Yet another Planned Parenthood lie exposed

All last week you haven't been able to miss planned parenthood ads talking about detecting cancer in a woman and her life being saved. Unfortunately those cries of "millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access--not to abortion services--to basic family planning, you know, mammograms" have collided with reality: Liveaction shot … Continue reading Yet another Planned Parenthood lie exposed

…but don’t call them death panels

When Sarah Palin referred to death panels she was called a liar, or ignored and is still hit for it, even as the section was pulled. When examples from England's NIS of brought up we were told that is had nothing to do with the US. When the mammograms recommendations came out we were told … Continue reading …but don’t call them death panels

Maybe we should ask Dorene Wilson…

...about death panels and government recommendations: “If I had waited until I was 50, I would be dead,” said Dorene Wilson, a Waterford Township mother of three who was diagnosed with breast cancer Sept. 11 at age 42. Well that's government recommendations for you.