Steve Bannon in Manchester 11-10-17

Last night I covered Steve Bannon’s speech at the 603 Alliance fundraiser in Manchester NH.

Because I got home a little late my post on the subject, including video of speeches by Bannon and Corey Lewindowski and some interviews (including an exclusive with Corey) will go up tomorrow but there was one thing that  was newsworthy enough that I thought it worth getting up now.

Our friend JD Rucker has some suspicion concerning the Roy Moore story and so do I.  Given Moore’s long history as a person despised by the left it seems odd to me that something like the Post story would have waited until just before this particular election to break given that the same media has been looking for something to bring him down for more than a decade.  It reminded me very much of the Billy Bush tape and Trump during his campaign.

It appears blogging minds think alike because in the middle of his speech Steve addressed the very same thing and gave it some needed perspective. I’ve excerpted that part of the speech here (I apologize for the brief video blur in the middle as the camera readjusted focus)

My gut feeling is the same as Steve’s and based on Moore’s response on twitter he plans on taking a page from the Trump book, ignoring the national MSM pile on and just keep fighting, particularly against a media that is highly trusted by the voters in Alabama.

While I can’t speak for the establishment GOP there is one thing that seems pretty clear, the days of non-establishment GOP members wilting or backing down from the MSM without a fight appear to be over. Or to paraphrase myself. they’re not going to let themselves be played.

That is a seminal change, which is why I believe the MSM/Establishment will now go all out in Alabama, because if Moore ignores the attack, fights back and wins the example that will set for other candidates and the damage to the media as the left’s attack dogs will be incalculable.

(Reminder Steve’s full speech short 25 seconds when camera #1’s battery died and I went to camera 2 will be up tomorrow)

Update I’ll be including this in my post on the event as well but here is an exclusive interview with him after the Bannon speech where he touches on the subject as well

He’s putting the reason why we shouldn’t trust these guys rather diplomatically don’t you think?

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On Tuesday I reported James O’Keefe promised to return to NH to expose voter fraud in NH again.

Apparently Granite Grok decided they didn’t want to wait till then:

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-District 21, has eight people registered to vote under her single-family address in Portsmouth. Several of them came to New Hampshire to work on campaigns for various periods of time and voted in elections before moving on.

When asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status, Clark said:

“By and large, the young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire, but given their age, whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.”

In fact Granite Grok is all over this story.

The New Hampshire State Board of Education’s newest member is Emma Rous from Durham. There are four voters hailing from 50 Adams Point Road in Durham, where Emma lives; Emma Rous, Walter Rous (Emma’s husband), Nahanni Rous (Emma’s 38 year old married daughter), and Ben Rous (Emma’s 38 year old married son).

Funny, how these twins never moved out. Common in cases of voter fraud.

and even more funny are the connections involved with some of these guys

Sidley Austin Brown & Wood…isn’t that where Barack Obama was a Summer Associate at the Chicago Office? It’s where the current President met his wife Michelle, who was then an assistant associate. So Nahanni’s father in law has strong connections to Presidential politics and the Democrat party…going all the way back to Jimmy Carter; and strong connections to the President for whom Nahanni and her brother probably voted in November, not from their own Homes where they and their spouses live, but from Durham, New Hampshire, where they do not live.

So, are these also “young people” who were committed to New Hampshire whose staying was impossible to predict or Democrats whose mother is active in the Democrat state party, was an elected member of the NH House, who sat on the State school board, who knew their vote would matter in a swing state, and who–along with others–encouraged them to come here and vote here?

The latter, of course.

And it was mentioned when I interviewed three NH state reps yesterday…

at O’Keefe’s final appearance in the Granite state where after prospective congressional candidate Ryan introduced him

He spoke of voter fraud again

I seem to keep hearing more and more stories along these lines concerning 2012.

No wonder the left react to O’Keefe like this:

I have the feeling that only after the Obama’s are out of the white House many will be shocked at what was done to keep him there.

I won’t be.


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Regular readers of this blog know that I have an odd relationship with the Morning Joe show. They drive me absolutely nuts on a regular basis yet I can’t help but watch since they are simply so likable.

Apparently the relationship works the other way around too. I call them out an awful lot, yet tonight after not only a very long town hall and staying to take pictures with a big chunk of the crowd they still made time to give me a few minutes for an interview:

Now be honest if you had a show, how inclined would you be to give an interview to a regular critic, especially at the end of a long day with an early morning ahead of you?

That was a class act that I’m unlikely to forget.

(BTW if you attended this event I’ll have the rest of the video up sometime near 10 or 11 this morning

The good news has been seeing Sissy Willis

Sissy Willis and Tuck

and tip jar hitter and new blogger Weapons man, and the various people here

although largely for Romney are very nice.

The depressing thing was the first Panel that seemed to think that the only way for Republicans to have any chance was to act as much like democrats as possible.

I would like to ask that panel this question:

“If Barack Obama is going to be so tough to beat, when are Democrats who are not in absolutely safe districts going to appear with him?”

Until that happens I wouldn’t bet the farm on the man from Chicago?

The Jonah, James Lileks and the guy whose name I forget was much better.

The one liners were incredible and a lot of fun.

