Lt. Sharpe: Care to join the rifles’ Dobbs?
Pvt Dobbs: That I would sir
Lt. Sharpe: It’s a good life, if you can stay alive.

Sharpe’s Eagle 1993

I wrote a bit about the liberalism of the rich, of people so removed from the consequences of life that they are unwilling to oppose anything that might bring those consequences toward them. I should note that there is one field where you will often see an exception to this rule.


This might be at first counterintuitive after all those who excel in sports are lionized and championed, they are looked upon with awe, paid salaries many times what the average worker makes and even after retirement often have all of the access and privileges of the elites.

But unlike a businessman who can sell or cash out his business or a pol who can count on a connection to a job if you play a major league sport your days are numbered.  The average career of an NFL player is 3.3 years for players in the NHL & major league baseball 5.6 years an NBA player 6 years

Furthermore in all the major sports most players will spend years in farm leagues from the minors in baseball and hockey (and even basketball to some degree) to the college ranks or on the bench waiting years just for the chance to play.

Then there is injury.  In all the major sports, football more than any other, you are one play away from the end of your career.  Even if an injury is not career ending or just a headache, it could mean losing your job to a better player hungry for the job. (see Brady Tom or Gehrig Lou).

And once your career is over, it’s over, you are unlikely to demand anything near the pay you once got, after all there are only so many coaching or analyst positions available.

Thus it’s the rare sports player who needed to be mugged by reality to see how life really is, they see it every single time they go on the field trying to concentrate on the game before them without worrying about injury on the one hand or the dozens of people just dying to take their job from them on the other.

Now to be sure sports players are careful about what they say since the PC industry has no problem taking them down if possible, but they have one intrinsic advantage if they’re good enough going for them as explained by a certain Leo the Lip

Mr. Rickey, I thought when I signed the contract I signed for one thing. There is a ‘W’ column, and there is an ‘L’ column. I thought it was my obligation and duty to put as many as I could under that ‘W’ column.

Leo Durocher Nice Guys finish last.

No amount of political correctness can override the ability of a player good enough to add numbers to that W column.


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I know you can get the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what most of them are worth.

I really shouldn’t enjoy this piece so much:

“This is the end. They’re running out of road,” Masters told the Guardian. He accused managers and board members of promoting conspiracy theories – including those related to the “truth” about 9/11 and claims about cancer and HIV. “They’ve run this place into the ground.”

Mind you this is left wing radio, these guys on a normal day make the MSM look, well mainstream

The network’s biggest star – Amy Goodman, host of the independently produced Democracy Now! – is also its biggest creditor. She is owed an estimated $2.1m in unpaid broadcast fees.

2.1 Million? Boy leading the revolution really pays well, at least it would if they could pay her.

In a Nation article earlier this year, he compared the network to the “late Ottoman Empire of public broadcasting” and urged progressive outsiders to step in and save it before it was too late.

When you have the Nation magazine saying this about a bastion of liberalism what does it say?

The best part? All of this is in the UK Guardian.

This is Confession level Schadenfreude.

This weekend at Instapundit Randy Barnett linked to an interesting piece on Star Trek TNG that discussed how the 3rd Season Cliffhanger led to acceptance in the Star Trek Community.

“MR. WORF, FIRE!”: The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in Star Trek ‘Next Generation’ History:

If you are a star trek fan you’ll likely find the story interesting, but at the end of the piece there was a really telling bit concerning the third story in the arc.

Memory Alpha summarizes an early scene:

Captain Picard, himself undergoing repairs of the emotional kind following his assimilation, is packing to go to Earth. He is visited by Troi, who asks him where he’s going. He tells her he is going to go to La Barre, France, his home village. It will be the first time he has gone home in nearly twenty years. Troi says she finds it interesting that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is going on vacation so easily and they could hardly pry him out of his command chair for a vacation for three years. Picard tells her simply that it’s Earth, it’s home and he doesn’t think he needs a much better reason. He tells her her assistance has been invaluable to him, but that he’s much better now, saying his nightmares have ended and that what he needs now is some time to himself. Troi agrees, but states that his destination could stand some scrutiny. Picard tells her if she wants to think that his going home is a result of being assimilated, feel free. Troi reminds him that it’s just going to take time. His assimilation was an extremely traumatic event and he won’t recover so quickly and that it’s perfectly natural to spend time trying to find oneself again.

In the episode the homecoming isn’t as easy as it seems because Picard and his brother have unresolved issues that rise to the surface.  It is the meat of the episode but apparently Gene Roddenberry didn’t think so as related by writer Ronald Moore: (emphasis mine)

We had to kind of fight for “Family.” [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry hated it. He wanted to throw it out. My only story meeting with Gene was that episode. It was me and Michael and Rick Berman, who was running the production side of things, we all met in Gene’s office and Gene just said “this isn’t the 24thcentury.” “These brothers reflect outdated, 20th-Century modes of childhood development. Mankind had solved these kind of issues by then. I hate this.”

And that my dear friends speaks volumes about how the left sees things.

One of the great truths of the universe is that Humanity really hasn’t changed in millennia , the basic drives and desires are the same and have been the same, the only difference that Technology provides is the ease of doing so.

It’s one of the reasons why things like scripture resonate because the same sins of the past are the one that plague mankind thousands of years later

Yet Gene Roddenberry a man who was driven by his chemical and sexual drives hated the very idea that in the 24th century those same drives that consumed him might exist in his utopian world.


Now cooler heads prevailed and this episode became an excellent one  but the point is this, our liberal friends believe that the world is just one invention, one law, one moment away from suddenly becoming heaven on earth.

It reminds me of this story from the book The Battle for the Falklands by Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins concerning 3rd world armies.

An SAS officer remarked during the campaign on the problem that affects many Third world armies of concentrating on acquiring expensive technology rather than applying basic training and skills. On his own travels abroad, he said, he found again and again that his hosts disbelieved all that he told them about the achievements of the SAS being based on intensive, ceaseless meticulous training and preparation. “They all secretly believe that there is some pill you can take if you will tell them what it is.”

This should sound familiar all we have to do is restrict guns, make laws against “hate” or allow a 3 women to marry 2 men and suddenly the world will be everything you dream it to be.

And while that might be great if you want to create an entertaining fictional universe it just doesn’t work when the camera yells cut and the real world comes calling.  I’ll give the last word to CS Lewis on the difference between the liberal  and the conservative

 It occurs when the boy who has been enchanted in the nursery by Stories from the Odyssey buckles down to really learning Greek. It occurs when lovers have got married and begin the real task of learning to live together. In every department of life it marks the transition from dreaming aspiration to laborious doing.

Look at any liberal endeavor vs any conservative one and you will see this is true.



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Back during the Bush years we used to occasionally hear that once democrats were in charge again they would look at national security seriously:

If Presidential Candidate Clinton sometimes displays a commendable maturity towards the war in Iraq and National Security, compared to her fellow party-members, perhaps it derives from her more certain confidence of what the former Clinton White House thought abut the risk of Saddam seeking to advance his WMD programs and capabilities.

All of which makes the rhetorical dishonesty of Democratic war opponents (especially those nouveau) all the more reprehensible.

Expect much more nuanced, even handed treatments of the past, now that Democrats seek to take over the Executive, rediscover the need to preserve and protect National Security and the National Interest, and seek to nurture a more grown-up view of the best intentions of their one-time (political) enemies.

I even recall some saying we needed to elect democrats since it was the only way to get them to stop trying to make us  lose in Iraq and Afghanistan as it would be on them (can’t find the link to save my life).  There were more than a few people who believed in that line.

Joe Lieberman wasn’t one of them:

A great Democratic secretary of state, Dean Acheson, once warned ‘no people in history have ever survived, who thought they could protect their freedom by making themselves inoffensive to their enemies.’ This is a lesson that today’s Democratic Party leaders need to relearn.

almost a decade later with Isis on the rise, Iran operating in Iraq and the rest of the world burning and the White House now facing the image of a man they traded 5 terrorist for being tried for desertion I have this to say:

The experiment of putting liberals in charge of National defence has been a total failure.

If we do it again in 2016 we’ll not only be defeated, but we’ll deserve defeat.


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Nothing illustrates the difference between the liberal understanding of the MSM and the conservative understanding of the MSM

Here is a video that perfectly illustrates the collective liberal reaction to the concept that media icon Brian Williams was lying through his teeth to the public.

And here is a video that perfectly illustrates the collective conservative reaction to the concept that media icon Brian Williams was lying through his teeth to the public.

Any questions?

Full disclosure, I have only seen one of the movies nominated in any category for an Oscar this year (the Hobbit, the battle of five armies which is up an Oscar for sound editing) as for the rest, I do not plan to see any of the movies nominated for anything until they come to free cable & even then only a few of them (the Imitation game, Into the woods & maybe the Judge) have any interest to me.

Never the less the fuss that’s going on concerning the nominations for the Oscars has been incredibly amusing to me particularly this statement:

Responding for the first time to the firestorm of criticism over the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominations, film academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs says the all-white acting slate inspires her to accelerate the academy’s push to be more inclusive. She also hopes the film industry as a whole will continue to strive for greater diversity.

The first black president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spoke out Friday night in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press about the Oscar nominations and the widespread criticism that followed

I note that nowhere in the statement is there any reference to the quality of the performances or which of the current nominees didn’t not earn the nomination that they received but I digress.

Now the logical solution is to decree that at least one actor of “color” be nominated in every category, sort of what Nancy Pelosi did by creating an token leadership position rather than risking a backlash by removing demoting the junior member of leadership as normally done since said member was part of the congressional black caucus.

Of course would taint any such nominee as a “token” regardless on the quality of their work.

This entire fiasco is an existential crisis for the liberals in Hollywood but it’s even worse than they imagine, because they haven’t thought it out, it’s not just a question of locking out black actors & actresses.

Were there a sufficient number of openly gay actors nominated? Openly lesbian actress nominated? Transgendered men and or women and or others?

I’m shocked this question isn’t being asked. How can the liberals in Hollywood & the studios in Hollywood live with themselves knowing that there is not a single transgendered lesbian living in a polyamorous relationship nominated in any category?

So perhaps we need a separate category for every single group to make sure that all who claim victimhood has their nominee. Or perhaps we need some new categories, after all it’s not fair that ONLY one black or hispanic or transgender be nominated. Perhaps we need best performance by an actor of color, best supporting performance by a transgender, best direction by a lesbian biracial director in an animated short film critiqued by the heteronormative patriarchal society etc etc etc.

And it goes without saying of course that if you oppose such categories you must be defination be a racist sexiest bigot homophobe transphobe to the nth degree, or even something worse like a believing Catholic or a republican.

Yes these would all be separate categories but if the academy creates and recognizes them the Oscar they win would be of equal value and isn’t equality of result what diversity is really all about?


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Malone:  Everybody knows where the booze is.  The problem isn’t finding it.  The problem is who wants to cross Capone. Let’s go.

The Untouchables 1987

Henry Hill:They called him Jimmy the Gent…Drivers loved him. They used to tip him off about the really good loads, of course, everybody got a piece….And when the cops assigned a whole army to stop Jimmy, what did he do? He made them partners.

Goodfellas 1990

The most memorable moment from the time that I was going door to door trying to find advertisers for my now ex radio show was when I visited a doctor’s office in Fitchburg.

I pitched my show but he declined noting that there was a demographic difference between my audience and his patients were almost completely hispanic people on Mass Health (the pre-obamacare system).

