Of course PintasticNE is more than just great pinball machines to play, it also has vendors who provides products that make play even better.

Like the folks at Tilt Graphics

and Pingraffix who demonstrated their wares on their own machine

The folks at Pinbox 3000 who make cardboard pinball fun and affordable

The Bit Bar Beer Garden which is a restaurant/bar/arcade

and of course PintasticNE wouldn’t be pintastic without Maggie the Clown

who keeps the kids smiling between games.

And keeping folks smiling is what PintasticNE is all about

pintastic day 2 004The 2nd Day of Pintastic started with an interesting conversation with a fellow named Art at Breakfast that had absolutely nothing to do with Pinball but once we were done he did take the time to sit for an interview on the subject of the silver ball.

It was another beautiful day and in addition to the indoor entertainment and vendors there were rides outside for the kiddies, and a traveling arcade. Meanwhile inside there was a magician performing and Maggie the Clown who was keeping the young ones smiling with stilts, trick and children’s magic.

One of the things about Pinball is the variations there was a group that had the lowest Tech pinball you ever saw, with a cardboard playing field the Pinbox 3000:

and in the other direction the VPCabs system the highest of high-tech with 100+ games in a single box from Doctor Who

To one of my favorites the original Indiana Jones:

But there is more than just this game vs that game you have to keep up games. In the free game area for example constant play means constant upkeep which is where companies like Aardvark Pinball come in.

Of course I wasn’t the only person interviewing people. The folks at Sci-Fi Journal was there and we did one of my patented simultaneous interviews.

For myself one of the highlights was meeting and talking to people. I tended to set up games for four players and invite people to join me. After all what’s the point of being at a location full of people with similar interests and not meeting them. Occasionally I missed an interview as my new camera had a battery that needed charging , so I missed an interview with a teacher in the Bronx who uses Pinball as a method of therapy (Hope to run into her again) but I did manage to get charged again in time to catch one of the organizers just after the drawing from Project Pinball (They will have their own post) later this week and the big question was: Will there be a Pintastic NE 2?

But when all the playing is done comes the packing up and when you have a dozen Pinball machines to put away, it’s becomes quite a project. That’s when you really get a chance to appreciate all the time and effort these guys went through to give us this show.

Great Job Pintastic NE. It’s very appreciated.

Epilogue: My wife showed up at the end of the last day after going on a quilt shop spree then beat me in a game of Wizard of Oz.

But the question is next year will DaWife decide to hang out and play?

We’ll close this post with shots from day 2 but remember we have at least two more Pintastic NE posts coming up this week.