Since July 2013 I’ve been asking the question “What are Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as sec of state?” for almost two years and not getting an answer.

Now Mark Halperin asked that question of group of Hillary voters and this is what happened:

As you might guess this has led to a lot of fun, the headline at the free Beacon complete with spelling error:

Iowa Dems Speechless When Asked to Name an Accomplishment from Hillary Clinton’s State Tenture

And Business Insiders’ description of the scene was classic

Halperin tried directly calling on the participants to offer an answer. But the 10 Democrats present continued to struggle with the question. “Um,” said a third person, who then paused for several seconds. “No.” “I honestly can’t say,” a fourth said.

And of course there is commentary Ed Morrissey:

This time, though, Hillary is the establishment, and she’s almost spookily unaccomplished at the same time. Even her defender notes that Hillary has been around an awfully long time, and he still can’t name any specific accomplishment. These Democrats will still vote for Hillary, if they vote at all, but don’t expect to see the kind of dynamic that produced outside-the-box turnouts and support for Obama in either 2008 or 2012. Hillary can’t provide that kind of excitement, not even with the “first woman” meme voiced at full volume.


Hillary 2016: She “knows how to get stuff done” but they can’t name anything she’s gotten done.

And Rick Wilson correctly say the GOP ad writes itself:

What’s really funny were the replies to Mark Halperin’s tweet on the subject:

such as:


But you’ll note that neither they or others who attack the question in blogs like Richard Barry …

Is she perfect? No. Is she going to be attacked relentlessly by her political enemies. Yes. Will she always handle those attacks well? No. Are there some real problems with her past? Yes. But to read this headline you would think that this group of 10 Iowans are mortified that Hillary is the only credible candidate running for the Democratic nomination, which couldn’t be less true. Overall, they seem pleased.

…bother to answer the question on the floor: “What are Hillary’s accomplishments as sec of State?” In fact when asked the question directly

They get belligerent:

The problem isn’t the question the problem is to acknowledge the inability to provide an answer challenges a religious belief: That Hillary Clinton has what voters crave Apparently the movie Idiocracy wasn’t a satire, it was a prophesy. Update: Does this count as an accomplishment?


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The rabbits became strange in many ways, different from other rabbits. They knew well enough what was happening. But even to themselves they pretended that all was well, for the food was good, they were protected, they had nothing to fear but the one fear; and that struck here and there, never enough at a time to drive them away.

Richard Adams Watership Down 1972

For the last two days I highlighted Ben Carson’s events in NH and his answering of Questions by both me and voters vs Hillary Clinton’s silence. Carly Fiorina has practically made answering questions her campaign’s theme:

“Unlike Hillary Clinton, I am not afraid to answer questions about my track record or my accomplishments or my principles,” Fiorina said on the stump and in the memo.

The count according to her campaign is 322 to 8 on the question front.

Meanwhile the silence from the Clintons continue

And the Weekly Standard highlighted the reason for Hillary’s continued quiet campaign: 

And weirdly enough, both Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have given interviews. But Hillary hasn’t. Which is just bizarre. Has a candidate’s spouse ever given an interview before the actual presidential candidate? I have not found another historical example of this.

But the truth is, Hillary Clinton is nothing if not calculating. Her internal polls must be suggesting this is a strategy worth pursuing. Clinton must believe her numbers will get worse if she dares to try to deal with the press or interact with those she calls Everyday Americans. Clinton’s polls must show that her presidential prospects increase the less Americans see her.

This perfectly illustrates not only Hillary Clinton’s strange relationship with Democrats voters but of Democrat votes relationship with reality.

Not only does Hillary Clinton (in contrast to the GOP field)  avoid questions reasoning that the more Democrat voters know her positions the less likely they will support her.  But Democrat voters (unlike GOP voters) are not demanding answers from her,

In fact, only 16 percent of Democrats are even following reports about the scandal very closely, a Pew Research Center report indicates.

And “independents” that CBS polled weren’t all that interested either:

Mary, a 52-year-old nurse from Massachusetts, initially told the pollsters that she did not have enough information to render a verdict, but that she’s since heard all she needs to know.

“I just saw something last night on TV and it was regarding Bill Clinton making a statement, so he brought me up to speed,” she said. “I thoroughly trust the Clinton family, and I believe that that foundation is on the up and up, I never had a hint of thinking Hillary, or Bill, or [the foundation] would be other than the up and up. I have a good feeling of the Clinton family, and I don’t think they’d ruin their integrity,”

I suggest that there is a symbiotic relationship between the low information voter & the Democrat party in general and the Clinton campaign in particular.  She avoids unpleasant disturbing truths and they happily reward her with their support.

It’s practically axiomatic among some conservatives that the democrat base contains a plethora of low information voters, but who knew that this was by choice?

Hillary Clinton isn’t hiding from Democrat votes, she is hiding WITH Democrat voters, together, safe from unpleasant reality.


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My goal for 2015 is Twenty Two grand

Olimometer 2.52

That gets all the bills paid. (including my writers like Fausta)  If I can get to Forty Thousand I can afford to travel outside of New England and/or hire me a blogger to help me get it done.