Remembering the nature of my own immigrant grandparents and noting our shared nationality I commented that it must be a lean business as you had to drag my parents and grandparents to the Doctor and it took three hours of argument to convince my aunt to go to the Hospital for the treatment that saved her life.`

On the contrary, he said, since it was free the slightest twinge real or imagined and the families poured in to be seen (with his encouragement of course) and with the state paying all his billable hours payment was assured and steady.  He wore a wide grin as he and spoke like gangster who had discovered the sweetest racket there had ever been.

To understand where he was coming from remember Fitchburg is a depressed city with a large segment of the population on assistance and a fair amount of the work available involve support for said people.  To give you an illustration when the EBT system crashed a while back and Market Basket could not process cards the number of people in the Supermarket shopping was only slightly higher than during the Market Basket Strike.

As I was leaving he spoke a phrase about my city that has stuck with me ever since:

 “Anyone in this city who doesn’t gear his business toward people on assistance is a idiot.”

Mind you everything he was doing was perfectly legal, he was playing the system and making a good living off of it.

That’s what came to mind when I read this via the Other McCain about what is happening with Ebola money

Here in Liberia, everyone is excited about the millions of US dollars being poured in to “fight Ebola,” and everyone wants a piece of the pie.  A certain NGO out in rural Liberia quarantined a village, claiming they’d tested and found three cases. They applied for and received US$ 250,000 to fight Ebola in this village.  They brought in a few sacks of rice and some chlorine.  The villagers mobbed the trucks and carried off the plunder.  And, miracle of miracles, not a single person died in the village.

Great effort at treating and controlling Ebola?  Or pretending there’s Ebola in order to pocket some easy cash?  I’ve never heard of a 0% fatality rate for Ebola, but you make the call.

But these guys are pikers compared to the NGO’s

NGO’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to level earth with heavy equipment over a month in order to build tent cities capable of isolating and treating Ebola, but then not even giving them IV fluids or food, so that the Ebola patients sneak out of the tents and cross the street looking for food.

Dozens if not hundreds of US$70,000 Land Cruisers are taking foreigners around town to hotels, bars, clubs, and fancy guest houses so they can feel comfortable while they fight Ebola, and yet they can’t even collect the dead bodies that could expose so many more!

And there are low tech low cost solutions available after listing a few the author Dr. James Appel closes:

All this could be done for a fraction of the current funds being used, and would be more effective, because the patients would all get the individual care that only a family member can give, including adequate food.  It would also be more effective because you’d be using local methods and using the money to invest in the local economy instead of paying the high costs of plane tickets, salaries, living expenses, transportation costs, etc., of foreign aid workers.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be foreigners involved.  I’m just saying that the foreigners should be workingalongside the Liberians, helping them to find a solution to the Ebola problem, not trying to impose Western ideas that obviously aren’t working.  Foreigners should not be bringing in a lot of money that is spent on things that will just make the Liberians envious and want to share in the spoils of aid money.

Stacy’s piece starts with “SHOCKING” in all caps, I’m surprised at him, there is nothing shocking about this at all, we’ve seen it played out in this country for decades as favored organizations get govenment grants to solve inner city problems that somehow never go away or grants go to universities and companies that push the right agenda, all for our own good of course.

When you have a post Christian society and combine it with groups that make their living off of getting a piece of the tax pie why would they not see Ebola money as just another pie to get a piece of.  In fact it’s even better than the normal rackets.  After all the lack of success in inner cites gets noticed after a while and the lack of actual Global warming produces doubters over time but Ebola in Africa, that’s gold.  It’s far enough away and in theory dangerous enough that those interested in seeing the truth are can’t do so easily.  Sure the guest houses, hotels bars and clubs aren’t as swanky as a Global Warming conference in Europe & Japan but you’re still living good, getting paid and being treated like a hero for doing so.

With the western world in panic and the media INSISTING something be done and pols anxious to be seen as doing something and people can feel good about themselves for kicking in this vein has the potential to pay for a very long time before it mined out.

And as long as enough people in the government are getting their cut whose going to call you on it?  Reporters afraid of getting infected?   Christian missionaries whose very presence produces attack pieces in Slate or some a piece in a Seventh Day adventist journal nobody reads?  Fuggedaboutit!

This is the reality of post Christian liberalism on a national and  international scale, it has been the reality from the days of the great society to billions the Obama administration has spent to create jobs and it will remain so as long as those Federal checks keep clearing.

Related: Via Instapundit How a party can make a good living off of welfare.
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DetroitBy John Ruberry

Over the last few days there have been several protests, many of them attended out-of-towners, by leftist groups, such as National Nurses United, against the shut off of water to delinquent waters by city-owned Detroit Water and Sewerage.

Last July of course Detroit filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. Decades of mismanagment by liberal mayors, especially race-baiter Coleman Young, who I believe was the worst mayor in American history, transformed what was the once the wealthiest large city in America into the poorest.

About half of Detroit Water and Sewerage’s 170,000 residential accounts are delinquent. Poverty plays into this problem, but only partly, as the left-leaning Detroit Free Press points out:

Water department officials say the collection efforts are necessary because the department has a glut of bad debt caused by nonpaying customers. They say many Detroit customers can afford to pay the bills but have become accustomed to putting off or ignoring the bills without fear of shutoff.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

That’s the heart of this issue. Two generations of paternalistic progressive government has fostered the belief in America’s former Motor City that no matter what, the water will flow.

And that message resonates among Detroit’s better-off Detroiters, such as steelworker Eric Williams.

Again from the Free Press:

“We owe $300. I’ve got that right now. I can pay that now,” said Williams. “$300? That’s not enough to shut off my water. This is water. You don’t do nothing without water.”

Water department spokeswoman Garner, who was at the site because she was accompanying media, explained that city records showed a shutoff notice was sent to the house.

“You’re not struggling. You just got off work. You said you could pay it right now,” Garner told Williams. And she said the water department is trying to stress to homeowners that unpaid bills can’t languish indefinitely, as once was the case. Williams ended up paying the bill online, and his water was later restored.

It’s not so easy for other Detroit residents, who are unable to to turn on the faucet for a drink of tap water, shower, or flush their toilets.

Lake Huron in Michigan
Lake Huron in Michigan

But leftist protesters, who claim that “Water is a human right,” neglect to mention that there are ways to get the spigots turned back on for those in need that are “just a phone call away,” Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr says.

The libs are attempting to make bring irony into the mix, bellowing that Detroit sits near the world’s largest supply of fresh water–the Great Lakes. Three hundred miles west of Detroit, I am writing this post drinking coffee made with Great Lakes water. That water was treated and pumped to my home. When that coffee makes it way through my body it will be flushed away and treated again. There is a cost for that service, which I pay.

Water is not free. And liberalism incurs costs– very expensive ones.

John Ruberry blogs at Marathon Pundit.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — “Trigger warnings.”  As a teacher of literature, this blows my mind:

Colleges across the country this spring have been wrestling with student requests for what are known as “trigger warnings,” explicit alerts that the material they are about to read or see in a classroom might upset them or, as some students assert, cause symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in victims of rape or in war veterans.

Are you kidding?

We have reached the pinnacle of the wimping out of America.  Talk about pansy lightweights…this goes so far beyond the censorship debate it’s just unreal.

Jennifer Medina, reporting for the New York Times, reports on a growing call for “trigger warnings” on assigned literary readings.  If this is the new norm, we are doomed.  Doomed.

Can you imagine To Kill a Mockingbird with a “trigger warning”?  What is the end result of this?  The student then says, “Oh, I can’t read this book; someone once used the N-word on me and now I have trauma.”



Suck it up, people.  This is what a nation of wimps looks like.   I’m not without compassion; truly, I’m not.  But if you’re going to tell me that you can’t read Invisible Man because you’ve experience prejudice before, then we have a problem.  Incidentally, Invisible Man is THE most often cited work on the AP exam for English.  As I recall, there is no “trigger warning” on that book or in the AP syllabus.  Should there be?

Medina again:

The most vociferous criticism has focused on trigger warnings for materials that have an established place on syllabuses across the country. Among the suggestions for books that would benefit from trigger warnings are Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” (contains anti-Semitism) and Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway” (addresses suicide).

I guess what they want is a totally sanitized syllabus and a reading list of Llama, Llama perhaps.  Unless you have a hump, in which case even that might offend you.

Oberlin College published the policy (now under revision) which…

… advised faculty members to “[u]nderstand triggers, avoid unnecessary triggers, and provide trigger warnings.” It defined a trigger as something that “recalls a traumatic event to an individual,” and said experiencing a trigger will “almost always disrupt a student’s learning and may make some students feel unsafe in your classroom.”

“Triggers are not only relevant to sexual misconduct, but also to anything that might cause trauma,” the policy said. “Be aware of racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other issues of privilege and oppression. Realize that all forms of violence are traumatic, and that your students have lives before and outside your classroom, experiences you may not expect or understand.”

The policy said that “anything could be a trigger,” and advised professors to “[r]emove triggering material when it does not contribute directly to the course learning goals.”

Where does it end?  You can’t read The Grapes of Wrath anymore because you were once poor and that might illicit trauma for you.  Goodbye Julius Caesar because you once had friends who stabbed you in the back (literally or not) and thus trauma.   Goodbye Hamlet: you come from a broken home and we can’t risk stirring up that trauma; besides, Ophelia commits suicide and that might provoke you to do the same thing.  It boggles the mind.

Truly, where does it all lead?  What is left in the literary canon?  Will the Bible come with a trigger warning?  I am against censorship in all forms and to me “trigger warnings” are the same thing; it’s an “opt out” clause.

By the way, are you allowed to even say “trigger warning”?  Didn’t Sarah Palin get in in trouble for something like that?

Allahpundit rounds up the criticism pretty succinctly.

If we are as a coddled society are now so soft that we now need “trigger warnings” to temper the blow of challenging topics, we can reduce students to tears with just a few profane words and some provocative subject matter.

It’s just one more way of sheltering them from the real word.



Pat Austin also blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

I briefly linked this story concerning Wendy Davis yesterday in my diatribe about liberalism however it’s worth coming back to today because Wendy Davis is the perfect symbolism liberalism.

Consider liberalism is always spending other people’s money. They demand an increase in the minimum wage, which will of course be paid by employers, they demand increased spending which comes from taxes, and of course any tax cuts is money “given to the rich” as if other people’s money belongs to them to be used for their own political or personal benefit.

Cue Wendy Davis:

While they dated, Wendy Davis enrolled at Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship and a Pell Grant. After they married, when she was 24, they moved into a historic home in the Mistletoe Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth.

Jeff Davis paid for her final two years at TCU. “It was community resources. We paid for it together,” Wendy Davis said.

When she was accepted to Harvard Law School, Jeff Davis cashed in his 401(k) account and eventually took out a loan to pay for her final year there.

“I was making really good money then, well over six figures,” he said. “But when you’ve got someone at Harvard, you’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got two small kids. The economy itself was marginal. You do what you have to do, no big deal.”

The daughters, then 8 and 2, remained with Jeff Davis in Fort Worth while Wendy Davis was at Harvard.

But like many marriages it had issues but Wendy Davis stayed until….

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

Is that or is that not the perfect hero for liberalism & feminism? No wonder she puts in the big donor money.

It’s not a big deal, he’s likely part of the undeserving rich anyways.

I’ll give the last word to Eric on twitter:

Nah, never, Sarah Palin didn’t go to an Ivy League University, thinks killing children is immoral rather than a sacrament and her successful marriage is not based on the retirement of student loans.