As time and bandwidth permits I’ll be uploading interviews

Update: Here is some commentary about the 1st Panel:

Update 2: More video:

My comment on Panel 1

The majority of the crowd in an informal hand raise poll was for Romney.

Here is a glimpse of the comedy panel:

I ran into a democrat outside who made the case for Obama:

I met him when I went to get a photo of the CBS setup outside the Hotel, here is a shot of it:

Update 3: Here is the comedy panel post debate, in three parts

I’ll add the other parts once they upload

Update 4: I’ve written nothing about Sunday Morning’s debate but Stacy has, apparently everyone held their fire till the morning.

Stacy and I got here around 10:15 (passing a large group of Santorum signs to the delight of Lisa Graas I’m sure) and I dropped Mr. McCain off as I looked for a parking place, the first thing I noticed was the number of plates from other states

As normal there was a contingent that got there early to get a front row seat to see Sarah Palin, several who spoke to me about why Palin was the right choice.

Sarah and Todd Palin

The Palin fans were convinced that she IS running but are not sure when she will be announcing.

The initial crowd was small but as we got closer to the start of the program there was crowd burst that filled up the park rather quickly.

Much to my surprise the Governor was put on early in the program, while Dan Collins was aside of the stage I got behind the stage to get a different angle on the action

More to come

Update: Although the Palin fan contingent was large they were not the only campaigns represented, Ron Paul had a large group, Rick Santorum had a table, Buddy Roemer was there to speak in person as was a new local candidate. Signs and buttons for Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Thad McCotter were in evidence in the group.

As you might expect the entire crowd wanted to get close the Governor Palin but what I found most interesting is the number of Pols for all different offices who wanted a piece of her or a photo with her.

Considering the demands the fact that she handles them with such grace is a real testament to her. I really don’t know how she puts up with it.

Update 2: Some more video now that I’m home with a good upload location: Here is a shot just before she takes the stage:

I have a short clip of the speech but I didn’t worry about getting it all because: 1. I was behind the stage and the folk in front were in a better position to film it and 2. The more interesting thing was the reactions of people to it and around her. But here is a short clip from it:

This is the first time I’ve been behind the stage during a Palin appearance considering how she produces obsessive behavior both from those who hate her and from those who love her it must be a nightmare for those whose job it is to keep her safe. Particularly when you add Stacy McCain into the mix:

The amount of time she gave people who wanted a picture or a handshake was really astounding,

I can’t imagine what it must be like for her every day of her life.

It seemed that everyone but me was dying to get a picture or a handshake with Governor Palin, what I really wanted was to ask a question tried a couple of times without success.

I was viewed with a bit of suspicion by some of Palin’s people even though the Tea Party express folks all knew me but after what I saw today I can’t really blame them.

The fact that she and Todd Palin (who I talked to a bit without knowing who he was) remain as normal as they are given people’s reaction to them is incredible. They have to be two of the most well grounded people I’ve ever seen. If the people who have fallen for the media’s caricature saw what I did today, they would abandon that nonsense in a heartbeat.

Final thought: After seeing what I saw I’m still convinced that Governor Palin would be the best choice for President this time or any time around, but if my choice was to have the Palin’s as the first couple or as friends or neighbors I’d take the latter. Leaders come and go but these are exactly the type of people who want to have your back in a family crisis.

Update again: Stacy McCain:

Congratulations, therefore, to Sarah Boxer of CBS News for this insightful headline:

Palin, not even in the race, draws
double the size crowd as Romney

Darn it, why didn’t I think of that first? I was at Mitt’s rally Sunday in Concord and the CBS reporter is exactly right: Palin drew at least twice the crowd as the supposed New Hampshire front-runner, which rather tends to contradict the “experts” quoted on the front page of Sunday’s Manchester Union Leader:

The twitter haters are out in full force, when they cover her in person and close up as I did then I’ll give their words some credence until then, they are best ignored.

Here is the speech if you want it in full via the Right Scoop:

Libertarian leanings just missed her but got a great shot of the three not so wise men and Wizbang has some great coverage too.

Today I went up to Manchester NH to the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church 75th anniversary festival to see Rick Santorum at the festival there.

There were a few Santorum signs visible as you drove in

It had been raining on the drive up but by the time I got there that had stopped but there was a huge tent anyway full of Greek food and Dance:

Senator Santorum got there ahead of me and many people took photos with him:

And he sampled so great Greek food

He was kind enough to give me a few minutes

The people there were very friendly. Greek festivals are very similar to Italian ones in three respects, lots of great food, very friendly people and beautiful women.

I was given a tour of the Church as well, if you have never seen the inside of an Orthodox Church you should

Paul who guided me invited me back for another big event coming up next month, it’s sure to draw candidates so I’ll likely be there. For the Santorum Campaign it was a successful event and they left with confidence

I’ll be putting up a few interviews over the next few days that I recorded at the festival, as for my take on Santorum. He doesn’t have the Charisma of Herman Cain or the Smoothness of Buddy Roemer but he has governmental experience and demonstrated the courage of his convictions and his willingness to stand by them. He is also comfortable in his own skin.

As I’ve said before the biggest problem with the current field is not finding a candidate I like, but finding TOO MANY candidates that I’d love to vote for.