England Abortion & Django Unchained

``Look at it this way,'' Ford Prefect had said, ``fruit and berries on strange planets either make you live or make you die. Therefore the point at which to start toying with them is when you're going to die if you don't. That way you stay ahead. The secret of healthy hitch-hiking is to eat … Continue reading England Abortion & Django Unchained

Rapist Logic

by Baldilocks On Christmas Eve, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a photo of himself, his wife Ann, and their gazillion grandchildren. From our family to yours: Merry Christmas. cc: @AnnDRomney pic.twitter.com/DqbB6La6E1 — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) December 24, 2013 In response to the photo, an MSNBC panel, conducted by the infamous Melissa Harris-Perry, proceeded to … Continue reading Rapist Logic

Gutfeld has guts but is unclear on the concept

At Big Hollywood Greg Gutfeld details a session of tweets with the Park51 people that I had the pleasure to see in progress: And so I return to that tweet I received from the Mosque-teers earlier this week. When I asked them if they would welcome my new Islamic gay bar (the most popular name … Continue reading Gutfeld has guts but is unclear on the concept