You don’t get to be a liberal media hero that way.

Update Exit Question: The 30 minutes before the death of Margaret Thatcher died Morning Joe was lionizing Hillary before it became all about what Thatcher had accomplished in life and I asked this question

Think for one second if Bill Clinton didn’t exist nobody would know who Hillary Clinton is, but how many people actually know Margaret Thatcher’s husband’s name? I’d have to look it up.

If Wendy Davis didn’t have a coincidentally rich husband to pay for her college would she have gone to Harvard and would anyone have ever heard of her?

Oh and the hashtag of the day at twitter #morefakethanwendydavis What was that line from yesterday’s post?

I have stated that modern liberalism & progressive is diametrically opposed to and actively targeting Christianity because it is all about truth and reality and rejecting truth and reality is the cornerstone that modern liberalism is built upon.


Update 2: Smitty is thinking the same

We’re looking at a young version of Hillary Clinton here. If you can’t understand one woman’s epic struggle to free herself from the cruel rows of shark-like teeth arrayed against her by the ravenous, insatiable Male Patriarchy, you’re clearly sexist.

and he has another tweet worth quoting:


He may not agree if he actually loved her.

Update 3: I must confess an ignorance of country music but Emily at Naked DC has no such problem:

Basically, every country music song that’s ever come out of Texas was written about Wendy Davis.

Karen at the Lonely Conservative
thinks this might play in Massachusetts better than Texas. Please Please PLEASE Karen don’t give Ms. Davis any ideas!

Update 4:  Stacy McCain explains why it’s worth making a case of a guaranteed Texas loser.

You get the general idea: We want to force feminists to defend the real Wendy Davis — a liar, a cheater, a selfish gold-digger — and to make them explain how her actual biography (and her dishonesty about her biography) is consistent with progressive ideals. And if they refuse to fight Wendy’s fights for her, we’ll then have a wonderful headline: “Feminists Abandon Democrat Wendy Davis.”

Heads we win, tails they lose.

Actually I think he really wants to drive Amanda Marcotte up a wall.

Update 5: OK you can’t beat this tweet via Glenn


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Cui Bono?

Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla 2nd Century BC

David: Why is that wrong?

Darryl: Look, I have the gift. I didn’t ask for it, but I do. I can sense these things, spirits, whatever you wanna call ’em. Why they’re hangin’ here in the first place? That’s their unfinished business.

David: Do I have the gift?

Darryl: Dude, please. You definitely don’t have it. You’re a civilian.

David: But if I don’t have it, how is it that I can see her and talk to her when no one else can?

Darryl: Exactly.

David: Exactly what?

Darryl: That’s the right question.

Just Like Heaven 2005

One of the things that has characterized modern thought process is the sheer arrogance of it.  They search for deep thoughts such as in the incredible Boston Globe piece asking if someone we were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing because we failed the bombers family while ducking the question that provides the obvious answer as it does not fit into their worldview.

I hold it axiomatic that man has not changed much in his whole existence that the same things that drive people, pride, greed, lust, diversion, power, fear are the same things that drive us all today, the only difference being our technological ability to provide these things.

However modern liberals hatred of Western civilization means the basic question the obvious ones as pronounced by Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla are meaningless.  They represent just another pronouncement from an old dead white European who didn’t even know how to text or twerk.  How can we possibly learn anything from the likes of him?

That arrogance and worldview is the reason why the import of this pronouncement of Robert Stacy McCain is totally lost on them:

where are Russia’s Assanges, Mannings and Snowdens? Where are the hackers and “whistleblowers” exposing the secrets of America’s enemies?

To a person who has been schooled in the history of Western Civilization and it’s wisdom, those words, like the question of Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla give the obvious explanation to the motives of the Edward Snowden, Julian Assanges and Bradley Manning and the leftists who are so enamored with them.  You’ll find they are the same people who in the 80’s were also enamored in every movement the contested Reagan in his battle with the Soviets and the same that ushered in the fall of the house of Tsarnaev

Perhaps even those libertarians who have been schooled in the Constitution and the classics and are naturally suspicious of big government that question is like a light that dawns showing that whatever they may think of the programs that these men exposed, their purpose has less to do with civil liberties than they pretend.

It’s by asking those wise questions, time-tested through history that the whole of Human wisdom is advanced.  They serve reality as it is rather than as others would have it be.

Bryan: That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that’s loaded and one that’s not.

Taken 2008

One of the problem when you have dealt with only a free society in your life you forget how the real world works. However one thing about reality is it tends to provide one with an education…quickly

“They asked us a lot of questions about why we were here? What’s our reasons? What are our intentions? They were communicating back and forth to their captain and they told us that their captain demanded that we leave the Northern Sea Route area immediately and that if we didn’t, he would use ’strict measures.’

“We asked, ’What do you mean by strict measures?’ They confirmed that what they meant by strict measures was fire.

“Preventive fire, at first.”

Ferguson, who was in the meeting between her ship’s captain and the four officers, said the discussions were calm and reasonable. But the manner of the coast guard officers as they continued to receive instructions from their superiors convinced the Sunrise’s captain that the threat was real.

“It was a tone and feeling thing, but at a certain point it seemed to both of us that this was a real possibility. It wasn’t just a bluff.

Color Powerline & Tony Aardvark less than surprised:

A major miscalculation by Greenpeace, the old USSR might be gone, but the new Russia led by Comrade Putin is little changed from the USSR, now instead of the KGB, there are the incredibly rich oligarchs and Gazprom pulling the strings behind the scenes, with same the ruthlessness that the KGB once did. Democracy and free democratic protest is an anathema to Russians used to centuries of despotic rule by the Czars and 70 years of communist tyranny, and the sort of praise that Greenpeace gets in the west from fawning Liberal politicians is never going to happen in Russia.

When you spend your life in a free society without threat, when your version of history is a politically correct one with the US as your villain you forget the dangers of powerful countries that find you as an obstacle. With the US in retreat Russia’s is not shy about removing such obstacles as a 2nd group of Greenpeace protesters are discovering:

The Investigative Committee, the federal law-enforcement body conducting the probe, vowed Tuesday to bring to justice all those involved in the Sept. 18 incident “regardless of their citizenship.” The crew of 30 onboard the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise includes one American, four Russians and six Britons.

Under Russian law, piracy carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. The activists haven’t been charged.

The announcement of the criminal case came as authorities towed the Dutch-flagged ship from the Prirazlomnaya drilling platform to the port city of Murmansk. The crew, which had been held on board by Russian officers since the confrontation, was then taken ashore late Tuesday for questioning.

Of course there was a time when the leader of the free world might have been able to do something  I don’t doubt a Reagan or a Truman would have reacted swiftly,  but Obama’s America?

This reminded me of a talk a few weeks ago, with another veteran diplomat who often confers with leaders with whom Mr. Obama meets. I had asked: When Obama enters a room with other leaders, is there a sense that America has entered the room? I mentioned De Gaulle—when he was there, France was there. When Reagan came into a room, people stood: America just walked in. Does Mr. Obama bring that kind of mystique?

“No,” he said. “It’s not like that.”

Some of our friends on the left  are getting a real lesson, what it’s like when their dream of restrained America the left always dreamed of means and they don’t like it:

The biggest risk is not political but social. Wealthy societies with people who think wealth is a given, a birthright—they do not understand that we are in the fight of our lives with countries and nations set on displacing us. Wealth is earned. It is far from being a given. It cannot be taken for granted. The recession reminded us how quickly circumstances can change.”

I feel bad for these fools as I did for the Soviet dissidents in the 60 70’s and 80’s but my regret is slightly tempered by knowing they worked very hard to achieve the results that now put them on trial before an empowered and aggressive Russia.

This is the world you wanted leftists,I hope enjoy it.  I know Russia is.


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One of the argument’s I’ve heard on twitter is that to blame the Democrats for the failure of Detroit is folly.

While Detroit has been under Democrat control for 50+ years it’s hardly the only city where democrats have a stranglehold on the vote.

And I’ve also heard people be very careful about race.  Detroit’s mayors have been black since the early 70’s and sometime in that decade became a majority black city but race itself isn’t an explanation, there are plenty of places in the country where blacks are the majority and they are not in the state Detroit is in.

But the problem of Detroit, isn’t so much about Democrats, or even about Blacks, it’s about a particular fringe and meme within both communities and what happens when they get power.

And if you want to see what that meme looks like, Al Sharpton was showcasing it this weekend.

One of the Hallmarks of the “No Justice no Peace” crowd is its unfailing loyalty to grievance, a demand for action, and a shakedown for funding.

The simple example being the slaying of young black men.

The Sharpton crowd is marching and shouting and demanding justice, what is “justice”?

Well to them “justice” is change to laws, “justice” demands money to fund “programs” to produce justice, programs that will, by an odd coincidence be run by allies of the left.  We are told  by Sharpton that this will promote “harmony” and “progress”.

 To Democrats it’s great, it funds the party apparatus that is used to get out the vote every 2 years.

To the establishment GOP it’s a small price to pay as it (for a time) gets the media & Sharpton off their back.

To the wealthy liberal elites it’s great because it means they’ve “done something” without giving up anything.

And for the black community it gives them a “victory” over the “racist White Culture’ that has oppressed them.

But the real winners are the ultra liberals in that community they reap both the rewards in terms of funds and administration but the political rewards that come from being “leaders”.

The one thing that it doesn’t do is solve the problem, because the reality is that the solution doesn’t address the reality that the #1 cause of death apart from abortion, of young black men. In fact let’s not forget one of those solutions put Young Mr. Martin on the road to his death.

But that’s OK because the money to the local activists makes the ultra liberal “no justice no peace” crowd a bit stronger on the state and local level eventually to the scale where they can influence and maybe votes  on a state level and demand local and not just national concessions to enrich themselves.

And if it doesn’t happen fast enough they can just wait until a suitable case can be found and the cycle begun all over again.

But what happens when the cycle is accelerated? What happens say if a cataclysmic event takes place that get the grievance crowd actually in power? What happens to say, a city when said people have the actual levers of government and can vote themselves the money and the solutions on a regular basis with the votes of the aggrieved to sustain them?

What Happens?

Well you give a job to every good comrade who deserves it, you put your own people in charge, you change the law to sustain the grievance industry at the highest level and if people complain you cry “racism”.   You tax and spend and borrow some more, after all you ARE the government and when the taxes become too high and those who can, leave GOOD RIDDANCE!  They weren’t voting for you anyway so the base becomes farther and farther left (after all the grievance left doesn’t associate with conservatives) you simply have a bigger voter margin to win by and the candidates that come up for city, state and federal office have a bigger incentive to move farther and farther left.

Until finally there is no more money to fund the basic service that the people who have backed you all these years need.

There are no more rich to tax because the rich and the middle class have fled

There are no more oppressors to blame because they aren’t the law. YOU are.

But you’ve never really learned how to govern, you’re a bunch of community organizers & professional protesters who have used government as a gravy train but have slowly let off those who you can’t pay the fare anymore.

Of course the national media will tell you that this is a case of global trade, the left will tell you it’s because the state or federal government has not given enough aid and the Sharpton crowd void of oppressors in the city to blame will point to the capital and tell the people they are the new oppressors and the cause of all your troubles, but it doesn’t change the answer to the question:  What happens?

Detroit happens!

Update: Along the same line:

Then I watched as progressives staged a coup to take over the Garland NAACP chapter and many others, including the national organization. Their agenda is angry, calling for every black man, woman, and child to be dependent on the government from cradle to grave – wards of the state, addicted to government handouts, living with a perpetual victim complex.

