I’m currently inside the Verizon wireless arena as the public is just being let in to see Mitt Romney for the final NH Rally before election day, but before I came in I talked to the people in line. A gentleman from security told me the lines were the size Obama drew when he came here with Oprah four years ago.

I’ll be updating this post as I continue to upload interviews, but I think the story here are the people who waited in the cold to get in and see Mitt Romney the night before an election

I talked to Marty First

Then Fred who says he is a democrat:

Expect MANY updates

Karen and Nicole



The most interesting person I would speak to didn’t give her name, she was an undecided voters to attended one Obama rally and came to see one Mitt Rally to make up her mind

But there is also Deb

And Tilvana (not sure if that’s spelled right)


A group of folks held signs of Ovide Lamontagne one consented to an interview

I did a quick pan of the line outside

It would be several hours before people would come in.

Update: Here are the outside photos from last night Continue reading “The People waiting to see Mitt Romney in Manchester NH election eve”

One of the themes we have seen pushed by the MSM in general and Morning Joe in particular has been the candidacy of Jon Huntsman. All day on Morning Joe they highlighted polls that suggested a surge for Jon Huntsman.

As I have discovered from first hand experience, if the election was based on one’s offspring, Gov Huntsman would be right up there as his daughters that I met are a credit to him as women of character and poise.

And there are reasons why Jon Huntsman should do better, Huntsman has made it a point to do a lot of media with the MSM (he didn’t neglect talk radio row here either) and Governor Chris Christie made it a point to hit him (with a shot I thought was uncalled for) suggesting that Mitt Romeny’s team felt the need to throw an elbow his way.

Polls are a source of data but independent of them there is a simple measure to see how a candidate is doing, the media.

As all the various polls are available to all the media, naturally all the media would be aware of the situation and act accordingly. So lets look at the two events:

When Governor Huntsman arrived at the Pub he greeted various voters.

He was popular with the crowd and many of the democrats there expressed an interest in his candidacy. I was sitting near a family of 4 who declared themselves Huntsmen fans.

When the interview was done he worked the room, and seemed well received by the Morning Joe squad.

In the final 45 minutes of the show Rick Santorum arrived.

A panel was prepared to meet him

This was may initial take

And I managed to score a question as he left.

Looking at the two interviews both were substantive with Senator Santorum’s perhaps slightly more difficult but looking at the appearances as a whole there were two critical differences that stood out.

One favored Huntsman, the crowd was clearly more favorable to him, both by their reaction and by my speaking with them. There is no question that in a two man race consisting of this room, Huntsman had it won. Considering their partisan mix of the room that was no surprise

There is an even more pronounced partisan split in the media, but even with said split there was quite a difference in coverage. While Rick Santorum arrival’s was preceded by a bunch of additional press and pressed by that same media when he left Jon Huntsman’s comings and goings were unimpeded by flocks of extra media.

Now maybe it’s just me but if Jon Huntsman was surging to the point where he might possibility pass Ron Paul, let alone Rick Santorum, wouldn’t you expect at least one media outlet to dispatch a crew to be there to cover him? Wouldn’t they want to be the guys with the shows that everyone else missed?

I would think they would, but they didn’t.

Polls are a useful tool, but when you want to judge the reality of a proposition, always watch behavior first.

Although I had picked Huntsman to finish 3rd and Santorum 4th I’ve made a bet with Michael Graham last night. If Santorum finishes 3rd, he owes me a dinner at the Border. If he doesn’t I how him dinner at Ken’s steak house.

One never knows for sure but I’m feeling pretty good about that bet after seeing the press difference today.

Update: Here is exactly what I’m talking about from PJ media:

THIRD HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: He can’t…appeal to the evangelicals and that’s like a significant voter bloc. Because he’s not like a Bible-thumping Christian, you know.

SECOND HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: I get some Democrats who ask me, you know, why isn’t Huntsman a Democrat?

THIRD HUNTSMAN SUPPORTER: Yeah, like he practically is, almost.

The prosecution rests.