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It’ s once thing to be a low information voter but when you’re a low/no information activist

‘Voters for Hillary.’  We’re —”

“‘Voters for Hillary.’ Are you kidding me?  Didn’t you read the New York Times today?”

“What’re you talking about?”

Read the whole thing, it’s pretty bad.

Let the record show that this latest scandal was reported in the MSM so this person isn’t just a low information activist, it’s a No information activist.

This is why the culture wars need to be fought because folks like this get all their info and beliefs strictly from the culture and I suspect there are a lot more of them than news junkies like me realize.

by baldilocks

I’ve been mostly unplugged this week.

Most know about my housing situation. I’m staying in temporary housing in Southern California and it has been, mostly, a blessing.

First there is the fact that I have housing at all. First, let’s just say that I’m a middle-class girl and a bit of a BAP. I’ve never had to wonder where I was going to live or from where my next meal was coming until this past year. When it became obvious that, if I made the choice to stay in California, that I’d be homeless, I asked God for the following: that I’d have a clean, safe place to sleep, wash myself and sundries. I knew that I was going to have to rough it a bit, but sleeping outside…I only want to have to do that by choice. If God sees fit for me to have to do that, I would ask Him to prepare me for it, and, let’s just say that I’m not ready!

I said all that–some repeats–to say something about my fellow residents. Before, I had a tendency to think of “the Homeless” as some vast, mostly unwashed entity, who couldn’t get it together. That perception has changed and it has nothing to do with my homelessness. The change of mind is a result of talking to the people around me and being reminded of Jesus’ second commandment.

We public Internet people have a tendency to think of a vast portion of Americans as Low Information Voters. But, a goodly portion of my fellow “inmates” know more than most about what is happening to our country. Oh sure, there are a number who rather be getting high or drinking, but I’d say that they are the minority here. The majority–no doubt as a result of their misfortunes–have a good handle on the direction in which our country is going. They may not follow the news as diligently as we do, but they can tell which way the wind is blowing.THIEF

In that, they are more fortunate–more blessed–than most of their countrymen. For all too many of the latter, disaster will come like a thief in the night.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2015. Follow her on Twitter.

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All in the family 1976

Yesterday while I was looking at twitter a person I follow Dr. Pat Peters PhD tweeted out a joke picture hitting Senator Clinton:

Now I’ve bow to nobody in my disdain for Hillary “$100,000 reward if you can name an accomplishment of mine” Clinton and I like a good joke but that hit me the wrong way.

She running for President of the United States, not for movie star in chief. Her job is not to have Lynda Carter’s legs at 66 but in fairness…

and quipped:

Well the next day I turned on Morning Joe and the lead topic was Hillary Clinton and the talk was all about her appearance on Jon Stewart’s show. Showing clips about the shape of the office he wanted to have, the shape of her office etc etc etc.

The show spent five minutes talking strictly how she successfully played the gimme joke that Stewart fed her on no substantive subject. They never did get to anything that actually mattered concerning Mrs. Clinton except fundraising.

So when Pat was making light of Mrs. Clinton’s legs, apparently he wasn’t just making a superficial point. He was actually making an argument in the wheelhouse of the low information voters who can’t name an accomplishment of Hillary’s. An argument that the liberal viewers of Jon Stewart and Morning Joe care about come election day. He knew the reality better than I did.

So Dr. Pat, I owe you an Apology, you were right.


4th Doctor:  Why did you run?

Leela:  Well, he ran first!

4th Doctor:  Well that’s no answer.

Leela:  Why did you run?

4th Doctor:  I don’t know, Odd isn’t it?

Leela:  Perhaps everyone runs from the tax man.

Doctor Who The Sunmakers 1977

A lot of people around the net are cheering Benghazi finally making it to the MSM, in fact in yesterday’s post I noted that it was the persistent efforts of many on the net that helped us get to this point.

The media is doing it’s best to counter that argument to the point of near idiocy but the more I think about it the more I believe the MSM doesn’t mind, because as much as they dislike the conversation being on Benghazi, they simply CAN’T have the conversation be on the IRS.

Why?  Consider: Benghazi, for all of the justified outrage doesn’t touch most of the country.  How many people actually understand the situation in Libya?  You have Military families, less that 1% of the population maybe people in the diplomatic corps or those interested in the subject.  Not many folks at all.  Seventy years ago it would be different but it’s 2013 not 1943 and the people just aren’t the same.

Even for those who has sympathy for the dead there is little or nothing for them to identify with.  It may upset people in the abstract, but they simply can’t relate.

The IRS scandal, that’s totally different.

In song, in pop culture, on TV in movies fear of the tax man is a meme that has been pushed for decades.  You could never watch a newscast in your life and you can understand it.

There are very few thing the entire country has in common anymore fear of the tax man, is one of them.

And this fear crosses all boundaries of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, class or region.

Every single person who owns a business, every person who works and all the people they know are familiar with the worry the tax man brings.  Even if they have never had tax problems themselves they know people who have.