It’s all about self worth, not of the people they represent but of themselves.

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I’ve had a lovely evening, this wasn’t it

Groucho Marx

Words mean things

Rush Limbaugh

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

Lewis Carrol Through the Looking Glass 1871

I really enjoy the humor of language, because of the multiple meanings of so many English words language an excellent source of comedy.

Unfortunately today language,  specifically its perversion has become a weapon, not argument btw language.  A quick peek at Memeorandum this morning gives the example.

Marriage Equality Is a Conservative Cause

Laura Bush Objects To Being Quoted Accurately Supporting Marriage Equality

Jon Huntsman Endorses Marriage Equality: ‘We Must Demand Equality Under The Law For All Americans’

Note the Phrase:  “Marriage Equality” Who could be against “Marriage Equality“?

I’ve very pleased to see all of these people arguing for “Marriage Equality” for people of the Islamic faith, after all it’s completely unfair that Muslims who are allowed multiple wives in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are not allowed the same rights here.

And if you argue against such rights, you are “Anti-Muslim” and “Islamiophobic” and it goes without saying if you are part of any organized group against “Marriage Equality” for Muslims then you belong to an “Anti-Muslim Hate Group”

Do you see how it works?  There is absolutely no reason a person pushing to repeal bigamy laws could not use the same arguments as above.  All it take is to play with the language & violá you’ve got a meme that will associate the people who agree with you associated with words like “equality” and your opponents associated with words like “hate” not only in articles, but in search engines.

The left does this with a lot of words:

“Taxes” are redefined as “investments”

Spending increases are redefined as “cuts”

and the favorite “racist” redefined as disagreeing with anything the Democrat party disagrees.

Sometimes words are not so much re-defined as given a twist.  Let’s demonstrate

It is stigmatizing  to shoppers who fail to pay for their items as “shop-lifters”.  After all the people going into the store are no different that everybody else people going to the store to get the food, clothes and devices that everyone naturally wants.  In fact the word “shoplifter” is patently racist and discriminates against the poor since such people are usually from the poorest classes and often of color.

In order to avoid the racism and class discrimination we should avoid the term “shoplifter” and replace it with “unremitting shopper”

And that is the logic used to turn “illegal immigrants” into “undocumented immigrants”.

It’s all marketing, it’s all about selling people a reality different than, well reality.  No different that convincing you that Flo is different than the lizard when selling you insurance.

Why does it work?  Because of the left’s power in media, particularly the non-news media such as magazines and entertainment allows them to introduce these themes into the general culture movies, TV, magazines and cultural devices.  People find themselves indoctrinated into a language and a meme without even knowing it’s happening.

If we are going to prevent the country from going into a self-destructive directly we have to recognize this.  In the short terms we need to call out this behavior and help people recognize it.

In the long-term we need  influence within those same institutions from woman’s magazines to rap zines to advance our own message to the same disinterested crowd.


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Dr Ray Stantz:Gozer the Gozerian… good evening. As a duly designated representative of the City, County and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

Dr. Peter Venkman: That oughta do it. Thanks very much, Ray.

Ghostbusters 1984

James McCandles:Ain’t this a little showy Pa? I mean that big red box and all the guns out?

Jacob McCandles:I hate secrets, never knew one to be kept. They’ve all heard of what’s in that red box, and they all want it. What we’re doing by this ostentatious display is telling them they can’t have it! Hell, we may be saving some poor miscreant soul’s life by doing this, maybe even our own.

Big Jake 1971

One of the weaknesses of liberalism is the belief in the power of good intentions. That if you simply express a belief that it makes you a virtuous person.

The lefts moves on guns is similar. A direct action such as the placing of guards in a school, is inferior to a law that doesn’t achieve the desired goal of protecting children. In fact said law is more virtuous because supporting such a law counts as a personal action.

There are many ways to illustrate this mindset, but I think the best one I ever saw was yesterday at the Post Office to try to pick up blank Tax Forms at the IRS office.

When you get out of the elevator there is a sign with Warning with big red letters and an exclamation point saying any use of a firearm to kill, or kidnap a person on the premisses was a federal offense and listed the consequences of such an act according to federal law.

It took all my control to not break out laughing.

I can see it now. A crazed angry heavily armed guy with a grudge with the IRS overpowers the guard at the ground floor by the elevator, goes inside and gets to the floor where the Social Security & IRS offices are ready to get his name on the national news broadcast. Then the elevator opens he see that big sign with the big red letters and the exclamation point!

Of COURSE he is going to not only instantly think better of it and go home, he’s going to write a short note of apology while the elevator is heading down and leave it on the prone body of the guard that he left behind the desk.

Just like in NY every single drug dealer, burglar, mafia member and potential jihadist as soon as they see the text of the new law limited magazines to seven shots they are going to instantly unload their clips making sure they don’t have that 8th bullet to fire.

Let me ask one simple question to all those who insist NRA’s armed guard idea is so wrong. What would you want between your child and a madman with a gun?


And before you answer, ask yourself: Which of these two types do the rich and famous employ?

Been on the road today and when I came home I found that an idiot had acted like an idiot and had received an idiots reward.

Here’s the despicable racist tweet that got University of North Alabama player, Bradley Patterson, kicked off his team:

The tweet was brought to the University’s attention after it was highlighted by Deadspin.

Within the past several hours, Patterson deleted his Twitter account.

Goodbye and good riddance:

Forgetting the stupidity, (assuming you have cable one could change the channel to CNBC) this type of public racism deserves condemnation and received it not just from Twitchy but from sites like Crooks and Liars:

However, there was a segment of the population less taken with Obama’s speeech, especially since it pre-empted NBC’s coverage of the 49ers/Patriots game. A few of them took to Twitter to voice their complaints more…er…shall we say, colorfully.

I would offer a couple of screen grabs of these tweets, but they violate our editorial standards for hate language. Let us just say that there is something so enraging about missing football that brings out the racists.

and Eclectablog

University of North Alabama kicks racist football player/tweeter off the team

There is no question that this crossed a line and he deserves all he gets, but just a week earlier there was a different involving the same word said in public by an angry largely white crowd involving destroyed property belonging to a fellow named Clint Taver. I looked at Crooks and Liars to see how they reacted, after all an angry white crowd destroying the property of a small black business man combined with racist statements spoken in person is much more serious than a single tweet:

or not.

While Crooks and Liars finds Clint Taver not newsworthy in the least, Eclectablog did a bit better but their post was…interesting here is the title

A bit of truth-telling about the Lansing “Hot Dog Guy” whose “cart was destroyed by union thugs”

As you might guess it goes down hill from there:

Nonetheless, much like, Kenneth Gladney, the St. Louis guy who faked getting injured at the hands of union members then solicited funds for his hospital bills even though he had health insurance, a collection has been taken up on Tarver’s behalf. According the article, they have raised over $10,000 for him (UPDATE: MIRS News reports that it’s now over $16,000.) The total value of what he lost in the scuffle?


I wonder what they’ll do with the thousands of extra dollars not needed to buy more buns, hot dogs, ketchup, mustard and a couple of folding tables and coolers?

Apparently there is a deductible that must be applied when white liberal Union members cost a black man money. It’s also a poor reflection on Mr Taver that strangers gave money in excess of his base expenses. Somehow that somehow makes it illegitimate.

After 12 paragraphs along these lines from the author we finally see this:

Certainly Clint Tarver didn’t deserve to be treated as shabbily as he was by the union folks there. His wife claims he was called a “nigger” and jeered for working for the enemy. If true, that’s reprehensible and inexcusable. But the off-the-charts poutrage from the right on this is an absolute joke. Some of the same people decrying the verbal taunts that Tarver experiencde are here on this very website calling union members all sorts of hideous names. So let’s keep it real, shall we?

By this standard the football player on Twitter shouldn’t have been kicked off the team because so many people on the left have hit Michelle Malkin with racist & sexist slurs.

But maybe because what happened to Clint Taver is all about an evil conservative plan to distract the public:

Let’s not kid ourselves about what “Tentgate” and “Hot Doggate” are all about: distracting the country from noticing that corporatist ideologues have turned the birthplace of American organized labor into a Right to Work for Less state.

I submit and suggest that if Mr Taver had been a democrat and the people involved Tea Party members this would not consider it a “distraction”.

But then again, I suspect the standards being used are based upon the Obama/Liberal version of the Bill of rights so I don’t expect better.

And for the record I’m sure conservatives would LOVE people to see what Michigan had done, because as time passes the benefits for people in Michigan will be apparent for all to see.

One of the functions of the liberal control in Hollywood the to pass on the liberal mindset hidden within drama. It’s done with some subtlety, to make sure it is not too obvious, but like Joe Morgan and the pitchout one you know the signs you spot it every time.

Last Sunday’s  episode of the The Good Wife is no exception. The primary storyline of this weeks was a case of a spousal shield in a federal court. You have two execs who are accused of defrauding the IRS, After an objection a gov wiretap of the CEO’s conversation with his wife is disallowed under spousal privilege, a second wiretap of the CFO’s conversation with his gay spouse causes a dispute because of DOMA.

And of course this is the week when the protagonist, lawyer Alicia Florick Gay brother happens to show up saying how proud he is that she is fighting this.

A well-known Supreme Court Lawyer Jeremy Breslow (Played by Bruce McGill) wanting to overturn The Defense of Marriage Act volunteers to join the defense as it is considered an excellent chance for overturn the law. This leads to an interesting exchange where Judge Claudia Friend (Cheers’ Bebe Neuwirth) and both sides argue the “validity” of both the law and of the gay couple’s marriage.

There is a sequence where Breslow brings in a former Attny General to testify about the current administration’s opinion of DOMA. The Fmr Att General states the Administration considers the law unconstitutional and therefore it should not be enforced.

The Federal prosecutor (played by Brian Dennehy) then comes back with a litany of benefits that the federal government doesn’t allow showing the government enforces the law when it comes to money.

The judge seeing this asks for evidence as to the “marriage” of the gay couple.

This is a clever moment, by listing the benefits “not allowed” it paints a picture of an evil government denying equal protection to people because of sexual orientation rather than a group of people redefining an institution for their own narcissism. It allows the show to attack the law in the guise of defending it.

In the end after during testimony over fidelity and “Free Fridays” the judge (Bebe Neuwirth) rules that DOMA is the law of the land and the wiretaps can be played.  Of course considering her argument the entire sequence asking for evidence is meaningless, but the point was to argue the unfairness of DOMA  to the viewing audience not to make a realistic court drama.

So the point is made Violins play and the audience is shown just how HORRIBLE DOMA is. The liberal writers had done their work.

And that is what we are fighting against 100 times a week on Network TV.

How would this work if things were different? How would this pay out if it had been written by a conservative?   Well that’s my next post…


Update:  How a conservative would have written it

Update 2: Removed the words “on a regular basis” from the 3rd to last sentence.

Today I have a column at Examiner on the Ovide Lamontagne event in Atkinson NH (Sunday I’ll talk about the great pizza place there as well) and I talk about what Chris Christie said:

Governor Christie gave a rousing 18 minute speech that gave a message well-tailored to New Hampshire

If you let a liberal politician in the door and give them permission to give you a new tax, they only know one direction for that tax to go and that’s up

He game a specific example from his home state:

“35 years ago we didn’t have an income tax in NJ no income tax like right here in NH, we had no income tax and Governor Brendon Byrne, a democrat said: If you just give me a small income tax, a little one, I will lower your property taxes, we had the highest property taxes in America back in 1977 so 35 years later, what have we got? We’ve STILL got the highest property taxes in America and the income tax that started at 2% under governor Byrne is now 9%”

By all means click on the story as I’m paid by the click, but even better that the article is this except of the Christie speech I’ve already posted.

