy on DaRadio live from Sanford followed by the Lonely Conservative.

If you missed the show or either of the replays, do not worry, you can listen to it now here.

This weekend Saturday Noon EST on  WESO 970 Southbridge, WPLM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord & FTR Radio online  I’ll be joined by my friend from the left Mike Hummell who will talk about the return of Twinkies and Movie Director Ron Maxwell (Gettysburg, God & Generals) about his New Movie Copperhead.

And I’ll also be guest hosting on Conservatively Speaking back at my old Haunt WCRN AM 830 from 7-9 talking Trayvon Martin in Miami Dade, one man one vote and Carter Hall’s testimony.

Be there, well OK don’t BE there but listen.

Lee of course is the expert, but if you want to see what I’ve done on Pigford in the past here is a quick roundup:

My initial post was 4 years ago this very day.

Followed by this a year later

During one of my very first Radio Shows Dan Riehl talked Pigford

My famous “Table” interview with Breitbart touched on Pigford

And Lee Stranahan’s first appearance on my Radio show back in 2011 before Syndication was on Pigford

With Obama safely re-elected the Times has decided to move on it

Pigford is a scandal but I suspect by 2016 it will be overshadowed by the wreckage of many other Obama disasters but for today if you don’t know it, take a peek

Hawkeye:  I’ve known Chingachgook since we both were young. I knew Uncas’ mother. I’ve known Uncas since he was born. Major Heyward. I don’t know you. If we have to fight back to back, it’s possible that you might run. I don’t think you will, but you might. I’ve fought back to back with these Mohicans father and son, and they didn’t run

Last of the Mohicans BBC 1972

draw-mohammedIf you are a long term reader of this blog or a long term listener to my radio show you know the easiest way to get me angry is to get me talking about Molly Norris.

For those of you who don’t know Three years ago Molly Norris was a cartoonist in Seattle whose work appeared regularly in the Seattle Weekly. Her style is not really the type I go for

After the censoring of South Park Episodes by Comedy Central over the inclusion of Mohammad she proposed “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” in solidarity with the artiest whose lives were in danger.

Oddly enough I was not a fan of Everybody Draws Mohammad day

I have unabashedly declared Islamic killers as barbarians, I will continue to do so. I have condemned the cowardice of Comedy Central. I don’t feel I have anything to prove. In addition I don’t like caricatures of Christ, Mary etc that are unflattering. I want respect for my religion therefore I need to show that same respect. Free speech has to also include freedom to not speak if you don’t want to.

Therefore I am not going to draw Mohammed on May 20th. If you think less of me because of that, so be it…

Immediately afterwards a FATWA was put upon her and the reaction of the “free speech” crowd that was constantly complaining about Bush, was…silence.

It did not end pretty:

You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week. That’s because there is no more Molly

No she’s not dead

on the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is, as they put it, “going ghost”: moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity. She will no longer be publishing cartoons in our paper or in City Arts magazine, where she has been a regular contributor. She is, in effect, being put into a witness-protection program—except, as she notes, without the government picking up the tab. It’s all because of the appalling fatwa issued against her this summer, following her infamous “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoon.

The anniversary of the fatwa on her passed and almost nobody noticed and three years later Morry Norris is still in hiding.

An American Cartoonist, forced in hiding for exercising her first amendment rights for nearly three years and nobody is objecting, no congressional resolutions, no speeches on the house floor and no stories in the MSM. In my opinion this is a national disgrace.

Which brings us to Brett Kimberlin & Co.

Lee Stranahan reports the following

A photo taken by Brett Kimberlin on Friday, March 1st and quickly posted to the site BreibartUnmasked is the latest in a long series of attempts by convicted felon Kimberlin to attempt to stir up Muslim hatred towards blogger Aaron Walker, apparently as revenge against Mr. Walker for helping another blogger Kimberlin has a long running grudge against.

Walker’s crime: Participating in Everyone Draw Mohammad day. Brett Kimberlin’s crew apparently takes a dim view of supporting the first amendment. Stranahan again:

The editor of BreitbartUnmasked is Kimberlin’s friend Bill Schmalfeldt, who has accusing Walker of hating Muslims more than “he loves his wife”. The site also published a photo of Mr. Walker’s wife.

Mr. Schmalfeldt has also written thinly veiled threats to Mr. Walker, such as this one from a post entitled “Aaron Walker: A Cautionary Tale”:

In the meantime, Aaron Walker sits in front of his spit-flecked computer screen and blogs and tweets about the injustice of it all. But everyone knows he’s a dead man blogging — metaphorically.

This latest photo post by Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt is transparently another further attempt to have free-speech hating lunatics to target Walker.

Mind you the Kimberlin crowd is not doing this because they object to some Muslims being critiqued as murderous barbarian bastards who would kill or threaten a person who objects to Islamic threats. They are doing this specifically because they BELIEVE Muslims to be murderous barbarian bastards who will threaten or harm those who critique them, in fact they’re counting on it!

One might call that racism. I call it a crime against the 1st amendment.

At the time the threats took place against Ms Norris I said the following:

I’m not big into insulting other people’s religions but this needs to be forcibly fought. As for a Fatwa, bring it on, We are AMERICANS! If you come for one of us you come for ALL OF US! You want to kill me? So what! Everybody dies, but I’m not surrendering my 1st Amendment rights that have been given to me as a gift by thousands who fought to preserve them for an extra few days.

Let’s double down. My name is Peter Ingemi. My ancestors came here from Sicily 100 years ago. I am an American and I defy you.

It’s a disgrace that America has forgotten Molly Norris, it’s a bigger disgrace that she is still in hiding for her life due to Islamic extremists.

But the idea that Americans would attempt to use the violence of Radical Islamists to suppress their political enemies 1st Amendment rights is in my mind one of the most loathsome things I’ve seen.

And consider, even the deluded Islamic murderer acts because they think they are serving God, Kimberlin & Co are simply serving their political ends and whatever masters are paying the bill.

Any person who would fight back to back with these men are fools.

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