Nothing is more dangerous than a scandal that is both easy to understand and touches a basic fear most people have.  That type of thing motivates voters and brings down governments.

If you are the administration, this has to be stopped at all costs.



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Two pieces of news came out yesterday that at first glance might seem totally unrelated, first a poll concerning President Obama

His approval rating has dropped to the lowest level in more than a year, with more voters now turning thumbs down on his performance than thumbs up, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. The measure of how much people like him also has dropped.

He’s still vastly more popular than Congress, particularly congressional Republicans. But in the biggest political clash of the year – over the federal budget and how to curb deficits – voters split 44 percent to 42 percent between preferring Congress or Obama.

Ok so polling shows Barack Obama is having some trouble in the numbers, big deal, polls go up and down all the time. It’s the nature of things, and anyway why on earth would this have anything to do with this:

Donald Trump thinks actress Ashley Judd would make a “great” Senate candidate, the real estate mogul tweeted on Tuesday.

“All reports indicate Ashley Judd will be running for Sen. McConnell’s seat,” Trump wrote. “She’s going to be a great candidate. …Re: Ashley Judd: Keep @KarlRove away. He already made her a viable candidate.”

Asked to clarify the remarks, Trump told POLITICO in a statement: “Ashley Judd’s candidacy was created by Karl Rove’s terrible ads; even before she thought seriously about running. The ads made her look great and now she probably will run.”

Trump has previously said that an ad from Rove’s super PAC was “the best thing that ever happened to Ashley Judd—simply increases her profile.”

DaTechGuy you’ve totally lost me, why on EARTH are you quoting Donald Trump opinion in Ashley Judd when everyone from Glenn Reynolds to Stacy McCain says she’s a joke, and what on earth does this have to do with the president’s poll numbers?

It’s actually pretty simple, celebrity culture and low information voters.

One of the reasons why Barack Obama beat all the odds and won re-election with a bad record and an even worse economy combination was the inability of Mitt Romney’s message to break through to low information votes. The president’s ad blitz made sure the background noise had nothing to do with the reality.

This time it has had the exact opposite effect, particularly on the sequester. The president pushed the evil of sequester and pointed to it as a direct cause of the White House cancelling kids tours and the media lapped it up.

Those EVIL republicans, on every network and on CNN in every airport people who do not pay attention to the news say school kids not about to tour the white house. The realities that other cuts could be made didn’t matter, the people who only see news in passing while checking on Lady Gaga or their favorite movie star knew the money wasn’t there for parties because of Republicans then they picked up their magazines to find out about Adele and Beyonce and read this:

The same week that President Obama’s administration announced that due to sequestration, White House tours would be cancelled, sources at the White House announced that it would be hosting megastars Adele and Beyonce at Michelle’s 50th birthday party next year. “America’s First Lady will be holding a huge celebrity-packed party for her birthday at the White House next year and, as she adores Adele and Beyonce, she has asked them both to sing,” the source told the UK Daily Mail. The source did say that “The Obamas will pay Adele’s expenses as it’s a private party, not a State one.”

OK they likely didn’t read that because low information voters don’t read Breitbart, they check out entertainment sites like this one:

Today it was revealed that director Quention Tarantino is desperate to have her compose a song for his new film after he fell in love with her Oscar-winning song for Skyfall.

And just a few hours later, it has been reported that the London lass has now been asked to perform at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday alongside Beyoncé.

and the drop, and BET, and hello, and in entertainment sections elsewhere.

Bottom line the “White house can’t afford tours” story and the “White House has Beyonce & Adele to sing” story hit the exact same places that the low information voters go at the exact same time and the same voters who wouldn’t be caught dead on Fox (or any news site) suddenly had the message that Brietbart was trying to make

It’s been suggested the GOP get involved in the culture pages this is why.

And that’s why Ashley Judd is dangerous.

At first glance Judd is a joke with an entire persona that is totally opposite to what wins in Kentucky, but remember those same low information voters are not going to be reading any of the stories we are writing about her. They will see her celebrity, they will see various stars turn out for her, maybe a singer or two

We can have story after story about Judd and her pronouncements but if they don’t break though to the voter who simply sees a pretty Kentucky girl who managed to make it big, who does work for “charity” its not going to make a difference.

Granted Kentucky went heavily for Mitt in 2012 but it becomes a question of which message gets through to the people. A celebrity like Judd can break through to people in ways a regular pol simply can’t and there is absolutely no way for Mitch McConnell to portray himself as anything else like a Washington insider.

And when Mitch McConnell an established long time pol starts running ads against this pretty Kentucky girl who managed to make good watch how people react.

Does this mean she can romp, particularly if there is not a Tea Party Candidate dividing the GOP? No, but it means that if the GOP takes Judd, a woman who can raise money and get coverage at will, they might be vulnerable to the same mistakes Massachusetts Democrats made in January 2010 in a race they couldn’t lose.

We are in a brave new world, after two generations of the secular culture reaching that low information voter whose preparation for exercising the franchise our forefathers fought for is People’s magazine and the Supermarket tabloids are a factor. Sometimes it gives, sometimes it takes away and we ignore it at our and the country’s peril.

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