As a rule I don’t excerpt my videos and the full speech is awesome but this closing section is one of the best arguments I’ve ever heard vs liberalism. If it was played in every single household of parents with children or grandparents they would never elect another tax & spend liberal again.

I’m looking at this article (via hotair headlines) and I’m trying really hard to look at this with Christian Charity

The founders of Atheism+ say clearly that “divisiveness” is not their aim, but looking through the blogs and voluminous comments in the two weeks since A+ was mooted, trenches have been dug, beliefs stated, positions staked out and abuse thrown. A dissenting tweeter is “full of shit”, while, according to one supporter, daring to disagree with Atheism+’s definition of progressive issues and not picking their side makes you an “asshole and a douchebag”.

but the humor of this is really hard to suppress.

The question here isn’t, is Atheism+ signaling a split in their movement but what exactly IS it? Now as per the the Word “Athiest” has a simple meaning

   [ey-thee-iz-uhm] Show IPA
the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

Now lets look at a piece quoted in the article by everyone’s favorite professor PZ “let’s drive nails through the Eucharist” Myers on What Athiesm+ is. I think it sounds really familiar:

If you’re resentful that many atheists think that feminism is important, that we should be fighting for racial equality, that we think reason and evidence dictate that excessive income inequity does harm to the nation, that the gun madness needs to stop, or whatever social and political issue pushes your buttons, then tough. I’m not making you write legislation to increase spending for schools in poor neighborhoods. I’m not forming you up into squads going door to door to take away people’s guns. I’m arguing for the importance of those issues, and I’m finding allies who agree with me.

It seems to me that the New “Atheist+ group is simply Atheism + Liberalism. As he puts it in this rather incredible paragraph:

Yes. I’m a white male middle-class professional. I profit from disparity, and it simultaneously gives me guilt and worry that someone might take my privileges away from me. But I can’t in good conscience live in the illusion that I somehow deserve more than a poor black woman making ends meet with menial labor; I don’t. I’m just the recipient of the blessings of chance and history.

Think about that paragraph for a second. Whatever I think of Professor Myers, he IS in fact a college professor, who has earned a PhD. This is not achieved without effort, dedication brains and hard work, a lot of hard work. Yet by his own set of standards it is an illusion. These years of effort and study is of no more value than any menial labor that he could have done if he decided to bag college altogether.

This is beyond Obama & Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren’s “You didn’t build this” this is “I didn’t build this”!

Atheism ought to be a progressive social movement in addition to being a philosophical and scientific position, because living in a godless universe means something to humanity.

And that’s what our new Athiest+ (liberalism) club means and if you don’t buy into it…well:

And if you don’t agree with any of that — and this is the only ‘divisive’ part — then you’re an asshole. I suggest you form your own label, “Asshole Atheists” and own it, proudly.

Read that one more time. If he had just stopped with this sentence…

…isn’t it really silly to complain about not belonging to a group with ideals you don’t agree with?”

…he would have a valid argument, but what is says is this: If you don’t believe what we believe, if you are a Bill Quick or an SE Cupp an Allahpundit or a Doug Mataconis and you don’t buy his brand of Athiesm your an Ass.

Peter McGrath, The author of the article, used the clip from Life of Brian about the Judean’s People’s Front vs the People’s front of Judea, but I think the better clip might be this one. (Language warning)

Maybe he won’t call for you to be killed but at the very least he will take your juniper bushes and give them away and if you don’t agree, then you’re unworthy.

Update: Here is an atheist perspective on this (HT Doug Matacoins)

Look, it’s fine to say that you’re creating your own social movement of godless people who believe in something. Fine. But the implication of many of these folks–particularly those like PZ, who automatically lumps libertarians in with “jerks”–is that you cannot be an atheist and yet not be of this mind on politics at the same time. That’s just bonkers, and absurd. And I thought atheism was all about reason and logic, because we don’t believe in superstition?

Via Glenn we see the two generation rule in action:

When American cities embraced the high cost, high regulation statist model two generations or so ago, they were often the richest and most dynamic places in the country. Increasingly “progressive” policies, with higher wages for unionized teachers, bigger bureaucracies enforcing tighter regulations, more “planning” by qualified technocrats and more government services and benefits to improve the quality of residents’ lives were supposed to take the American city into a new golden age.

It’s hard to think of many social experiments that have more disastrously failed. Now many of these once flourishing cities are hollowed out shells, while around them suburbs and increasingly exurbs flourish away from the deadening influence of urbanist politics. None of this affects the hold of progressive and urbanist ideology on true believers; if anything, they believe even more passionately in the cause.

Yet on Morning Joe this morning the talk was all about the comeback of Detroit as if the Bankruptcy issue just didn’t exist.

As Greece is teaching us, reality tends to catch up with you and as Mark Steyn explains the idea that the social and fiscal issues are not connected doesn’t wash:

As almost all those fashionable split-the-difference fiscally conservative/socially liberal governors from George Pataki to California’s pathetically terminated Terminator eventually discover, their social liberalism comes with a hell of a price tag. Ask the Greeks how easy it is for insolvent nations to wean the populace off unaffordable nanny-state lollipops: When even casual sex requires a state welfare program, you’re pretty much done for.

Modern liberalism, for all it’s self-righteousness is all about conformity to it’s totalitarian nature/religion, and if you don’t confirm, watch out.

There is a basic principle that needs to be said aloud concerning the Susan G. Komen business.

For Roman Catholics and Believing Protestants Abortion is an intrinsic evil. It is impossible for a person who opposes abortion to give to a private organization funding it without sin. So one might understand their reluctance to donate to Susan G. Komen over money spent on Abortion. They would be more likely to instead give directly to other charities that might do good work without dollars going to the number one Abortion provider.

Now the people on the other side claim that this is all about Woman’s Health. That it is politicizing women health and that women will suffer if planned parenthood doesn’t have this money.


Susan G. Komen is giving grants to organizations who do work to prevent breast cancer. Presumably as they are grants that are applied for, more than one organization that does this work is applying for them. I may have joked about applying for a grant but I’m not getting one, you’re not getting one and Pizza Hut or Taco Bell aren’t getting one.

Yet for our friends on the left that didn’t matter. From Joe Biden to Andrea Mitchell to liberal groups all over they not only attacked Komen but they threatened their cooperate sponsors, if they continued to fund Komen.

Not because a single dollar less would be spent on breast cancer, not because Komen had not done good work for its existence,not because there would actually be a compromise of women’s health, but because some of those funds were not going to be funneled to Planned Parenthood.

I have often said Abortion is a sacrament to the left, apparently not only is Planned Parenthood is their church but is also their cult and like any cult if you try to leave you must be destroyed no matter how many women with breast cancer you might help.

In my post earlier today I talked about the shock of finding out about the crash and burn of a leading embryonic stem cell research company almost three weeks after the fact. I questioned why it got so little play:

the idea that a whole branch of scientific inquiry; A branch that the left promoted in print and broadcast news. A branch that was highly funded by taxpayer grants, A branch that leading celebrates used to paint Religious conservatives as heartless and anti-science. A branch that was touted culturally in film and media was as reliable as a “ONE OWNER” sign on a used car I’d say that was not only a story, but I’d call that a front page at the top of the broadcast story. Apparently the left would not.

So lets see how the Huffington Post, a leading organ of the left, did decide to report this story when it happened:

It was a roomful of giants: 66 of the world’s best stem cell research scientists and technicians. They had succeeded in the initial stage of the world’s first human embryonic stem cell trials. These were safety trials for GRNOPC1, a stem cell product which might ease previously-incurable spinal cord injury paralysis — they should have been lauded as heroes — instead they were losing their jobs.

It would be different if their experiment had failed. But they had done everything right, played by the rules all the way: and in so far as they had been allowed to go, they had triumphed.

Hold on a sec, they succeeded yet they were going out of business? That doesn’t make sense. Let’s read further:

By FDA requirements, the first trial for any new drug or therapy must be safety. Could the cells be injected into a newly-paralyzed person without doing them harm? Opponents of the research had always maintained that the stem cells would cause cancer.

Didn’t happen. There was no harm done to any of the patients.

That’s a triumph? “The research didn’t give the test subject cancer and didn’t do them any harm.” Are we judging under the “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” standard? Give me millions of tax dollars to feed test subjects sugar pills and I’ll wager I get the same triumphal lack of cancers in my patients too!

The second step would have been to inject significantly larger quantities of cells into other newly-injured patients, perhaps five times as much, to see if there was a positive effect. The cells injected would be increased from roughly two million cells to as much as ten million — a couple teaspoonsful, small in quantity but potentially huge in impact.

So the previous test did not produce any positive results (although its been reported the actual results weren’t released) and you want more funding to boost the dosage to see if a larger dose does? Simple question: How is it any less likely the larger dose might produce the harm the smaller dose did not as it is that the larger dose would produce benefits that the smaller dose did not?

But this next step, as well as the final one to try a much larger group of patients, will not take place with Geron.

Why were the trials stopped, if they were going well? The immediate answer is financial. To take a new therapy or medicine to market is incredibly costly. The price was just too high for Geron, a small company, though it always fought above its weight class.

But political harassment is part of the picture as well: the hate-filled propaganda the Religious Right and their allies in the Republican party had spewed at supporters of the research

So lets get this straight, the company financial failure is all about political harassment. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that after millions of taxpayer dollars over the years its initial tests produced the same results in test subjects that feeding them a Tomato a day would produce?

as well as actual political attacks, laws proposed to fine scientists, even jail them for research.

Yup, in the same sentence he accuses Republicans of both “hate filled propaganda” and wanting to jail scientists. Irony is apparently not his strong suit.

There was also favoritism shown the “less controversial” adult stem cell research, funded lavishly compared to the embryonic variety. In 2008, for example, human adult stem cell research received $297 million in federal funds — embryonic, only $88 million. Even now, under a far more progressive Administration, adult stem cell research receives nearly triple the funding ($341 million compared to $125 million) of embryonic.

Yeah, I’m sure Solyndra and Evergreen Solar would have kept their doors open if only we gave them more tax payer money too.

Now I feel sorry for the author Don C. Reed. He has an emotional investment in this as legislation that favored the company in California was named after his paralyzed son that he hoped would be aided by this research. So given that emotional connection lets add a few rational observations:

  • If these tests were so successful why not release the results? That’s what happens in (non-climate) science, data is released and studied by other scientists
  • The whole idea of medical research is to produce positive results, if Geron’s research produced positive results beyond “not causing cancer” I suspect we would have heard about them, particularly in this puff piece.
  • The potential market for successful treatments for spinal injuries etc is massive yet the company could not produce private funding. That speaks volumes, public funding involves betting the “house’s” (read other people’s) money, private funding does not. There is a reason why, for example Evergreen Solar and Solyndra both only avoided bankruptcy when financed by taxpayers.
  •  Mr. Reed put “less controversial” in scare quotes when referring to adult stem cell treatments, yet adult stemcells have produced actual breakthroughs:

The Japanese biologist Shinya Yamanaka found in 2007 that adult cells could be reprogrammed to an embryonic state with surprising ease. This technology “may eventually eclipse the embryonic stem cell lines for therapeutic as well as diagnostics applications,” Dr. Kriegstein said. For researchers, reprogramming an adult cell can be much more convenient, and there have never been any restrictions on working with adult stem cells.

