Christ’s Most Human Moment

Hologram Geordi Laforge: Something's severed the ODN conduit between here and the antimatter storage deck. Counselor Troi: Geordi, could you repair the ODN conduit if you went into the crawlspace? Hologram Lt. Worf: Sir, that crawlway is in a warp-plasma shaft. He would never survive the radiation. Counselor Troi:   I know that. Geordi, could you repair the … Continue reading Christ’s Most Human Moment

The desire to inspire…

doesn't always work the way you want it to.  No siree. I wanted to post something inspiring about Lent and our Lenten journey.  I've been pondering this for over a week unable to think of one inspiring thing to write about.  It finally occurred to me that I didn't have anything inspiring to say. We're … Continue reading The desire to inspire…

Ash Wednesday and Joe Biden

Albert: Do you remember my briefing, Shona? Shona: Yeah. Well, no. I remember some of it. Albert: Some of it? Bellows: How much? Shona: Till he put his hand on my knee. And then I was just grossing. Albert: It was intended as a comfort. Bellows: For whom? Doctor Who Last Christmas 2014 Today is … Continue reading Ash Wednesday and Joe Biden

DaTechGuy on DaRadio with the Anchoress

My guest today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio will be that most Catholic of Bloggers the Anchoress. We will be talking about Lent and her take on the Church. We will also have Roxeanne Deluca and James Marley joining us. The second hour topics will include Wisconsin, Libya, and the budget battles in congress and NPR. … Continue reading DaTechGuy on DaRadio with the Anchoress

Answer: Because God as a sense of Humor

Q: Why did that package turn up now of all times? I spent yesterday with My son and some Friends at Funspot in NH, the worlds largest Arcade. When I got home late last night this was waiting for me from Mike's Comics. Unless I'm very mistaken that package contains the a boxed set of … Continue reading Answer: Because God as a sense of Humor