Buffett Books & Blather with Robert Stacy McCain!

Join Award Winning Journalist, Author and raconteur Robert Stacy McCain as he returns to North Central Massachusetts for a special day with YOU.

Your ticket buys you:

  • A special Chinese Lunch Buffett at Tang Dynasty Restaurant Route 12 Leominster MA
  • A Copy of Robert Stacy McCain’s book: Sex Trouble:  Essays on Radical Feminism and the War against Human Nature
  • Stacy McCain’s presentation on Radical Feminism what they and their acolytes are saying to each other vs what they are saying to you.
  • Attendance at a Round table talking the Issues of the week & taking questions with Stacy, DaTechguy, The folk from Granite Grok Folks & the Worcester Tea Party

And when the Buffett, Book event and Blather are finished feel free to join us at Tang’s Cash Bar as Stacy and Friends hold court.


It all starts at Noon on Saturday Sept 9th at Tang Dynasty Restaurant 638 North Main Street (Rte 12 (Exit 31b off Route 2) Leominster Ma  01453

Tickets : Presale:  $35 Single (Buffett book & Blather)

Couple’s Pricing $ 65 (2 books) or $55 (1 book)

At the Door Single $40, Couples $75/$65

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DaTechGuyblog  ( OR The Worcester Tea Party

John Chapman better known as Johnny Appleseed was born in Leominster Massachusetts back in 1774. Today in Leominster the Annual Johnny Appleseed festival is in progress.

Johnny Appleseed stills 007

In addition to information about Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed stills 010

There were many booths and causes, old friends like WQPH

Johnny Appleseed stills 002

and some groups familiar to people everywhere like the 4-H club.

and some causes like the Invisible Children:

Most interesting was the fact that the local Tea Party had a booth as well:

Johnny Appleseed stills 012

and Justin Brooks former president of the local tea party now active in Veterans groups talked to me about them.

Nothing is more dangerous for the establishment GOP or the left than booths like this, because the message of the Tea Party as horrible terrorists gets undermined very quickly when people see them in person

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