For therapy, far off as that is, treating patients with their own cells would avoid the problem of immune rejection.

and not just theoretical, adult stem cells are curing blindness in Australia:

Researchers in Australia have come up with an outwardly simple but incredibly ingenious way of curing blindness caused by corneal damage: Take everyday contact lenses, already used by millions (including me), and infuse them with a patient’s own stem cells. After wearing them for about 2 weeks, test subjects reported a seemingly miraculous restoration of sight.

Aiding angina patients in Chicago:

New research published online today in Circulation Research found that injections of adult patients’ own CD34+ stem cells reduced reports of angina episodes and improved exercise tolerance time in patients with chronic, severe refractory angina (severe chest discomfort that did not respond to other therapeutic options).

The phase II prospective, double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted at 26 centers in the United States, and is part of a long-term collaboration between researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Baxter International Inc. The objective of the trial was to determine whether delivery of autologous (meaning one’s own) CD34+ stem cells directly into multiple targeted sites in the heart might reduce the frequency of angina episodes in patients suffering from chronic severe refractory angina, under the hypothesis that CD34+ stem cells may be involved in the creation of new blood vessels and increase tissue perfusion.

and were actually used in surgery on a current presidential candidate.

Texas Gov. and possible GOP presidential contender Rick Perry got everybody talking about stem cells again when he announced that he received an injection of his own stem cells during spinal fusion surgery

You would think that actual results like this rather than deserving scare quotes are not only worthy of funding but would be a cause for celebration.

You would be wrong, apparently to our friends on the left this stopped being about science years ago.

The truth is embryonic stem cell research was oversold and it appears researches knew what they were selling:

Members of Congress and advocates for fighting diseases have long spoken of human embryonic stem cell research as if it were a sure avenue to quick cures for intractable afflictions. Scientists have not publicly objected to such high-flown hopes, which have helped fuel new sources of grant money like the $3 billion initiative in California for stem cell research.

In private, however, many researchers have projected much more modest goals for embryonic stem cells. Their chief interest is to derive embryonic stem cell lines from patients with specific diseases, and by tracking the cells in the test tube to develop basic knowledge about how the disease develops.

Those two paragraphs from that Instapundit link are quoted from that right wing propaganda machine known as the New York Times. It was written in 2009 more than 5 years after Ron Reagan took the stage and the Democratic Convention describing embryonic stem cell research as

what may be the greatest medical breakthrough in our, or in any, lifetime

…and a lot of injured people and their families (including I suspect Mr. Reed who is understandably looking for any card to help his paralyzed son) were taken for a ride in the cause of financial gain for favored companies and political gain for the left.

I think the deception and use of these people in this way was obscene. And I think the attempt of those in print, television and social media to hide their own part in selling this snake oil while declaring their opponents “anti-science” is a story and a crime that I refuse to let them bury.

I don’t expect to see any media apologies or mea culpas over this, after all this became part of the abortion wars and abortion is one of the sacraments in the religion of liberalism but the facts on the ground and the continuing success in adult stem cell therapies will speak for themselves even if the media remains silent.

But don’t worry, it will not be so many years (4 years 53 days according to Rush Limbaugh’s Al Gore’s doomsday clock) when we will see this entire charade played out again as our friends in the print, television and social media will once again have nothing to say on the subject that they cling to with only less sacramental furor. The lesser sacrament of global warming. In fact considering recent news from Canada we might not have to wait at all.

Continue reading “The left and the science of denial”

Remember when conservative and pro-life activists positions on embryonic stem cell research where proof that conservatives were backwards anti-science zealots, well guess what:

The Democrats’ decade-long strategy of hyping embryo stem cell research crashed into a hard fact on Nov.15. That’s when Geron Corp., the world’s leading embryo research company, announced it was closing down its much-touted stem cell program, despite the guarantee of more government aid from Democratic-affiliated sources

November 15th, this happened November 15th? and I’m just hearing about this now? Perhaps because as the Weekly standard put it, the story was so underplayed:

How did the New York Times report this story? It didn’t. The L.A. Times? A blog entry. USA Today? Nada. San Francisco Chronicle? At least it was in the paper—on page A16, under the hardly descriptive headline “Regimen Shown To Aid Heart Patients.” And so it goes.

You would think there was a political agenda involved, well there was, the Daily Caller again:

The Democrats used the dispute to paint conservatives as uneducated religious opponents of science, while also painting Democrats as science-loving, kind-hearted funders of life-saving cures for ailing voters and their families.

And where Christians and Republicans are accused of being anti-science by Democrats we know where elite opinion is going to follow:

The mass media aligned with the Democrats “because the science community and the patients’ community was on the pro-[embryo stem-cell] side,” said Caplan. “They tended to listen to those voices more than the political [conservatives] and religious [advocates] and few scientists” pushing the rival technologies, he said.

Well surely scientists aren’t going to play along for ideological reasons are they?

Many scientists also played along, partly because they don’t like regulation of their trade, but also because they were eager to make deals with Democrats, with Geron and with the drug companies.

As part of the political campaign, several states governed by Democrats funded scientists studying embryo research. California allocated $3 billion over 10 years, and New York adopted legislation designed to shield academics and companies that created and grew embryo-stage humans for lucrative lab testing of novel pharmaceutical compounds.

OK OK so maybe democrats were rewarding scientists financially and the media was backing them socially if they played along, but what about the actual science, where is the story about why Geron work didn’t pan out?

Some of its stem cells were to be transplanted back into humans. But if even a few stem cells went rogue, they would result in cancer — and a lawsuit.

To minimize those risks, Geron planned to grow batches of cells from human embryos that were themselves created in its lab. The technology was so complex, risky and politically controversial that the company had managed to test these Franken-embryonic stem cells in only two people by this fall.

So it’s a high risk strategy that could result in death and cancer if it goes wrong, but they did test it, what where the results?

The company did not release the test results when it ended research.

Not released? NOT RELEASED Cripes who was in charge of the data Phil Jones?

Now I admit some bias here, but the idea that a whole branch of scientific inquiry; A branch that the left promoted in print and broadcast news. A branch that was highly funded by taxpayer grants, A branch that leading celebrates used to paint Religious conservatives as heartless and anti-science. A branch that was touted culturally in film and media was as reliable as a “ONE OWNER” sign on a used car I’d say that was not only a story, but I’d call that a front page at the top of the broadcast story. Apparently the left would not.

Later today we’ll discuss how they did decide to play it.

If they put you on the spot, we got to fold the con.
Henry Gondorff the Sting 1973

I have written a lot about how the bias of the MSM is shown more by sins of omission than by sins of commission. Today I received a first hand explanation why this is the case.

Meet Tamesha Sumpter who tweets as @nycocoqt.

Until September 1st 2011 I never knew she existed. Her twitter profile identifies her as from Washington DC. Her Twitter photo shows her as a young black woman and a quick net search suggests she is a professional about 35 years of age based on her college graduation date.

Other than the fact that we both watch Morning Joe I know nothing else about her: likes, dislikes, married, single, children, hobbies, religion, straight, gay nothing else. I looked at her tweets and she seems pretty liberal, (not unexpected for a black woman in DC) but let me tell you two things I DO know about her:

1. She is a reasonable person.

2. The MSM is afraid of her.

On the Morning of Sept 1st I turned on the TV at 6:03 a.m. and watched the Morning Joe Panel go on about the disrespect the speaker was showing to the president over the timing of his jobs speech and immediately began a post on the subject when I saw the following tweet from Tamesha backing up Joe and Mika’s point:

Debate? What Debate

I saw the tweet and responded

and left it at that. Well sometime in the next 90 minutes she tweeted the following back to me:

That tweet not only pleased me enough to follow her on twitter at once, but it spoke volumes.

Here is a person on the left, educated and dedicated. Likely a strong supporter of the president, but when given the full story on this particular piece, she was willing to reconsider her position and it hit me:

How many other people like Tamesha are there who for whatever reason would never have been exposed to or known there was more to the story?

I’m betting the number is tens of thousands and it’s those tens of thousands of people who worry the MSM. What happens if when given facts they don’t have they come to a conclusion different from our media gatekeepers want to produce? And remember who these gatekeepers are:

The other day, I was walking on W. 67th St., where ABC News is. (Manhattan, we’re talkin’.) Saw an ad — a poster, a billboard, or whatever we should say — for Good Morning America. (Odd there’s no comma in the title, but there you have it.) I learned that the show is now hosted by Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

Last time I saw Roberts, she was emceeing a fundraiser for presidential candidate Bill Bradley in Madison Square Garden. Stephanopoulos, of course, was the Clinton flack, the one who said, “We’ve been over that and over that” — his way of deflecting any sensitive question about the Arkansan running for president. He was such a bully, in that campaign, well groomed, maybe, but a bully.

And now these two are news guardians? Joe and Josephine Mainstream? Oh joy.

And THAT’s why the MSM is afraid of Tamesha Sumpter and folks like her, normal reasonable people of the left. They can count on ideologues or people who make their living off of division, but what happens if Tamesha and thousands like her come to the conclusion that conservatives are not born with horns?

Once people become folks we disagree with rather than unreasonable enemies it’s hard to keep the con. If that goes by the boards the next thing you know they might take FOXNEWS off the block list, notice blogs on the right, start having civil conversations with tea party members and you end up with Tea Parties moderating Mayoral Forums all over the nation.

I don’t expect that I’m going to be agreeing with Tamesha all that much and I suspect a lot of her tweets will be in opposition to my beliefs but I’ll follow her and give her a fair hearing. She’s already demonstrated that she will give one to me.

And that more than anything else answers the question: “Why does the MSM so often omit known facts in their reporting?”

Yesterday the AP reported on the existence of a group that has kept NY City safe since 9/11

Working with the CIA, the New York Police Department maintained a list of “ancestries of interest” and dispatched undercover officers to monitor Muslim businesses and social groups, according to new documents that offer a rare glimpse inside an intelligence program the NYPD insists doesn’t exist.

This is the type of thing of course that one would hope a sane government would do. The writer’s opinion on the subject however comes out in the next sentence:

The documents add new details to an Associated Press investigation that explained how undercover NYPD officers singled out Muslim communities for surveillance and infiltration.

Singled out! That’s like writing that Donnie Brasco singled out Italians for surveillance and infiltration of organized crime.

Jay Nordlinger starts out his impromptus column today commenting on this saying:

Here is a headline from yesterday: “Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn’t exist.” Well, I wish it were still under wraps.

He then says something that I think perfectly encapsulates what is wrong with liberalism in general and the western press in particular:

At some point in the mid-2000s, I was at Davos, making some comments on the War on Terror. I said that I was not a “neutralist” in this matter — that I was on a “side”: the side of the United States and civilization against barbarism. I also said that I was a citizen before I was a journalist.

The gasps in the room were audible, as were the groans. As was the scorn. I think one or two people may have had heart attacks. I had simply scandalized the room — which seemed so weird.

Long ago, I read something somewhere — don’t know whether it’s true. I read that Edward R. Murrow had a sign in his London office, saying, “It is more important to win the war than to report on it.”

Until the elites figure that out, they will be nothing more than useful idiots.

It is important to realize that this is not a new attitude, it was the thought process of the MSM long before there was an internet and Fox to push back at it. Remember the Ethics in America series on PBS and the famous exchange between Peter Jennings, Mike Wallace

This was recorded in 1989. How many times in the decades before and after this before there was the counterweight of the new media and Fox did this attitude shape the coverage of the United States, its military and their approach toward the cold war. How much history did it mold? I’ll tell you this, it is likely responsible for what Noah Pollak described in this piece concerning Liberal Jews on Israel:

No, what is interesting about the collective opinion of the Juicebox Mafia is the proposed rule of just war: Whoever kills more is the guilty party. This amounts to a total rejection of the distinction between aggression and self-defense and indeed the entire concept of deterrence. Taken to its logical conclusion, moral victory becomes impossible, because the moment one side has dispatched with a greater number of enemy than casualties have been suffered, justice has been forfeited. The only means of ethical conduct is pure immolation — which is indeed the prescription for Israel, which is expected to behave as the only true Christian nation on earth, responding to attacks by endlessly turning the other cheek.

There is something else about the Juicebox Mafia that is grating beyond its simple inanity: The only time its members write about Israel is when they can condemn it. The truth of the matter is that they have nothing invested in Israel other than their American liberalism and their Jewish surnames. Being a Jewish critic of Israel is ever so much more compelling and melodramatic than being just another leftist critic of Israel: Instead of trafficking in banalities, one can claim disillusionment, embarrassment, and betrayal. Pardon me if I call this out for what it is — moral preening and pure cynicism.

(Ht Josh Trevino on Twitter)

There is no right or wrong, there is only Journalism! If you want to see a perfect example of the Two cultures of America, this is it.

Update: Missed a link, fixed.

Update 2: Instalance, thanks Glenn, but isn’t it a sad commentary on the west that such a post even has to be written?

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Saw this at Instapundit yesterday from Michael Barone:

In a 2008 referendum in California, 70 percent of blacks voted against same-sex marriage. A same-sex marriage bill was defeated this year in Maryland after black Democratic legislators opposed it. Same-sex marriage would be legal in California and Maryland were it not for opposition by black voters.

Mainstream media reporters pepper Republican presidential candidates with questions about the issue but seldom ask Obama about it. But if it’s a fair question for Republicans, it’s a fair question for Democrats as well.

I’ve touched on this subject myself but there is one overriding factor that is ignored and is a paradox.

His “opposition” to gay Marriage only helps him among blacks because they think he is telling the truth.

His “opposition” to gay marriage doesn’t hurt him among liberals because they don’t believe he is telling the truth.

These are two mutually exclusive statements, As long as liberals are convinced he is selling a bill of good to the black community (as I do) and the black community continues to buy this bill of goods he is fine.

The moment the Black Community no longer buys it, or the moment he takes decisive actions (Bawhahahahah it’s funny just typing it) to convince the Black community he means it then you will see a backlash from one side or the other.

But democrats are betting that no matter what they believe the Black community will not abandon the 1st black president Maxine Waters and the BarberShop elections not withstanding.

..and they were right!

Stacy McCain has assiduously covered “the other side” of the Courtney Stodden-Doug Hutchinson nuptials, in which Courtney’s mother, Krista, gave permission for her 16-year-old daughter to marry 51-year-old Hutchinson.

Now, Da TechGuy blog is a Catholic blog, so I’ll start with the reasons why Catholics might oppose such a union: marriages wherein the woman is under 18 when she weds are the most likely to end up in divorce. Although Hutchinson and Stoddard were wed in a church, or with the consent of their pastor, they only dated for a very short time (perhaps four months?) before getting married.  Catholics usually require at least six months, which is designed to prevent rash decisions (or, hypothetically, a 16-year-old with a crush on an older man from making a decision that affects her for the rest of her life).  Furthermore, pre-Cana classes cover everything from finances, intimacy, Natural Family Planning, discussions with a priest, the sacrament of marriage, and the mentorship of a married couple.

Continue reading “They told me that if I voted for John McCain, Christians would railroad their teenage daughters into marriage…”

It is of course axiomatic that the longer Rep Weiner is in both the congress and in the headlines it is bad for the democrats and to the GOP’s advantage.

It is also goes without saying what the right thing to do is here.

We can illustrate this in just a few links, lets start with Jay Nordlinger:

I wonder whether Democrats, or “progressives,” are comfortable with this double standard: It doesn’t matter what they do, because they are beyond this Judeo-Christian BS. But it matters what Republicans do, because they insist on clinging to the old myths and hang-ups.

Absorbing opinion from the left, a person may ask, “Who can expect a liberal Democrat to abide by ‘strict social mores regarding monogamy’?” Are there liberal Democrats out there who are insulted by that question? I hope so,

He also reminds us of two republicans resignations, one recent:

Note the contrast between the behavior of former congressman Chris Lee and the behavior of still-congressman Anthony Weiner. The first gets caught in a “social media” scandal, and immediately resigns. Weiner lies for a while, until it becomes impossible: and then determines to brazen it out.

and then a big moment:

Remember that incredibly dramatic moment on Impeachment Day, December 19, 1998? The Speaker-designate, Bob Livingston, was urging the president to resign. Pounding her desk, Maxine Waters screamed, “You resign! You resign!” Livingston held up his hand, asking for quiet — and announced his resignation.

One of the most majestic things I have ever seen in politics . . .

I wonder if Maxine has decided to call on Weiner to resign?

Next we see the this the NY Daily News via the Jammie Wearing Fool:

“I wasn’t happy to discover that my congressman is a 14-year-old boy,” said Julie Kirshner, president of the NOW chapter.

“But he happens to be one of the best politicians out there, so we’re in a bad position. We’re trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

We’ve seen a lot of that from the far left like Janeanne Garafalo, Marcotte and even Gennette Cordova

What does this say about liberals and their confidence in their own leadership? How little confidence must they have that in the entire NY 9th district or the entire democratic conference there is a person who can replace Anthony Wiener.

DeGaule once said “The graveyards are full of indispensable men” Maybe it’s too old a saying for them, so I’ll add one of my own.

The right thing is usually the smart thing.

One more question for our friends on the left. What if Rep Weiner was Fr. Weiner?

If you were for any reason wondering why the commentators at TPM are by and large defending Ed Schultz’s remarks in comments you are forgetting one of the primary tenets of liberalism.

The idea that Ed Schultz is being, shall we say “ungentlemanly” on his radio show is not of any relevance.

To them being liberal is the equivalent of “Once saved always saved” to some protestants, what you do doesn’t matter as long as you say the right thing.

Yglesias links and quotes Ayaan Hirsi Ali on what is coming in Egypt

Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali warns us to be very afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Egypt. And maybe she’s right. But it’s difficult to take her word for it. After all, she thinks that Islam in general needs to be extirpated from the planet:

He then quotes her piece, bolding certain bits:

“I’ll tell you why: because Islam is the new fascism. Just like Nazism started with Hitler’s vision, the Islamic vision is a caliphate – a society ruled by Sharia law – in which women who have sex before marriage are stoned to death, homosexuals are beaten, and apostates like me are killed. Sharia law is as inimical to liberal democracy as Nazism. Young Muslims need to be persuaded that the vision of the Prophet Mohammed is a bad one, and you aren’t going to get that in Islamic faith schools.”

Now of course bolding a piece is meant to draw your eyes to the bolded section and to avoid the unbolded sections. Yglesias having a liberal audience is trying to stress Ali “intolerance”. How dare she be intolerant of Islam. Now lets look at the same piece with different words bolded:

I’ll tell you why: because Islam is the new fascism. Just like Nazism started with Hitler’s vision, the Islamic vision is a caliphate – a society ruled by Sharia law – in which women who have sex before marriage are stoned to death, homosexuals are beaten, and apostates like me are killed. Sharia law is as inimical to liberal democracy as Nazism. Young Muslims need to be persuaded that the vision of the Prophet Mohammed is a bad one, and you aren’t going to get that in Islamic faith schools.”

Now I would think that these things about Islam and Sharia law would be significant to liberals. After all if I as a believing Roman Catholic am repressive because I oppose sex before marriage, gay marriage and believe in God, how much more would they oppose Sharia, which stones women, beats (and kills) gays and slays apostates.

But we can’t stress these facts, because it promotes “intolerance of Islam”. Maybe it’s just me but I think we shouldn’t tolerate Sharia law, stoning of women, beating of gays, and killing of apostates.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali “intolerance” of Islam is based on a standard of Islam’s actions. Yglesias critique of Ali and defense of Islam is based on a standards of her thoughts.

That to me is the perfect illustration of how liberalism works.

I took a second look at Bill Whittle’s video (via Nice Deb) and there is a point to be made

I opposed 8 out of ten of the “goals” he failed to achieve so those are pluses to me. But consider this:

During his first two years he had an unstoppable majority in the house and during the first year of his presidency he had 60 votes in the senate and during the 2nd year he had 59.

One thing about pols they might not be able to add up the budget numbers but they know if something hurts their election chances. The fact that the president didn’t or couldn’t pass the things on that want list tell you a lot about more about the popularity of the liberal agenda with the people.

…in this post about the actual fear of democrats concerning an obamacare repeal:

The liberals, who could barely pass ObamaCare with a 78-seat margin in the House and a 20-seat margin in the Senate, as well as a socialist in the White House, do not want us repealing that. They may never see majorities like that again, and they will never, ever have the support of the electorate for nationalizing health care again – not if we repeal and replace, not when Europe collapses and Canadians keep fleeing here for health care. 2010 was their very last chance to get it through, and if we kick it out now, the socialist wet dream is gone.

The Democrats handed us a weapon when they ensured that benefits would not kick in until 2014 (the purpose of which was to ensure that this “budget-neutral, deficit-reducing” programme would have ten years of revenue and six years of expenditures). We do not have the same reliance problems with ObamaCare as we do with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, and welfare. As Mark Steyn keeps hammering away on, once these things are in, they are never coming out. That’s why conservatives need to get this out now – now, before the private insurance market is completely dead; now, before the liberals can scream too much about people whose only source of medical care is the federal government; now, before the bureaucrats are in place. To analogize: if you are on the side of cancer, that last thing you want is for the patient to get a lumpectomy while the disease is still localized. Republicans are ready, scalpel in hand, and “Operation Demoralize” (great term, Prof. Jacobson!) is fear-mongering over sponges that are sometimes left in the body after surgery.

This post is what you would call a “must read”.

Last week I talked about how playing with language is a sure sign that something isn’t working out.

Well it looks like the left is going to need new words again:

“Being described as a progressive, on the other hand, is a positive for 22% of voters and a negative for 34%, with 41% seeing it in between,” Rasmussen said.

“But in the previous survey, voters were evenly divided, with 29% saying progressive was a positive description and 28% describing it as a negative.

“This marks a continuing downward trend for progressive which little over three years ago was slightly more popular than conservative.”

And remember they started saying “Progressive” because “liberal” wasn’t popular.

Let’s see, can’t say liberal, can’t say progressive, no wonder communist and socialist is coming back.

As I been reading the continuing commentary on the Washington Post piece that has really got the attention of bloggers and readers from the daily pundit

DADT as the reason for ROTC’s banning was always a sham. Now the mask is finally off. The elite professoriat doesn’t hate ROTC because of DADT, they hate ROTC because they just can’t stand “the warrior ethic”. That’s code for courage, honor, and duty, ethics all anathema to Leftist indoctrinators. They prefer us supine, afraid, and dependent on them.”

an opinion I share to Vodkapundit

See there, Mr. U.S. Marine Captain — McCarthy doesn’t hate you. Why, he thinks you’re every bit as respectable as a Taliban.

who adds a graphic that says it all to this post at Ace of Spades HQ that compares the course requirement for ROTC at Sienna College and woman and gender studies at Columbia guess which one is more challenging academically?

While all of these are first-rate there is a thought that hit me this morning that hasn’t been touched on. Namely that the McCarthy’s of the world actually bring about the results they claim to deplore.

Consider; our media tends to reflect the views of people like McCarthy and the movies and media we put out there tend to show our troops in a very poor light, particularly over the last 40 years that has been exported as American Cultural and elite opinion to foes all over the world that the Saddam’s, Bin Ladin’s and Chavez’s et/al have bought into. It is precisely believe they have bought into the weakness of American culture and the people opposition to the military and the troops as uneducated rabble that they have been bold enough to make war figuring we can’t defeat them or oppose them.

Hundreds of thousands of idiotic and fanatical followers of these fools have learned the hard way that this is not true (in fact it was the last thing they ever learned), yet their fanatical leaders who are not hiding in caves manage to convince them that America will simply roll over. Why don’t they believe the evidence of the empty chairs where their predecessors have been? Because men like McCarthy promote the idea of a military unwanted and supported, because our media is so focused on the number of our casualties in war that they ignored the losses of our foes that dwarf ours.

These men are the enablers of the very wars they claim to oppose, and even more ironically are only able to be such enablers because our military is precisely NOT like the Taliban or any of these guys.

The secret here is that the McCarthy’s on the left’s position is really less about their hatred of the military, but more about convincing themselves of their own moral superiority. They can’t match the courage or the honor or the sacrifice of these men and women so they denigrate them in a vain attempt to convince themselves that it is their words and good wishes, dare I say it their faith in their own love for their fellow-man that outweighs the works of the military in risking their own lives to save others.

That’s liberalism in a nutshell belief and good intention trump works and results every time.

Update: Oh Brother!

Hitler could have been waited out. He might have been overthrown by his own government. Who knows? To have 50 million people killed: Hitler would have died within 10 years no matter what he did.

Oh and Lincoln was wrong to fight the civil war too. Moe Lane nails it:

Whichever editor approved this Washington Post article should be ashamed of him- or herself. I do not expect shame, but it’s long past time that we started telling these people when they’ve done something foul.

He certainly has the right to free speech but did he have the right to a Washington Post op-ed?

Bob Schieffer just asked Clyburn if he goes higher in the leadership with Pelosi will it make the Democratic Party in the house more liberal.

Clyburn said he defied labels pointing out that he campaigned in more bluedog districts than progressive ones and said people are calling him liberal based on the color of his skin.

I guess no fact and no election will allow some people to drop the race card, let me educate the congressman (who knows these things but is spinning)

1. He was invited to more blue dog districts because those were the seats in danger.

2. He was invited to those seats to energize the black vote that is totally de-energized, so if anyone was basing their judgment of him based on skin color it was his fellow blue dogs.

3. To say in one breath that he is not liberal and then defend health coverage as a fundamental right can only be done when you have a safe seat and an interviewer who will not challenge him.

Let’s be blunt, he owes his election to the fact the district is majority minority (Whites only make up 40% of the electorate) and has the largest percentage of blacks, who vote monolithic democrat, in the state.

No wonder he plays the race card even here. Without that card ironically played by the Republicans in the statehouse to concentrate the black vote as much as possible, he likely doesn’t have the power he holds today.

What a joke.

The pledge of allegiance story out of Illinois is interesting in that it reminded me of something that was said at the Marty Lamb / Jim McGovern debate two weeks ago.

Well we didn’t have the pledge of allegiance there was no American flag to me that was the major thing. That’s what Democrats, Republicans, Independents that what we all stand for is that flag, and that’s very dear to me so I was very hurt by that more than anything. It pretty much set a bad tone for me…

Apparently the league of woman voters would disagree, I find that interesting.

But even more interesting is this at the Huff Po

A Featured Article at HuffPo & NO COMMENTS & CLOSED COMMENTS

The Huffpo community is a large one, how it that there were no comments on a featured post before they were closed?

The answer is simple 10 days before an election the Liberal Huff post doesn’t dare allow its members to speak their mind on the pledge of allegiance in any forum where the American People might see it.

It will take more than closing comments to stop the big red wave.

For reasons I still can’t explain after a night of fast dancing and a fine wedding meal (there is nothing like fast dancing with a fedora) I ended up wide awake at 4 a.m. to be greeted by an e-mail from Barbara Espinosa from the American Freedom blog and host of blog talk radio’s hair on fire Thursday nights or anytime via this link asking the above question concerning this Globe story:

In a move that school officials believe is the first of its kind in the state, Cambridge will close schools for one Muslim holiday each year beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.

The school will either close for Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, depending on which holiday falls within the school year. If both fall within the school calendar, the district will close for only one of the days.

Well I’m sure this isn’t the same as the situation with Wellesley schools segregating their students by sex and praying at a Mosque for a field trip (Still unsure when they will be scheduling their trip to St. Anthony di Padua for mass but I digress). They of course have a significant Muslim population and a ton of absences that day, don’t they?

Cambridge School Superintendent Jeffrey Young said the district does not collect information about the religion of its students. But Young said that there is a significant Muslim population in the city, and that, at least anecdotally, the Muslim population in the schools appears to be growing.

anecdotally? Cambridge is making its decisions in their schools based on anecdotal evidence? There’s gotta be more to it than that. There is:

Marla Erlien, chairwoman of the Cambridge Human Rights Commission, said the discussion about closing Cambridge schools for an Islamic holiday began several years ago when the commission conducted a survey at Rindge and Latin asking students about discrimination, and at a follow-up forum students raised concerns about how Muslims were a “discarded group’’ whose holidays weren’t recognized in the schools.

So Cambridge has a “human rights commission” and it was that commission that has been pushing for this change.

What do I say to this? Several things to several different people:

Soon to be agitating for Halloween off before the Cambridge Human Rights Commission
To Cambridge, hey it’s your city, the people there elect their school committee and their city council, if the taxpayers of Cambridge want to vote in these guys and they to close their schools because the “human rights commission” wants to accommodate followers of the Great Pumpkin it’s on them.

To Barbara’s e-mail? I answered it’s Cambridge if they didn’t do something like this I’d be shocked.

To Democrats: Congratulations, here is another gift for you just prior to election day. I’m sure that Cambridge the symbol of Massachusetts liberalism is happy to give you this gift in the year you need it the most.

and to followers of exotic religions everywhere, if your holy day is not a day off in Cambridge Mass, it’s only because you are agitating loud enough (like maybe one angry letter).

Scanning the net today I read a series of posts that seem unconnected but actually scream the same thing.

I started with this post at The Other McCain which caught my eye this morning:

Past the advertising slogans like the one Al Gore spouted for his little pack of robots in Northern Virginia comes the question: does the man subscribe to that tripe? When not in front of the ‘bots, but rather chillin’ with the beautiful people in Davos, does he really sound like that?

It linked to the incomparable Victor Davis Hanson who within his weekly screed had this to say:

How could Barack Obama, community organizer par excellence, send his kids to Sidwell Friends? How does Bill Gates, Sr. tour the country, hectoring to re-impose inheritance taxes? Did Al Gore need the extra Montecito home or John Kerry the $7 million yacht (cf. “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”)? Why did the Clintons shake down corporations for gifts to their DC home and Bill’s library?

Stranger still is this new Democratic emperor/bread-and-circus alliance. The very wealthy promise largess to the poorer on the premise that both despise the culture of the aspiring, the one in condescending disdain, the other in bitter envy. Jimmy Carter laments, near life’s end, the unfairness of it all, as the ignorant never appreciated his godhead. John Kerry wails about how a slogan or two misled us from his message. Obama re-channels the poor clueless clingers trope from the Ground Zero mosque to the upcoming election. “What’s the matter with Kansas?” is the gnashing of the well-off who cannot understand why the less well-off don’t join them in redistributing their far smaller incomes.

Then there is this post at Legal Insurrection:

The other interesting aspect, quite apart from politics, is Allred’s willingness to expose her client to legal harm even though the client does not have any meaningful legal claim. This is not a case where Allred’s client is a crime victim who comes forward to the police. There does not appear to be a violation of any law by Whitman, but there does appear to be both immigration and possibly criminal violations by Allred’s client, who filed false documents with the government. By going public as she has, Allred has exposed her client to significant legal jeopardy in order to score publicity and political points for Allred.

That got an instalanche that said in part:

Yeah, but she’s doing it in the service of electing a Democrat, so it’s okay. Kind of like outing gays, engaging in racist rhetoric, or whatever. It’s irretrievably evil — unless the cause is right.

Which led me back to my own Examiner article that went up around midnight

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of union dues will be spent not on pensions but to achieve that one day photo op to convince the media that their numbers are real and through them convince voters.

What is the thread that connects all these stories? The fiction of the modern democratic party.

About a month ago I sat with two friends in their late 50’s were sitting with a second friend. One expressed astonishment that I and my pal were Republicans. She is a strong faithful Catholic, against abortion, against gay marriage, an immigrant herself she is opposed to illegal immigration.

Yet she insists that the democrats are the party of the common man and that the republicans are the party of the rich and can’t understand why I left the party or consider it an unwelcome place for Catholics.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it until I talked to a third friend weeks later on a similar topic, when discussing her and a second faithful acquaintance of ours with similar views he said the magic words.

They still think that John Kennedy is president

That is the key, that is the reason for the preservation of the myth of Camelot. It is to connect Democrats to a time when they actually stood for the average person, for a shared set of American Values and with the military that so many of their father and grandfathers fought for back in WW 2.

Today the democratic party is increasing a party of elites. When Jay Nordlinger goes to Davos what does he find? It isn’t support for the values of the working class, it is support for the values of limousine liberalism. Their leaders are confused when the voter rejects their promises to continue to redistribute everyone’s wealth (but their own of course), they cry gun control as the inner cities bleed while in gated communities far removed they employ armed guards. They protect failing public schools while sending their own children to elite private institutions.
Every two years they run away from themselves to get elected, and whenever necessary throw a piece of their coalition under the bus only to dust them off and find them a seat when they are again needed. They promised a war on poverty but instead delivered an unending cycle of dependence and while pension funds are in trouble spend millions for political campaigns in the hope of sustaining themselves by the largess of the American Taxpayer.

They get away with all of this because a fair amount of the population and almost all of the media sees not the democratic party as it is, but sees it as what it once was, the party of give em hell Harry, FDR & JFK.

Much like a restaurant heavily in debt and living off glories well past the democratic party still pushes plans that have not only failed but made worse the very problems they were meant to solve while still trumpeting to those not paying attention the glories of their youth.

It remains to be seen if the Tea Party and the electoral upheaval it produces this cycle will produce the awakening that so desperately required.

Sultan Knish’s “The 5 biggest lies about liberalism” should be required reading for any person in a social studies class in a public school and anyone who ever was in one.

Like multiculturalism, owning the feminist brand has been convenient. And it was easy enough to manage once feminism became a wholly owned product of academia, funded by liberal groups like the Ford Foundation. This brand of feminism has as much to do with equal rights for women, as African Studies have to do with equal rights for African-Americans. They’re basically little more than ways to repackage the agenda politics of the far left in identity colors. That way socialism can be dressed up as a civil rights agenda, and opposition to it becomes racism or sexism.

That leads us to the absurd spectacle of academic feminists declaring that successful female candidates who don’t share their politics are not feminists, but male candidates who do, are. Dig down to their real definition of feminism, and it turns out to be liberalism.

that’s from #4. Read all 5 and keep them in mind when the joys of their ideological purity is expounded.